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Lesbian Best Friends

My Best Girlfriend Cuckolds With Me Against My Husband Sex Lesbian StoryLesbian Best Friends

I’ve been married for quite a few years now. Like some other couples, my husband started to loose his sexual interest in me.


He took on a second job, and I was often left alone in the evenings.  The times we were together, he always seemed to find an excuse not to have sex with me.  In the beginning I was very frustrated and tried just about everything to get him into our bed, but finally I grew accustomed to this lifestyle, and I learned to live with it.

At work I had a colleague who over the times became a good friend.  We talked a lot and she seemed to have the same problem, her husband being a successful businessman, being away from home very often.  We found that we shared the same interests and

decided to become members of the local tennis club.

In the summertime, we would go about twice a week to the club, and enjoy each other’s company, playing tennis and chatting in the bar.  Inn wintertime, the tennis courts are closed, so we decided to go to a fitness club to keep in shape.

At first we went to a sports store to buy some proper clothing.

We took an afternoon of and drove out to the shop.

I let my friend talk m e in to fit a black body suit.  It seemed to me I never would fit into it, but she insisted on me trying it on as she was going to fit the same model in white, we disappeared in the fitting rooms at the back of the store.

The suit was very high cut out over the hips and the back and front didn’t cover very much either.  As I still was trying to get into it, my friend suddenly pushed her head in and asked me to look her over.  I nervously quickly managed to pull the straps over my shoulders and I’m sure I blushed. She commented I looked very sexy and came in with me.  I am of a shy nature and I hesitated to turn around when she asked me so. It is kind of hard to see how it really fits you, she sad, if you don’t remove your underwear.  As I turned around, I saw her body for the first time from so up close and I couldn’t help myself gazing at her firm round breasts,tightly caught in the suit, showing virtually through the white cloth.  Her tall naked legs ended up to where the bodysuit merely covered her small shaven vagina.  We both kept silent for a moment, not trying to show our excitement.  With a little tremble in my voice I told her she looked magnificent and asked her to turn around.  When she did so she lifted both her arms to hold her long brown hair up, and I couldn’t resist to touch her to straighten the straps on her back. Doing so,it was like an electric shock, running from the tips of my fingers down to my already moist pussy when I caressed her soft skin. Do you think we should buy these? I sad, it doesn’t cover us much,isn’t it? She slowly turned to me and with a naughty grin on her face she replied : I even think it still covers too much ! Here let me help you, she sad.  Gently, she moved the straps of my bra down which I had kept on

You see, that already looks a lot better, she sad.  She slid her hands down and grabbed the sides of my shorts.  Gently she started pulling them up, sliding back and forth over the edges and I felt her fingertips slightly touch the sides of my vagina

I sensed the warmth of her glowing body against mine as we were loosing ourselves, surrendering to each other.  Suddenly the shopkeeper’s voice brought us back into reality asking us if we would like to try on some other models.  No that’s o. k; miss, my friend replied, I think we both decided to buy just these two, and she knotted her head into my direction.  We immediately took off to the gym

We arrived early in the afternoon and were welcomed by the manager’s wife.  Since this was our first visit, she showed us around and offered us a drink at the bar.  After a few glasses of wine we went to put on our new outfits.  I still was feeling very horny.  We entered a big room, in the center stood a long row of lockers, designed as a community dresser, were at the sides were a number of private cabins.  I went to open a cabin door, when my friend grabbed my arm and sad : come on, there is nobody else but us two in here, you’re not shy,? Are you?

I didn’t want to admit it, so I agreed.  She obviously made no problem out of it and quickly undressed completely, were I still, slowly took of my clothes, trying to hide my body as much I could.  She didn’t bother to put on her bodysuit, and ran around the room fixing her hair in front of a mirror.  After I dropped my bra and shorts I wanted to step quickly into mine, but somehow I stumbled and fell on the ground completely naked and embarrassed.  She came running towards me and tried to help me back on my feet

So there I was, naked and helpless, flat-out on my back.  My friend kneeled beside me, her voluptuous breasts hanging over my face, wiggling her soft round nipples just a few inches away from my mouth.

I don’t know if it was the wine that encouraged me, but suddenly I pushed her arm from under her and made her body drop on me.  She was so surprised, she screamed, but did nothing to avoid my lips touching her wet mouth.  Our lips started caressing and she gradually pushed her tongue into my mouth.

Just like mine, I could feel her dripping hot vaginal juices on my legs while I rubbed her cunt with my leg.  We moved our tits to press hard against each others, exciting us, feeling our trembling, hot bodies together.  Then we slowly got up.

As we stood facing each other, my friend placed her mouth deep into my neck and I sensed her hot horny breath.  She took my hand and led it down to her slimy hot pussy.  For a while she guided my hand up and down her cunt, then she selected one finger and made me enter her, forcing my finger in, deeper and deeper.  She slightly bend her knees and made me press on her hard round ass, while she moved it back and forth.  I felt my finger slide in and out inside her hot lustful vagina, while she moaned of pleasure and excitement.  Turning our bodies made our nipples touch.  I was so aroused and hot I on my turn took her hand and impatiently slid her fingers into my red hot vulva.  I pulled back on her hair, and once again we licked and kissed, running our tongues in each others mouths Our hips and asses began to push faster and harder, fingering our clits.

Breathing heavier,, continuously masturbating we climaxed, our juices running down our legs.

Totally exhausted and equally satisfied, we dropped on a bench

alongside the wall.  Smiling, sweetly kissing each other, caressing each others face, we suddenly were disturbed by a bunch of teens and their teacher, entering the room.

Surprised and embarrassed, we jumped up and grabbed to whatever clothing was in our reach.  The kids and their teacher though, paid no attention to us, and they all started undressing.  We put on our outfit and made our way to the fitness room.  We still weren’t satisfied.  After all, we had been without sex for so long, it seemed we’d had to catch up for all those years. My friend positioned herself opposite to me on her back and started exercising.  She opened her legs wide, lifting her knees.  The bodysuit crimped down her vagina, revealing just a little bit more of her delightful small, shaven pussy Every move, made the cloth press harder and deeper onto her small swollen clit

I stood over her, watching her excitement, intoxicating me,to the point I started pulling up the cloth of my suit as high as possible between my legs.  I could feel my tits wanting to pop out of my skin and my nipples became rock hard We both looked at each other and without speaking, made our way back to the dressing room, passing the kids in the hallway.  We jumped into our clothes and headed towards my house, were we spent all afternoon and night, naked, making love till dawn.

