Lesbian Sex At The Gym

Small Tits Lesbian Sex Story and the GymLesbian Sex At The Gym

As I watched, her chest heaving, her arms pumping, I thought
of other times such as this. Working in a gym, one records
certain sights and sounds. This was one such memory. She was
like many other women who worked out. A lithe muscularity, a
suppleness of youth, the beauty of Athena, she was the total


Her raven black hair, splayed all over the bench, lent
itself to a fine gossamer spider’s web. Her equally black body
suit, clung to every curve of her voluptuous, well framed body.
Be there any doubt, she was all woman.

There comes a time in every job, this one especially, when
emotion and need overcome all logic and calculation. I felt such
need. It was all encompassing. The desire to possess was
overpowering, it took up every part of my being. To delve that
deeply into every nook and cranny of one’s self is, to say the
least, unsettling.

Lost in my thoughts, I failed to notice her rise from the
bench and her movement towards me. As the attendant I, among
other things, dispensed towels. Somewhere in my brain I knew
this was the reason for her approach, but it never dawned into my
consciousness. For the fleetest of moments our eyes met. Her’s,
the most beautiful shade of blue and mine, the most apparent
shade of lust. As she retrieved her towel I saw, or maybe just
imagined, a recognition in her eyes of what was so plainly
displayed on my face. There was no approval, nor dissent in this
and I wasn’t sure whether to be relieved or disappointed.

I watched her walk towards the dressing room. The shape of
her legs, the swaying of her hips, the way her hair matted
against her back, drove me again to distraction. She paused at
the doorway and there, I was now certain, she did look at me.
Directly at me. It must have been me because at this time, I
noticed, we were all alone. No other patrons in the gym. For
all I cared, at this point, none in the world. She then
continued into the changing area.

I paused for no more than a moment. Locking the doors this
near to closing would go unnoticed, and I proceeded to the locker
room. I deliberately slowed my pace, not wanting to seem over
anxious but no matter what I did from here on in would bely my
outward appearances.

I saw her next near the lockers, with her back to me. My
sense of purpose wavered, my resolve faltered and then, again,
those eyes. They beckoned me forward. My body was on its own.
No control could be exerted to move me in any direction except
towards her. With a barely perceptible movement she bade me to
halt. My body instantly obeyed. What would happen next was
beyond my comprehension but anything she wanted would be
welcomed. Not only welcomed but desired.

At this point, I turned my thoughts inward, and I felt the
urges building deep inside me.

Returning my attention to her, I witnessed the slow removal
of her bodice. The straps, one at a time, lifted slowly off her
shoulders to be left hanging at her sides. Her purple tank top
was all that remained to cover her up from the waist. She raised
her arms deliberately above her head in a stretch, exposing the
bottom crescents of her ample, milk coloured breasts. As with
the raising, her arms were again lowered, deliberately. The tank
top returned to its normal position, slightly hitched up on one
side, seemingly hooked up on a hard, protruding nipple.

She turned slightly and slid her thumbs inside the suit.
She pulled down without bending and wriggled the suit past her
hips. Pausing momentarily, she readjusted her tights. Then she
continued the removal. Lifting one leg, then the other she
extricated herself from the suit’s binding and let it drop to the
floor beside her.

It was then I noticed my sweaty palms and shallow breaths.
The sound of my heart was excruciatingly loud in my ears,
drowning out any possible sound from without. My face felt flush
and my stomach fluttered, all with anticipation.

She again looked at me, then lowered her gaze. My eyes
followed. She reached for her waistband and inched it downward,
past her hips and over her well shaped buttocks. She turned even
more and sat down sideways on a bench to continue the removal of
her tights. She lifted her inside leg, knee slightly bent, and
rolled the tights down to the tip of her toes. Once off, she
turned her attention to the other leg and bending down, did the
same. Sitting up, she gave me a glimpse of her dark, luscious
pubic mound.

With this, I took a tentative step towards her, only to be
halted again by those piercing blue eyes. My desire was welling
up from deep inside and I could feel that familiar and expected
wetness on the inside of my legs.

Crossing her arms in front of her body, she grabbed the
bottom of her tank top and lifted. She hesitated as her arms
reached their zenith above her head. Her breasts, two perfectly
designed orbs, were lifted by this motion. Her dark brown
nipples extended, almost to the point of impossibility, outwards.
Their elongated oval shapes forming a “v” if joined together.
Her body glowed with perspiration from the workout and looked
ready for more.

