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Monsieur Rose

Huge Black Dildo In White Blonde Girl with Small Tits Stretching PussyMonsieur Rose

When Candy arrived at the stately home for the reading of her father’s will, she had no idea the extent of this one man’s estate. She was never close with her father, having chosen to live with her now-deceased mother when her parents divorced. She was young, eleven, when they separated, and she had grown up under the wing of the mother who had never quite forgiven her husband for his many affairs. She had caught him in the kitchen with the maid, and in the garden with his secretary. If she had received any money from the divorce it had never made its way to Candy. While never wanting for money, her teenage years were not ones of excess or frivolity. She was comfortable.

And so the thought of excess had not occurred to her when she had received the letter one week ago. It stated that her father had passed on (of natural causes) and that the reading of the will would take place at Lumley Manor the following Sunday afternoon. Candy had only gone because of chance, the chance that her nephew would be there. John, a distant relative in most senses of the word, only popped up whenever there was a scent of money to be investigated. He would stride in and the only thing Candy could keep her eyes on was the snug fit of his pants around his balls. She had imagined how large they may be. She’d seen a few pairs since she turned seventeen a year ago, but the impression she had grown to relish was of John’s large nuts drawn tightly within a thin cotton pouch. Of course, as is so often the case in these stories, he had shown no interest in her. It wasn’t the fact that he was white and she was Oriental, she’d never seen any sign of anything other than respect from him, but that was as far as he went. He respected her and she wanted to jump him.

She arrived in the late afternoon in a cab, got out in her riding pants and tight white blouse, her strong black hair pulled back and tied in a tight bow on the back of her head. Mid-calve boots, black leather gloves, baseball cap. She was met at the door by some sort of doorman and was shown inside to a small room with a table and five chairs around it. Henrietta was there. Henrietta was John’s girlfriend. A nice enough woman but obviously she was nothing other than an annoyance to Candy. Perhaps she had come instead of John?

“Hello, Candy.”

His voiced curled around her neck and into her ear like a tongue. Her eyes half closed before turning around to see him.

“How are you?”

“Fine,” she whispered with a false coyness and playful bashfulness that allowed her to purposefully avoid his gaze, instead looking down at… Oh yes, it was as she remembered it.

A lick of her lips, “And how are you?”

“He’s fine.” Henrietta was now beside them. She brushed her wavy blonde hair back over her ear and with not too much subtlety, eased him away. A quick glance back over her shoulder told Candy to keep her distance.

She sat down. John and Henrietta sat down. And then in walked another woman. She was tall, with long auburn hair over her shoulders. She was wearing a dress suit with a yellow shirt underneath.

“Good afternoon. My name is Wendy Harleson. I am the assistant to Mr. Erton, the solicitor who has drawn together the estate of Mr. Lumley. I have, I’m afraid, some bad news. Mr. Erton has been delayed by foreign affairs and he will not be arriving until tomorrow morning. He was caught in a meeting in Strasbourg and unfortunately, with all the labor strife underway in France, he cannot catch a plane until tomorrow morning.”

Candy had flown in with plans to leave as early the next morning as possible.

“He has, however, extended invitations to you all to stay the evening at Lumley Manor. A full dinner has been arranged and there are rooms for each of you, if you wish. And any extra travel arrangements that need to be made will be paid for, of course, by Mr. Erton.”

They had no real choice. Candy couldn’t take planes back and forth. And while John and Henrietta had driven, it was a five hour drive. They all agreed to stay.

“Fine then, feel free to wander around the manor. Miss Morton (Candy had chosen to keep her mother’s name), you can have the room at the far end of the hallway upstairs. Mr. Inton (John) you can have the room on the right, at the far end. And Miss Wharton (Henrietta) you can have the room on the right, closest to the stairs. I will have the room on the left. Dinner will be served in one hour.”

I won’t bore you with the culinary tete-de-tete. Suffice to say Candy strained to catch every glimpse of John’s crotch, each tight sight causing her to inhale a little harder to try to catch his attention. After dinner Candy retired to her room, overhearing John tell Henrietta that he’d be taking a shower. She heard Henrietta’s door close, and then the bathroom door. She heard the shower go on, and she imagined…
She imagined his shirt coming off. A hard body underneath, small nipples, a washboard stomach. She imagined his pants unbuttoning, his fly sliding down, his pants over his knees and on the floor. She imagined his underwear, the outline of his cock protruding even without an erection. The balls hanging loosely, constantly busy creating delicious salty cum. He slides them down, his cock pops out. His legs are muscular and firm, she wants to lick his ass, reach around and slide her fingers over his balls, stroke up his cock.

This was simply too much. John was NAKED in the next room. She slowly opened her door. A slight creak, Candy looked around and waited. Nothing moved. She heard the shower stop. She crept down the hallway and to the bathroom door. She slowly turned the handle, barely leaned against the door…

“John’s in there.” It was Henrietta. She had come up the hallway behind Candy. Candy stopped. “Oh, I didn’t know.”

Henrietta was wearing her underwear, a black lace-fronted bra and thin-strap bikini panties. “Candy, can I ask you a question?”


“What is that perfume you’re wearing?”

“Oh, it’s Sun Moon Stars.”

“Would you mind if I borrowed some. It’d drive John crazy.”

Candy grimaced. “Sure.”

Henrietta followed her down the hall and back into Candy’s room.

“Here it is.” Candy handed her the bottle. Henrietta opened it, took out the applicator. She slowly wiped perfume onto her neck, onto her wrist, and onto her inner thigh. “He likes to smell perfume here.” Candy rolled her eyes and turned away.

“He’s never fucked a black girl before, you know.”

Candy turned back. “Excuse me.”

“He’s told me, he’s never fucked a black girl before. Not by choice, you understand. Simply fate. There’s never been one that approached him.”

Candy couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Not the unbelievability of it, just the audacity of having to sit through a description of the sex life of a man she’d love to fuck.

“What is it with black women? Why are they so shy when it comes to white men?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well, John’s a good-looking guy. He’s tall, well-built, hung like a fucking bull. He’s been asked out by lots of women, but never by a black woman. Why is that?”

“I can’t speak for anyone else. Just because I’m black doesn’t mean that I have any more in common with someone else just because they’re black also.”

“No, no. I’m not saying that. It’s just…”

Henrietta turned to look in the mirror, bending over to apply a little more perfume to her neck, her bum sticking out towards Candy.

“I mean, you MUST think John’s a great guy.”

Candy turned away. “Sure.”

“And he’s really good-looking. Don’t you think?”

“Yeah, so what?”

“So you’ve never wanted to fuck him?”

Candy dropped to the bed. In the mirror she wasn’t sure if that was a grin on Henrietta’s lips. Was she just pushing Candy, trying to taunt her into something? Candy decided to go for it, push back, see if Henrietta could take it.

“Sure I’ve wanted to fuck him.”

Henrietta turned around. “So why haven’t you asked him then?”

“Because he’s with you.”

“Oh that wouldn’t stop him. He’s too much like your father. You should ask him, tell him you’d like to suck his cock, he loves that. It’s his birthday in a couple of days, tell him you’re my gift to him. He’ll understand.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“No. Just go down the hallway, knock on the door. No, don’t even knock, just walk in. He’s probably got a hard-on as we speak. Just go down and walk in and say ‘Henrietta says Happy Birthday’. He’ll get a kick out of it. You will too, he’ll fuck you ’till you’re sore.”

Candy just sat there on the edge of the bed. She couldn’t believe this. Henrietta was standing there telling her to go and fuck John. This just did not make sense. So she got up, walked to her door, opened it, and turned back to Henrietta.

“Just go, trust me.”

She walked down the hallway and stopped outside John’s door. She thought for a second, adjusted her hair, and opened the door.

John turned around. He was naked. Everything Candy had imagined was true. The perfect chest, the perfect legs. His big fat balls, his big long fat cock. This was big. “Meat.” That’s all Candy could think.
She stammered out the words. “Henrietta says Happy Birthday.”

John stood silent for a second. And then two things happened. He smiled. And his cock began to rise, jerk itself up the way big cocks do. He turned and looked at her. Candy didn’t need any more invitation than that now-hardening bone. She unbuttoned her riding pants, slid them down over her tight ass, pulled off her shirt, and jumped down in front of John. She looked up at him, and she grinned. She positioned herself under the head of his cock, still semi-limp, still hanging down, and moved her mouth up over the head. She took all the head into her mouth and then closed her lips, sucking back down towards the tip.