Although we do not consider ourselves as lesbians, we since then practically live together.  Our husbands do not seem to mind at all.  It even suits them fine this way we think, they regained some of their liberties back, coming and going as they please.  For most of the time now my friend stays over at my house, since her husband is mostly away at night to.  In the beginning we used to sleep together in the guest room, but ; my husband proposed himself, we’d take the master bedroom.

Oh yes, occasionally I let him fuck me, and I must say, on the rare occasions he feels like it I still enjoy his warm dick in my pussy.  My friends husband though rarely comes home.

I caught my husband often to peep in on us while we are together, he says it has always been one of his fantasies


It suits us fine !!!!!!

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Huge Gang Bang Orgy with WifeBACHELOR PARTY

My bachelor party was an event I’ll never forget. There
were all the usual trappings of a bachelor’s last big outing: the copious amounts of alcohol, including the mandatory shots of tequila, the pornography playing on an endless loop on the VCR, the jokes, gag gifts and finally the midnight run to the titty bar. But these are the usual, ordinary things that a bachelor expects. What I experienced at my party was something that no future husband would ever forget and one which many wouldn’t want to remember. I loved it though; maybe I’m weird. My best buddies, ten in all, had gone all out to put on a wild night for me. I was the only one with a house big enough, so my best
man (I’ll call him Slade), convinced me that we should have the doings at my house. “Besides,” he rationalized. “You won’t have to worry about making it back home when you’re pie-eyed.” It sounded reasonable to me, and I would have rather been in the comfort of my own home anyway. I talked to Sherry about it (Sherry being my fiancee whom I was also living with), and she felt it was perfectly fine. She made arrangements to stay at her maid of honor’s house since they were having their bachelorette party that night also.


I’ve known some of my friends going back as far as elementary
school and have picked up more and more of them as I went through
high school and then college. We all got along so well that
nobody ever had a falling out or was slowly forgotten as
sometimes happens with school buddies. They all knew Sherry
pretty well from the five years we had been going out and the
year that we were engaged. We were a good group and
something was going on with someone almost every weekend. Sherry
and I often paired up with one or the another of them and whoever
he happened to be dating that particular weekend. Rick was the
only one that was married so we went out with him and his wife
Sarah more often than the others.

Things were pretty normal and drunken as bachelor parties go
until we got back from the strip club. Actually, I should
mention that we were asked to leave the club a little early
because some of my companions (their names will be left
unmentioned) were getting a little too rowdy and a little too
randy with the dancers and waitresses. There was a whole lot of
illegal touching going on and soon a small army of bouncers
showed up at our tables and politely asked us to leave. Not
wanting any trouble I halted all the protests that were beginning
to ensue and led the way out of the club. There was a lot of
bitching and moaning on our weaving way back to my place and we decided we’d
have to kill the rest of the alcohol and watch pornos in protest.
And we commenced to do just that.

We all plopped down around the living room as Doc picked out a movie from our

heap of porno we had assembled. He popped it in as we each drank our beers

and shots of whisky and tequila. Doc’s real name is Steve, but we call him
Doc because he’s been in medical school for what seems forever.

“I still say we got the shaft,” Bruce slurred then took a
gulp of his Budweiser.

“We should have rumbled them,” Bob laughed.

“Yeah!” Tim agreed a little too loudly as he kicked his
beer over onto the carpeting.

“Right, then we’d all be sitting in jail nursing our wounds
instead,” I reminded Tim as he rushed to the kitchen for a towel.
“Maybe you’d be nursing wounds. I know I’d have kicked some
ass,” Scott grinned then punched me in the arm.

“Yeah, really ya wuss Dave,” Scott chimed in as he sat down
on the floor just under the TV.

“Hey, it’s my party, and I say we’d be nursing wounds.”

“Bet you’d rather be nursing that,” Leon jeered as he
pointed at the TV. The porno had gotten off to a roaring start:
a petite little blonde with impossibly large tits was kneeling
before a black man with an impossibly large cock.

“You mean her or it?”

“It, man.”

“Nurse this buddy,” I jeered back pointing at my crotch.
Everyone laughed, and Leon responded by throwing a
handful of pretzels at me.

The alcohol was disappearing at an alarming rate as we
watched the black man try to fuck the blond with his half erect

“Man if I was that guy I would have busted a nut about ten
minutes ago,” Ed finally said, breaking the silence.
“You would have busted it when she took her clothes off you
mean,” Tim laughed. We all followed suite.
“Probably! I haven’t had a piece in months,” Ed complained.
“Take your problem to the bathroom horn boy,” Rick chided
and we all burst into laughter again.

And so it went for the next hour, drinking and laughing at
each other as we popped tapes in, fast forwarded through the
majority of most of them. We managed to polish off the last
bottle of tequila and started working on the last case of beer
when through all the drunken laughter and ribbing and the
theatrical moans from the TV, I heard the back door open and
someone walking across the tile floor of our kitchen. I leaned
forward from my position on the couch between Slade and Bob to
see Sherry walking into the living room, a little wobbly on her
high heels.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” I asked as she stepped into
the room and looked around at us with a somewhat surprised look
on her face.

“I thought it’d be over by now,” she answered, the room
growing deathly still. Whoever had the remote, flicked off the
VCR to the Weather Channel.

I looked at my watch. “It’s only 2:00. What happened?”
“Ah, I decided I’d rather come home. I can leave if you
guys want me to.”

I didn’t say anything, but Slade piped in. “Nah!! Stay!
Have a beer.”

With that the rest of the guys began chanting “Stay! Stay!

“I guess it’s unanimous then, you stay,” I grinned at her.
“Man you guys are drunk,” she flashed a smile. “Where’s the

“I’ll get you one,” Slade offered as he moved to stand.
“That’s okay,” Sherry protested, and he plopped back into
his seat. “I can handle it.”

She turned and walked back into the kitchen, her ass moving
nicely under her short black tight-fitting, knit skirt. I could
have sworn that Bob, Slade, Bruce and Rick’s eyes were all on her
behind as she disappeared through the doorway. I know mine were.
I must tell you about my fiancee. Sherry is everything I
had always wanted in a woman: intelligent, funny and drop-dead
gorgeous. She was average height, about 5’6″ and in perfect
shape from her daily workouts and aerobics at the gym. She had beautiful dark
brown eyes and dark brunette hair to match which came down to
about the bottom of her neck, a nice length, not too long, not
too short. Her fair skin accentuated these dark features and she
wore her makeup perfectly to highlight them. She had a nicely
shaped nose, nice slender fingers and toes and shapely legs. Of
course, that says nothing of her body which most women would die
to have and most men would die to get at. I think her
measurements were something like 36dd/26/36. I emphasize the
36dd of course, because it was simply just hard to miss that
feature. Her breasts were natural, a blessing of genetics (or a
curse as she sometimes complained when a guy stared down her
blouse or they just felt too heavy to carry around on any
particular day). They were firm, beautiful, responsive, and
heavy in the hand — absolutely wonderful.