She rose from the bench and moved to a stretching mat
nearby. As she reclined, she motioned me forward so I was
standing above her and at her feet. She held one leg flat and
the other bent with one knee above the other. She was braced up
on her elbows and her long tresses covered her breasts.
My legs felt as if they could no longer hold me up and I
quivered with each heartbeat. I stared longingly all over her
body. I wanted every part of her imprinted in me. Her feel,
taste, aroma, all of her.

My eyes locked onto the movement of her legs. She started
to bend her straight leg while at the same time moving them both
outwards. With my breath caught deep in my throat, I followed
her legs up. Past her knees, to the soft flesh of her inner
thighs, with my eyes coming to rest on the most perfect vision I
had ever seen. Her mound was covered with wispy black pubic
hair, allowing the redness of her lips to show through. As I
watched, her lips parted exposing the inner folds, swollen,
scarlet and very moist. One drop of her juice glistened at the
end of a pubic hair.

Crouching, I kept my eyes on that one drop. Her scent came
up to meet me and it drew me lower. My cheek brushed against her
thigh and she let out a soft, low moan. Instinctively her legs
spread wider, her clitoris fully in sight. The soft, sensitive
nub showing underneath its hood. My mouth opened slightly and I
let out a warm breath. Her body reacted. She reached down a
hand to touch the back of my head. Her hips arched and together
with her hand she moved my mouth closer to her. I resisted

The sweetness of her scent only enhanced the anticipated
taste, which in itself was exquisite. I parted her lips further
with my tongue and thrust it in deeply. Her hand gripped my head
tightly and she came up to meet me, fully. With a deep influx of
breath and a deep guttural moan she seemed to relax. My tongue
moved from deep inside her and began to trace its way up to a
place from where she couldn’t resist me. The tip of my tongue
found that place. Her body convulsed. With each flick of my
tongue her hand pushed me closer. Her breath was coming in waves
and her moans kept time with my movements. On my bottom lip I
could feel her lips twitching and the contractions were becoming
stronger and closer together. I knew then she would not last
much longer. Then it happened. Her back arched hard, her thighs
squeezed tightly against my face and she let out a combination
moan and scream. Her hands kept me close to her.

After an eternity, the waves slowly subsided. She relaxed
her grip and her breathing slowly returned to normal. I could
feel a fresh wetness between my own thighs and knew I was going
to need the same release. Almost on queue, she raised my face,
bent down and kissed me. Our tongues met and I felt little
electric shocks proceeding to my nipples and down to my clit.
She gently rolled me onto my back. Kneeling above me, she pulled
my polo shirt from my shorts. Raising my back, I let her pull my
shirt over my head. She reached for the clasp in the front of my
bra and undid it. My bra popped open and in that instant, she
bent over and put one nipple in her warm mouth. The first moan
escaped from my throat. I kicked off my sneakers as she lowered
herself to my stomach, placing little butterfly kisses along the
way. She moved to my feet, grabbed the waist band of my shorts
and panties and in one motion, removed them.

I was so impatient, I lifted my ankles to her back and
pulled her down. The heat I felt was unbearable. I needed her
now. Almost unexpectedly her mouth was upon me. I reached down
and spread myself with my fingers so she could get right to my
clit. I bit my upper lip when she first touched it. That caused
me to tighten all my muscles. As she continued, I felt her first
insert one, then two fingers deep inside of me. She rubbed
gently inside and then faster and harder until she hit that
magical spot. The feel of her tongue on my clit and her fingers
on my g-spot was more than I could handle. With one final thrust
of her fingers, I exploded. All of my heat seemed to transfer
straight to my groin, my hole body tensed as if it was one muscle
and then the convulsions came. Wave after wave rushed over me.
Each a little gentler than the last, until I finally laid there
spent and unmoving. Just as quickly as it ended, she was beside
me and we embraced, softly kissing each other and breathing
headily of our sex.


I awoke later, how long I don’t know. She was gone and I
was alone. The experience was fresh in my mind. I had gotten the
imprinting of her I had wanted, needed and now it was a memory.
We didn’t speak a single word but we had shared everything. It
was at that thought, I then realized, I would never know her


Lesbian Best Friends

My Best Girlfriend Cuckolds With Me Against My Husband Sex Lesbian StoryLesbian Best Friends

I’ve been married for quite a few years now. Like some other couples, my husband started to loose his sexual interest in me.


He took on a second job, and I was often left alone in the evenings. The times we were together, he always seemed to find an excuse not to have sex with me. In the beginning I was very frustrated and tried just about everything to get him into our bed, but finally I grew accustomed to this lifestyle, and I learned to live with it.

