Apr 28

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Apr 26

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Sep 17

Powerwolf, Morbid Angel, Dimmu Borgir and Moonspell

Powerwolf Demonic Satanic Awesomeness HentaiPowerwolf – Nothing But a Bunch of Vampires and Werewolves!

Oooo…. my!! Well isn’t this a wonderful find for the day! Ran across these guys while listening to the Samael album “Reign of Light”, shared it with my SEO guy and he about flip his shit too. It’s been awhile since I really jammed out some epic power metal. I’m actually wondering why the hell I never heard of these guy before. But today is going to be all about the goodies of the past. Starting with Powerwolf – “We Drink Your Blood”… My story will be in song today. Learn some bands I was down with and in most parts am still down with today. Enjoy the ride down my goth metal side! … If you want to know me more, these things, you must know.

Morbid Angel Black Goth Metal Music Hentai Fun GamesYeah, what’d you think of that? Epic right? Love that shit, lets move on this next song, it’s a song that’s close to my heart, I use to wait all night while watching MTV at night until either Beavis and Butthead came on, or this song by Morbid Angel – God of Empiness… Being a little girl watching this on a small black and white TV at night scared the shit out of me in a so wonderful way! Until this day, I can sing this song to the letter! Enjoy.

Nasty Dimmu Hentai GamesAnd now, next down this dark abyss of gothic horror, we have some that is a bit different, but none the less touches the heart in a special kind of way. But I thought it was funny what my SEO buddy said about this song (because were chillin on Skype), he said that this songs beginning would be a perfect Batman metal song! Hmm.. I think he’s right, I can hear the epic Batmanness. Enjoy Dimmu Borgir – Progenies of the Great Apocalypse!

Nothing but Moonspell Hentai PornNow here is another, oh, oh so very special carnage I have for you. Moonspell, these guys I got to meet on a Samael tour, although Samael was not with them, they were suppose to be. I got to go back stage because of my hook ups with Vorph from Samael. These guys fucking rock and they are as dark and epic as they come. Smash your face into the wall and give them a round of applause as they tell you a story of the world coming to the end and facing redemption from the white faced bitch of hell and eternal suffering! You fucked up world, time to pay the price.

Jul 21

The Fraternity Party

Chick gets gangbanged at frat party for moneyThe Fraternity Party

This is the story of my first gangbang. It’s the story of how I, a decent, respectable, fairly affluent woman learned to give oral sex quite well, and to take it up the ass. It’s the story of how I learned to refer to my own body with slang terms like cunt, tits, pussy, and twat. It’s the story of a whore. It’s my story. Your comments would be welcome.

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The names have been changed, but the people protected are not innocent, least of all me. You may think of me as Jeniffer.

I shall describe myself. I had always been proud of my appearance, and took great pains to remain slender and attractive. I have blond hair, blue eyes, and medium sized breasts – or tits, as I have learned to say now. At 37, and despite being the mother of two, I am often mistaken for being a friend of my 18-year-old daughter’s, rather than her mother.

One weekend last May, when my husband was out of town on a business trip, a local college boy – call him Jeff — asked me for a date. He was known to my family, and I was on as friendly terms with him as a woman of my station ever lets herself be with a younger man, but this was unheard of in my life. It was a totally ridiculous proposition.

The reasons I accepted it are many and confusing, and there’s no need to go into them all here. I don’t honestly understand them all myself. I was prepared to laugh him off when a little voice inside my head said, “Say yes.”

Make no mistake, I knew he was going to try to get me into bed. Or at least into the back seat of his car. I knew that going in. And I guess, in a way, I wanted it, though I can’t explain why. I’d never thought myself unhappy with my married life, but something inside me obviously was, because I agreed to go with Jeff to a party his fraternity was throwing. It was Spring pledge week at the University, and he – who had joined the frat last fall – was looking forward to a particularly big party that Friday night.

Picking something to wear was difficult. I hadn’t worn “fuck me” clothes in 19 years, and I didn’t own any anymore. But when you need to dress like an 18-year-old, I say, visit an 18-year-old’s wardrobe. In this case, my daughter’s. I borrowed a tight white summer dress from her closet (Both she and my son were away for the night at an out of town school track meet) that I didn’t know she owned, and would have punished her if I did. The dress, when I put it on, left almost nothing to the imagination. It was so short that it was easier to describe the hem in inches below the rump, rather than inches above the knee. Nonetheless, I was proud that I could fit into it. It was a little tight though. Not so tight that I couldn’t wear it, but definitely too tight to put anything on underneath it.

Going without panties in a dress that short made me feel like a cheap tramp. Part of me was ashamed, but another part of me felt the first stirring of desire.

Still in the command of this mysterious inner voice, I met Jeff in that skimpy dress when he showed up in his Jeep to pick me up. It is not too much to say he stared. My dress obviously got his attention.

Once at the party, matters progressed as they obviously would. I danced with Jeff, though all that gyrating around put the dress in danger of riding up over my hips. I accepted some drinks from him, and then it was time. I had known he would want to bed me, and he did. He suggested that I might like to see his bedroom and, knowing full well that I was going up there to get fucked, I accepted.

Jeff guided me by the hand up the stairs to his bedroom. My heart was pounding, and I felt like I could hardly breath. For the first time in 19 years of marriage, I was going to cheat on my husband. I felt the telltale moisture between my legs, felt the warmth there. I knew I wanted it, but I was still afraid.

The pounding rhythm of the dance music from the party downstairs seemed to be touching something deep inside me. I could feel my own primordial rhythms moving to the beat of the song.

He opened the door to his room, and pulled me in. I looked around, and saw the small, unmade bunk beds in the corner, the dirty clothes strewn all over the floor near the closet, and the cluttered desk. I raised my eyebrows at the decor, which consisted of Playboy centerfolds and various other pin-up girls. There was no doubt about the fact that I was about to get laid by a college boy. The sense of cheapness came over me again, with its unique mixture of shame and arousal.

I turned to Jeff, expecting a kiss, and wondering how it would be. But instead of a kiss, Jeff put his hands around my waist, and pushed me over to the desk. Roughly, he moved his hands to my shoulders and pushed, bending me over the desk. I felt the ridiculously short dress I was wearing ride up over my hips, exposing my rear as I gave a squeak of surprise.

“Ready to get fucked, baby?” Jeff asked, and behind me I could feel him undoing his fly. In front of me, my face was pushed down on the desk. There was an open copy of a porno mag right in front of me, turned to a picture of some slut performing oral sex on a guy.

I came up here expecting to have sex, but not to be bent over a desk and fucked like a prostitute. I looked back at him as best I could, pushed down on the desk that way, and hissed, “But Jeff . . .”

I was going to add, “Not like this, I don’t want it this way . . .” but before I could say anything else he entered me. I felt the thick, engorged head of his meat part my lips, and then he shoved, and it was in me to the hilt. I gasped as I felt him pressing against the very back of me on that first thrust, and then again when he grabbed my hair and pulled slightly.