Sherry had no problem with showing off her body, teasing
with it a little bit either. I’m not saying that she went around
dressed like a slut, but she knew exactly what to wear, and how
to move her body in order to get her way, or to just drive men
crazy. She was dressed like that on this particular night. The
aforementioned black skirt, hugged her legs and ass beautifully
and came to about half way down her thighs, which were clad in
sheer black stockings. The hose highlighted the beautiful curves
of her calves and thighs and showed off her nicely toned muscles.
Her high, flair-heeled pumps only added to the whole effect
making her taller than she really was and shaping her legs even
more. The short-sleeved red cotton blouse hugged the curves of
her waist such that her breasts seemed bigger and rounder than
they actually were, if you can imagine that. The blouse zipped
down the front and was strategically opened to give just the
slightest hint of cleavage. It was enough to drive me crazy, and
apparently a few of my buddies as well.

She came back, sipping a beer and the room became unusually

“Don’t let me stop your fun,” she smiled, all eyes in the
room were on her. “What were you watching?”

“A movie,” Scott said stupidly.

“What, The Little Mermaid?” She joked as she sat down on
the floor in front of the couch between Bob and me and crossing her
delicious legs.

“Yup! That’s what it was,” Rick laughed.

“Put it on.”

Finally Hank, who was the one controlling the remote for
some reason, even though he was the drunkest one there, hit the
play button. The porno we had just popped in started — a scene
of a woman in a room with four guys. Some scenario was
developing, but none of us cared all that much and our talking
and laughing commenced. I looked down at Sherry as she leaned
against the couch sipping her beer and talking to Bob and Rick,
her arm against Bob’s leg, Rick trying hard not to let his eyes
wander to her chest and the delicious hint of cleavage. I
listened in on the conversation as I stared at her. I admired
how her gorgeous red lips sensuously, ever so slightly, wrapped
around the tip of the bottle as she sipped her beer and the
subtle rise and fall of her chest as she breathed.

“… so you guys got kicked out?” Sherry was asking when I
could finally make my beer soaked-brain focus on the

“Yeah,” Bob answered sheepishly.

“I can’t believe you guys got kicked out!” Sherry’s voice

carried, drawing everyone’s attention to her. The guys nodded,
rolled their eyes, grinned, etc.

“Oh well, you’re not missing anything anyway.”

“Yeah we are; we’re missing out on a lot of tits,” Doc
slurred as he looked directly at her chest.

Sherry laughed. “Nah, they don’t have anything I don’t have
and I’m probably a better dancer anyway.”

The room grew silent again as no one, understandably, knew
what to say to that. All eyes alternately looked at me, then
Sherry, then back again.

“What? All I’m saying is that it doesn’t take much talent
to strip your clothes off and dance around. I’m not saying I do
that for a living or anything. You all know I’m an insurance

“Oh yeah,” Slade piped in sarcastically, bringing a few

Sherry looked up at me apologetically, and I simply
shrugged. There was a silence as everyone took a drink or lit

“Well, I can see I’m killing the …” she began as she

“So prove it,” Doc slurred. Silence again and all eyes were
on Doc now, who squirmed uncomfortably.

“Prove what?” Sherry asked as she smoothed out her skirt.
“That you’re a better dancer.” Doc glanced at me as if he
wished he hadn’t said it.

Sherry looked at me also, I gave them both a shrug and
polished off my beer. I stood and walked to the kitchen for
another. Once there I yelled out, “I think you should prove it
Sherry.” I then came out, beer flowing over the top of the can
and started chanting, “Prove it, prove it, prove it.” Slade and
Doc joined me and soon all eleven of us were chanting. Finally
Sherry took a little stagger step to the middle of the room.
“All right. I’ll prove it. Those hussies have nothing on
me. Just let me put on some music.”

I sat back, put my feet on the coffee table and lit a
cigarette as Sherry dug through her CDs. There were
uncomfortable glances and looks between the less drunk of my
friends; the rest just stared at her butt as she put the CD in
the player, turned down the volume on the porno and cranked her
bombastic techno music.

Sherry got into the swing immediately. She moved with
perfection to the beat, her hips bumping, as her upper body
swayed, her arms over her head as she interpreted the music with
her hands. She seemed a little inhibited at first as did my
friends, who just sat and silently watched her. I knew they
didn’t know what to make of the situation, but I was loving it.
“Whoo! You go girl!” I yelled to break the silence. Some
of my buddies laughed and a few clapped as Sherry’s movements
became more fluid and sexy. She threw me glances every so often,
and I nodded my approval as she got bolder and bolder. Soon she
had everyone going as she flung her hair around, and danced more
wildly including a couple times shen she would bend down in front
of half my friends giving them a nice view down her blouse while
wiggling her ass for the other half. Another that got everyone
going was when she bent over, grabbing her ankles, moving her behind
the whole time, and ran the tip of her tongue up her calve.
The guys were really getting into it by song three. There
were yells of “whoo!” or “all right!”, clapping, whistling and

Then Doc screamed out, “Take it off!”

Sherry didn’t miss a beat. She looked at me again, as if to
ask for my approval. I bit my lip, hesitant at first, until lust
and alcohol defeated all reason, then nodded. The next step, she
was turning to Doc and slowly pulling down the zipper on the
front of her blouse. The room grew deathly quiet, until I yelled
out “Oh yeah baby!” My friends all looked at me, almost shocked,
but then whistles and cheers filled the room again.

She turned slowly, still keeping the beat as she unzipped
the blouse, revealing her plump gorgeous breasts packed into a
black lace pushup bra that strained against their weight. They were
squeezed together in a delicious manner in the too-small bra and
looked as though they would pop out at any moment. The guys’
voices rose in volume as the blouse fell open, her nipples hard,
straining against the fabric of her bra. I could tell she was
excited by what she was doing — besides her nipples, it showed in
her eyes as well. I knew I was, and I was having a hard time
concealing the bulge that was straining against my jeans. I
glanced around the room to see hands and drinks strategically
placed to hide the same problem my friends were having.

