Sep 02

ATB – Trilogy

Epic Music by ATB for Porn GamesATB – Trilogy

I was introduced to these guys several several… many many.. long time ago. Since then I was always into ATB, he’s fucking awesome. I love these tracks. In fact when training I a lot of the time jam these guys. When I do my visualizations I totally use these guys for climbing Chomo-lungma, I’ll let you figure out what that means on your own. If you even care. But I’ve attracted a lot of awesome circumstances about ways to train and eat and who to go with. Any plans for this in the near future? Nope, I’m not in a hurry with this one. It’ll happen, but it will happen when the time is right to do it! Being I’m in Japan, if it happens within the next couple years, well I’m just a leap skip and a jump from base camp! Believe it or not I started this journey thanks to my SEO guy. Funny right?

Hmm maybe this will give you more of a hint: Edmond Hillary and Tenzig Norgay… yeah? Did I get some hits that time?

What is the highest mountain in the world?Maybe that gave it away? Either way I used this to climb Mt. Rainier and that was fucking intense, but that was 3-4 years ago now. Until then, I’ll keep training and building my mental and physical till that day comes I suppose. So I guess I already told you a story for the day didn’t I?

Washingtons Highest Mountain Mt RainierWell maybe I can figure out something else out to tell you.. Hmm, what should it be?

Ah okay, how bout this one. I don’t kill spiders, ever. Well, shit happens sometimes, but I don’t kill insects in my house, I simply let them out. The reason I started this was when I was a kid I had a ‘boy’ friend, as in an actually friend that was a boy, and we would catch spiders and put them in a cage and watch them fight… Was pretty cool and I learned a lot about spiders doing it. But I found that after catching them with my bare hands they are not as evil as most people try to make them.

Super Cute Spider くもはかわいい

これはくもはとてもかわいいですよ ーCute Spider!

But I also found out that when people kill spiders and other insects inside their home, they are doomed to constantly be fighting them off and more and more will show up. It’s basically, ‘what you resist, persists!’ and honestly, it’s true. When I let them out, be it an ant, beetle or spider, they seem to come in small doses and later down the road I firmly believe that they are more so protectors of the house then a nuances!

But don’t worry, you can just pretend I’m some psychotic chick that doesn’t know anything because I own porn sites. I’m sure that’s what you might do any way… right? Hah!

Go ahead wake up and be epic, more is happening around you then you’ll ever know, so keep scrapping the paint off your old life and merge into a new paradigm, but never stay there, keep moving, keep considering new things.

Nothing is true in this post, but it’s the way things are 😉

-Elli Sanders

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Jul 23

Lesbian Best Friends

My Best Girlfriend Cuckolds With Me Against My Husband Sex Lesbian StoryLesbian Best Friends

I’ve been married for quite a few years now. Like some other couples, my husband started to loose his sexual interest in me.

He took on a second job, and I was often left alone in the evenings.  The times we were together, he always seemed to find an excuse not to have sex with me.  In the beginning I was very frustrated and tried just about everything to get him into our bed, but finally I grew accustomed to this lifestyle, and I learned to live with it.

At work I had a colleague who over the times became a good friend.  We talked a lot and she seemed to have the same problem, her husband being a successful businessman, being away from home very often.  We found that we shared the same interests and

decided to become members of the local tennis club.

In the summertime, we would go about twice a week to the club, and enjoy each other’s company, playing tennis and chatting in the bar.  Inn wintertime, the tennis courts are closed, so we decided to go to a fitness club to keep in shape.

At first we went to a sports store to buy some proper clothing.

We took an afternoon of and drove out to the shop.

I let my friend talk m e in to fit a black body suit.  It seemed to me I never would fit into it, but she insisted on me trying it on as she was going to fit the same model in white, we disappeared in the fitting rooms at the back of the store.