She moved up again, this time taking her hands off the floor so that she could get more dick in her mouth, and again, after going halfway up the shaft, she closed her lips together and slid them down to the tip. She reached up, held the cock in her left hand, and licked the hole, tickling the hole with her tongue. With her right hand, she cupped his balls, rolling them against each other, sending a chill down her spine. John bent over her body, reached down and smacked her ass. She returned the favour, reaching around behind him with her right hand and sliding her middle finger along the crack of his ass. She was sucking more furiously now, her hand was stroking his cock into her mouth. She applied a little more pressure with her other hand and found his asshole. With one hand she pulled his cock tight, pushed her mouth down to the base of his shaft, and with the other hand she slipped her middle finger an inch or two up his ass. He winced, the pleasure was unbearable. Henrietta knew how to give a blowjob but Candy was a fucking fellatio-goddess. They moved slowly backwards the few steps to the bed, Candy never letting up sucking. John sat back, forcing Candy’s finger further up his ass, Candy got up off her knees, bent over, her ass and legs spread, her mouth wrapped around John’s magnificent pole. She had become primal, she could smell the sweat of his balls, all she wanted was a mouthful. He was bucking, uncontrollable. Candy focused on his body. She opened her eyes, looked up at him, his head flung back in ecstasy. She was in control.

That was when she felt something against her ass. A probe. She looked back over her shoulder, still jerking John’s cock. Henrietta was standing behind her. Candy looked down. Henrietta was wearing a jet-black strap-on dildo. It was dripping with some sort of oil and Henrietta was licking her lips. Henrietta moved forward and pushed the plastic cock up against Candy’s ass. Candy remembered John, who was now looking up and smiling with the knowledge that suggested there was more planning here than Candy had been led to believe. Candy didn’t care. She had John’s horse-dick in her throat and another dick, who cares if it’s plastic, another dick behind her. Henrietta pressed against Candy’s asshole. Candy parted her legs even more. Henrietta grabbed both Candy’s ass cheeks and spread them apart and with a slow determination, pushed the first inch of the dildo into Candy’s ass. Candy’s eyes widened. She threw herself down onto John’s cock, gagging. She pulled back just as Henrietta pushed in another inch.

Every inch Henrietta squeezed into Candy, Candy squeezed her finger another inch into John’s butt. John was pumping his whole body. Henrietta had pushed six inches into Candy’s rear and was now pulling out. She got a rhythm, started pumping Candy, every third or fourth push she’s smack Candy’s ass. Candy sucked and sucked, John couldn’t hold on anymore. Henrietta pumped Candy’s tight black ass, pushing the plastic cock into her and out, into her and out. Candy started to come. Her body stiffened, she threw herself back onto the dildo. She felt the plastic balls hit her clit and she shivered. Her body tightened and it exploded. She had most of John’s cock in her mouth, one finger up his ass, and the other hand squeezing those big fucking nuts, when the first jolt of cum hit the back of her throat. She took two or three, almost a mouthful, before she pulled it out. She swallowed what she had and was greeted with a shot right onto her lips, another right up over her left eye, and another, as she lifted her head up, landed on her chin. John was done. She used his dick to wipe off her face and sucked the cum off the head, causing John to shake whenever that vicious tongue touched his sensitive head. She wiped her face clean, used her thumb to squeeze the last of the cum out of his cock and onto her tongue, swallowed it, and looked up at him and said “I want some more.”

John collapsed, Henrietta pulled out and stood smiling behind Candy, and Candy reached back and pushed her index finger into her ass. She leaned forward onto the bed, onto John’s legs, and lay there with her finger twitching inside her asshole.

The next morning Henrietta was up early. She left Candy and John in bed and went out into the hallway. She was wearing a thin red teddy and a pair of panties that revealed the black bush so tightly held behind them. She walked to the bathroom and as she reached for the handle the door swung open. Out came Wendy, Mr. Erton’s assistant. She had just taken a shower and had wrapped a towel around herself. Her long auburn hair, still wet, hung down over the back of the towel.

“Oh, hi,” she greeted Henrietta.

“Good morning.”

Wendy then walked down the hall and into her room. Henrietta went into the bathroom and began her shower. She stepped into the steamy cubicle and let the water slide over her body, dripping onto her shoulders, down over her breasts, across her flat stomach, and between her legs. She rubbed the soap over her belly, up underneath the pert tits, slowly massaging the nipples, teasing and rubbing them until they began to stiffen. She pulled at them as her other hand slid down between her legs. She didn’t feel the need to masturbate, simply to touch herself lightly and gently. She caressed her ass with the soap, slid a finger into her asshole and pumped, just two or three times. She then rinsed off her body and just stood and let the water soothe her.

When she was done she stepped out of the shower and began to dry herself. She used the towel she had brought with her to dry her hair and then she wrapped it around her head to keep the hair in place. Looking around, she took one of the towels from the towel rack and began to use it to dry herself. As she was doing this, she noticed that in the wall behind where the towel had just been there was a small hole, not more than a half an inch in diameter. She kneeled down and looked at it. She could see light coming through it and she looked closer. The hole looked into the bedroom next to the bathroom, Wendy’s room, and Henrietta could see that Mr. Erton had in fact arrived this morning. Wendy was on her bed sucking on a man’s fingers, a man Henrietta presumed was Mr. Erton. Wendy was naked and on her knees. Mr. Erton was also naked, his large cock hanging between his legs. It was a thick uncircumcised thing, swinging as he rolled his hips back and forth, dry-humping the air. All Henrietta could imagine was her mouth straining to contain all of that cock. Then, as if spurred on by Henrietta’s thoughts, Wendy leaned forward and slid that monster into her mouth. Wendy was certainly a talented girl. She slid the entire thing, perhaps twelve inches, into her mouth and throat without skipping a beat. Then she slipped her mouth down and off it. She straightened up and kissed Mr. Erton, sliding her tongue out of his mouth and down over his chin. She then lay back on the bed, her head resting only inches from where Henrietta was watching. Mr. Erton, his cock hardening and thickening, straddled her chest and placed his cock between Wendy’s tits.

Wendy squeezed them together to form a channel into which Mr. Erton began to pump. With every forward thrust his cock popped into her mouth and she sucked hurriedly. He began to pump faster, she squeezed her tits together, using the nipples to pull them towards each other. Henrietta was kneeling, her own hand between her legs, two fingers in her sopping cunt. She was flicking her clit with her thumb, gasping, her mouth opening and closing with Wendy’s, as if it was Henrietta that was gulping on that bone. Mr. Erton’s head snapped back, his face turned red, and then with one explosion after another, cum splattered out of his cock. The first shot careened up Wendy’s face, covering her left eye. Then more came out as Wendy lifted her head up to catch it in her mouth. The next shot missed Wendy, shot up over her left shoulder, and hit the hole in the wall, seeping partially through. Henrietta couldn’t resist slipping her tongue into the hole and sucking the jizz into her mouth. She moved it around her mouth before swallowing it with a satisfied grin. She looked back through but couldn’t see anything because of the film of sperm now blocking the hole, too far back for Henrietta’s tongue to scoop it out. She furiously pumped her pussy and fell backwards, her legs partially in the air, her cunt grasping at her hand as she enjoyed a massive orgasm.

After laying on the bathroom floor for a few seconds she got up, quickly dressed, and ran back to her room. As she was about to enter, Mr. Erton came out of Wendy’s room, his cock still thick and full in his underwear. Henrietta glanced at it and then at his face and then turned and left him in the hallway.

Later, Candy was out perusing the grounds, when she ran into John. He smiled suspiciously and walked away from her. He went into the shed behind the grand house. It was a small wooden building, painted purple years ago, the paint now hardened and the windows stuck. Candy opened the door and there was John. He was sitting on top of some wooden crates that he’d piled together to form a haphazard chair. His pants were down, his underwear was around his knees, and his massive cock was sitting upright as he stroked it all the way from the purple head down to the tight hairy balls and all the way back up to the tip, now covered with a thin film of translucent pre-cum. Candy didn’t waste any time. She skipped over and collapsed onto her knees. She pushed his hands away, taking hold of that thing for herself. For a second she just looked at it, staring at the hole. Then she leaned forward and stuck her tongue into it, the tip penetrating the head of John’s cock and sending him blushing and flustering and gasping for air. He grabbed the crates to stop from falling as Candy forced her tongue farther into the hole, prying it apart, digging for jizz.

The door opened behind her and in walked Patrick, the butler. “Can anyone join in here?” Patrick was a tall slender black man, with sensuous thick lips and a dark ,almost black skin. He walked over behind Candy and unzipped his pants and slid out his own cock. It fell onto Candy’s right shoulder and she came up off John’s cock. She reached up and grabbed it and squeezed, and then she pulled it into her mouth. Back and forth, in and out of her hungry mouth. She let go and went back to John. Patrick walked around beside John so that Candy could feed on both of them. Two cocks, thick and veiny, pumping into her mouth. She could taste the difference between them, nothing particular, no sensation that would ever distinguish it as someone’s personal taste, but there was definitely a difference.