Sherry strutted around the room in front of everyone as the
chant “Sherry! Sherry! Sherry!” rose in volume. She smiled as
she brushed by our knees, purposely jiggling her breasts as she
rounded the room.

orgy pic1I know what you’re probably thinking. How could you let
your fiancee do that? Well, the first reason was alcohol.

Obviously it had dropped a lot of inhibitions for all of us,
Sherry in particular. And the second reason was because I had
always fantasized about this moment. Call me sick or demented,
but my most intense fantasy was of seeing Sherry, just as she
was, in a room full of guys.

“The skirt, the skirt,” Doc called out clumsily.
Sherry stopped in the middle of the room, moving her hips as
she stood in place and began working the skirt over the
voluptuous curves of her hips. She slid it down, let it fall
down her legs then stooped, picked it up and threw it at Doc.
Doc snatched it out of the air and put it on his head. Cheers
went up again. Now, in just her sheer black thigh-high nylons,
matching black panties and bra and her pumps, she began swaying
to the music again, her hands sliding down her sides, over her
hips. All eyes were fixed on her as she raked her long red nails
over her smooth skin, gave her breasts a little lift, bent over
and licked her lips at us from between her legs, her hair hanging
to the floor.

I noticed, and I think that everyone else in the room did
too, that there was a slight wet spot in the crotch of her
panties, and it seemed to be growing as she moved around the
room, running her nails along the guys’ knees, sliding her hands
along their legs. Some of them shirked back, giving me worried
looks, others seemed to like it. I just kept watching her, not
wanting to make my friends feel uncomfortable by looking at them.
“Panties! Panties! Panties!” Doc began. Sherry laughed
when no one joined in, but he continued as she worked her fingers
into the waist band, pulled it out, slid her hands in and moved
them around, over her ass, then back to the front.

I glanced at the TV to see the woman taking on all four guys
in the porno movie. I noticed Sherry had been glancing at it
also. When I looked back, the panties were down to her knees and
my friends, unable to restrain themselves any longer, let out a
cheer. The panties slid down her legs and she kicked them off
her toe in Doc’s direction, who almost fell out of his chair in
his effort to catch them.

Sherry’s hands slid up and down her body, caressing her own
smooth fair skin, brushing her little mound of hair, as she
licked her lips. Something in the mood of the room changed at
that moment. My friends’ varying degrees of apprehensiveness
seemed to vanish almost simultaneously and they all upped the
degree of rowdiness as they watched her slide her hands over her
gorgeous body. Chants of “Bra, bra, bra” started, mingling with
chants of “Sherry, Sherry, Sherry!” and “Take it off!”
She moved around the room again, showing off her shapely,
delicious ass, wiggling it just so inches from us. When she had
made her way over to Scott on the floor, she turned so he was
forced to look directly up at that beautiful behind. She spread
her legs and bent down, and I thought his eyes were going to bulge
out of his head as he stared up at her wet pussy lips and ass.
Then she slid her hand down her stomach and between her legs,
just brushing her pussy with her fingers. She stood and strutted
across the room as all of us yelled our approval.

Doc sort of sunk back in his chair as she approached. She
didn’t let his hesitancy stop her though but straddled his legs
and leaned forward. Doc leaned back further but couldn’t escape as
Sherry pressed her breasts to his face.

“Yeah!” Slade shouted as he got up and sat down on the
floor behind her. He started waving his fist and yelling, “Bra!
Bra! Bra!” as he looked around the room to get us to join in.
We did with zeal as Sherry grabbed Doc’s head and pressed his
face between her copious tits. She rested her cheek against the
top of his head as she rubbed his face between them, looking
around the room, her eyes finally meeting mine. She had a
feverish look, her expression pleading to let her do whatever she
had in mind. I could tell she was so turned on by what she was
doing. I gave her a wink, and she smiled then kissed Doc on the
top of the head.

Meanwhile “Bra, bra, bra!” was growing louder and more
frantic. Sherry leaned down and whispered something in Doc’s
ear, and he immediately reached back and deftly unfastened the
four hooks of her bra. She let it slide down her arms as we
roared our approval. Her movements grew more urgent, grinding on
Doc’s lap as she grabbed her tits, barely able to hold them in
her tiny hands, and shoved them back in his face. From my
vantage, I could see his lips and tongue against her soft skin,
leaving glistening wet streaks. He wrapped his lips
around one of her nipples and sucked it into his mouth as Sherry
arched her back and let out a little moan. My cock must have
tripled in hardness at that point, and I think everyone of my
friends’ must have too as it became obvious what was happening.
Doc made no effort to hide what he was doing to my fiancee. He
grabbed her tits with both hands and began squeezing them as he
licked back and forth between her hard nipples.

A new chant of “Doc! Doc! Doc!” began which only
encouraged him as he worked Sherry’s tits, tongue darting back and forth
between her nipples as she writhed in his lap. Her hands wandered down,
brushing, then grabbing the huge bulge in his pants. We all
watched, somewhat shocked, squirming in our chairs, the chant
dying out as Sherry unzipped Doc’s fly and worked the button to
his pants free. She slid down, positioning herself on all fours
on the floor between his legs, tugging at his jeans as he lifted
his ass off the chair to assist her. The room was completely
still, we could have heard a pin drop, as Sherry revealed Doc’s
rigid cock, standing hard and already twitching. Her eyes
wandered around the room as she leaned forward, wrapping her
fingers tipped by bright red nails around the base of his shaft,
her eyes finally falling on mine as she touched the tip of her
tongue to his cock head.

I smiled at her, then started chanting. “Doc, Doc, Doc!”
The others joined in as we watched Sherry, on her hands and knees,
her tits hanging heavily, wrap her delicious red lips around
Doc’s cock head. He moaned as she took it all the
way in her mouth, her lips spread wide around it, then slid them
down his shaft. Shouts of “Yeah!” ensued as my friends gaped in
amazement and watched Doc’s meat disappear into Sherry’s mouth.
She held it there a moment then sucked back up to the end,
looking in Doc’s eyes as she flicked her tongue over his cock

Slade glanced at me then crawled up behind
Sherry and began running his hands up the backs of her smooth
thighs. She parted them for him as he moved one hand up and
cupped her mound, moving it slowly, deliberately as soft moans
escaped Sherry’s throat. She licked up and down, running her
tongue all over Doc’s throbbing shaft as she moved her hips,
shuddering slightly as Slade slipped his finger between her wet
pussy lips. The room was quiet again as we watched my fiancee
suck one of my best friend’s cock and my other friend press his
face to her cunt, his tongue sliding in as she pushed her hips
back against his mouth, his nose nestled between her lovely
cheeks. Sherry expertly licked and sucked Doc’s cock, her
movements getting more uncontrollable as Slade worked his tongue
in and out of her delicious little pussy. Her scent filled the
room, and I saw a few hands going to unhidable bulges in jeans.
Slade stood, shed his shirt, revealing well-defined abs and
a flat stomach as Sherry took Doc down her throat again, her nose
nestling in his pubic hair. Slade’s pants quickly followed his
shirt on the floor revealing his nice sized and extremely thick
penis. He kneeled behind her again, grabbing her ankles as she
looked back at him over her shoulder. She slid down to the floor
and rolled over onto her back, spreading her shapely black hose-
clad legs wide for him.