“JEEEFFFF!” I squealed, but trailed off into a squeak as he rammed his cock into me again. I grunted as he pulled back for another thrust, and said, “Jeff, stop, I don’t want this!” In front of my face, the look of delight on the porno whore’s face as she wrapped her lips around some guy’s meat was a premonition of my future. In my shock and outrage over what Jeff was doing to me, I’d forgotten that he never even shut the door.

Jeff’s thrusting continued, and I felt him reaching around to grab my breasts to steady himself. He rammed in and out of me like a piston, shoving his prick into me as far as it would go, then pulling almost all the way back out before ramming in again. Before now, I’d never even suspected that penises existed which were too big to fit in my vagina. But there was no question that there just wasn’t any more room for him inside me.

I heard him grunting behind me as he took his pleasure, and even felt my body warming unexpectedly to the penetration. I could feel myself getting wetter as he fucked me. Then, I heard him groan, and felt him give a final, mighty thrust into my cunt.

I squealed again as that monster rammed up against my cervix, and then he shot his jism into me, grunting and making animal noises as he kept his prick buried in me as deep as I could take it. Inside me I could feel the hot jet of semen splashing against my womb.

When Jeff finally withdrew from me, I just lay there, stunned, and enjoying my body’s relief at not being stretched by that huge shaft anymore. I breathed heavily, trying to take stock of what had happened to me, and just glad it was over. That’s when I heard Jeff say, “She’s all yours, Tom.”

In a panic, I straightened up from being bent over the desk, and whirled around. The dress was still bunched around my hips, and my breasts were hanging free from Jeff’s groping them earlier. Some guy, probably one of Jeff’s frat brothers, was walking up to me with his pants already off and his hard cock swaying with his stride.

“Oh, no. No. No!” I said, squirming back against the desk away from him.

But the guy said, “Oh, yeah, baby,” in reply, and turned me back around. Rudely, he pushed me back down over the desk, and I was once again face to face with the picture of the magazine slut. Without another word to me, this new man shoved his prick into my wet hole, and began to fuck me.

I screamed, “Heeelp! RAPE!” at the top of my lungs, but the neighbors had already heard more than enough of the high-volume music from this party, and were doing their best to ignore all noises from this house.

As the new guy banged away at my pussy, he grunted out, “Hey, somebody put something in this whore’s mouth to shut her up!”

In response, another guy walked up in front of me, with his pants unzipped. His erect dick was swaying back and forth right in front of my face, and I could see the blue tracery of veins around the skin. He put it against my lips, but I kept my mouth closed and turned away. I felt the tender skin of his cockhead on my cheek, pressing.

The guy grabbed my hair, and turned my head back to face his crotch. He pressed that head against my lips again, and said, “Open your fucking mouth and eat my dick, slut!”

I shook my head, keeping my lips tightly shut, and he shook my head by the hair again, pressing his prick harder against my closed mouth. “I said, suck it, you tramp!” He reached down and slapped me.

Stinging from the blow, eyes watering, I finally gave in and opened my mouth. The cock slid readily into my mouth, and I began to half-heartedly lick and suck at it. I’d never given a blowjob before, but I figured it couldn’t be that hard.

As I began my oral ministrations, I felt another explosion of semen in my womb as the guy fucking me came. I felt his cum dribbling out of my cunt, but then felt the hole plugged by another dick. This one was still not as long as Jeff’s, thank God, but it was wide. I felt my hole stretched to accommodate it, and winced around my mouthful of man meat at the pain.

But that cock, because it stretched my lips a little to accommodate it, also gave my clitoris a little bit of indirect stimulation. Against my will, I felt my body responding, and getting wetter and warmer. Little shivers of excitement traveled up and down my spine, and gradually, reluctantly, I felt myself warming to the task at hand. I sucked a little bit more energetically at the schlong in my mouth.

I was rewarded with my first taste of semen. The guy I was blowing began to shoot off in my mouth, coating my tongue with his salty cream, and blasting some of it all the way to the back of my throat. I gagged a little at that, and at the taste, and when I opened my mouth a little dribble of jiz trickled out.

Because that fat cock was stretching my cunt, I actually moaned a little when the guy who’d just come in my mouth pulled it out and wiped it off on my hair. I wanted it to suck on, to give me something to focus on other than the strain between my legs. The moan brought out a chorus of applause, and somebody said, “She’s rarin’ to go now, all we had to do was get her warmed up.

And indeed, I did feel a certain high level of excitement, and I found myself actually wanting the next guy to put his dick in my mouth. I did not have long to wait. Another frat boy stepped in front of me, and I saw a massive schlong that made me think Jeff had come back for seconds from the other end. I looked up, but it was some guy I’d never seen before.

While I was looking up, he grabbed my hair and held my head in that position, then pushed his dick into my mouth. I started to work it with my lips and tongue, but that wasn’t what he had in mind. The position I was in opened up the passage to my throat, and he kept on pushing, sliding back further into my moth.

I fought desperately to control my gag reflex, and succeeded. That guy just kept shoving it into me until my nose was buried in his pubic hair and his balls were hanging on my chin. I almost panicked – his dick was so far down my gullet I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to breath. But as he began to thrust back and forth, and I found that if I timed it right, I could suck in a breath through my nose on his out strokes.

Just as I was learning that, the guy fucking me yanked his meat out of my hole, and came all over my ass. I felt the hot fluid splattering there, and felt it dribbling down in sticky little trails. I felt an instant flood of relief as my cunt was no longer so stretched, and responded by using my tongue and lips on the base of the shaft buried in my face.

I thought that my next fucking – I had already accepted the fact that there would be a next fucking – couldn’t possibly be so painful. There couldn’t be two dicks that width in one room, and anyway, I was already stretched out. But I was in for a surprise.

Another guy moved into position behind me, put his hands on my sticky ass cheeks, and spread them apart. Then, he began to shove the head of a cock into my asshole. The pain was immediate – I felt that tight opening being stretched out to accommodate the meat, and it was like a wave of heat flashing over my body. I flinched, and tried to squirm away, but I was already impaled to the hilt on the pole in front of me. I wanted to cry out, to beg him not to fuck me that way, but my throat was full of cock. I couldn’t do anything about it as that shaft opened my ass and moved into it.

I seemed to feel every excruciating inch as it penetrated me slowly. The previous discomfort of a wide cock in my cunt was nothing compared to this. I was seeing stars in front of my eyes, both from the difficulty of breathing and from the pain.

But I learned that if I focused on the cock I was sucking, and worked at pleasuring it, that took my mind off the anal violation. I used my lips hungrily at the base of the shaft as the guy in front of me thrust in, and then flicked my tongue out to lick his balls. He grunted with delight at that, and kept his pole buried in my mouth a bit longer to appreciate my services. I was afraid I was going to suffocate as he kept it in there too deep for me to breath, but finally he pulled back a bit and I sucked in air through my nose greedily.