Just as Candy was getting a nice smooth rhythm, going down on John, right down to the nuts, and then coming up again before going down on Patrick, the door opened again. Nigel, the gardener came in, probably to get some tool to use in the garden. He looked over and his eyebrows shot up.
“Goodness me. What’s going on here then?”

“The girl’s a little hungry,” said Patrick without turning to look at Nigel. Nigel came over, and kneeled down beside Candy. “Here, why don’t you concentrate on him,” he said, motioning to Patrick. He then slid John’s cock into his own mouth. Candy thought this was incredible. She watched as this man, this hairy, beautiful man, slid John’s cock in and out of his mouth. She looked up at John who showed no signs of wanting this to stop. And then she turned and began working on Patrick. She sucked and pulled on his balls. Then she let go and slipped her shirt up and over her head. Her firm tits popped out and she grabbed Patrick’s rod and started smacking her nipples with it. They were full and erect and she rubbed them against the head of Patrick’s cock. She tried to force one of them into the hole but it was too thick to go in. She then stood up and kissed Patrick on the mouth. She turned around, pulled down her shorts, and bent over revealing that perfect ass to Patrick. He knew what to do, leaning forward and prying the cheeks apart. He began kissing and licking all over her cheeks.

Nigel was now holding John’s hands as he bobbed faster up and down on his cock. He pushed one hand up to John’s face and John began sucking on his ring finger. Sliding it in and out of John’s mouth, John used his teeth to form resistance and grated them against Nigel’s hand.

Candy had reached up, still bent over, and grabbed Patrick’s cock. She was jerking it, sliding her hand from the base to the tip. Patrick had by this point slid his tongue into her asshole and was fucking her ass with his tongue. Nigel came up off John’s cock and kissed his, continuing to pull and jerk his cock. John began to shoot and Nigel went back down to catch the cream on his face. Then Patrick began to cum. Candy turned around, fell to her knees, and slid the huge black shaft into her mouth. Patrick shot wave after wave of hot cum into Candy’s mouth. She could hardly contain it all before swallowing a massive load and coming up off her knees with the most exasperated look on that cute black face. John collapsed backwards and Nigel got up and wiped off his face with a rag.

Jul 18

The Hitchhikers

Cum in their mouth sex story bisexual femalesThe Hitchhikers

I’d like to start this story with just a bit of background. I am average height, okay maybe a little short at 5’6″. I’m in my 40’s, okay, so I’m 45. A bit overweight at 140; slightly balding; okay maybe more than slightly and I wear glasses. I’m married; I love my wife but lately our sex life has been slow.

I am in sales management and travel around the country. This adventure happened on my last sales trip. I was going to be on the road for a week visiting several cities not too far from home and decided to drive my car.

I left home bright and early Monday morning. I drove four hours; made my first set of appointments; got some good orders; checked into my motel; and went out for more meetings; and was finally driving to the motel.

It had been hot; really hot all day and I was looking forward to ordering dinner to my room and maybe jumping in the pool. I had worn a suit and I had been sweating and sticky – it was that kind of hot summer day with lots of East Coast humidity and heat.

It was around 7 PM and all of a sudden, thunderstorm. Pelting rain so hard one could barely see. As I slowed down and got over into the right lane; thinking about stopping and waiting the storm out; I noticed two figures huddled under newspapers braving the elements; one of whom had their thumb out begging for a ride.

I drive a lot in my job either in my own car or rental cars and from time to time I see hitchhikers – almost always men who look so dirty that I would never consider giving them a ride. Hardly ever have I seen female hitchhikers. Now, of course, we men know it is every man’s fantasy to pick up a lady hitchhiker and have a torrid sexual fling…but how many times have we actually seen lady hitchhikers!

Anyway, there were these two people, I couldn’t tell if they were men or women, old or young; but I knew that I would hate to be out in this storm. So, I pulled over to the shoulder; pressed down the passenger window and yelled out – get in if you want a ride.

That’s when I got a better look at the two. As the newspapers went flying in their mad dash for the car; I suddenly realized I was giving a ride to two young women. They both jumped in the back seat. After they got settled, I puled out onto the highway.

“Thanks, mister, we were waiting for the bus when it started to rain and we decided to hitch a ride rather than keep waiting in the rain”, said the girl who got in first.

“Just move my books and briefcase to the side. So, where are you going, I’m not from around here so you will have to give me directions.” I replied.

“Neither are we”, said the second girl. “My name is Alice and my friend is Joanne. We were going to take a bus to the main station and head to Charlotte.”

“That’s where I’m headed tomorrow.” I replied not thinking about what I was saying. “And my name’s Dave.”

“Cool, maybe we could get a ride with you, we have gas money.” Joanne said.

Now my brain was starting to work. Okay, if I gave them a ride, where would they stay? Or, could I pick them up in the morning, and what about my appointments for tomorrow; luckily I had not scheduled any morning appointments due to the three hour drive.

“Sure, that can work.” I answered “So, where do I take you tonight and is that where I’ll pick you up in the morning?”

Silence. Neither girl spoke for a few minutes; I was concentrating on driving although the rain was finally slowing down. I looked in the rear view mirror for my first real look at the pair. Despite being wet from the rain, I realized that both were very attractive, maybe early 20’s; Alice was a brunette with short hair and glasses, and Joanne appeared to be tall, blonde with shoulder length hair.

“Mister”, Joanne finally spoke, “we were planning on spending the night in the bus terminal, we’re a little short on cash.”

Now, my brain had to go into overdrive. Here I was with two attractive girls young enough to be my daughters, who were in need of a ride and shelter and short on cash.

My motel room was furnished with a king bed and had a sofa and although I didn’t really want to sleep on the sofa, my reaction was to offer my room.

I explained the arrangements and offered them the bed; warning them that it was a single room and there was no real privacy for them. I also offered to share dinner figuring they probably could use a meal.

Again, there was silence. Then I heard them whispering. Still no answer. I thought that I had probably committed a cardinal sin and that they were going to leap out of the car at the next stop sign.

“Mister, that is awfully nice, but we don’t want to inconvenience you.”

“Listen, girls, I’d like to do this for you, it is not an inconvenience, but only if you stop calling me Mister!”

That got a laugh from both of them. “Okay, its a deal.”

We continued talking through the drive. They told me that they had been following a rock band tour and now that the tour was over they were heading to Charlotte to meet some friends.

We got back to the motel. It had stopped raining. They grabbed their packs and followed me to the room.

Once inside, I offered them the use of the bathroom first and asked if pizza would be okay. Both girls smiled and disappeared into the bathroom.

I surveyed the room. Okay, it is a big room, that is why I like this chain of motels, but for three people and two of them are girls, I wondered. I went down the hall and got some extra towels form the service room. I ordered dinner and it arrived before the girls were out of the bathroom.

“Dinner’s here”, I announced and opened one of the boxes. As I started to eat the first slice; Alice walked into the room. I could have choked; as all she was wearing was a towel, and it barely hid her cute ass, and I mean cute. I managed to get through the bite and asked if she enjoyed the shower.

“Oh, it was great, we haven’t showered in a couple of days.” Joanne then spoke from around the corner “I don’t think we left you any hot water, sorry.” I was about to answer when she turned the corner in a tank top.

Okay, now I am a normal red blooded male, and this tank top was going to make me crazy, I realized very quickly. First, it did little to hide her breasts which were at least 38D’s; with huge nipples that were pushing the fabric to its limits. And if that wasn’t enough; although it was long, it barely covered her bottom. And third, when she bent over in front of me to pick up some pizza, her tits were completely visible. I could feel my dick straining in my pants.

I thought, I better get a grip before I might do something stupid. I wolfed down another piece of pizza and then headed to the bathroom, trying not to stare at either of them. When I was safely in the bathroom I stroked myself a few times and began wondering if that show had been for me or just their normal behavior and I wondered how do I find out? I changed into my running shorts and a T shirt.

When I came out, they had turned on the TV and were lounging on the bed. Alice was laying face down on the bed while Joanne was giving her a back rub. Alice’s towel was under her and yes, she was naked; her cute ass uncovered.

Oh, great I thought, now if Joanne’s tank top isn’t enough to drive me crazy, this surely will.

So, at that moment, I decided to forget the gentlemen thing; “I have some great massage oil in my bag with olive, sesame, and almond oils. It has a hint of lavender and truly is exotic. Would you like me to get it?”

Alice said it would be great. So I dug out the lotion. (You know its the boy scout thing always be prepared…)

“Since its my oil, I get to use it”, I said. And I climbed onto the bed with the lotion. “Its best when its warm but this’ll have to do”, and I poured some on her back and began to work her shoulders and lower back.