“All right Slade! Do her man!” Rick yelled out. Slade
moved up between Sherry’s legs as she laid her arms back over her
head, her breasts laying invitingly, her nipples painfully hard.
Holding his cock in his hand he slowly pushed it between her hot
pussy lips. Several of us moved in closer for a better look as
he fed it to her a little at a time. She shuddered, her labia
spreading wide around his thick meat. She laid her head back and
moaned with pleasure as Slade buried his throbbing tool all the
way into her. Bob walked up and gave Slade a high five, just
before he leaned forward, Sherry groaning, her legs pushed back
by his strong arms. Finally Doc couldn’t stand it any longer and
slid off his chair, straddling Sherry’s face, his legs on either
side of her head. She strained back, taking his cock between her
hungry lips as he leaned forward, grabbing two handfuls of her
huge tits and massaging them as he fed her his cock. She sucked
greedily on it as he began to pump his hips, sliding between her
soft lips.

Slade grabbed Sherry’s ankles and began rhythmically pumping
her pussy, his cock glistening with her wetness as he glided in
and out, her lips gripping his fat shaft. Her moans became more
frequent, frantic as Doc slid his cock down her throat. She
groaned around it as she moved her hips to Slade’s thrusts. We
stared in awe as we watched them feed her from both ends. Sherry
whimpered as Doc thrust harder, sliding down her throat, his cock
wet with her saliva, running over his balls which gently swung
against her face as he fucked her mouth. Slade grunted as
he thrust harder, slamming into Sherry’s soaking wet hole.
His hands went to her tits too and both he and Doc hung onto
them, squeezing, as they thrust between both sets of her lips. I
looked around at my other friends who were all watching intently,
probably wondering if they would get a chance at her. Everyone
in the room was about to burst out of their jeans.
orgypic2Slade groaned as his thrusts produced wet sucking sounds in
her hot little hole, Sherry’s thighs wet with her excitement.
Sweat streamed down Slade’s body as he hammered his cock in and
out of Sherry while she moved her hips in perfect rhythm to his
thrusts, meeting them, their bodies slamming together. He slid
his hands up, grabbing her ankles again, thrusting fast and furious, and
let out a deep groan, his body jerking.

“Mmmm yessss!” Sherry moaned as Doc’s cock slipped from her
mouth. She grabbed it and began stroking him, grinding her hips
on Slade as he gave her a series of short hard strokes, his body
out of control as he came in her. Slade quickly fell back, his
cock soaking wet and gooey as a stream of white cum seeped from
Sherry’s splayed open pussy lips and ran down the crack of her

“God what a hot slut,” Slade grunted as he sat back panting.
This derogatory comment only seemed to fire Sherry up more.
She responded by laying her head back all the way and
taking Doc’s meat between her lips again. He began fucking her
mouth, thrusting hard enough that I thought he would hurt her,
but apparently he didn’t because she didn’t stop him. In fact
she began sucking him so hard that her cheeks pulled in with the
pressure. We watched, silently awed at how she took him down her
throat, letting him fuck her mouth like it was her pussy, his
balls slapping her face.

“Yesssss,” he finally groaned and pulled back so that only
his cock head was in her mouth. Thick white foamy cum gushed out
around his shaft, over her lips and streamed down her face. She
pulled his cock out as it spurted on her cheeks, stroking it,
milking out every drop. She strained upward, rubbing his cum-
gooey cock across her lips, running her tongue over it.
Sherry lay there, still moving her hips until she sat up.
“I don’t like to swallow,” she winked as my friends all sat
gaping at the cum dripping down her face.

“Sherry, Sherry,” Hank said as he got up and walked over to
her shedding his shirt on the way.

“Hank,” she smiled as she licked a big gob of cum off her
lower lip and got up on her knees. Hank stood before her, his
crotch near her jizz-smeared face, and dropped his pants revealing
his big hunk of semi-erect meat. Hank was large, probably nine
inches or so and thicker than Slade. Sherry’s eyes widened a
little, but she didn’t hesitate and wrapped her fingers around
it, her tiny hand seemingly barely able to encompass it. Not
missing a beat, she lolled her tongue over Hank’s impressive
tool, licking up and down, rubbing it against her cum-smeared
cheek, her tongue dancing over it as it got harder and harder.
Hank put his hands on her head and curled his fingers up in her
dark hair as she parted her lips around his engorged cock head.
She smiled up at him as he looked down and watched his thick tool
slide into her mouth.

A tingle of excitement went up my spine as I watched her
mouth, parted so wide around Hank. Cum dangled from her chin as
she expertly slid his massive meat in, her tongue flicking and
working it as it went deeper.

“Oh yeah!” Bruce said as he watched from a few feet away on
the floor. I saw Sherry wink at him, and he grinned. Hank
groaned and my friends started to clap as Sherry buried his giant
tool down her throat, his massive balls resting on her chin.
She began gyrating her hips for those behind her.

“What a hot little slut,” Slade repeated.

“God, what a hot mouth,” Hank groaned as Sherry held him in
her throat, while she worked him with her expert tongue.
Hank began rocking as Sherry worked his meat in her throat.
“Man, what a cocksucker,” Slade exclaimed.

My friends were turning into animals, treating my fiancee
like a dirty slut, and I was loving it. I thought I was going to
cum in my pants at any moment. I could tell Sherry was loving it
too — relishing all the attention, being shockingly nasty.
Hank started pumping her mouth, fucking it as she parted her
lips and let him thrust.

“I got to get me a piece of this,” Leon said as Rick and Tim
high-fived him. He dropped his pants, not even bothering with
his shirt and dropped on his knees behind Sherry. Sherry
continued moving her hips rhythmically and gradually arched her
back, pushing her ass in the air as she reached back between her
legs. She parted her pussy lips with her fingers, still slick
with Slade’s cum.

“Fuck her man,” Slade egged Leon on.