A quick re-supply of oxygen for me, and then that cock was down my throat again, taking my mind off the discomfort in my anus. I was getting used to it, and it no longer hurt so bad, but I knew, as I felt this guy I’d never even seen plumbing my large intestine, that I would never come to enjoy anal sex. I could give it, I could tolerate it, I found, but it just wasn’t fun.

As I was thinking this, I felt the dick in my mouth begin to quiver and shake. Deep in my throat, I knew he was blasting loose a volley of sperm. But he was too far into me for me to taste it, or really even to feel it. He just quivered and shook for a moment, while I worried that his orgasm might last too long and I’d suffocate while he was ejaculating practically into my stomach.

Finally, my oral partner pulled his schlong free, dripping with my saliva. When he did, my mind was immediately snapped back to the abuse of my ass. I winced as the guy rammed it deep into me, and for the first time I felt his balls slapping against my cunt. He was hilted in me.

I wailed, and got out, “Please, stop . . . ” before I gasped again at another thrust. Then another guy was standing in front of me, cock out. I craned my neck forward to try to get my mouth around it, eager for something to take my mind off my ass.

But he stepped back slightly, and teased me by rubbing the head of his dick on the tip of my nose. “Beg for it,” he said.

I gasped again at another deep thrust behind me, and panted out, “What?’

“I know you want a pacifier to suck on while Eric uses your ass. If you want this to be it, you have to beg for it,” he said, indicating his cock by poking me lightly in the eye with it.

“Please,” I panted. “Let me.”

“Let you what?”

“Let me suck it.”

“You’ll have to do better than that to earn it.”

“Please,” I squeezed out, wincing. “Let me suck your dick.”

He slapped me on the cheek with the erect length of it. “Come on, whore! Beg for it!”

Frustrated, and in pain from the reaming my ass was getting, I screamed out, “GOD DAMN IT, LET ME SUCK THAT COCK! PUT IT IN MY MOU . . .” It was past my teeth before I could finish the last word.

Gratefully, I sucked him hungrily, concentrating fully on his prong to distract myself from the ass fucking. As I was lapping and sucking greedily, I still winced as the man behind me gave a final, powerful thrust deep into my bowels, and blew his load.

It felt unpleasant as he yanked it out of me, but I was just glad it was over. I stopped servicing the guy in front of me long enough to gasp out, “Please use my pussy this time.”

The guy behind me paid no attention. My already stretched asshole soon accommodated another cock. Stoically, I returned to lapping at the dick in front of me. I wrapped my lips around it and sunk my face as far onto it as I could without taking it back into my throat. This guy didn’t insist on that, and was content to enjoy the by-now-experienced strokes of my lips and tongue. I worked hard, lapping at that pole as the prick behind me shoved its way in and out of my asshole.

It didn’t hurt as much this time. The first guy had opened me up, and now it was only mildly uncomfortable as the prick rammed home. That, combined with the fact that I had come to actually enjoy sucking cock finally changed the experience for me. I began to push backward with my ass as I sucked, to meet the thrust of the man behind me. He grunted with pleasure as I began to actively take part in servicing him,

I was actually getting into the ass fucking. It still hurt, but I was beginning to find some mental and emotional enjoyment in it. It was cheap, slutty, and nasty, and for some reason that sent a shiver down my spine. I found myself tingling inside at the thought that these guys were right when they called me names like slut, tramp, and whore. I was acting exactly like one. This new thought – this arousal I was feeling at being so degraded – caused me to give even better head to the man in front of me.

My reward was for him to pull his meat out of my mouth. I was surprised, because I knew he hadn’t cum yet, but then he let fly. A jet of cum squirted out of him and splashed onto my face, coating my right cheek. Another streamer flew into my bangs, and I felt it running down my forehead. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out, and caught a ribbon of the warm, salty cream as it splashed out of his dick. The last little squirt deposited a thin little dribble of jiz that hung on my nose and dangled down past my mouth. I flicked my tongue out again, and licked it up.

I felt an explosion of lust in me. The semen dribbling down my face turned me on like I had never been before. If I felt cheap and slutty before, I felt even more so now. I was charged with electric energy at the thought of what I was doing.

As the man finished decorating my face, I grew eager for the next cock. I resolved to beg right the first time this time, so I could get it in my mouth as fast as possible. But this guy didn’t make me beg. He just pointed it at my mouth and let me do the rest.

My eyes were totally captivated by the way his purple head bulged out from the shaft, and the way his heavy balls hung down. Without even looking up to see who I was blowing, I wrapped my lips around that meat and went to work.

As I did, the guy fucking my ass pulled out and came on my back. I was surprised at the suddenness of his withdrawal, and almost stopped sucking to gasp. But the hot splatter of spunk onto my back refocused my mind, and I kept orally pleasuring the man in front of me.

It took a few moments longer than usual for someone to take me from behind, and I impatiently waggled my ass around, wanting someone to fuck me. There was general laughter from the crowd of boys in the room when I did that, and one quickly obliged me. To my delight, he sunk his shaft into my pussy instead of my sore butt.
The ease of penetration there was a delight to me after the trial of taking it up the ass. I fucked back eagerly, thrusting my hips against him as I sucked his cock. Before long I was gulping down another load of semen – this time not losing a drop – and then starting fresh on another cock.

I don’t know how long it went on in that bedroom. When Jeff first led me up there, the clock in his living room said it was just before ten. The next time I saw that clock, it was well after midnight. But before that happened, an uncounted number of guys fucked either my cunt, ass, or mouth. Contrary to my initial reluctance, I was in seventh heaven as the gangbang progressed. Something had changed in me about the time of my second ass fucking, and I had begun to love it. I loved being their toy, being used by this crowd of frat boys without a thought to my own needs. Occasionally, my pussy would be fucked in a way that stimulated my clit a little bit, but still I never even came close to orgasm.

Despite that, I was happier and hornier than I’d ever been. I knew I was having the best sex of my life as man after man splattered my face with sticky white goo, or shot it down my throat. I even came to the point where I looked forward to taking a dick in the ass, if too many men in a row stuck to my pussy. It still hurt, but I relished the feeling of trampiness it gave me, and began to get anxious for it if I didn’t get it.

When, finally, the guy fucking my throat pulled out and deposited another gooey wad of semen in my hair, I was confused. Nobody moved to take his place, and nobody was fucking me. I lay there, still bent across the desk, wriggling my ass a bit and expecting to be fucked at any moment, but nobody did.

Finally, I stood up, stiff from the extended time in that position and very sore from the abuse my ass and cunt had received. I expected to find the room empty, because the only reason I could think of for not being fucked any more was that everybody had had me and wasn’t interested in seconds or thirds.