Okay, modesty aside, I do give great back rubs, I have strong hands and I guess its my sensitive side. Anyway, I worked on Alice’s arms and legs. Joanne was watching us from less than a foot away.

As I worked my hands up her inner thighs, Alice let out a long low moan; and slightly raised her butt in the air. I kept working on her thighs and then began to work her butt cheeks. More oil, slowly kneading her smooth flesh in small circles. Alice moaned again and began to push her ass against my hands. “Oh, this feels so good” Alice moaned. So far I really hadn’t touched any of her private parts. Okay, so maybe, I had lightly grazed some of her pussy hairs but ever so lightly. I poured more oil on her ass and I started caressing her ass and rubbing her with long slow movements from her pussy to her anus. She had raised her ass several inches off the bed by now and was rotating her hips in small circles and breathing hard.

I had been concentrating on Alice I had forgotten Joanne. (Now how that was possible with her tank top, I’ll never know). “Oh, its so hot in here” and Joanne pulled her tank top off freeing her gorgeous tits and she gabbed the oil from me and poured the oil over her tits and began rubbing and pulling on her nipples. As exciting as that was to watch, Alice’s rotating hips brought me back into focus.

Her vagina glistened with a mixture of the oil and her sweet young juices. I pushed three fingers into her love hole and held them in tight. Alice screamed in delight. Then I began to pull my fingers out and slam them back into her making sure to graze her clit on each stroke. She was now bucking her hips to meet my fingers and raised herself up on her elbows and knees for greater penetration. We continued like this for several minutes. She was now slamming her body on my fingers with each stroke.

Peeking back at Joanne, I saw that her entire body was shining from oil and sweat and she had one hand furiously rubbing her clit and the other hand’s fingers sawing in and out of her own pussy. I reached out with one hand and tweaked her nipple. That sent over the edge into a screaming orgasm.

At this point I realized I was still wearing all my clothes. No matter. I rolled underneath Alice’s hips and began lashing her puffed clit with my tongue. I kept my hand inside her pussy. With my other hand I eased her ass lips with the oil and slowly worked a finger into her. She was thrashing and it was hard to concentrate on baseball scores (Okay, so that’s what I do to keep from coming..that’s my secret…). Anyway, her breathing became hard panting and then she tightened up and let all her breath out in one huge explosion and collapsed on top of me.

Joanne had recovered and also realized that I was still in my clothes. She stood over me and pulled my shorts and briefs off. And then she descended to my cock and began to devour me. Her lips traveled up one side of my dick and down the other while her tongue left a trail of saliva and made sure to caress every inch. I was in heaven, pure delight. Alice had rolled off to the side and was lying there spent.

Joanne then got up, I was about to complain, as she had me throbbing with satisfaction; when I realized she was squatting over me lowering her red hot body down onto me and impaling herself with my dick. She was raising up and slamming down against me as hard as she could. Not to be left out, I reached up with my hands and latched onto her tits rubbing and stroking her flesh as best as I could as she was pounding me. We adjusted our position to the center of the bed and she slowed down so I could raise my upper body as she sat on me to suck on her nipples. My face went back and forth between her breasts which were hanging down like grapes from a vine, plump and juicy and I would bite and pull on a nipple whenever I could. Our bodies were in synch my upward thrusts matching her downward pushing. Her head rolled back and she began crying out in pleasure.

Alice had meanwhile recovered and sat behind Joanne wrapping her legs and arms around her squeezing her tits and nipples as well. Joanne slammed down and then held herself against me pushing in the throes of pleasure. Looking at this gorgeous young woman totally immersed in pleasure was too much for me and I began raising my hips in rapid fire motion pounding into her. Until I came. Just as I started to come, Joanne realized and slid off me and engulfed my dick with her mouth yelling “I want you to come in my mouth” Of course she only got part of that sentence out as my sperm hit the back of her mouth. Alice dove down as well and began licking my balls and the base of my dick.

Now, usually, in my home sex life, it is once, and once only. But I think that with two nubile nymphs fondling and sucking my dick; well, that was enough stimulation to keep me hard. I don’t think I ever went completely soft.

“My turn” said Alice, and she lay down on her back holding her legs apart in a V up in the air. “Put that big boy inside me NOW” Hey its a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it, right?

“Not yet” cooed Joanne as she poured some more oil on Alice’s pussy and then gave Alice’s clit a few good licks with her tongue. “She’s almost ready”.

And so was I. I positioned myself and Joanne held my dick with one hand and Alice’s clit with the other hand. As she stroked my dick to fullness she guided my dick to Alice’s clit and then began to rub the tip of my dick over her swollen clit. Back and forth. Up and Down. Side to side.

Alice was crying “Yes, Yes, more, more, inside me now..”

That’s when Joanne stuffed my dick into her friends pussy. And I sank all the way in on the first thrust. And the second, and the third. I couldn’t stop, and I was thrusting into her as hard as I could. Her tits were moving with each thrust faster and faster rolling in circles. Joanne sensing I was ready to explode told me to come all over Alice’s tits; so at the last second I pulled out and let loose a stream of cum (amazing for a second orgasm) all over Alice’s tits and face.

Joanne kissed my dick and lovingly caressed it softly massaging my shrinking member.

Alice lay on the bed with her legs still spread wide, licking the sperm off her face and tits.

I lay down next to Alice. I looked over and managed to say “Did you enjoy your massage?” Alice laughed. Joanne lay down against my back.

That’s how we fell asleep, the three of us curled together.

Something tickled me awake. I was on my back. It was semi dark in the room. The shades had not been drawn, so the outdoor lights were the only light. What was tickling me awake was Joanne, lightly caressing my body with her long fingernails. She must have been doing this for some time because I was rock hard and erect, pointing to the ceiling. As she realized I was awake she began to use her tongue to massage my chest. She sucked on my nipples and although before this moment I have never been stimulated by this, she hit a nerve that was a direct line to my dick. I began rolling my hips trying to reach her mouth with my dick. Of course, she was taking her time getting there.

As I was slowly awakening I saw that Alice was in front of the window, I could see her outline against the street lights. She was dancing, swaying. I then realized she was stroking her tits and rubbing her entire body. Her back was to me, she was facing the street. As I watched spellbound, I also realized that she was coming towards me step by step.

Joanne was still working my upper body with her tongue. My dick was still straining for human touch and she was not being agreeable as her hands and tongue were all over me but not anywhere near my dick.

Alice was now standing over me, still dancing, still rubbing herself. She began swaying faster and faster rotating her hips and I could just make out her breasts moving in the darkness.

Joanne grabbed my dick and held it straight up, as Alice lowered her body onto mine and descended in one swift movement engulfing my dick. Here I was half asleep, being played with by these two girls. Joanne held the base of my shaft with one hand and Alice’s ass with the other. Alice’s back faced me as she rose up and down on my dick. She was riding it hard. She began moaning and crying out and came down hard once more and held down her thighs tightened squeezing my dick and her entire body shuddered in delight.

Joanne let go and swung her legs over me lowering her pussy over my head. Now I was definitely awake, and proceeded to give her a proper tongue lashing. Her pussy was so sweet it tasted like strawberry jam. As best I could with Alice squatting impaled on my dick, and Joanne squatting over my head; I reached up and caressed Joanne’s tits. These were truly wonderful tits with large puffed and pointy nipples. I was thrusting my dick into Alice and my tongue was in overdrive.

Alice lifted off me; I couldn’t see what she was doing as I was buried in Joanne’s vagina. Alice must have turned around because she wrapped her tits around my dick. She began to rock on my dick giving me the tit fuck of the century. I mean soft and smooth and pure heaven. It felt as good as her pussy and as good as her mouth. She pulled away and Joanne grabbed my dick and stuffed it into her mouth as we were now in a 69 position. She sucked my dick and scratched my balls and took me entirely into her mouth.

You know, us super studs (yeah, right) can only last so long. So, I exploded in Joanne’s mouth; as she pushed her clit hard onto my tongue. My head was still buried in Joanne’s bottom when I felt Alice’s tongue on my dick as well as Joanne’s tongue.

Joanne and I rolled onto our sides. Panting trying to catch our breath, when Alice said,

“So where are you headed after Charlotte, we’d like to come along for the ride!”

Of course, that will be my second story. And it will include their friends Rick and Stan and Cindy who we picked up in Charlotte. My oh my, I never anticipated all this when I left on this business trip.

Jul 17


Lesbian Bisexual Women Fucking Firm TitsCourteous

Our friends, Karen and Will, came to visit us, over the weekend my wife arranged a reservation for a tennis court in a club nearby.  it was a very sunny afternoon and after a few drinks in the club’s bar we went out on the court.