The suit was very high cut out over the hips and the back and front didn’t cover very much either.  As I still was trying to get into it, my friend suddenly pushed her head in and asked me to look her over.  I nervously quickly managed to pull the straps over my shoulders and I’m sure I blushed. She commented I looked very sexy and came in with me.  I am of a shy nature and I hesitated to turn around when she asked me so. It is kind of hard to see how it really fits you, she sad, if you don’t remove your underwear.  As I turned around, I saw her body for the first time from so up close and I couldn’t help myself gazing at her firm round breasts,tightly caught in the suit, showing virtually through the white cloth.  Her tall naked legs ended up to where the bodysuit merely covered her small shaven vagina.  We both kept silent for a moment, not trying to show our excitement.  With a little tremble in my voice I told her she looked magnificent and asked her to turn around.  When she did so she lifted both her arms to hold her long brown hair up, and I couldn’t resist to touch her to straighten the straps on her back. Doing so,it was like an electric shock, running from the tips of my fingers down to my already moist pussy when I caressed her soft skin. Do you think we should buy these? I sad, it doesn’t cover us much,isn’t it? She slowly turned to me and with a naughty grin on her face she replied : I even think it still covers too much ! Here let me help you, she sad.  Gently, she moved the straps of my bra down which I had kept on

You see, that already looks a lot better, she sad.  She slid her hands down and grabbed the sides of my shorts.  Gently she started pulling them up, sliding back and forth over the edges and I felt her fingertips slightly touch the sides of my vagina

I sensed the warmth of her glowing body against mine as we were loosing ourselves, surrendering to each other.  Suddenly the shopkeeper’s voice brought us back into reality asking us if we would like to try on some other models.  No that’s o. k; miss, my friend replied, I think we both decided to buy just these two, and she knotted her head into my direction.  We immediately took off to the gym

We arrived early in the afternoon and were welcomed by the manager’s wife.  Since this was our first visit, she showed us around and offered us a drink at the bar.  After a few glasses of wine we went to put on our new outfits.  I still was feeling very horny.  We entered a big room, in the center stood a long row of lockers, designed as a community dresser, were at the sides were a number of private cabins.  I went to open a cabin door, when my friend grabbed my arm and sad : come on, there is nobody else but us two in here, you’re not shy,? Are you?

I didn’t want to admit it, so I agreed.  She obviously made no problem out of it and quickly undressed completely, were I still, slowly took of my clothes, trying to hide my body as much I could.  She didn’t bother to put on her bodysuit, and ran around the room fixing her hair in front of a mirror.  After I dropped my bra and shorts I wanted to step quickly into mine, but somehow I stumbled and fell on the ground completely naked and embarrassed.  She came running towards me and tried to help me back on my feet

So there I was, naked and helpless, flat-out on my back.  My friend kneeled beside me, her voluptuous breasts hanging over my face, wiggling her soft round nipples just a few inches away from my mouth.

I don’t know if it was the wine that encouraged me, but suddenly I pushed her arm from under her and made her body drop on me.  She was so surprised, she screamed, but did nothing to avoid my lips touching her wet mouth.  Our lips started caressing and she gradually pushed her tongue into my mouth.

Just like mine, I could feel her dripping hot vaginal juices on my legs while I rubbed her cunt with my leg.  We moved our tits to press hard against each others, exciting us, feeling our trembling, hot bodies together.  Then we slowly got up.

As we stood facing each other, my friend placed her mouth deep into my neck and I sensed her hot horny breath.  She took my hand and led it down to her slimy hot pussy.  For a while she guided my hand up and down her cunt, then she selected one finger and made me enter her, forcing my finger in, deeper and deeper.  She slightly bend her knees and made me press on her hard round ass, while she moved it back and forth.  I felt my finger slide in and out inside her hot lustful vagina, while she moaned of pleasure and excitement.  Turning our bodies made our nipples touch.  I was so aroused and hot I on my turn took her hand and impatiently slid her fingers into my red hot vulva.  I pulled back on her hair, and once again we licked and kissed, running our tongues in each others mouths Our hips and asses began to push faster and harder, fingering our clits.

Breathing heavier,, continuously masturbating we climaxed, our juices running down our legs.

Totally exhausted and equally satisfied, we dropped on a bench

alongside the wall.  Smiling, sweetly kissing each other, caressing each others face, we suddenly were disturbed by a bunch of teens and their teacher, entering the room.