Ed then moved up to her too, grabbing both her tits and
squeezing them hard, pinching her nipples between his fingers.
Sherry moaned around Hank and slipped her lips noisily to the tip
as Leon guided his rigid cock head up and down her wet slit. She
sucked and licked on Hank’s bloated cock head as Leon fed her his
dick inch by inch, Ed working her tits like he was kneading
dough. A little whimper escaped her throat as Leon made the
final push and drove deep inside her. She began working her hips
again, swiveling them as Leon gave her short hard strokes deep
inside her vagina. Her lips slid down Hank’s shaft as she moaned
deeper, and Leon started pumping harder, Slades cum oozing out
between her swollen pussy lips with every thrust. She bumped
back into him as her breath came in short gasps around Hank’s
shaft. Ed slid down taking one of her nipples between his teeth
as the force of Leon’s thrusts caused her tits to swing back and
forth over his face.

Both Leon’s and Hank’s thrusts became more frantic as they
bumped Sherry back and forth between them. Her moans became
throatier, her breath fast, desperate, her eyes closed as she
hung onto Hank’s saliva slick cock.

“Oh yeah, make the slut cum,” Slade cheered them on.
Sherry’s body was wracked with spasms as she fell forward,
still hanging onto Hank’s dick, her face pressed to the floor as
she let out a long groan, then moaned loudly, screaming almost as
an orgasm rippled through her shapely body. She bucked back
uncontrollably, all her muscles tense and straining while Leon
pumped away at her spasming pussy.

“Godddddd!” She let out. “Leon!” Everyone clapped as she
panted and put her lips back to Hank’s now throbbing cock,
breathing hard around it, trying to take it down again.
Leon couldn’t last much longer. His face strained and he
began to silently pump her pussy full of cum. Sherry suddenly
pulled forward, Leon popping out, his cum gushing over her labia,
dropping to the carpeting in huge clumps. More jizz began
seeping from her still parted lips, running down her thighs,
staining her black hose. She turned around to Leon, grabbed his
still oozing cock and ran her tongue all over it. The guys just
loved that and began cheering and clapping again. She went under
and sucked both his balls into her mouth, quickly let them go
again, and ran her parted lips up the underside of his still
throbbing shaft. She then took the head in her mouth and let her
lips slide down his length in one smooth motion, sucking his
gooey wet cock clean. Licking her lips she gave Leon a little
push and turned to Hank again.

“I want that hot pussy Sherry,” Hank demanded, his cock
hugely rigid, veins standing out on it, twitching and glistening
with Sherry’s saliva.

“Lay on your back Hank,” she said quietly.
Hank complied and Sherry straddled his shaft, grabbing it
around the middle, guiding it to her cum-filled hole. She
slipped it between her pussy lips and nestled down on it,
groaning as it slid into her. Hank moaned with her, and she held
it there, deep, as she slowly rocked, her hands on his hairy
chest. The guys moved around behind her to watch her ride Hank,
to see his massive cock fill her tight pussy except Ed, who
dropped his pants and pulled out a huge erection that must have
been almost as big as Hank’s.

She began working up and down Hank’s impressive cock, her lips
gripping his shaft as she rode him. She grabbed Ed’s equally
impressive meat and began licking the head.

She pulled back, a long string of precum trailing away on the tip
of her tongue then went down on it as Ed squeezed his eyes shut
and grabbed her big firm tits.

Ed stood there mauling her fat breasts as her lips glided down his
big throbbing cock, and she rose on Hank’s shaft, letting it
slide almost to her pussy lips before slamming herself back down
on it. At that point her mouth would make the journey back up
Ed’s cock, and pause to let her tongue dance over his twitching
head. Then she would slide up Hank’s length again. I was amazed
at how expertly she timed her movements.

Almost simultaneously Hank began thrusting his hips up as
Sherry slammed down, her big tits bouncing as Ed began pumping
her mouth. He started slowly but began picking up speed, sliding
deeper down her throat with each thrust. Sherry rode Hank
harder, her pussy making sloppy wet noises, her lips red from
three fuckings.

We watched silently, all my friends now had their clothes
off and some were stroking rock hard erections as we watched the
unbelievable show two feet in front of us. Every once in a while
I would catch a glimpse from one of them, and I knew they were
wondering why I was letting this happen. I only smiled to
myself. None of them knew this was my most powerful fantasy, and
I was about to marry a woman who obviously loved to indulge it.
Suddenly there was a chorus of moans, the three bodies
covered by sheens of sweat. Hank had his hands around Sherry’s
tiny waist as he hammered up into her repeatedly, his big balls bouncing.
Ed kept up with Hank’s pace, and I couldn’t believe that Sherry
could take such a pounding.

“Goddamn! Take it!” Hank groaned as an incredible amount
of cum gush out around his shaft, streaming down it, covering his
balls as Sherry rocked on him, then slid down, taking it deep as
he pumped her full of jizz. She then grabbed Ed’s balls with one
hand and began stroking him with the other as she sucked his cock

“I’m going to cum all over your face Sherry,” he half
whispered, half gasped. “You fucking slut.”

“And he hasn’t cum in a month!” Slade laughed.

Ed groaned uncontrollably as Sherry’s eyes widened. She
pulled him out, cum bubbling over her lips, dripping from her
chin onto her tits. She laid her head back under his cock as he
came. And boy did he cum! The first shot hit her hair, leaving
a long streak across her forehead and between her eyes. Then it
just erupted, cum spurting in thick streams all over Sherry’s
face. She closed her eyes as she got coated, but continued to
stroke him. It slid down her face in thick clumps, running down
her neck, onto her shoulders. It dangled from her hair and ran
over the curves of her tits. She let him go, trying to wipe
semen away from her eyes, as he smeared the mess all over her
face with his gooey cock.

“All right!” Scott yelled out as he clapped. “Ed finally
got some!” The other guys replied with their own cheers and

Sherry was a mess. Her face was glazed and cum constantly
seeped from her gaping, well-fucked pussy, but she never wiped any of it
away. She knew we wanted her to wear it, and there was no doubt
she enjoyed it also.

Scott and Bruce then stepped up to her.

“Which end you want Bruce?” Scott asked as Sherry rolled
over onto her back and spread her legs. Her pussy was white and
sticky with running cum, her ass crack filled with it. Bruce
responded by kneeling between her legs, grabbing them and
spreading them wide. Scott kneeled down just above her head.
“I want you guys to fuck me like the dirty cum slut that I
am,” Sherry growled. “Rick toss that pillow over here.” Rick
complied, and she placed it under her neck, laying her head back
over it so she was looking upside down at Scott. Scott moved
forward, shoving his dick in her mouth as she parted her lips and
didn’t hold back in the least, feeding it down her throat.
Bruce put her lovely legs on his shoulder and grabbed his hard on
in his fist, grinding it into her, showing less mercy than Scott
even, burying it all the way. Scott’s meat down her throat
stifled a loud moan as both of them began pumping in and out of
her, feeding her from both ends. Her beautiful tits swung in
circular motions as they thrust. Sherry sucked noisily as Scott
fucked her face, driving it harder and harder down her throat as
he drew closer to a quick orgasm.