We decided to play men against women.  Will and I are not so skilled in the game as both ladies, who play regularly.  After a little warm-up, the girls proposed we‘d play a little competition.  To render the game more interesting, we made a deal, The losing team would have to obey all the wishes or commands from the winners with no restrictions.  Both girls agreed,to this quite exciting game.

In our first set, we were no match to Karen and Jenny, their technique being far better than ours, they were pulling every trick they knew on us.  but nevertheless, we didn’t give ourselves up,and fought back as good as we could.  Although we lost our first set with shameful 6 -0, we won the second one 7 – 5.  Nothing was decide yet, as the game became more physical, and fatigue started to influence our wives technical advantage.  Indeed, surprisingly, our condition took the upper hand and Will and I were victorious in the third set.

Now time had come to decide what we were going to submit our wives to.  We went back in to the bar,and Will and I placed ourselves at a table to negotiate, while Karen and Jenny sat at the other end of the bar, curiously, and excited, awaiting our decision.

After a little while I came up with a exciting idea, whereupon Will agreed instantly.  We signaled our wives to come at our table and invited them to sit down.  We told them we were going to give them a second chance, in a final game with the same rules, but.  ” winner gets it all “.  Only this time, there was a supplemental condition.  They would have to play the game without a single piece of underwear under their tiny, short white tennis skirts.

Both hesitated for a moment, surprised and excited by the proposal they blushed and nervously giggled concerned about what the other people were going to say.  Luckily there weren’t as many people present at this time of day, and after all it was the first time we came here, nobody knew us. We reminded them to the fact that they agreed to the terms of the game, so they had to go along.

I noticed they gradually got excited by the thought and finally agreed to go along with it.  Calmly and self assured they stood -up and went to the dressing room, as they gave us rendezvous on the court.

Will and I were very horny, impatiently waiting for our wives to show up.  It took them a long time to come out as, finally we saw them walking over to us, keeping their skirt down as tight as possible with their hands, still giggling and nervously chatting.

Gentlemen, as we are, we offered them the first service!

Jenny got down to the end of the field and while she stretched to serve the first ball, will and I got so excited by the sight of her beautifully, tight shaven pussy, she scored an ace!

Also Karen’s skirt had been bouncing up and down, following her movements, awaiting to return the ball displayed her equally delightful naked cunt, revealing the two pierced rings, from which she had removed the small golden padlock.

Needles to say it didn’t take long before the other men and women present remarked the most original outfit from our wives. Will and I were unable to return any ball, as Karen and Jenny became more confident enjoying themselves by distracting us, even by lifting their skirts, exposing their white cunts and bums to us.  Our minds getting more and more troubled when they started to unzip a bigger part from their skirt, leaving their tits barely covered, bouncing up and down, while they ran, it didn’t take long before we lost the game.

With both arms in the air, as a sign of victory, Karen and Jenny enjoyed a last time, showing their asses to the surrounding guys and galls and then quickly took off to the car, followed by us.

Up until today they still didn’t want to reveal what they are going to make us do.  They sad they are going to wait for a convenient time and up to then it will be their secret.

Ooooh.  On our way home, both women couldn’t stop laughing, and told us they’d amused themselves tremendously, showing off and exciting the other men.  After a good shower, and a good meal, our friends headed back home.

Once alone, my wife asked me if I didn’t wonder what kept them so long to show -up on the tennis court.  She told me she had a very exciting adventure in the dressing room.  Karen had become very horny by our proposal, and from the moment she had entered the room, had began to touch herself.  She was hot as hell, she had told my wife, while she impatiently stripped down her tiny slip, starting to caress her pussy.  Lustfully she’d stretched herself down on a bench and with her legs apart was masturbating in front of my wife, who on her turn had become very horny to and had started rubbing her clit.

Barely dressed they sat opposite to each other, watching each other masturbating, as suddenly, the door opened.  A woman, entered the room and seemed quite shocked at first,but then still made her way up to the showers.  Jenny had closed her legs instantly and a bit shy, being discovered, had pulled down her skirt just as quickly.  Karen had been so turned on, she calmly continued, not a bit embarrassed, even enjoying the presence of the woman. Both girls looked at one another and started to giggle, talking louder than necessary about their upcoming task.  It was Karen who suddenly raised the idea of shaving their puss’s completely naked.  The woman, who in the meantime had come from under the shower, had shown more than common interest in both girl’s body’s.  She was completely naked and for a woman in her mid forties, still had a gorgeous body.  Her tits didn’t show any weakness and she had a wonderfully soft skin.  Karen and Jenny were very surprised when she moved up closer and offered to shave both women’s cunts with her lady shave.  Calmly and unembarrassed she placed herself next to Karen and softly caressed her inside legs, slowly moving up to her wet, tight pussy.  With great ability she entered Karen’s cunt, stroking gently her clit with her fingers.  Karen was enjoying this enormously and leaned back as far as she could, to be sure, the woman could reach in as deep as possible.

In the meantime the woman invited my wife to come and stand closer to her.  She slowly reached under her short skirt and began exploring Jenny’s pussy, gently rolling her wet, hot clit between her fingers.  Both girls were so horny, their juices started to run down their legs, as the woman kneeled over Karen and offered her wet flaming asshole to be licked.

Jenny grabbed to her round,firm tits and pinched the woman’s hard nipples.  Jenny had pushed both her fingers in the woman’s cunt and continued to lick her ass, when until all three came.

Exhausted, they had softly caressed each other for a little while afterwards, up to the moment they’d reminded themselves,and the woman, we were waiting for them.  Still very excited, the woman had then quickly taken her lady shave out of her bag and shaven their delicious pussies which had been quite an amusing experience and my wife told me, she‘d gladly would have stayed for a while longer in the company of the woman, but duty called and as they left, they had to promise to come back soon

Rapidly, they then had joined us, on the tennis court, and while we played they often had spotted the lady nearby the field.  The rest of the story you know already, she sad, now it’s your turn, come on, it’s very late already and I didn’t have a good fuck yet!

Jul 17

Hotel Adventure

Put your cock in my pussy sex story creampieHotel Adventure.

I’d like to start this story with just a bit of background. I am average height, okay maybe a little short at 5’6″. I’m in my 40’s, okay, so I’m 45. A bit overweight at 140; slightly balding; okay maybe more than slightly and I wear glasses. I’m married; but my sex life would never know that.

I am in sales management and travel around the country. I’ve used escort services and gone to oriental massage parlors but before last week never quite had an experience to move me to tell the world.

So, I’m in this city for a couple of days staying at a decent hotel; not pompous and not flea bait; just a good business person hotel.

So, I get back to the hotel, and its late maybe 10 PM or so. I call home and check in with the family. I stroll over to the window looking at the rest of the hotel when I realize I can see the indoor swimming pool and whirlpool. Its dark outside and from my room I can see the pools are vacant.

As I’m looking at the pools trying to decide what to do next; turn on the TV; turn on the TV or turn on the TV; or maybe just collapse on the bed; these two gorgeous ladies stroll into the pool area. They’re wearing robes but their legs travel on forever with beautiful red hair on one and shiny brown hair on the other.

I’m just staring at them. The red head slips off her robe revealing a two piece bathing suit and a pretty decent figure. The brunette drops her robe and immediately jumps into the pool. I see a flash of skin and suddenly realize that she’s either naked or pretty damn close.

Now I’m interested. The redhead leisurely walks around and slowly dips into the whirlpool. I am straining my eyes wishing a telescope would descend from heaven to see what the brunette is really wearing; but where she is swimming is just out of my range of vision.

I’ve never been good with come-ons or pick up lines; but this situation is more than I can wish for, so I quickly change into a pair of swimming trunks (thanking my lucky stars that I had packed them), and race out of the door to the pool area.

When I get to the pool; it is deserted. I mean like nobody is there. I scratch my head in amazement – did I dream up those two ladies? Oh well, I’m here, so I might as well get in the whirlpool for a few minutes.

I turn up the jets and sink into the hot water. I laid back and closed my eyes for a few minutes. I don’t think I dozed off but, then a voice like a sweet bell wakes me “Do you mind if we join you?”

I open my eyes to see the two ladies I had seen before, for a split second I am in shock as I had believed they were a fantasy vision after not finding them. But this was no fantasy; the redhead was slipping into the whirlpool, and behind her was the brunette wearing a skin colored one piece swimsuit.

“Of course” I answered; and quickly added “I could never say no to a beautiful woman, and as for two” (by then I realized how stupid I sounded and started to blush and stammer).

What happened next will always mystify me; the brunette slipped into the tub on my other side. I’ve been in tubs before and the ‘stranger etiquette’ is that friends always sit next to each other and across the tub from unknown people. But these two women were on either side of me and close enough to touch.

