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The Best Nasty Free Sex Stories AroundThe Best Fucking Sex Stories Around!

You may or may not know, but I’m quite the pervert. I not only love pictures, I love reading sexy tales of people fucking strangers, incest, bestiality, lesbians, first timers and about anything else you can even come up with.

If you don’t like sex stories, that’s cool. I sort of dig that, but hey c’mon give it a go, let it light your life up a bit. But if you are dead bent on not giving a shit. You can always check out our huge hentai flash gallery game section, or you can check out our newest free hentai picture gallery. If you have a sexy story to share with the classroom then you can submit it to me.

At the moment, I don’t have a way for you to do that, but I will soon, so keep coming back and making me a bunch of ad revenue okay? But I promise I’ll be plugging in contact me, friends and a DMCA for the cry baby pricks who don’t like me using their ‘free’ porn images on my ‘free’ website. These stories may have been written by me, you’ll have to guess which ones. But mostly they are some long lost treasures from the internet that are now being given the chance to harden dicks and wet up pussies again.

If you find your story is being used here. COOL, that means we like it, if you’re having a heart attack about it. That really sucks, when I have a contact page, cry me a river, or if you want credit or a backlink or something, just say so!

-Elli Sanders
PS:…. Uh, awkward…. the sex story categories are below…. duh!


Bisexual Female
For those moments when you just need to read about a frisky female wanting anything she can get shoved into her pussy. These stories are for you. – currently 7 different stories are present. Click here.

First Time Sex
You know, I LOVE stories about first time sex experiences, they are so raw and unedited. It’s a bunch of really nervous teens (most of the time), grind their peckers and vag all over each other. Secret type shit. Like fucking while daddies home and what not. Really awesome stuff. – currently 3 different stories are present. Click here.

Gang bang Group Sex
Who doesn’t love a good TRUE story about a straight up cock loving slut that takes anybodies cock inside of her. I love being the center of attention when I’m getting fucked in a gangbang. In fact it’s been way too long, I think I might have to get one going. If you enjoy some really nasty chicks fucking lots of guys, get the inner details of some raw gang bang fucking here. – currently 17 different stories are present.
Click here.

I’ve always been thrilled with incest stories as they are truly some of the most naught aspects that our culture today looks down upon. Yet, there is something about it that keeps people coming back. There are so many people I’ve met that have a fuck fling with their cousin or siblings. That shit is primal and awesome. – currently 1 stories is present. Click here.

I’m not one to be full lesbian, but I’m very open to female lovin, but I think over all I love reading lesbian stories the most for some reason, some really hot ass shit happens between two vaginas grinding each other. If you love lesbian sex stories too, well good, check em out here. – currently 9 different stories are present. Click here.

And here we have it, the straight up, female and male flirting all night then fucking into the wee hours of the morning. Most straight people like this type of fucking right? Well, maybe there is some different scenarios that you could check out here. – currently 9 different stories are present. Click here.

Stranger Sex
This is my favorite thought of the day, when I’m running my rave clubs all over the world, I keep an eye out for that epic stranger fuck. I love the feeling of a studs cock inside me, and I love the feeling that he leaves inside me. Knowing I never have to see or fuck him again, but I’ll always be his in some sense. This is where true primal fucking comes from. – currently 14 different stories are present. Click here.

Submissive and Dominate
Submissive and Dominating fucking stories are something to be treasured. A little BDSM, a little smacking, breath play and other wild shit that can only happen when there is true trust between a pair of psychotic sexual mother fuckers. If you love a good Sub or Dom story, these be your bitches! Read on my horny friend. – currently 6 different stories are present. Click here.

Wife Swap / Cuckold
You know I say it often, but I really mean it here. I LOVE cuckold stories, when I grow up to be a big girl and get a hubby I’m so going to fuck other men in front of him and he’s going to love it! Nothing better then having a provider take care of you and someone else’s child that is far more superior genetic wise then your husband. If you like sharing your wife or if you’re a hotwife, this is totally for you!!! So go forth and dominate and humiliate your hubby! – currently 19 different stories are present. Click here.