Instead, I found an argument going on. Jeff was saying to one of his room mates, “Come on, man, my room’s going to smell like a whorehouse for a week. Let’s take her downstairs and set her up on the table – the rooms bigger and it’ll air out faster.”

The other boy, who I didn’t know, replied, “No way, man! You heard her yelling about rape. If we take her down to the main party, she’ll make trouble. Come on, we’ll let the pledges clean your room tomorrow to take care of the smell.

I spoke up. “You guys can take me downstairs if you want. I won’t make trouble.”

They both turned to me in surprise, as if they had forgotten that I could speak – that my mouth was good for anything except a cock-holster. Then Jeff said to his frat brother, “See, I told you she was a good girl. Let’s move this downstairs.”

The other guy said, “You’re going to be a good little slut?”

I managed a shy grin, feeling dried semen cracking on my face as I moved my lips. “I promise. I won’t yell or complain. Just,” and I paused. I couldn’t believe what I was about to say. I was afraid to say it, afraid of what they would think of me. But the other half of me knew it would be such a turn on to say it. And besides, how much lower could their opinion of me go?

“Just fuck me more. I want more.”

A shiver went down my spine as I said it. I had just asked them to keep on going, to keep degrading me and using me. The feeling of being a cheap tramp reached a new height in me, and I felt a new trickle of my own moisture added to the cum leaking out from between my legs.

They both stared at me in surprise, and then Jeff laughed. “See, Steve. I told you she was a slut. She’s good to go.”

Jeff looked at my face for a second, trying to find somewhere that wasn’t covered in cum so he could give me a little “good girl” kiss. But he wrinkled his nose and decided against it. Instead, he grabbed the crumpled white bunch of cotton that was my dress, completely bunched around my waist, and helped me pull it down and step out of it.

Jeff and his friend guided me out of the room, and down the stairs. As we descended, I felt the hot, pounding beat of the dance floor washing over me once more. The party was still going strong. We came into the main living room, and that’s when I caught another glimpse of the wall clock. It was well past midnight. My gangbang had been going on for almost three hours.

As we stepped into the room, the dancing throng slowly began to turn to take notice. First the couple nearest the entrance, then others stopped dancing and turned to stare at me. I smiled shyly and looked at the floor, bringing one hand up to run fingers through my blond hair. Or at least try to. The clumps of dried jiz kept stopping me.

They guided me to the front of the main room, where by now all the dancing had stopped and someone had cut the music. I had no idea how many men had used me so far, but as I looked out at the dance floor, still as full as it had ever been, I knew there were a whole hell of a lot more in the future.

The house was one where the dining area was part of the main living room, and I was standing before a low, rectangular table that I knew instinctively was to be the new place of my defilement. I heard Jeff talking to his friend, and laughing about something, as we stood there at the front of the room for a moment. The hubbub of the crowd was dying down as we stood there.

Jeff turned to me. “Go ahead, Jen. Introduce yourself.”

I stared at him open mouth, wondering what the heck he was talking about. But he just waved his arm in the general direction of the party, and finally I lifted my head to look at them. Even as well-used as I looked right then, most of the men I could see were obviously interested.

What do you say to a large group of people you don’t know when you’re standing in front of them naked and covered with cum? I stood there opening my mouth and saying, “um . . .” for a while, and then just finally said the obvious.

“Um, hi everyone. I’m Jennifer, and I’ll be your entertainment for the evening.” I smiled shyly, and looked down at the floor, trying to think of something else to say. It came to me, and it was so over-the-top, so trite, yet so incredibly trampy that I had to say it. “Uh, the line forms to the right.”

With that, Jeff laughed, and hoisted me onto the table on my back. It was low enough that my crotch was right at cock level to a guy standing there. They laid me crosswise across the rectangular table, so that my ass was just perched on one side and my head extended slightly over the other.

Unceremoniously, Jeff hefted my legs up over his shoulders and entered me. I squeaked in pain as he shoved that monster of a cock that had started the whole evening into my asshole. The other guys had loosened me up there, but none of them were as big as Jeff. I winced and squealed a bit as he rammed in, but I kept my mind on my promise not to complain.

A cheer went up from the other males in the room as it happened, and somebody started the music again. As Jeff fucked me, I wondered what all the girls at the party thought of this, but I really didn’t care.

Finally, someone stepped around to my head and offered me a cock to suck. I accepted gratefully, and started working on his prick. The fat piece of meat stretched my mouth, but by now I was quite the cocksucking veteran. I managed to go to work on it without catching it on my teeth, and soon he was groaning with pleasure.

Jeff’s rough strokes into my asshole kept pushing me forward on the table, and I almost gagged on the cock I was sucking. I’d learned to deep throat by necessity a few hours ago, but this one was just too fat to get in my throat. I desperately tried to get my hand around the base and prevent it from choking me.

It turned out I didn’t need to worry about it. Jeff gave a final, mighty thrust into my ass, and buried a load of spunk deep inside me. Just as he did, the dick slipped out of my mouth, and the guy dropped a sticky wad of sperm on my face. Gobs of it spattered on my cheeks and dribbled into my eyes, which hurt quite a bit. But I persevered with a happy grin, mouth open to catch as much as I could, accepting it as he spewed warm, slimy goo on my neck and chin.

Someone took Jeff’s place behind me, and – thank God – rammed his dick into my pussy. I still hadn’t gotten over the thrill of being fucked by someone I couldn’t even see, and would never be able to identify again. The rod in my muffin was long, but not as long as Jeff’s, so he was able to cram it into my twat all the way up to the balls.

Some new guy stepped in front of my face, and presented me with his cock to take care of. Obediently, I opened my mouth, and wrapped my lips around it. This angle of my head, upside down like that, meant easy access to my throat, and this guy took full advantage of it. With a force that almost made me gag despite my new-found experience, he rammed it straight past my teeth and into my gullet, and started to fuck.

Which was when I discovered a disadvantage to this position. In the past few hours, I’d learned that I could breath through my nose when a guy was fucking my throat, if I just waited for his outstroke to do it. But like this, an enormous pair of balls was hanging right on my nose, which severely limited the amount of air I could take in. I was getting little breaths when he pulled back, but not enough.

To make matters worse, somebody climbed up on top of the table, and straddled my chest. Whoever he was, he pressed my tits together and laid his cock between them. He started fucking my tits, which in other circumstances I would have been interested in as a new experience tonight, but right then all I cared about was the fact that the weight on my chest made it all but impossible to breath, even when my nose and throat were clear.

I was getting close to panic, and was seeing multi-colored spots in front of my eyes as this guy continued fucking my mouth. I just couldn’t get enough air. I felt the guy fucking me finish, and be replaced by another man who decided to ram my ass, but I barely even cared. I was seriously afraid I was going to suffocate. I waggled my hands a bit, and tried to push him away from me, but I just couldn’t get a good grip, and all I did manage to do was turn him on all the more, causing him to fuck my throat as deep as he could.