We exchanged names, and started making small talk; hotel horror stories; and how long were we in town; complaints about the weather; what we were doing etc. They were sales trainees for company that had its headquarters down the street and they were in town for a training. And bored. Ann was the redhead’s name and Sarah was the brunette. I turns out that they had gone back to their room for a couple of drinks.

I was trying to keep eye contact with them as I didn’t want to stare at their bodies but the brunette’s nipples were straining to break free of the suit; and the redhead’s tits were threatening to come over and pay me a visit. And she kept bending lower as if she really wanted me to look down her suit. I mean it was hard not to look; and I was getting hard when I did look.

Actually, the conversation between us was lively with laughing and a little seriousness. Nothing sexual, just like good times between friends.

We had been in the tub maybe 15 minutes; when Ann asked what my room was like. As it happened, since I stay with this hotel chain a lot I had been upgraded to a suite. And it turned out they were sharing a room; and one of the smaller rooms. Ann commented she’d never seen a suite in a hotel and started asking about the room. Now, I may be slow, but I am not stupid, and after Ann asked about my room, I decided nothing ventured nothing gained and asked if they would like to come up to see the room. Or, actually I asked Ann if she wanted to join me and Sarah agreed for the both of them.

Now at this point, I realized what just happened – I was going to go back to my room with these two beautiful women.

We get in the elevator going up to the fifth floor and as the door closes Ann suddenly glides next to me and starts kissing my neck, shoulders and chest, ending up sucking on my nipple. Sarah steps behind Ann and begins stroking Ann’s tits. My hands begin stroking Ann’s tits as well. Sarah pulls Ann’s bathing suit top partially off freeing one of her luscious tits. Sarah has her hands inside Ann’s top and is squeezing Ann’s tits. Sarah leans over and shoves her tongue halfway down my throat. I mean this kiss is like the sexiest kiss I have ever tasted. The elevator must have stopped because the next thing I know, if the elderly lady waiting to get on the elevator hadn’t of coughed a couple of times, I am not sure we would have realized it was our floor.

Laughing, we get to my room, and when the girls are inside, I close the door, I turn around to find Sarah peeling away Ann’s top to reveal perfect pair of 38’s; I mean just ripe with large nipples and calling out my name. As I just stare, transfixed by what I am watching, Sarah is licking her way down Ann’s neck, all over her breasts, pulling on those nipples, sinking to the floor in front of Ann and she pulls down Ann’s bottoms, separates her legs and begins licking her everywhere. Ann is now pinching her own nipples, eyes closed and moaning. Sarah gently pushes Ann down on the couch and really dives into Ann’s pussy, licking like there was no tomorrow. Ann is pinching her nipples and stroking her tits and crying for more, more.

Now, that’s it. I can’t stand watching them anymore. My dick is rock hard – that’s when I realize I’ve been stroking myself to attention. I pull off my trunks and I come up behind Sarah and start pulling her suit off her body. But slowly, ever so slowly, I mean I’m taking my time just stroking and lightly scratching every new inch of flesh I see. Sarah’s tits are not as big as Ann’s, but pretty damn close. Her nipples are fully erect and so squeezable.

Sarah is wiggling her whole body at me by the time I have her suit off. Her ass is just so fine and moving in circles, begging for attention. By now Ann, has probably had several orgasms from Sarah’s tongue lashing. I scoot myself under Sarah and spread her legs and start licking her pussy.

Now this is a drop dead pussy – I mean its not too hairy but not totally clean shaven; a plump clitoris just waiting to be introduced. So, I start slowly, my tongue circling on her legs and thighs brushing her clit ever so lightly and then after a while I zero in on that baby. When I hit her clit for the first time full blast, Sarah raises up her entire body and muffles a scream. Her body is shaking, her tits are bouncing and I have got her clit, and I ain’t letting go. Okay, maybe for an earthquake, but short of that, forget it. I grab her tits and massage those babies.

As I peek over to see what Ann is doing, I see her shoving a couple of fingers of one hand into her own pussy and working her own clit with her other hand. I ease up enough to tell Sarah that hers is a perfect pussy and I could drink its nectar all night.

As I clamp my mouth again over her clit; Sarah tightens her entire body squeezing me with her thighs and then lets the tension all go with another scream. Ann has now moved off the couch and slides across the floor to my prick which has gone to half size from all my attention to Sarah’s pussy. Ann begins to caress my dick with her fingernails, I mean like I have never felt like that before; and she starts playing with my balls and then literally consumes my dick with her mouth.

Sarah is swaying, still on her hands and knees; as Ann is now working on the tip of my dick. She pulls off it and gently pulls Sarah backwards aiming my dick for Sarah’s pussy. That was strange watching this body go over my head and then in one smooth motion descend and engulf my prick. And we’re talking velvet here. Smooth and soft. At first I didn’t want to move for fear of breaking the spell.

Of course, I didn’t have to move; Sarah started raising herself and then lowering her whole body, impaling herself on my manhood. Time and time again, harder and harder.

(Okay, I am not a sexual dynamo, I mean I can hold off coming as much as any other guy – but this was a superhuman performance on my part. Don’t even ask how…).

Ann has to be part of this scene and comes over squatting over me lowering her pussy to my mouth. Who am I to refuse? I start giving her my own tongue lashing and she’s shaking and moaning and crying for more. Sarah is yelling with every downward stroke of her body.

(One can only be superhuman for so long…).

I pull away from Ann’s pussy and I start yelling in ecstasy when Sarah pulls off, Ann pulls off and they both dive for my dick and start licking and pumping and stroking until I blast their faces with cum. It’s this huge spurt and both Sarah and Ann are gobbling it up and kissing me and kissing each other. They are stroking each other and stroking me ever so lightly.

That’s when I notice that I haven’t shriveled up; now, usually sex with the wife is once and once only. And here I’m still rock hard – its like my dick is saying can’t stop now.

I slowly turn Ann over on her back, lifting her legs up and over my shoulders and sink my dick into her hot pussy. As much as I want to play hammering gun, I keep the motions slow, pulling almost all the way out and then slamming into her powerfully. This goes on for an eternity, or maybe a few minutes. As I stop, to readjust my position, she starts moving her hips to increase the friction on her clit and all of a sudden she is pumping her bottom against me and working my pubic bone across her clit, and she starts moaning even louder than before. My dick is sunk into her as far as it will go and she’s working her clitoris on me harder than I ever seen.

And what about Sarah, you might ask; she’s watching in total rapture stroking herself, pinching her long pointy nipples. She leans over and puts one of her tits in Ann’s mouth, and Ann licks and bites it as she is rocking away.

Ann lets loose a huge cry; cumming harder than before; so I pull out and slide back to Sarah (I’m like a man possessed at this point) and pull her up onto her hands and knees and slam myself into her. I grab her ass and rock myself in and out using her ass as support. Her pussy lips are so puffed up and I’m watching her pussy lips move over my dick each time I enter her. Then as I get as deep as I can go, I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around her grabbing her tits and squeezing them. Then I’m using her tits to help pull me forward into her and really slam her forwards. I guess I went too hard because we suddenly toppled down. I’m still inside and on top of her but she is laying face down on the floor.

And I notice Ann is lying face down next to her. I pull out of Sarah and move over to Ann and enter her for a few strokes, sliding in and out of Ann’s tight pussy, and then I move back to Sarah and repeat.

This is absolute heaven. Two beautiful pussies, asses slightly up in the air waiting to be filled by me. By me, of all people. And my dick is rock hard entering Sarah, then Ann; Sarah and then Ann. Each time I’d slam my dick into one of the girls she’d let out a muffled cry.

As we know, all good things eventually come to an end (or is it cum to an end). And this was no different. Ann yelled out, come in me, don’t pull out, just I was about to leave her pussy, so being the gentleman that I am, I slammed into her pussy once, and again and again and then the fourth time I buried myself into her and let loose with another huge spurt of sperm. Ann collapsed under me.

As I pulled out, Sarah kissed me on the lips and whispered in my ear, same time tomorrow, lover boy?

Of course, that will be my second tale to tell.

Jul 17

The Lake

Fucking Her Sister Till CreampiedThe Lake

One of the things that I enjoy most in life is getting away to a near by lake and just sitting and thinking. After years of saving I finally had enough to buy a getaway of my own. It was an old cabin that needed quite a bit of work, but it was right on the water. The place is secluded in a little cove on the east side of the lake.

I had gone down for the weekend trying to do a little work to get it ready
for the summer. The spring was unusually warm, and several people had taken
advantage of the nice weather and were out sailing on the lake. I saw four
or five boats on the water when I had taken my sail boat out earlier
before I returned to my repair work. I was scraping and painting the front
of the cabin and in the heat I had stripped down to nothing but an old pair
of gym shorts.