I knew they wouldn’t last long, but I just wasn’t prepared
for how fast both of them came. They had been stroking since the
whole thing began and were both already extremely excited. Scott
went first, pulling his cock out and laying it on her face as he
erupted, thick white strings of cum streaking her cheeks,
covering her nose and eyes again, adding to the splattered coating.
Sherry responded by licking at his spurting cock as cum flew and sprayed her.
Bruce groaned as he leaned into her, pushing her legs back
to her shoulders practically. She whimpered softly, lifting her
head as all his muscles went taught.

“Oh god!” He breathed through his teeth. “S’more cum,
slut.” He grunted and pulled out as his cock exploded in a white
torrent. It spurted up onto her sweat slick tummy, soaked and
matted her mound of hair, and coated her lips with thick ropey
strands of goo. She sat up, and they both proceeded to slap her
glazed face with their softening cocks as she licked at them and
playfully tried to catch them in her mouth.

Bob immediately stepped up and gently pushed her back to the
floor. “Got something special for ya,” he slurred slightly.
“Mmmm,” she growled. Without hesitation he straddled her
chest. Taking his cue, she ran her hands through the copious
amounts of cum coating her pussy and smeared it all over her
tits. She then grabbed them and squeezed them together as Bob
took his cock in his hand and pushed it between them. My
fiancee’s tits completely engulfed his cock even though he was
rock hard and a bit bigger than average. Bob placed his hands
over Sherry’s and squeezed harder as he pumped his cock between
her fat delicious mounds. Her nipples looked achingly hard and
she still ground her hips as Bob fucked her tits rhythmically.
I noticed Slade and Doc whispering something to one another,
stroking their stiff cocks as we all moved in to watch Bob and
Sherry’s incredibly hot tit fuck.

Sherry lifted her head, the cum streaming down her cheeks,
letting her tongue hang out, and licked at Bob’s cock head as it
poked between her luscious mounds. If I thought it was hot
before, I was in heaven now. Sherry was splattered with cum,
still horny as ever and getting her tits fucked. I couldn’t
imagine a more beautiful sight. She worked them around Bob as
his thrusts got faster and harder, massaging him between them
pushing her breasts against his thrusts.

Then Slade and Doc moved in closer, watching as Bob fucked
her tits. They were stroking vigorously now, their cocks like
rock, like they hadn’t just fucked her once already, watching
intently as they kneeled down nearby. Bob was in a frenzy,
sweating like an animal, his cock red with his efforts, his balls
sliding along Sherry’s chest as he worked her tits. Finally he
moaned and a huge spurt of cum shot up onto her neck. Sherry
grabbed his erupting cock and pressed it against one of her erect
nipples, the cum flowing over it, streaming over the curve of her
breast, completely coating it with his sticky clear semen. I
noticed Slade wink at Doc and they simultaneously dropped down on
their knees on either side of Sherry, stroked their cocks a
couple more times and almost simultaneously orgasmed. They
sprayed her tits and face with droplets of cum as she yelled in
surprise, and they moaned as they jerked themselves and
showered Sherry with a rain of jizz. They finished quickly and
smeared it around on her tits with their spent cocks,
concentrating on her hard gooey nipples.

Sherry was panting now, running her hands over her cum-slick
body, unable to help fingering herself and licking her fingers
and lips. She was in a frenzy, ready for more, ready for another
orgasm. She stood, one hand sliding down between her legs,
working the mess of cum down there as she grabbed one of her
glazed tits with the other, cupped it and pushed it up. She made
throaty moaning noises as she squeezed her slick, firm tit and
ran her tongue over, pulling away ropey strands of cum on her
lips and tongue. Her hand slid over her semen matted mound,
sliding a finger between her red swollen pussy lips, back to her
ass. She sat up on her haunches, grabbed a breast in each hand
and squeezed them together, thick cum oozing between her fingers
and tits.

Tim stepped up to her, his dick hard and red from stroking
it. By now Sherry was a glazed, cum-coated mess from her hair
down to her knees — stuck in thick globs, smeared, glistening in
thick coats in spots, dripping down her skin in others, or dried
and white in others. Her hair was disheveled and hung in her
eyes, beads of cum dangling from strands of hair, or plastering
it to her forehead. Her mascara was running down her face in a
gray smear. She was in a frenzy and immediately took Tim’s cock
in her mouth and sucked it down until it disappeared completely,
a sharp gasp escaping his throat. She grinned up at him as she
began working his hard dick rhythmically between her talented
lips, gliding up and down, tip to base, sucking and licking as
her head bobbed on it.

Ed, kneeled behind her, gently forcing her down on her hands
and knees, as Tim kneeled to allow her to reach him. Ed’s big
neglected meat was alread as hard as rock again. Apparently one orgasm
wasn’t enough after his months of forced celibacy. Sherry paused
to look back and smiled at him, eyeing his monstrous cock. He
smeared it around in the cum clinging to her cunt, lubing it up
with his hand as he pushed his thumb between her shapely cheeks
and began massaging her asshole.

“All right Ed!” Scott clapped and walked behind them to get
a better view. As far as I knew Sherry had never had anal sex
before, and this was a hell of a time to start, and quite a dick
to try it out with, but she didn’t object. She hung her head,
looking back at Ed as she bit her lower lip and squirmed, hanging
onto Tim’s wet cock. Ed pushed his thumb in slowly and Sherry
let out a little yelp and a gasp, then moaned softly as she began
to work her hips back, Ed driving his thumb into her deeper,
working it slowly, lubing her hole with cum. He then drew it out
and forced his forefinger in, her breathing coming faster as she
lolled her tongue over Tim’s cock head, tracing the ridge of it.
She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to concentrate on Tim as Ed
forced a second finger into her tight little ass and began slowly
working it in and out.

“Ow, God!” She yelped.

“You okay?” Ed asked, a look of concern on his face.

“I want that big cock in my ass,” she hissed through
clenched teeth.