I knew I had to be close to passing out. I couldn’t see anything any more, and it seemed like my entire world was reduced to the stretched feeling of my throat accommodating this cock, and the burning emptiness in my lungs.

He’d been throat fucking me for over three minutes, and I’d gotten almost no air in that time. It occurred to me that this wasn’t just uncomfortable; that there was a very real chance that I was about to die with a dick in my throat, being fucked by men I’d never seen. I really panicked then, and started thrashing around with my body, trying to break free. But thanks to the guy fucking my tits, I was pinned down, and they just interpreted my movement as the wiggling of an excited whore.

In desperation, I tried biting down on the base of the shaft in my mouth. But the base is one of the least sensitive parts of a cock, I learned that night, and my futile gesture was just more of a turn on to the guy fucking my mouth.

I realized that there wasn’t anything I could do. I was going to suffocate. I tried to resign myself to the idea of dying like this – as a cheap, disgusting slut, a mere toy for frat boys to use for their pleasure. In what I thought were my last few moments on earth, I became strangely at peace with that idea, and felt all right about it. I stopped struggling, and used my last bit of strength and volition to lick and suck a little bit, so I could at least die giving good head. I hoped they would at least have the decency to clean me up afterwards, so my daughter and husband wouldn’t have to see the sticky evidence of what I had been doing when I died.

And then, blissfully, when I thought I had only seconds of conscious life left, I actually felt the jet of cum spurt out of the cock buried in my throat. Such was my heightened awareness at that moment that I felt the thick, creamy coating on the walls of my deep, inner esophagus.

The knowledge that he had cum, and would be pulling out, gave me strength to carry on. I fought desperately to stay conscious as the sperm poured into me, but I was afraid it might be too late. I passed out thinking it had been just a second too long, and that the slimy progress of semen into my stomach would be the last thing I’d ever feel.

I came to only a moment later, when my body’s reflexes inhaled desperately as soon as my windpipe was clear. Reflex muscle jerked my head up from its upside down position as my lungs instinctively sucked down all the air I could get. My head jerked up just in time to catch the load from the guy fucking my tits right in the eye. I’d learned to hate getting cum in my eye that night, because it stings like hell, but right then it was the sweetest thing I’d ever felt in my life. That one moment, in which I came back from the certainty that I had died like a whore only to receive a salty, slimy streamer of jiz in the eye, was sweeter than any orgasm I have had before or since.

I was understandably leery about sucking dick after that, but I didn’t get much of a choice. When the next guy put his pecker to my lips I made sure to move his balls out of the way of my nose first.

And he was only the first of many more. For hours, man after man used either my mouth, ass, tits or cunt to get off. Titfucking became almost as common as the other uses I was put to that night, and by the time it was done my upper chest and neck were caked with dried sperm. I lost all track of everything except the sensations I was feeling. Sometimes someone would fuck my pussy just right, and there was a little bit of physical pleasure. But mostly the enjoyment was entirely mental to me. I was totally the center of attention. Inside, I was wriggling with delight at the fact that a room full of 20-year-old girls was being left out in favor of this old 37-year-old mother of two.

I have no idea how much jiz I swallowed that night. When the last man finally pulled out of my mouth, and tossed his load in slimy ribbons on my face and in my hair, I stuck out my tongue to catch as much as I could, just as I had been doing all night. As he collapsed into one of the chairs scattered around the table, I wiggled my ass a bit, and looked around, but no one took his place.

Far stiffer and sorer than I had been in the first intermission around midnight, I struggled up from my position on my back on the table. I groaned in pain when my weight was transferred to my abused rump, and hopped off the table unsteadily to my feet. I wobbled a bit, since I hadn’t been standing for – I looked at the clock. It was past five in the morning – five hours.

I looked at the exhausted boy resting on the chair across the table from me. I had to peer past a streamer of his cum that was hanging from my bangs to see him, so I collected that on my finger and licked it up. He stared at me as I did, awe and wonder on his face.

“Where’s everybody else?” I asked him.

“Shit, slut, they’ve all gone to bed. The party’s been over for more’n two hours. It’s just been the bothers left fucking you lately.”

I pouted. Stiff as I was, sore as I was, I wasn’t ready for this to be over. Tomorrow I would be the old Jennifer again, decent, respectable, and a bit stuck up. I wasn’t ready to go back.

But of course, I could never go back totally. Not after tonight. Not after I’d seen that dark, dangerous something inside me, that loved being used like a whore. I would be wanting this again, I knew. My life was never going to be quite the same.

“Any chance you want more?” I asked the boy, coquettishly, licking my lips.

“Jeez, what a tramp,” he said. “Lady, I’ve fucked you four times tonight. I can’t handle any more. Go down to the bus station or something.”

I stuck my lower lip out and exhaled sharply. Normally that would have sent my bangs flying, but tonight they were pasted to my forehead with dried semen. I did want more, but going down to the bus station naked and putting out for the winos – while it had its attractions, to the new, slutty me – wasn’t something I was up for right now.

I filed the suggestion away for later consideration, and asked the last guy to use me, “Well, do you know where my dress is, then, if you guys are done with me?”

That got a snorting laugh out of him. “Yeah, it’s flying up on the flagpole. Normally we fly the panties of a girl who puts out for the whole house, but that dress was the only clothing you had on, so up it went. Frat tradition, you understand.”

“Can I have it back? I need to go home.”

He snorted again. “Ha! A slut like you, why do you care if someone sees you after a good night’s work? That dress isn’t going to cover the cum in your hair, anyway.”

I gave up. He was right, after all. It was still too early for anyone in my neighborhood to be up on a Saturday except the college boys, and every college boy in this neighborhood had already seen me more exposed than I would be just walking down the street naked. But, I figured, I’d better hurry. In an hour, people on my block would be waking up.

“Oh, yeah,” the boy said, waving toward the other end of the table from the one I’d been fucked on. “Your envelope’s over there.”

I raised my eyebrows and was about to ask what envelope, but he was standing up. “Jeff told me to make sure you got it after I finished with you. Now my job’s done, and I’ve got to get some fucking sleep. Don’t go raiding the fridge or anything before you leave, either. We already paid you, so no freebies.” With that, he walked away.

Paid me? What the hell was he talking about? I went to the envelope, a big, bulky manila affair. I used a fingernail to open it, and reached inside. The first thing I pulled out was a note, signed by Jeff


Thanks for the great time! Everybody really enjoyed you. Once we saw how much you enjoyed being treated like a whore, we decided to make it official. I took up a collection, and asked everybody who used you to pay five bucks for the privilege. Five bucks a pop makes you a pretty cheap whore, I know, but believe me, the guys wouldn’t have sprung for anything more. A good number of them wouldn’t even fork over the five. Anyway, it’s our way of thanking you for the entertainment.

