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Ah yes, the infamous contact page!

Please use this if you’d like to trade links or perhaps if you believe we are using your content without your permission. OR, if you are here to submit a story for a picture!

If you are here to trade links, please let me know what your site is and where our link would be located.
Please know that unless you want to pay $200 a month, we do not post links on the home page ($2,000 a year)! If you want to get a few links to your sex sites or whatever, write us some stories for our hentai pictures that don’t have them, that is the easiest way to get a link to your site, without having to reciprocate with our link! Otherwise, just know your site will end up in the friends link.

We’re lazy here, so get your SEO goodies in while this offer is up.

If you are here for DMCA reasons and you are an affiliate company, please let us know what we are infringing on and let us know if there is a way we can join your affiliate program and perhaps keep the content up because of this. If you are an individual and you feel we are using your content without your permission, let us know if you’d like a backlink of some kind to keep it up. Otherwise, if there is no way around it let us know and provide proof that the content is yours. We do some hardcore snooping to make sure you’re not fucking with us.

If you are here to submit a story, DO IT. Just make sure you leave the post URL that you are doing the story for in the message body!


-Elli Sanders

Please contact orgna 13 at gmail com and I’ll get back to you for trading links or for advertising opportunities.

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