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Our friends, Karen and Will, came to visit us, over the weekend my wife arranged a reservation for a tennis court in a club nearby.  it was a very sunny afternoon and after a few drinks in the club’s bar we went out on the court.

We decided to play men against women.  Will and I are not so skilled in the game as both ladies, who play regularly.  After a little warm-up, the girls proposed we‘d play a little competition.  To render the game more interesting, we made a deal, The losing team would have to obey all the wishes or commands from the winners with no restrictions.  Both girls agreed,to this quite exciting game.

In our first set, we were no match to Karen and Jenny, their technique being far better than ours, they were pulling every trick they knew on us.  but nevertheless, we didn’t give ourselves up,and fought back as good as we could.  Although we lost our first set with shameful 6 -0, we won the second one 7 – 5.  Nothing was decide yet, as the game became more physical, and fatigue started to influence our wives technical advantage.  Indeed, surprisingly, our condition took the upper hand and Will and I were victorious in the third set.

Now time had come to decide what we were going to submit our wives to.  We went back in to the bar,and Will and I placed ourselves at a table to negotiate, while Karen and Jenny sat at the other end of the bar, curiously, and excited, awaiting our decision.

After a little while I came up with a exciting idea, whereupon Will agreed instantly.  We signaled our wives to come at our table and invited them to sit down.  We told them we were going to give them a second chance, in a final game with the same rules, but.  ” winner gets it all “.  Only this time, there was a supplemental condition.  They would have to play the game without a single piece of underwear under their tiny, short white tennis skirts.

Both hesitated for a moment, surprised and excited by the proposal they blushed and nervously giggled concerned about what the other people were going to say.  Luckily there weren’t as many people present at this time of day, and after all it was the first time we came here, nobody knew us. We reminded them to the fact that they agreed to the terms of the game, so they had to go along.

I noticed they gradually got excited by the thought and finally agreed to go along with it.  Calmly and self assured they stood -up and went to the dressing room, as they gave us rendezvous on the court.

Will and I were very horny, impatiently waiting for our wives to show up.  It took them a long time to come out as, finally we saw them walking over to us, keeping their skirt down as tight as possible with their hands, still giggling and nervously chatting.

Gentlemen, as we are, we offered them the first service!

Jenny got down to the end of the field and while she stretched to serve the first ball, will and I got so excited by the sight of her beautifully, tight shaven pussy, she scored an ace!

Also Karen’s skirt had been bouncing up and down, following her movements, awaiting to return the ball displayed her equally delightful naked cunt, revealing the two pierced rings, from which she had removed the small golden padlock.

Needles to say it didn’t take long before the other men and women present remarked the most original outfit from our wives. Will and I were unable to return any ball, as Karen and Jenny became more confident enjoying themselves by distracting us, even by lifting their skirts, exposing their white cunts and bums to us.  Our minds getting more and more troubled when they started to unzip a bigger part from their skirt, leaving their tits barely covered, bouncing up and down, while they ran, it didn’t take long before we lost the game.

With both arms in the air, as a sign of victory, Karen and Jenny enjoyed a last time, showing their asses to the surrounding guys and galls and then quickly took off to the car, followed by us.

Up until today they still didn’t want to reveal what they are going to make us do.  They sad they are going to wait for a convenient time and up to then it will be their secret.

Ooooh.  On our way home, both women couldn’t stop laughing, and told us they’d amused themselves tremendously, showing off and exciting the other men.  After a good shower, and a good meal, our friends headed back home.

Once alone, my wife asked me if I didn’t wonder what kept them so long to show -up on the tennis court.  She told me she had a very exciting adventure in the dressing room.  Karen had become very horny by our proposal, and from the moment she had entered the room, had began to touch herself.  She was hot as hell, she had told my wife, while she impatiently stripped down her tiny slip, starting to caress her pussy.  Lustfully she’d stretched herself down on a bench and with her legs apart was masturbating in front of my wife, who on her turn had become very horny to and had started rubbing her clit.

Barely dressed they sat opposite to each other, watching each other masturbating, as suddenly, the door opened.  A woman, entered the room and seemed quite shocked at first,but then still made her way up to the showers.  Jenny had closed her legs instantly and a bit shy, being discovered, had pulled down her skirt just as quickly.  Karen had been so turned on, she calmly continued, not a bit embarrassed, even enjoying the presence of the woman. Both girls looked at one another and started to giggle, talking louder than necessary about their upcoming task.  It was Karen who suddenly raised the idea of shaving their puss’s completely naked.  The woman, who in the meantime had come from under the shower, had shown more than common interest in both girl’s body’s.  She was completely naked and for a woman in her mid forties, still had a gorgeous body.  Her tits didn’t show any weakness and she had a wonderfully soft skin.  Karen and Jenny were very surprised when she moved up closer and offered to shave both women’s cunts with her lady shave.  Calmly and unembarrassed she placed herself next to Karen and softly caressed her inside legs, slowly moving up to her wet, tight pussy.  With great ability she entered Karen’s cunt, stroking gently her clit with her fingers.  Karen was enjoying this enormously and leaned back as far as she could, to be sure, the woman could reach in as deep as possible.

In the meantime the woman invited my wife to come and stand closer to her.  She slowly reached under her short skirt and began exploring Jenny’s pussy, gently rolling her wet, hot clit between her fingers.  Both girls were so horny, their juices started to run down their legs, as the woman kneeled over Karen and offered her wet flaming asshole to be licked.

Jenny grabbed to her round,firm tits and pinched the woman’s hard nipples.  Jenny had pushed both her fingers in the woman’s cunt and continued to lick her ass, when until all three came.

Exhausted, they had softly caressed each other for a little while afterwards, up to the moment they’d reminded themselves,and the woman, we were waiting for them.  Still very excited, the woman had then quickly taken her lady shave out of her bag and shaven their delicious pussies which had been quite an amusing experience and my wife told me, she‘d gladly would have stayed for a while longer in the company of the woman, but duty called and as they left, they had to promise to come back soon

Rapidly, they then had joined us, on the tennis court, and while we played they often had spotted the lady nearby the field.  The rest of the story you know already, she sad, now it’s your turn, come on, it’s very late already and I didn’t have a good fuck yet!

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