Oh, yeah. Enjoy the other little gift in here.


Next, I shook a fat roll of bills out of the envelope. A quick sheaf through them told me they were all fives. In my exhausted, abused state, it took me a few times, but pretty soon I had counted $615. Some mental division was next, and I found myself doing it out loud, I was so tired.

“Let’s see, five dollars per guy, $615, um . . . .

“Oh my God.”

I didn’t say the number out loud. One hundred and twenty three. I’d had no idea. And the note said a lot of guys hadn’t been willing to pay.

And the other gift? I shook that out of the envelope last. A video tape. I had to wait until I got home to play it, but as I walked out onto the street, naked and covered with cum, I already knew what it was.

Jul 18

Monsieur Rose

Huge Black Dildo In White Blonde Girl with Small Tits Stretching PussyMonsieur Rose

When Candy arrived at the stately home for the reading of her father’s will, she had no idea the extent of this one man’s estate. She was never close with her father, having chosen to live with her now-deceased mother when her parents divorced. She was young, eleven, when they separated, and she had grown up under the wing of the mother who had never quite forgiven her husband for his many affairs. She had caught him in the kitchen with the maid, and in the garden with his secretary. If she had received any money from the divorce it had never made its way to Candy. While never wanting for money, her teenage years were not ones of excess or frivolity. She was comfortable.

And so the thought of excess had not occurred to her when she had received the letter one week ago. It stated that her father had passed on (of natural causes) and that the reading of the will would take place at Lumley Manor the following Sunday afternoon. Candy had only gone because of chance, the chance that her nephew would be there. John, a distant relative in most senses of the word, only popped up whenever there was a scent of money to be investigated. He would stride in and the only thing Candy could keep her eyes on was the snug fit of his pants around his balls. She had imagined how large they may be. She’d seen a few pairs since she turned seventeen a year ago, but the impression she had grown to relish was of John’s large nuts drawn tightly within a thin cotton pouch. Of course, as is so often the case in these stories, he had shown no interest in her. It wasn’t the fact that he was white and she was Oriental, she’d never seen any sign of anything other than respect from him, but that was as far as he went. He respected her and she wanted to jump him.

She arrived in the late afternoon in a cab, got out in her riding pants and tight white blouse, her strong black hair pulled back and tied in a tight bow on the back of her head. Mid-calve boots, black leather gloves, baseball cap. She was met at the door by some sort of doorman and was shown inside to a small room with a table and five chairs around it. Henrietta was there. Henrietta was John’s girlfriend. A nice enough woman but obviously she was nothing other than an annoyance to Candy. Perhaps she had come instead of John?

“Hello, Candy.”

His voiced curled around her neck and into her ear like a tongue. Her eyes half closed before turning around to see him.

“How are you?”

“Fine,” she whispered with a false coyness and playful bashfulness that allowed her to purposefully avoid his gaze, instead looking down at… Oh yes, it was as she remembered it.

A lick of her lips, “And how are you?”

“He’s fine.” Henrietta was now beside them. She brushed her wavy blonde hair back over her ear and with not too much subtlety, eased him away. A quick glance back over her shoulder told Candy to keep her distance.

She sat down. John and Henrietta sat down. And then in walked another woman. She was tall, with long auburn hair over her shoulders. She was wearing a dress suit with a yellow shirt underneath.

“Good afternoon. My name is Wendy Harleson. I am the assistant to Mr. Erton, the solicitor who has drawn together the estate of Mr. Lumley. I have, I’m afraid, some bad news. Mr. Erton has been delayed by foreign affairs and he will not be arriving until tomorrow morning. He was caught in a meeting in Strasbourg and unfortunately, with all the labor strife underway in France, he cannot catch a plane until tomorrow morning.”

Candy had flown in with plans to leave as early the next morning as possible.

“He has, however, extended invitations to you all to stay the evening at Lumley Manor. A full dinner has been arranged and there are rooms for each of you, if you wish. And any extra travel arrangements that need to be made will be paid for, of course, by Mr. Erton.”

They had no real choice. Candy couldn’t take planes back and forth. And while John and Henrietta had driven, it was a five hour drive. They all agreed to stay.

“Fine then, feel free to wander around the manor. Miss Morton (Candy had chosen to keep her mother’s name), you can have the room at the far end of the hallway upstairs. Mr. Inton (John) you can have the room on the right, at the far end. And Miss Wharton (Henrietta) you can have the room on the right, closest to the stairs. I will have the room on the left. Dinner will be served in one hour.”

I won’t bore you with the culinary tete-de-tete. Suffice to say Candy strained to catch every glimpse of John’s crotch, each tight sight causing her to inhale a little harder to try to catch his attention. After dinner Candy retired to her room, overhearing John tell Henrietta that he’d be taking a shower. She heard Henrietta’s door close, and then the bathroom door. She heard the shower go on, and she imagined…
She imagined his shirt coming off. A hard body underneath, small nipples, a washboard stomach. She imagined his pants unbuttoning, his fly sliding down, his pants over his knees and on the floor. She imagined his underwear, the outline of his cock protruding even without an erection. The balls hanging loosely, constantly busy creating delicious salty cum. He slides them down, his cock pops out. His legs are muscular and firm, she wants to lick his ass, reach around and slide her fingers over his balls, stroke up his cock.

This was simply too much. John was NAKED in the next room. She slowly opened her door. A slight creak, Candy looked around and waited. Nothing moved. She heard the shower stop. She crept down the hallway and to the bathroom door. She slowly turned the handle, barely leaned against the door…

“John’s in there.” It was Henrietta. She had come up the hallway behind Candy. Candy stopped. “Oh, I didn’t know.”

Henrietta was wearing her underwear, a black lace-fronted bra and thin-strap bikini panties. “Candy, can I ask you a question?”


“What is that perfume you’re wearing?”

“Oh, it’s Sun Moon Stars.”

“Would you mind if I borrowed some. It’d drive John crazy.”

Candy grimaced. “Sure.”

Henrietta followed her down the hall and back into Candy’s room.

“Here it is.” Candy handed her the bottle. Henrietta opened it, took out the applicator. She slowly wiped perfume onto her neck, onto her wrist, and onto her inner thigh. “He likes to smell perfume here.” Candy rolled her eyes and turned away.

“He’s never fucked a black girl before, you know.”

Candy turned back. “Excuse me.”

“He’s told me, he’s never fucked a black girl before. Not by choice, you understand. Simply fate. There’s never been one that approached him.”

Candy couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Not the unbelievability of it, just the audacity of having to sit through a description of the sex life of a man she’d love to fuck.

“What is it with black women? Why are they so shy when it comes to white men?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well, John’s a good-looking guy. He’s tall, well-built, hung like a fucking bull. He’s been asked out by lots of women, but never by a black woman. Why is that?”

