Sep 17

Powerwolf, Morbid Angel, Dimmu Borgir and Moonspell

Powerwolf Demonic Satanic Awesomeness HentaiPowerwolf – Nothing But a Bunch of Vampires and Werewolves!

Oooo…. my!! Well isn’t this a wonderful find for the day! Ran across these guys while listening to the Samael album “Reign of Light”, shared it with my SEO guy and he about flip his shit too. It’s been awhile since I really jammed out some epic power metal. I’m actually wondering why the hell I never heard of these guy before. But today is going to be all about the goodies of the past. Starting with Powerwolf – “We Drink Your Blood”… My story will be in song today. Learn some bands I was down with and in most parts am still down with today. Enjoy the ride down my goth metal side! … If you want to know me more, these things, you must know.

Morbid Angel Black Goth Metal Music Hentai Fun GamesYeah, what’d you think of that? Epic right? Love that shit, lets move on this next song, it’s a song that’s close to my heart, I use to wait all night while watching MTV at night until either Beavis and Butthead came on, or this song by Morbid Angel – God of Empiness… Being a little girl watching this on a small black and white TV at night scared the shit out of me in a so wonderful way! Until this day, I can sing this song to the letter! Enjoy.

Nasty Dimmu Hentai GamesAnd now, next down this dark abyss of gothic horror, we have some that is a bit different, but none the less touches the heart in a special kind of way. But I thought it was funny what my SEO buddy said about this song (because were chillin on Skype), he said that this songs beginning would be a perfect Batman metal song! Hmm.. I think he’s right, I can hear the epic Batmanness. Enjoy Dimmu Borgir – Progenies of the Great Apocalypse!

Nothing but Moonspell Hentai PornNow here is another, oh, oh so very special carnage I have for you. Moonspell, these guys I got to meet on a Samael tour, although Samael was not with them, they were suppose to be. I got to go back stage because of my hook ups with Vorph from Samael. These guys fucking rock and they are as dark and epic as they come. Smash your face into the wall and give them a round of applause as they tell you a story of the world coming to the end and facing redemption from the white faced bitch of hell and eternal suffering! You fucked up world, time to pay the price.