Surprised and embarrassed, we jumped up and grabbed to whatever clothing was in our reach.  The kids and their teacher though, paid no attention to us, and they all started undressing.  We put on our outfit and made our way to the fitness room.  We still weren’t satisfied.  After all, we had been without sex for so long, it seemed we’d had to catch up for all those years. My friend positioned herself opposite to me on her back and started exercising.  She opened her legs wide, lifting her knees.  The bodysuit crimped down her vagina, revealing just a little bit more of her delightful small, shaven pussy Every move, made the cloth press harder and deeper onto her small swollen clit

I stood over her, watching her excitement, intoxicating me,to the point I started pulling up the cloth of my suit as high as possible between my legs.  I could feel my tits wanting to pop out of my skin and my nipples became rock hard We both looked at each other and without speaking, made our way back to the dressing room, passing the kids in the hallway.  We jumped into our clothes and headed towards my house, were we spent all afternoon and night, naked, making love till dawn.

Although we do not consider ourselves as lesbians, we since then practically live together.  Our husbands do not seem to mind at all.  It even suits them fine this way we think, they regained some of their liberties back, coming and going as they please.  For most of the time now my friend stays over at my house, since her husband is mostly away at night to.  In the beginning we used to sleep together in the guest room, but ; my husband proposed himself, we’d take the master bedroom.

Oh yes, occasionally I let him fuck me, and I must say, on the rare occasions he feels like it I still enjoy his warm dick in my pussy.  My friends husband though rarely comes home.

I caught my husband often to peep in on us while we are together, he says it has always been one of his fantasies

It suits us fine !!!!!!

Jul 17

Real Life Escapade 2

Creampied Bisexual Female Sex StoryReal Life Escapade 2

I’m scared! I’ve never done anything like this before and in a minute it’ll be my turn to go out on stage and start dancing. I think about why I’m here and I feel a quivering in my stomach as my music starts. I strut
out onto the stage and feel the music start to move me, I can’t see anybody for the lights but I can hear the noise in the room as I begin to strip.

I feel dirty, knowing many strange men are staring at my body as I remove each piece of clothing. I sway and shake my tits, feeling a sense of power.
” Me, they are all staring at me!” I finish my dance and go backstage, my
knees weak and my pussy on fire, I have to touch myself, I slide my hands
to my clit and shudder as I cum. Another girl looks on and tells me it’s
always like that the first time, she laughs and says I’ll get used to it,
it’ll be just a job soon. ” Here’s the fun part”, she says,” now you go out
and work the room”. I walk out wearing only my panties and stockings and
men, men are all over the place, most are watching the stage but enough are
watching the other girls and me as we move from table to table.

I feel hands putting money in my panties, ones and fives, the occasional ten as I
move around the room, talking, flirting and running my hands over chests. I
see a big chocolate colored man, he’s so beautiful I just walk over and sit
in his lap, my arms around his neck. He laughs as I pull his face between
my tits, the vibration against my chest sending tingles to my cunt. I know
I must move to other tables but the bulge I feel against my ass has me so
wet I can hardly move. I stand and see a bill in his hand, it’s a fifty
dollar bill and I can see there’s something folded in it, he tucks it deep
into my panties and I can feel his fingers brush my cunt lips as he pulls
his hand away. I move to other tables as he gets up and leaves with his
friends, the rest of the night is a blur of men, hands and music.

Soon, much quicker than I imagined the night is over,and I count my tips, I’ve
made over three hundred dollars and as I open the fifty I see it’s a hotels
name and a room number, I leave the club, still very excited and get in my
car, I’m driving around and look up to see the hotel where that big,
good looking black man is staying. I don’t know how I got here but I know
what I’m going to do, I knock on the door of room 636 and he answers, I
step into the room and his arms, my face tilted up as he kisses me. I can
feel his hands undressing me and I fumble for his belt buckle, I’ve got to
have this man inside me! I drop to my knees and gaze in awe at the cock he
pulls from his pants, it must be all of 13 inches long and very thick, I try
to get as much in my mouth as I can but I can only get about half in, it’s
stretching my lips as I slide it in and out, he tells me there’s a way I can
get more, he sits on the bed and tells me to bend over at the waist and try
from that angle, I do and yes’ I can get a little more in.