At work I had a colleague who over the times became a good friend. We talked a lot and she seemed to have the same problem, her husband being a successful businessman, being away from home very often. We found that we shared the same interests and

decided to become members of the local tennis club.

In the summertime, we would go about twice a week to the club, and enjoy each other’s company, playing tennis and chatting in the bar. Inn wintertime, the tennis courts are closed, so we decided to go to a fitness club to keep in shape.

At first we went to a sports store to buy some proper clothing.

We took an afternoon of and drove out to the shop.

I let my friend talk m e in to fit a black body suit. It seemed to me I never would fit into it, but she insisted on me trying it on as she was going to fit the same model in white, we disappeared in the fitting rooms at the back of the store.

The suit was very high cut out over the hips and the back and front didn’t cover very much either. As I still was trying to get into it, my friend suddenly pushed her head in and asked me to look her over. I nervously quickly managed to pull the straps over my shoulders and I’m sure I blushed. She commented I looked very sexy and came in with me. I am of a shy nature and I hesitated to turn around when she asked me so. It is kind of hard to see how it really fits you, she sad, if you don’t remove your underwear. As I turned around, I saw her body for the first time from so up close and I couldn’t help myself gazing at her firm round breasts,tightly caught in the suit, showing virtually through the white cloth. Her tall naked legs ended up to where the bodysuit merely covered her small shaven vagina. We both kept silent for a moment, not trying to show our excitement. With a little tremble in my voice I told her she looked magnificent and asked her to turn around. When she did so she lifted both her arms to hold her long brown hair up, and I couldn’t resist to touch her to straighten the straps on her back. Doing so,it was like an electric shock, running from the tips of my fingers down to my already moist pussy when I caressed her soft skin. Do you think we should buy these? I sad, it doesn’t cover us much,isn’t it? She slowly turned to me and with a naughty grin on her face she replied : I even think it still covers too much ! Here let me help you, she sad. Gently, she moved the straps of my bra down which I had kept on

You see, that already looks a lot better, she sad. She slid her hands down and grabbed the sides of my shorts. Gently she started pulling them up, sliding back and forth over the edges and I felt her fingertips slightly touch the sides of my vagina

I sensed the warmth of her glowing body against mine as we were loosing ourselves, surrendering to each other. Suddenly the shopkeeper’s voice brought us back into reality asking us if we would like to try on some other models. No that’s o. k; miss, my friend replied, I think we both decided to buy just these two, and she knotted her head into my direction. We immediately took off to the gym

We arrived early in the afternoon and were welcomed by the manager’s wife. Since this was our first visit, she showed us around and offered us a drink at the bar. After a few glasses of wine we went to put on our new outfits. I still was feeling very horny. We entered a big room, in the center stood a long row of lockers, designed as a community dresser, were at the sides were a number of private cabins. I went to open a cabin door, when my friend grabbed my arm and sad : come on, there is nobody else but us two in here, you’re not shy,? Are you?

I didn’t want to admit it, so I agreed. She obviously made no problem out of it and quickly undressed completely, were I still, slowly took of my clothes, trying to hide my body as much I could. She didn’t bother to put on her bodysuit, and ran around the room fixing her hair in front of a mirror. After I dropped my bra and shorts I wanted to step quickly into mine, but somehow I stumbled and fell on the ground completely naked and embarrassed. She came running towards me and tried to help me back on my feet

So there I was, naked and helpless, flat-out on my back. My friend kneeled beside me, her voluptuous breasts hanging over my face, wiggling her soft round nipples just a few inches away from my mouth.

I don’t know if it was the wine that encouraged me, but suddenly I pushed her arm from under her and made her body drop on me. She was so surprised, she screamed, but did nothing to avoid my lips touching her wet mouth. Our lips started caressing and she gradually pushed her tongue into my mouth.

Just like mine, I could feel her dripping hot vaginal juices on my legs while I rubbed her cunt with my leg. We moved our tits to press hard against each others, exciting us, feeling our trembling, hot bodies together. Then we slowly got up.

As we stood facing each other, my friend placed her mouth deep into my neck and I sensed her hot horny breath. She took my hand and led it down to her slimy hot pussy. For a while she guided my hand up and down her cunt, then she selected one finger and made me enter her, forcing my finger in, deeper and deeper. She slightly bend her knees and made me press on her hard round ass, while she moved it back and forth. I felt my finger slide in and out inside her hot lustful vagina, while she moaned of pleasure and excitement. Turning our bodies made our nipples touch. I was so aroused and hot I on my turn took her hand and impatiently slid her fingers into my red hot vulva. I pulled back on her hair, and once again we licked and kissed, running our tongues in each others mouths Our hips and asses began to push faster and harder, fingering our clits.