Ed grinned and parted her cheeks with both hands, gently
pressing his fat cock head to her little rosebud. Sherry had
Tim’s head in her mouth, working it frantically with her tongue
and lips as Ed pushed harder against her unyielding hole. She
let Tim’s cock fall from her mouth, sucking in air as her breath
came faster. Her eyes were squeezed shut, and soft almost
inaudible whimpers escaped her throat.

“Nnnnnnggggg,” she groaned, then something gave and Ed
slipped forward, his huge cock head popping in, disappearing into
Sherry’s ass. “Goddddddd!!!” She screamed and slapped the
floor. She panted as sighs and groans escaped her lips. Ed held
his dick in place, letting Sherry get used to the enormity of it
in her tiny virgin hole. Gaining her breath, she began to move a
little, wincing as she slowly pushed back. We looked on as Ed
fed her his massive member, parting her poor little ass wide as
she slowly pushed. He put his hands around her waist and began
pulling her back. Her panting grew quicker, more desperate, as
we watched Ed’s shaft disappear. Eventually only his balls were
visible hanging against her pussy. Then he pulled slowly out
and pushed back in, a little faster this time, but still gently.
Sherry’s breathing returned to something closer to normal as Ed
gently worked his cock in and out of her tight hole. I could
only imagine how tight it was too, because every time he pulled
back to the tip her sphincter gripped him like it was trying to
suck him back in. When they got a good rhythm going, Sherry only
yelping once in a while, she turned her attention back to Tim and
slid him down her throat again. The guys cheered again.

That was when Rick stepped up, arms spread, his cock
standing at attention before him. Rick was pretty well hung too
despite the fact that he was painfully skinny. Sherry turned her
gaze even as her lips slid up and down Tim’s dick. Rick got down
on the floor and managed to slide under her as Ed held his shaft
deep in her ass. She raised a leg to allow him under, then he
guided his thick, throbbing hardon to her pussy. Sherry pushed
down on it groaning loudly as Rick slowly ground into her,
forcing into the tight fit that Ed’s cock in her ass was
creating. For a moment they just rested that way, both cocks
buried to the hilt in her holes, which were stretched to
accommodate them. Sherry’s face strained, beads of sweat forming
on her cum-smeared forehead as she tried to keep Tim in her
mouth. Then Ed began pumping in and out as Rick held his place
deep in her pussy, steaming cum running from her sopping pussy, gushing
down over his balls. Sherry began moving, sliding up and down
Rick’s shaft as Ed pumped in and out
of her now well-worked ass. The three of them groaned at the
tightness of the fit as Sherry’s cum smeared lips slid down Tim’s
tool, taking him down her throat cleanly and expertly.

They began rocking and driving in and out of her tight holes
in unison. Sherry’s body was in perfect motion, Ed’s thrusts
driving her down on Tim’s cock as Rick’s upward thrusts slid in
between Ed’s movements. The rest of the guys were cheering them on
as we watched Sherry work her body, her enourmous jugs bouncing and swaying,
getting pistoned and pumped, all three of her holes filled to capacity as she

and moaned around Tim. Tim began thrusting too, not wanting to
miss out on the now popular face fuck as moans escaped her throat.

Sherry arched her back as Ed and Rick ground in and out of
her, their own groans almost drowned out by her more desperate
ones. Suddenly Tim’s cock slipped from Sherry’s mouth and she
screamed as another orgasm wracked her body. She bumped and
ground back and down on Rick and Ed uncontrollably as they thrust
harder. She pressed down on Rick’s chest, squeezing her glazed
tits together with her arms as she convulsed on their cocks.
Another cheer arose from those of us watching this incredible
scene. Ed and Rick began hammering her holes as she lost control
of her movements and just kind of flailed on them, letting them
slam into her, waves of pleasure washing over her.

Sherry managed to take Tim back down, and he began fucking
her throat in rhythm with his companion’s thrusts. I was about
to cum myself from watching my fiancee get shoved back and forth
on three incredibly hard dicks driving in and out of all three of
her holes.

Ed groaned again and gave Sherry’s ass cheek a hard, loud
smack. She whimpered as Rick began to moan and pant heavily. Ed
smacked her ass repeatedly as he drove mercilessly in and out of
her, grinding it deep and hard. Then he laid his head back and
let out a throaty growl as he buried his huge meat deep. Sherry
responded by driving her hips down and backward simultaneously.
Suddenly Rick joined Ed in moaning.

“God!!!” He screamed. “I’m cumming you whore!”
Sherry gyrated down and back as cum gushed from her pussy
lips and out of her ass. Ed pulled out, leaving her hole wide
open, gaping, and shot the second half of his load on her
delicious cheeks. It streamed down the back of her thighs as she
pulled up and off of Rick, his cock spraying her still parted
pussy lips, rivers of thick white cum soaking her black
stockings. Then Tim groaned and forced his cock down her throat
again. He bucked a couple times as Sherry made desperate moaning
noises around it, then gagged and coughed as a flood of cum
poured from her mouth. Tim pulled out and began stroking it,
spurting big thick gouts of cum onto her face, which ran down in sheets,
as she gasped for breath and a stream of cum poured from her mouth
onto her hanging tits.

The three of them pulled off of her and she laid out flat on
her back panting, coated and glistening with cum, both her
delicate holes spread wide open and seeping white. The guys
cheered again, but Sherry was completely unresponsive this time.
They had finally done her in.

That was my cue as far as I was concerned. I slid down my
pants and shed my shirt. Sherry looked up at me as I parted her
legs. She smiled weakly, the cum still dripping down her face.
She spread her legs for me as I kneeled between them and fed my
cock to her as I had so many times before. Her pussy was so
slick and loose I could barely feel her, but I pushed in anyway
and felt a flood of thick hot fluid wash out of her. It wouldn’t
take much after what I had just watched.

“Slut,” I whispered and grinned as I leaned down close to her ear,
noting that there was even a dribble of cum there. She smiled
and wrapped her arms around me as I slowly and gently pumped her
cum-filled, well-fucked pussy.

The guys clapped and cheered again. I gave her maybe a half
dozen strokes, her pussy making gushing noises as the cum poured
from her with each one.

“Pull out,” she whispered.

I did, still on my knees, and she sat up, taking my cum and
pussy-gooey cock in her mouth. I looked down at her dark brown
eyes, her cum-glazed skin, the woman I was to marry in a week, as
she slurped on my cock, and I came harder and more than I ever
had before. Sherry, knowing exactly when it was happening, lay my
cock on her face as a flood of thick white jizz flowed over her,
soaking her with one more coat of thick hot cum, glazing her
completely, her face a smeared white mess.


“I love you,” she moaned through a mouthful of cum.