I suck him in as  deep as I can, until it hits the back of my mouth, I bob my
head up and down the length of him and I feel his hands gently cup my head,
moving along with it as I lick and suck him. His hands tighten in my hair, I can
feel him grasping harder as I feel other hands on my hips! I try to look
around but he pulls me down hard on his cock, it hits the back of my mouth
and I gag as I feel a strange cock push its way into my cunt!

I moan as he starts to slam his dick in me, hard and fast, the hands at my
head pulling me up and down, fucking my mouth, each time pushing to the limit,
I shake as I feel myself cumming from this rough treatment, I gasp and he pushes my
head down another few inches. I can feel him sliding into my throat as he
groans and pulls me closer to him, my lower lip brushes his balls and I
realize he has buried his cock in my throat, he pulls me up and I breath,
running my tongue around the head of his cock before he plunges deep into
my throat again, my nose tickled by the curly hair at his crotch.

I can feel him twitching as he shoots jet after jet of cum down my throat, but I
can’t taste anything, I try to pull back but he holds me down hard, it
seems like forever, I can’t breath and I squirm, my hands pushing against
his thighs. Finally, he pulls my head up and I gasp for air as I feel hands
turning me, forcing me to my knees, I have time to see another black cock
glistening with my juices before it’s shoved against my lips.

I open my mouth and this one slides in to the hilt, I can taste myself on it and I
lick back to the head, I tilt my eyes up and see the face of the guy that
was fucking me for the first time! He’s ugly, that’s all I can say, just
ugly but his cock is fucking in and out of my mouth and I’m so turned on by
this I don’t care! He says” You are one hot cunt, aren’t you?” I reply by
moaning and sliding my mouth down to his balls, my head going up and down
faster and faster it’s not long before he shudders and fills my mouth with
cum, this I can taste as I swallow as much as I can, he pulls out, still
cumming, shooting three spurts across my face, my tongue waving, trying to
get it all, I close my lips on his head, sucking deeply.

I look up and they both just stare at me, a white slut on her knees for
them. “I need fucked, which one of you is going to fuck me first, shoot your load
deep in my cunt, I don’t care, just so I get cock!” They laugh and say I’ll get all
the dick I want! Fred’s cock is hard again and he sits down and says come
and get it, I run to him, throwing myself on his chest, feeling his cock
between my ass cheeks, I move up and slowly lower myself on him, inch by
inch until he’s all the way in, I wait, adjusting to the size of him, then
slide up until just the head is still in me.

I wiggle my hips, grin at him and thrust myself down hard! I scream as I feel that
giant dick hit places I’ve never felt before, it feels so good!His hands around my waist, he
fucks me up and down on his cock, my head rolling around on my shoulders,
my hair flying around my face, I making gurgling sounds deep in my throat
I WANT, I NEED, OH MY GOD, I LOVE YOUR DICK!” I can feel him start to
shake as he pours his cum deep into my unprotected pussy, filling me with his seed.

He pulls me off him and I take his dick in my mouth, cleaning it with my
tongue, tasting his cum mixed with my cunt juice.He starts to stiffen and I
know what I want next! I get on my hands and knees, looking at the two big
studs and wiggle my ass at them. “Come on, boys, take me together, Fred, I
want you in my throat and you I want to fuck my ass!” I lower my mouth onto
Fred’s huge cock while his friend places himself at my tight little asshole
and pushes his 8 inches deep into my ass, the head pops through and I groan
around Fred’s cock as I’m filled from both ends.

The ugly guy shoves my body back and forth, each thrust forcing more of
Fred’s dick down my throat, I’m going wild, thrusting back onto the dick up my
ass, licking and running my lips all over the cock in my mouth, cumming almost
constantly as these two big, black men use me for their own pleasure, my tits are
bouncing back and forth, my cunt spasms as I wish for another dick to
fill my pussy, I need to be taken and used as the cock-hungry white slut
that I am! I feel the guys stiffen as the one in my ass starts to shoot
deep in my ass, he pulls out and I feel his hot cum on my ass and back.
Fred must have been waiting for that as he shot jet after jet of tasty,
white, thick cum from his big dark cock, all over my hair, face chest and
in my mouth, I swallowed and used my fingers to push most of his cum
through my lips to my tongue and lapped up what was left oozing off his
dickhead. I collapsed on the bed and fell asleep, exhausted. When I woke up
the next morning, well,that’s another story!