I was up on the ladder when a spotted a small catamaran sailing into the
cove. Very few people come back this way since it isn’t very deep and there
are no other cabins back here. I waved to the boat’s occupants as I climbed
down to go inside and grab a beer. As a was walking back outside I heard a
splash and a scream. It seems that as the catamaran tried to turn to leave
the cove a gust of wind had turned it over, dumping it’s two occupants into
the lake. I rushed down to the beach to see if everyone was all right. Two
heads bobbed to the surface and I yelled and asked if they needed any help.
The dunked sailors where two women, one a redhead, the other blonde. They
yelled back that they were fine so I took my beer and sat and watched as
they attempted to right their boat. They tried to flip it back up, but the
sail had taken a lot of water and they weren’t having any success. I
finished my beer and walked back down to the shore line.

“Are you sure you don’t need any help,” I shouted across the water.
“We can’t get the mast out of the water, ” the redhead shouted.
They were both standing on one of the pontoons leaning back trying to pull
the boat upright. I kicked of my sneakers and swam out to the boat. I tried
to lift the mast, but the water was too deep. I suggested that we try and
swim the boat over to the shore where we could walk the mast up. Both girls
wearily agreed. They had been fighting the boat for a while now and were
exhausted. It took several minutes to get the boat to shore as I had to do
most of the work. The girls were too tired to be of much help. We got the
boat to shore and I walked the mast up hand over hand until the cat was
upright again. The girls had stumbled up the shore and had flopped down on
the grassy bank above the sand.

“There you go,” I told them. They both just nodded. I really hadn’t
noticed what knockouts these two were. “By the way, my name is Nick.”
“I’m Jackie,” the redhead told me, “and this is my sister, Joey. Thanks
for helping us.”

“I’m glad I was here to help,” I told them. “Can I get you something to

They both said that a beer would be great so I ran up to the cabin and
grabbed three drinks from the fridge. Jackie was wearing a white bikini
bottom that tied on the side and a grey college tee-shirt tied in a knot
under her breasts. Joey was in a metallic silver one piece cut very high on
her shapely thighs. I noticed as I returned with the drinks that Jackie
couldn’t be wearing anything under her shirt. The cooling wet material was
clinging to her breasts and the hard nipples were poking out nicely. The
cool air had a similar effect on Joey as well. I sat down on the grass
between the sisters and handed them their drinks.

Joey was a high school senior and had just turned eighteen. She was going
to join her twenty year old sister in college in the fall. We sat and
talked about living on the lake and how relaxing it could be. They told me
that their parents owned a cottage on the other side of the lake and that
they came down all summer and waitressed at a nearby seafood restaurant.
Jackie had just finished the semester and Joey was looking forward to next
weeks graduation. They had decided to take advantage of the great weather
and come air out their cabin before summer arrived. As we sat and talked I
kept stealing glances at the two great bodies on either side of me. As the
sun started to go down I asked if they would like something to eat. I told
them I had some steaks in the cabin and that I could fire up the grill in
to time. I said that I could tow their boat back after we ate. They
accepted my invitation and said that they were going to go for a swim while
I lit the grill. After accomplishing that task I joined them in the cool
water. We swam and talked and played for a while and then decided to sit
back on the bank to dry before we started supper.

The cool night air had the same effect on their bodies as before. The sky
was cloudless and a full moon was just peeking over the far side of the
lake. It seemed as if there was a spotlight lighting our own little world.
I took longer and longer glances at these beautiful girls. I went up to
check on the coals and when I returned the girls were whispering and

“It looks like the meats ready,” Jackie said with a laugh.
“I haven’t even put it on yet,” I replied, somewhat confused by the
comment. I followed her gaze and saw that the head of my prick was sticking
out of my shorts.

I tried to cover up, but Joey told me, “don’t put it away. It’s been a
long time since we’ve had anything to eat, and we’re both starving.” I
tried to apologize but they silenced me and told me that they knew that I
had been admiring their bodies. I admitted that I had and told them there
was plenty to admire.

“We haven’t thanked you properly for rescuing us,” Jackie said as she
stood up in front of me. “We want to show you just how thankful we are.”
As sat and watched she reached down and pulled her sister to her feet.
“You seem to like what the cool water does to our bodies. I think you need
a better view.” She stood behind Joey and slowly moved the silver straps
down her arms. Slowly Joey’s beautiful globes came view. Jackie raised her
arms above her head as Joey undid the knot in her sisters shirt, lifted it,
and tossed it on the beach. Jackie’s tits were larger than her little
sisters with freckles dusting the beautiful mounds. And while Joey’s were
slightly smaller, they had the kind of nipples that I love with the whole
areola jutting forward proudly. The girls continued the show with Joey
turning her back to me and bending over as she worked the shiny suit to the
ground. She lingered with the suit at her feet giving me a great view of
her young pussy. She turned back around and knelt in the sand next to her
sister. She looked up at me as she untied the knot on the side of Jackie’s
white bikini. She reached around and untied the other side and let the
material fall to the ground. Jackie’s muff was the same copper color of her
hair and neatly trimmed. Joey’s was fine and blonde and looked almost
nonexistent in the pale moon light.

“Now it’s time we thanked you properly, ” the girls agreed. One on either
side, they knelt on the grass where I was sitting. “Lay back and let us
show you how grateful we are.”

They worked in unison and slid my shorts off, freeing my mast. As Jackie
teased the head of my cock with her luscious mouth, Joey lowered a
succulent breast to my eager kiss. It felt as if her nipple got even harder
as my tongue went to work. I reached for the light blonde snatch with my
right hand and found the red one with my left. I worked a finger into both
wet holes, caressing their clits and trying to return the pleasure they
were giving me. Joey pulled her breast away from my mouth and joined her
sister licking up and down my pole. As Jackie took my erection deep down
her throat, little sister licked and sucked my swollen balls. Without
stopping her oral ministrations, Jackie swung her leg over me and offered
her copper mine to my eagerly awaiting tongue. She sat up releasing my cock
from her warm mouth to the cool night air. As I lay there probing Jackie’s
pussy with my tongue, Joey lowered herself onto my throbbing tool. I
continued to eat Jackie’s cunt, stopping now and then to tease her tight
anus. Joey rode me faster and faster, clinging to her sister, their breasts
crushed together. Soon Jackie came, screaming, “yes, yes, yes,” into the
spring night air. Moments later Joey joined her sister in ecstasy arching
her back in delight. I completed the circle then, pumping my hot cum into
Joey’s sweet young pussy.

Instead of being spent we were all pumped up from the exciting encounter.
We plunged into the lake and were invigorated by the cool water. We
returned to the shore and Jackie began licking her sisters slit that I had
so recently been filled with my seed. As Jackie knelt between Joey’s legs I
came up and rammed my recovered cock into her from behind. I reached around
and tweaked her nipples as I pistoned in and out of her hot, tight, box.

Joey started to come again as I filled her sister with my hot sperm. Jackie
tightened her cunt around my still throbbing member, milking every last
drop of my cum with her spasming lips. This time we were spent and we
tumbled apart, laying side by side in the dew and cum moistened grass
breathing like sprinters after a race. After a more leisurely dip in the
lake we walked up to the cabin and fixed dinner, cooking and eating in the
nude. We went inside for the night and all curled up together in front of
the fire place where we fell asleep; happy and exhausted.

The next morning . . . Well, that’s another story.

Jul 17

Threesome Fantasy

Nothing better then chocking on cock cumThreesome Fantasy.

Let me tell you about a true story that happened to me. When I was 19 I was working in a grocery store in California. I worked the swing shift and got off work at midnight. When working in the retail grocery business you get to see a lot of people. Customers coming in talking to you on a daily basis. On this particular day a lot of store employees were going to a party hosted by one of the customers. I didn’t know anything about it till about 11:00 pm. My manager Greg asked if I wanted to go to this party after work and that a lot of store personnel were there.

I said sure and followed Greg in my car so that I could leave should the party be boring. The party was at a nice condo in LA. The lady who was hosting the party was Terri. After meeting everyone I grabbed a beer and started checking out the home. I was in the TV room when Terri walked in and
introduced herself. I will never forget this. She said,”Hi Im Terri and I
haven’t seen you at the store. Would you like something to eat. I declined.
She then said that if I needed anything just to ask and then she said she
would probably be the best fuck I ever had. I practically spit my beer out of
my mouth.She then asked if I would help move her 6 year old daughter out of
Terri’s bed into her own bed. I went into Terri’s room and carried her
daughter to her room.

I went back to get my beer which I left on her nightstand and she came in behind
me and closed the door. she pushed me down on her bed and immediately grabbed
my belt and began to pull my pants down. I was a little nervous because of all the people
in the other room, but since this is Terri’s house she could do what she wants.