“I can’t speak for anyone else. Just because I’m black doesn’t mean that I have any more in common with someone else just because they’re black also.”

“No, no. I’m not saying that. It’s just…”

Henrietta turned to look in the mirror, bending over to apply a little more perfume to her neck, her bum sticking out towards Candy.

“I mean, you MUST think John’s a great guy.”

Candy turned away. “Sure.”

“And he’s really good-looking. Don’t you think?”

“Yeah, so what?”

“So you’ve never wanted to fuck him?”

Candy dropped to the bed. In the mirror she wasn’t sure if that was a grin on Henrietta’s lips. Was she just pushing Candy, trying to taunt her into something? Candy decided to go for it, push back, see if Henrietta could take it.

“Sure I’ve wanted to fuck him.”

Henrietta turned around. “So why haven’t you asked him then?”

“Because he’s with you.”

“Oh that wouldn’t stop him. He’s too much like your father. You should ask him, tell him you’d like to suck his cock, he loves that. It’s his birthday in a couple of days, tell him you’re my gift to him. He’ll understand.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“No. Just go down the hallway, knock on the door. No, don’t even knock, just walk in. He’s probably got a hard-on as we speak. Just go down and walk in and say ‘Henrietta says Happy Birthday’. He’ll get a kick out of it. You will too, he’ll fuck you ’till you’re sore.”

Candy just sat there on the edge of the bed. She couldn’t believe this. Henrietta was standing there telling her to go and fuck John. This just did not make sense. So she got up, walked to her door, opened it, and turned back to Henrietta.

“Just go, trust me.”

She walked down the hallway and stopped outside John’s door. She thought for a second, adjusted her hair, and opened the door.

John turned around. He was naked. Everything Candy had imagined was true. The perfect chest, the perfect legs. His big fat balls, his big long fat cock. This was big. “Meat.” That’s all Candy could think.
She stammered out the words. “Henrietta says Happy Birthday.”

John stood silent for a second. And then two things happened. He smiled. And his cock began to rise, jerk itself up the way big cocks do. He turned and looked at her. Candy didn’t need any more invitation than that now-hardening bone. She unbuttoned her riding pants, slid them down over her tight ass, pulled off her shirt, and jumped down in front of John. She looked up at him, and she grinned. She positioned herself under the head of his cock, still semi-limp, still hanging down, and moved her mouth up over the head. She took all the head into her mouth and then closed her lips, sucking back down towards the tip.

She moved up again, this time taking her hands off the floor so that she could get more dick in her mouth, and again, after going halfway up the shaft, she closed her lips together and slid them down to the tip. She reached up, held the cock in her left hand, and licked the hole, tickling the hole with her tongue. With her right hand, she cupped his balls, rolling them against each other, sending a chill down her spine. John bent over her body, reached down and smacked her ass. She returned the favour, reaching around behind him with her right hand and sliding her middle finger along the crack of his ass. She was sucking more furiously now, her hand was stroking his cock into her mouth. She applied a little more pressure with her other hand and found his asshole. With one hand she pulled his cock tight, pushed her mouth down to the base of his shaft, and with the other hand she slipped her middle finger an inch or two up his ass. He winced, the pleasure was unbearable. Henrietta knew how to give a blowjob but Candy was a fucking fellatio-goddess. They moved slowly backwards the few steps to the bed, Candy never letting up sucking. John sat back, forcing Candy’s finger further up his ass, Candy got up off her knees, bent over, her ass and legs spread, her mouth wrapped around John’s magnificent pole. She had become primal, she could smell the sweat of his balls, all she wanted was a mouthful. He was bucking, uncontrollable. Candy focused on his body. She opened her eyes, looked up at him, his head flung back in ecstasy. She was in control.

That was when she felt something against her ass. A probe. She looked back over her shoulder, still jerking John’s cock. Henrietta was standing behind her. Candy looked down. Henrietta was wearing a jet-black strap-on dildo. It was dripping with some sort of oil and Henrietta was licking her lips. Henrietta moved forward and pushed the plastic cock up against Candy’s ass. Candy remembered John, who was now looking up and smiling with the knowledge that suggested there was more planning here than Candy had been led to believe. Candy didn’t care. She had John’s horse-dick in her throat and another dick, who cares if it’s plastic, another dick behind her. Henrietta pressed against Candy’s asshole. Candy parted her legs even more. Henrietta grabbed both Candy’s ass cheeks and spread them apart and with a slow determination, pushed the first inch of the dildo into Candy’s ass. Candy’s eyes widened. She threw herself down onto John’s cock, gagging. She pulled back just as Henrietta pushed in another inch.

Every inch Henrietta squeezed into Candy, Candy squeezed her finger another inch into John’s butt. John was pumping his whole body. Henrietta had pushed six inches into Candy’s rear and was now pulling out. She got a rhythm, started pumping Candy, every third or fourth push she’s smack Candy’s ass. Candy sucked and sucked, John couldn’t hold on anymore. Henrietta pumped Candy’s tight black ass, pushing the plastic cock into her and out, into her and out. Candy started to come. Her body stiffened, she threw herself back onto the dildo. She felt the plastic balls hit her clit and she shivered. Her body tightened and it exploded. She had most of John’s cock in her mouth, one finger up his ass, and the other hand squeezing those big fucking nuts, when the first jolt of cum hit the back of her throat. She took two or three, almost a mouthful, before she pulled it out. She swallowed what she had and was greeted with a shot right onto her lips, another right up over her left eye, and another, as she lifted her head up, landed on her chin. John was done. She used his dick to wipe off her face and sucked the cum off the head, causing John to shake whenever that vicious tongue touched his sensitive head. She wiped her face clean, used her thumb to squeeze the last of the cum out of his cock and onto her tongue, swallowed it, and looked up at him and said “I want some more.”

John collapsed, Henrietta pulled out and stood smiling behind Candy, and Candy reached back and pushed her index finger into her ass. She leaned forward onto the bed, onto John’s legs, and lay there with her finger twitching inside her asshole.

The next morning Henrietta was up early. She left Candy and John in bed and went out into the hallway. She was wearing a thin red teddy and a pair of panties that revealed the black bush so tightly held behind them. She walked to the bathroom and as she reached for the handle the door swung open. Out came Wendy, Mr. Erton’s assistant. She had just taken a shower and had wrapped a towel around herself. Her long auburn hair, still wet, hung down over the back of the towel.

“Oh, hi,” she greeted Henrietta.

“Good morning.”

Wendy then walked down the hall and into her room. Henrietta went into the bathroom and began her shower. She stepped into the steamy cubicle and let the water slide over her body, dripping onto her shoulders, down over her breasts, across her flat stomach, and between her legs. She rubbed the soap over her belly, up underneath the pert tits, slowly massaging the nipples, teasing and rubbing them until they began to stiffen. She pulled at them as her other hand slid down between her legs. She didn’t feel the need to masturbate, simply to touch herself lightly and gently. She caressed her ass with the soap, slid a finger into her asshole and pumped, just two or three times. She then rinsed off her body and just stood and let the water soothe her.