Breathing heavier,, continuously masturbating we climaxed, our juices running down our legs.

Totally exhausted and equally satisfied, we dropped on a bench

alongside the wall. Smiling, sweetly kissing each other, caressing each others face, we suddenly were disturbed by a bunch of teens and their teacher, entering the room.

Surprised and embarrassed, we jumped up and grabbed to whatever clothing was in our reach. The kids and their teacher though, paid no attention to us, and they all started undressing. We put on our outfit and made our way to the fitness room. We still weren’t satisfied. After all, we had been without sex for so long, it seemed we’d had to catch up for all those years. My friend positioned herself opposite to me on her back and started exercising. She opened her legs wide, lifting her knees. The bodysuit crimped down her vagina, revealing just a little bit more of her delightful small, shaven pussy Every move, made the cloth press harder and deeper onto her small swollen clit

I stood over her, watching her excitement, intoxicating me,to the point I started pulling up the cloth of my suit as high as possible between my legs. I could feel my tits wanting to pop out of my skin and my nipples became rock hard We both looked at each other and without speaking, made our way back to the dressing room, passing the kids in the hallway. We jumped into our clothes and headed towards my house, were we spent all afternoon and night, naked, making love till dawn.

Although we do not consider ourselves as lesbians, we since then practically live together. Our husbands do not seem to mind at all. It even suits them fine this way we think, they regained some of their liberties back, coming and going as they please. For most of the time now my friend stays over at my house, since her husband is mostly away at night to. In the beginning we used to sleep together in the guest room, but ; my husband proposed himself, we’d take the master bedroom.

Oh yes, occasionally I let him fuck me, and I must say, on the rare occasions he feels like it I still enjoy his warm dick in my pussy. My friends husband though rarely comes home.

I caught my husband often to peep in on us while we are together, he says it has always been one of his fantasies


It suits us fine !!!!!!



Lesbian Bisexual Women Fucking Firm TitsCourteous

Our friends, Karen and Will, came to visit us, over the weekend my wife arranged a reservation for a tennis court in a club nearby. it was a very sunny afternoon and after a few drinks in the club’s bar we went out on the court.

We decided to play men against women. Will and I are not so skilled in the game as both ladies, who play regularly. After a little warm-up, the girls proposed we‘d play a little competition. To render the game more interesting, we made a deal, The losing team would have to obey all the wishes or commands from the winners with no restrictions. Both girls agreed,to this quite exciting game.

In our first set, we were no match to Karen and Jenny, their technique being far better than ours, they were pulling every trick they knew on us. but nevertheless, we didn’t give ourselves up,and fought back as good as we could. Although we lost our first set with shameful 6 -0, we won the second one 7 – 5. Nothing was decide yet, as the game became more physical, and fatigue started to influence our wives technical advantage. Indeed, surprisingly, our condition took the upper hand and Will and I were victorious in the third set.

Now time had come to decide what we were going to submit our wives to. We went back in to the bar,and Will and I placed ourselves at a table to negotiate, while Karen and Jenny sat at the other end of the bar, curiously, and excited, awaiting our decision.

After a little while I came up with a exciting idea, whereupon Will agreed instantly. We signaled our wives to come at our table and invited them to sit down. We told them we were going to give them a second chance, in a final game with the same rules, but. ” winner gets it all “. Only this time, there was a supplemental condition. They would have to play the game without a single piece of underwear under their tiny, short white tennis skirts.

Both hesitated for a moment, surprised and excited by the proposal they blushed and nervously giggled concerned about what the other people were going to say. Luckily there weren’t as many people present at this time of day, and after all it was the first time we came here, nobody knew us. We reminded them to the fact that they agreed to the terms of the game, so they had to go along.

I noticed they gradually got excited by the thought and finally agreed to go along with it. Calmly and self assured they stood -up and went to the dressing room, as they gave us rendezvous on the court.

Will and I were very horny, impatiently waiting for our wives to show up. It took them a long time to come out as, finally we saw them walking over to us, keeping their skirt down as tight as possible with their hands, still giggling and nervously chatting.

Gentlemen, as we are, we offered them the first service!

Jenny got down to the end of the field and while she stretched to serve the first ball, will and I got so excited by the sight of her beautifully, tight shaven pussy, she scored an ace!

Also Karen’s skirt had been bouncing up and down, following her movements, awaiting to return the ball displayed her equally delightful naked cunt, revealing the two pierced rings, from which she had removed the small golden padlock.