She grabbed my cock and sucked up and down. She licked my balls and then put the
whole cock into her mouth and swallowed. As she sucked my cock I grabbed her
shorts and pulled them down. To my surprise she didn’t have any panties on. She turned
completely around and put her pussy right on my face while still sucking my
cock. Her pussy was fresh and her clit looked like a little island in the

She continued to suck on my cock when someone knocked on the door. I
panicked and pulled her bedroom covers over me. She opened the door and in
walked Liz. Terri closed the door and liz looked at me and then Terry and
then sat down on the bed. I was a little intimidated at first. Come to find
out later this was planned all the time. Liz apparently liked me from working
at the store. She crawled across the bed a gave me a wet kiss. She pulled the
bedsheets off of me exposing my hard-on.  Terri reached down and began sucking my
cock. Liz joined in and also began kissing Terry. This really turned me on.
Liz took her shirt and shorts off. Now Liz has the biggest tits I have ever
seen and a nice looking cunt to match. Liz then put her pussy on my face and
began sucking my cock. I wanted to fuck liz desperately.

I got off the bed and got on top of Liz and began putting my cock in her wet
pussy. Terry straddled Liz with her pussy over her face. Liz was eating every inch of
Terri’s pussy. I was near cumming so I pulled out and asked Terri to turn
around so I could fuck her from behind. As I began fucking Terri she put her
face in Liz’s cunt. Both were moaning in shear pleasure. I shot my load in
Terri’s wet cunt. Liz wanted to eat Terr’s cunt with cum inside.

I was completely exhausted but Terri and Liz dry fucked each other for about half
an hour. Terri asked if I wanted to come over the next night but that it
would just be her and I, and I accepted. I have never had this happen to me
again but I hope that before I die I can experience the pleasure that I had
that night.

Jul 17

Real Life Escapade 2

Creampied Bisexual Female Sex StoryReal Life Escapade 2

I’m scared! I’ve never done anything like this before and in a minute it’ll be my turn to go out on stage and start dancing. I think about why I’m here and I feel a quivering in my stomach as my music starts. I strut
out onto the stage and feel the music start to move me, I can’t see anybody for the lights but I can hear the noise in the room as I begin to strip.

I feel dirty, knowing many strange men are staring at my body as I remove each piece of clothing. I sway and shake my tits, feeling a sense of power.
” Me, they are all staring at me!” I finish my dance and go backstage, my
knees weak and my pussy on fire, I have to touch myself, I slide my hands
to my clit and shudder as I cum. Another girl looks on and tells me it’s
always like that the first time, she laughs and says I’ll get used to it,
it’ll be just a job soon. ” Here’s the fun part”, she says,” now you go out
and work the room”. I walk out wearing only my panties and stockings and
men, men are all over the place, most are watching the stage but enough are
watching the other girls and me as we move from table to table.

I feel hands putting money in my panties, ones and fives, the occasional ten as I
move around the room, talking, flirting and running my hands over chests. I
see a big chocolate colored man, he’s so beautiful I just walk over and sit
in his lap, my arms around his neck. He laughs as I pull his face between
my tits, the vibration against my chest sending tingles to my cunt. I know
I must move to other tables but the bulge I feel against my ass has me so
wet I can hardly move. I stand and see a bill in his hand, it’s a fifty
dollar bill and I can see there’s something folded in it, he tucks it deep
into my panties and I can feel his fingers brush my cunt lips as he pulls
his hand away. I move to other tables as he gets up and leaves with his
friends, the rest of the night is a blur of men, hands and music.

Soon, much quicker than I imagined the night is over,and I count my tips, I’ve
made over three hundred dollars and as I open the fifty I see it’s a hotels
name and a room number, I leave the club, still very excited and get in my
car, I’m driving around and look up to see the hotel where that big,
good looking black man is staying. I don’t know how I got here but I know
what I’m going to do, I knock on the door of room 636 and he answers, I
step into the room and his arms, my face tilted up as he kisses me. I can
feel his hands undressing me and I fumble for his belt buckle, I’ve got to
have this man inside me! I drop to my knees and gaze in awe at the cock he
pulls from his pants, it must be all of 13 inches long and very thick, I try
to get as much in my mouth as I can but I can only get about half in, it’s
stretching my lips as I slide it in and out, he tells me there’s a way I can
get more, he sits on the bed and tells me to bend over at the waist and try
from that angle, I do and yes’ I can get a little more in.

I suck him in as  deep as I can, until it hits the back of my mouth, I bob my
head up and down the length of him and I feel his hands gently cup my head,
moving along with it as I lick and suck him. His hands tighten in my hair, I can
feel him grasping harder as I feel other hands on my hips! I try to look
around but he pulls me down hard on his cock, it hits the back of my mouth
and I gag as I feel a strange cock push its way into my cunt!

I moan as he starts to slam his dick in me, hard and fast, the hands at my
head pulling me up and down, fucking my mouth, each time pushing to the limit,
I shake as I feel myself cumming from this rough treatment, I gasp and he pushes my
head down another few inches. I can feel him sliding into my throat as he
groans and pulls me closer to him, my lower lip brushes his balls and I
realize he has buried his cock in my throat, he pulls me up and I breath,
running my tongue around the head of his cock before he plunges deep into
my throat again, my nose tickled by the curly hair at his crotch.

I can feel him twitching as he shoots jet after jet of cum down my throat, but I
can’t taste anything, I try to pull back but he holds me down hard, it
seems like forever, I can’t breath and I squirm, my hands pushing against
his thighs. Finally, he pulls my head up and I gasp for air as I feel hands
turning me, forcing me to my knees, I have time to see another black cock
glistening with my juices before it’s shoved against my lips.

I open my mouth and this one slides in to the hilt, I can taste myself on it and I
lick back to the head, I tilt my eyes up and see the face of the guy that
was fucking me for the first time! He’s ugly, that’s all I can say, just
ugly but his cock is fucking in and out of my mouth and I’m so turned on by
this I don’t care! He says” You are one hot cunt, aren’t you?” I reply by
moaning and sliding my mouth down to his balls, my head going up and down
faster and faster it’s not long before he shudders and fills my mouth with
cum, this I can taste as I swallow as much as I can, he pulls out, still
cumming, shooting three spurts across my face, my tongue waving, trying to
get it all, I close my lips on his head, sucking deeply.

I look up and they both just stare at me, a white slut on her knees for
them. “I need fucked, which one of you is going to fuck me first, shoot your load
deep in my cunt, I don’t care, just so I get cock!” They laugh and say I’ll get all
the dick I want! Fred’s cock is hard again and he sits down and says come
and get it, I run to him, throwing myself on his chest, feeling his cock
between my ass cheeks, I move up and slowly lower myself on him, inch by
inch until he’s all the way in, I wait, adjusting to the size of him, then
slide up until just the head is still in me.

I wiggle my hips, grin at him and thrust myself down hard! I scream as I feel that
giant dick hit places I’ve never felt before, it feels so good!His hands around my waist, he
fucks me up and down on his cock, my head rolling around on my shoulders,
my hair flying around my face, I making gurgling sounds deep in my throat
I WANT, I NEED, OH MY GOD, I LOVE YOUR DICK!” I can feel him start to
shake as he pours his cum deep into my unprotected pussy, filling me with his seed.

He pulls me off him and I take his dick in my mouth, cleaning it with my
tongue, tasting his cum mixed with my cunt juice.He starts to stiffen and I
know what I want next! I get on my hands and knees, looking at the two big
studs and wiggle my ass at them. “Come on, boys, take me together, Fred, I
want you in my throat and you I want to fuck my ass!” I lower my mouth onto
Fred’s huge cock while his friend places himself at my tight little asshole
and pushes his 8 inches deep into my ass, the head pops through and I groan
around Fred’s cock as I’m filled from both ends.

The ugly guy shoves my body back and forth, each thrust forcing more of
Fred’s dick down my throat, I’m going wild, thrusting back onto the dick up my
ass, licking and running my lips all over the cock in my mouth, cumming almost
constantly as these two big, black men use me for their own pleasure, my tits are
bouncing back and forth, my cunt spasms as I wish for another dick to
fill my pussy, I need to be taken and used as the cock-hungry white slut
that I am! I feel the guys stiffen as the one in my ass starts to shoot
deep in my ass, he pulls out and I feel his hot cum on my ass and back.
Fred must have been waiting for that as he shot jet after jet of tasty,
white, thick cum from his big dark cock, all over my hair, face chest and
in my mouth, I swallowed and used my fingers to push most of his cum
through my lips to my tongue and lapped up what was left oozing off his
dickhead. I collapsed on the bed and fell asleep, exhausted. When I woke up
the next morning, well,that’s another story!