When she was done she stepped out of the shower and began to dry herself. She used the towel she had brought with her to dry her hair and then she wrapped it around her head to keep the hair in place. Looking around, she took one of the towels from the towel rack and began to use it to dry herself. As she was doing this, she noticed that in the wall behind where the towel had just been there was a small hole, not more than a half an inch in diameter. She kneeled down and looked at it. She could see light coming through it and she looked closer. The hole looked into the bedroom next to the bathroom, Wendy’s room, and Henrietta could see that Mr. Erton had in fact arrived this morning. Wendy was on her bed sucking on a man’s fingers, a man Henrietta presumed was Mr. Erton. Wendy was naked and on her knees. Mr. Erton was also naked, his large cock hanging between his legs. It was a thick uncircumcised thing, swinging as he rolled his hips back and forth, dry-humping the air. All Henrietta could imagine was her mouth straining to contain all of that cock. Then, as if spurred on by Henrietta’s thoughts, Wendy leaned forward and slid that monster into her mouth. Wendy was certainly a talented girl. She slid the entire thing, perhaps twelve inches, into her mouth and throat without skipping a beat. Then she slipped her mouth down and off it. She straightened up and kissed Mr. Erton, sliding her tongue out of his mouth and down over his chin. She then lay back on the bed, her head resting only inches from where Henrietta was watching. Mr. Erton, his cock hardening and thickening, straddled her chest and placed his cock between Wendy’s tits.

Wendy squeezed them together to form a channel into which Mr. Erton began to pump. With every forward thrust his cock popped into her mouth and she sucked hurriedly. He began to pump faster, she squeezed her tits together, using the nipples to pull them towards each other. Henrietta was kneeling, her own hand between her legs, two fingers in her sopping cunt. She was flicking her clit with her thumb, gasping, her mouth opening and closing with Wendy’s, as if it was Henrietta that was gulping on that bone. Mr. Erton’s head snapped back, his face turned red, and then with one explosion after another, cum splattered out of his cock. The first shot careened up Wendy’s face, covering her left eye. Then more came out as Wendy lifted her head up to catch it in her mouth. The next shot missed Wendy, shot up over her left shoulder, and hit the hole in the wall, seeping partially through. Henrietta couldn’t resist slipping her tongue into the hole and sucking the jizz into her mouth. She moved it around her mouth before swallowing it with a satisfied grin. She looked back through but couldn’t see anything because of the film of sperm now blocking the hole, too far back for Henrietta’s tongue to scoop it out. She furiously pumped her pussy and fell backwards, her legs partially in the air, her cunt grasping at her hand as she enjoyed a massive orgasm.

After laying on the bathroom floor for a few seconds she got up, quickly dressed, and ran back to her room. As she was about to enter, Mr. Erton came out of Wendy’s room, his cock still thick and full in his underwear. Henrietta glanced at it and then at his face and then turned and left him in the hallway.

Later, Candy was out perusing the grounds, when she ran into John. He smiled suspiciously and walked away from her. He went into the shed behind the grand house. It was a small wooden building, painted purple years ago, the paint now hardened and the windows stuck. Candy opened the door and there was John. He was sitting on top of some wooden crates that he’d piled together to form a haphazard chair. His pants were down, his underwear was around his knees, and his massive cock was sitting upright as he stroked it all the way from the purple head down to the tight hairy balls and all the way back up to the tip, now covered with a thin film of translucent pre-cum. Candy didn’t waste any time. She skipped over and collapsed onto her knees. She pushed his hands away, taking hold of that thing for herself. For a second she just looked at it, staring at the hole. Then she leaned forward and stuck her tongue into it, the tip penetrating the head of John’s cock and sending him blushing and flustering and gasping for air. He grabbed the crates to stop from falling as Candy forced her tongue farther into the hole, prying it apart, digging for jizz.

The door opened behind her and in walked Patrick, the butler. “Can anyone join in here?” Patrick was a tall slender black man, with sensuous thick lips and a dark ,almost black skin. He walked over behind Candy and unzipped his pants and slid out his own cock. It fell onto Candy’s right shoulder and she came up off John’s cock. She reached up and grabbed it and squeezed, and then she pulled it into her mouth. Back and forth, in and out of her hungry mouth. She let go and went back to John. Patrick walked around beside John so that Candy could feed on both of them. Two cocks, thick and veiny, pumping into her mouth. She could taste the difference between them, nothing particular, no sensation that would ever distinguish it as someone’s personal taste, but there was definitely a difference.

Just as Candy was getting a nice smooth rhythm, going down on John, right down to the nuts, and then coming up again before going down on Patrick, the door opened again. Nigel, the gardener came in, probably to get some tool to use in the garden. He looked over and his eyebrows shot up.
“Goodness me. What’s going on here then?”

“The girl’s a little hungry,” said Patrick without turning to look at Nigel. Nigel came over, and kneeled down beside Candy. “Here, why don’t you concentrate on him,” he said, motioning to Patrick. He then slid John’s cock into his own mouth. Candy thought this was incredible. She watched as this man, this hairy, beautiful man, slid John’s cock in and out of his mouth. She looked up at John who showed no signs of wanting this to stop. And then she turned and began working on Patrick. She sucked and pulled on his balls. Then she let go and slipped her shirt up and over her head. Her firm tits popped out and she grabbed Patrick’s rod and started smacking her nipples with it. They were full and erect and she rubbed them against the head of Patrick’s cock. She tried to force one of them into the hole but it was too thick to go in. She then stood up and kissed Patrick on the mouth. She turned around, pulled down her shorts, and bent over revealing that perfect ass to Patrick. He knew what to do, leaning forward and prying the cheeks apart. He began kissing and licking all over her cheeks.

Nigel was now holding John’s hands as he bobbed faster up and down on his cock. He pushed one hand up to John’s face and John began sucking on his ring finger. Sliding it in and out of John’s mouth, John used his teeth to form resistance and grated them against Nigel’s hand.

Candy had reached up, still bent over, and grabbed Patrick’s cock. She was jerking it, sliding her hand from the base to the tip. Patrick had by this point slid his tongue into her asshole and was fucking her ass with his tongue. Nigel came up off John’s cock and kissed his, continuing to pull and jerk his cock. John began to shoot and Nigel went back down to catch the cream on his face. Then Patrick began to cum. Candy turned around, fell to her knees, and slid the huge black shaft into her mouth. Patrick shot wave after wave of hot cum into Candy’s mouth. She could hardly contain it all before swallowing a massive load and coming up off her knees with the most exasperated look on that cute black face. John collapsed backwards and Nigel got up and wiped off his face with a rag.