Needles to say it didn’t take long before the other men and women present remarked the most original outfit from our wives. Will and I were unable to return any ball, as Karen and Jenny became more confident enjoying themselves by distracting us, even by lifting their skirts, exposing their white cunts and bums to us. Our minds getting more and more troubled when they started to unzip a bigger part from their skirt, leaving their tits barely covered, bouncing up and down, while they ran, it didn’t take long before we lost the game.

With both arms in the air, as a sign of victory, Karen and Jenny enjoyed a last time, showing their asses to the surrounding guys and galls and then quickly took off to the car, followed by us.

Up until today they still didn’t want to reveal what they are going to make us do. They sad they are going to wait for a convenient time and up to then it will be their secret.

Ooooh. On our way home, both women couldn’t stop laughing, and told us they’d amused themselves tremendously, showing off and exciting the other men. After a good shower, and a good meal, our friends headed back home.

Once alone, my wife asked me if I didn’t wonder what kept them so long to show -up on the tennis court. She told me she had a very exciting adventure in the dressing room. Karen had become very horny by our proposal, and from the moment she had entered the room, had began to touch herself. She was hot as hell, she had told my wife, while she impatiently stripped down her tiny slip, starting to caress her pussy. Lustfully she’d stretched herself down on a bench and with her legs apart was masturbating in front of my wife, who on her turn had become very horny to and had started rubbing her clit.

Barely dressed they sat opposite to each other, watching each other masturbating, as suddenly, the door opened. A woman, entered the room and seemed quite shocked at first,but then still made her way up to the showers. Jenny had closed her legs instantly and a bit shy, being discovered, had pulled down her skirt just as quickly. Karen had been so turned on, she calmly continued, not a bit embarrassed, even enjoying the presence of the woman. Both girls looked at one another and started to giggle, talking louder than necessary about their upcoming task. It was Karen who suddenly raised the idea of shaving their puss’s completely naked. The woman, who in the meantime had come from under the shower, had shown more than common interest in both girl’s body’s. She was completely naked and for a woman in her mid forties, still had a gorgeous body. Her tits didn’t show any weakness and she had a wonderfully soft skin. Karen and Jenny were very surprised when she moved up closer and offered to shave both women’s cunts with her lady shave. Calmly and unembarrassed she placed herself next to Karen and softly caressed her inside legs, slowly moving up to her wet, tight pussy. With great ability she entered Karen’s cunt, stroking gently her clit with her fingers. Karen was enjoying this enormously and leaned back as far as she could, to be sure, the woman could reach in as deep as possible.

In the meantime the woman invited my wife to come and stand closer to her. She slowly reached under her short skirt and began exploring Jenny’s pussy, gently rolling her wet, hot clit between her fingers. Both girls were so horny, their juices started to run down their legs, as the woman kneeled over Karen and offered her wet flaming asshole to be licked.

Jenny grabbed to her round,firm tits and pinched the woman’s hard nipples. Jenny had pushed both her fingers in the woman’s cunt and continued to lick her ass, when until all three came.

Exhausted, they had softly caressed each other for a little while afterwards, up to the moment they’d reminded themselves,and the woman, we were waiting for them. Still very excited, the woman had then quickly taken her lady shave out of her bag and shaven their delicious pussies which had been quite an amusing experience and my wife told me, she‘d gladly would have stayed for a while longer in the company of the woman, but duty called and as they left, they had to promise to come back soon

Rapidly, they then had joined us, on the tennis court, and while we played they often had spotted the lady nearby the field. The rest of the story you know already, she sad, now it’s your turn, come on, it’s very late already and I didn’t have a good fuck yet!


Busty Hentai Ass Pushes Out Egg

Busty Hentai Ass Pushes Out Egg

This sexy bitch really enjoyed her implantation many days ago, not the tentacle beasts are ready to have their eggs come back out so they can hatch. This is her 3rd week with the creatures, and she is starting to really enjoy the process of being mated and giving birth. Some tentacles from the 1st week are already starting mate her. She thought it awkward at first that her children were mating her. But then she remembered that this is a different species and it’s okay. Shes soon forgot that sort of thinking, and fully opens herself to her young to breed her further.

-Elli Sanders

Busty Hentai Ass Pushes Out Egg

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Bird Hentai Toon has a Small Egg Bump in her Womb

Bird Hentai Toon has a Small Egg Bump in her Womb

So simple yet, so powerful. Bird chick is ready to lay her egg!

-Elli Sanders

Bird Hentai Toon has a Small Egg Bump in her Womb

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