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Lesbian Sex At The Gym

Small Tits Lesbian Sex Story and the GymLesbian Sex At The Gym

As I watched, her chest heaving, her arms pumping, I thought
of other times such as this. Working in a gym, one records
certain sights and sounds. This was one such memory. She was
like many other women who worked out. A lithe muscularity, a
suppleness of youth, the beauty of Athena, she was the total


Her raven black hair, splayed all over the bench, lent
itself to a fine gossamer spider’s web. Her equally black body
suit, clung to every curve of her voluptuous, well framed body.
Be there any doubt, she was all woman.

There comes a time in every job, this one especially, when
emotion and need overcome all logic and calculation. I felt such
need. It was all encompassing. The desire to possess was
overpowering, it took up every part of my being. To delve that
deeply into every nook and cranny of one’s self is, to say the
least, unsettling.

Lost in my thoughts, I failed to notice her rise from the
bench and her movement towards me. As the attendant I, among
other things, dispensed towels. Somewhere in my brain I knew
this was the reason for her approach, but it never dawned into my
consciousness. For the fleetest of moments our eyes met. Her’s,
the most beautiful shade of blue and mine, the most apparent
shade of lust. As she retrieved her towel I saw, or maybe just
imagined, a recognition in her eyes of what was so plainly
displayed on my face. There was no approval, nor dissent in this
and I wasn’t sure whether to be relieved or disappointed.

I watched her walk towards the dressing room. The shape of
her legs, the swaying of her hips, the way her hair matted
against her back, drove me again to distraction. She paused at
the doorway and there, I was now certain, she did look at me.
Directly at me. It must have been me because at this time, I
noticed, we were all alone. No other patrons in the gym. For
all I cared, at this point, none in the world. She then
continued into the changing area.

I paused for no more than a moment. Locking the doors this
near to closing would go unnoticed, and I proceeded to the locker
room. I deliberately slowed my pace, not wanting to seem over
anxious but no matter what I did from here on in would bely my
outward appearances.

I saw her next near the lockers, with her back to me. My
sense of purpose wavered, my resolve faltered and then, again,
those eyes. They beckoned me forward. My body was on its own.
No control could be exerted to move me in any direction except
towards her. With a barely perceptible movement she bade me to
halt. My body instantly obeyed. What would happen next was
beyond my comprehension but anything she wanted would be
welcomed. Not only welcomed but desired.

At this point, I turned my thoughts inward, and I felt the
urges building deep inside me.

Returning my attention to her, I witnessed the slow removal
of her bodice. The straps, one at a time, lifted slowly off her
shoulders to be left hanging at her sides. Her purple tank top
was all that remained to cover her up from the waist. She raised
her arms deliberately above her head in a stretch, exposing the
bottom crescents of her ample, milk coloured breasts. As with
the raising, her arms were again lowered, deliberately. The tank
top returned to its normal position, slightly hitched up on one
side, seemingly hooked up on a hard, protruding nipple.

She turned slightly and slid her thumbs inside the suit.
She pulled down without bending and wriggled the suit past her
hips. Pausing momentarily, she readjusted her tights. Then she
continued the removal. Lifting one leg, then the other she
extricated herself from the suit’s binding and let it drop to the
floor beside her.

It was then I noticed my sweaty palms and shallow breaths.
The sound of my heart was excruciatingly loud in my ears,
drowning out any possible sound from without. My face felt flush
and my stomach fluttered, all with anticipation.

She again looked at me, then lowered her gaze. My eyes
followed. She reached for her waistband and inched it downward,
past her hips and over her well shaped buttocks. She turned even
more and sat down sideways on a bench to continue the removal of
her tights. She lifted her inside leg, knee slightly bent, and
rolled the tights down to the tip of her toes. Once off, she
turned her attention to the other leg and bending down, did the
same. Sitting up, she gave me a glimpse of her dark, luscious
pubic mound.

With this, I took a tentative step towards her, only to be
halted again by those piercing blue eyes. My desire was welling
up from deep inside and I could feel that familiar and expected
wetness on the inside of my legs.

Crossing her arms in front of her body, she grabbed the
bottom of her tank top and lifted. She hesitated as her arms
reached their zenith above her head. Her breasts, two perfectly
designed orbs, were lifted by this motion. Her dark brown
nipples extended, almost to the point of impossibility, outwards.
Their elongated oval shapes forming a “v” if joined together.
Her body glowed with perspiration from the workout and looked
ready for more.

She rose from the bench and moved to a stretching mat
nearby. As she reclined, she motioned me forward so I was
standing above her and at her feet. She held one leg flat and
the other bent with one knee above the other. She was braced up
on her elbows and her long tresses covered her breasts.
My legs felt as if they could no longer hold me up and I
quivered with each heartbeat. I stared longingly all over her
body. I wanted every part of her imprinted in me. Her feel,
taste, aroma, all of her.

My eyes locked onto the movement of her legs. She started
to bend her straight leg while at the same time moving them both
outwards. With my breath caught deep in my throat, I followed
her legs up. Past her knees, to the soft flesh of her inner
thighs, with my eyes coming to rest on the most perfect vision I
had ever seen. Her mound was covered with wispy black pubic
hair, allowing the redness of her lips to show through. As I
watched, her lips parted exposing the inner folds, swollen,
scarlet and very moist. One drop of her juice glistened at the
end of a pubic hair.

Crouching, I kept my eyes on that one drop. Her scent came
up to meet me and it drew me lower. My cheek brushed against her
thigh and she let out a soft, low moan. Instinctively her legs
spread wider, her clitoris fully in sight. The soft, sensitive
nub showing underneath its hood. My mouth opened slightly and I
let out a warm breath. Her body reacted. She reached down a
hand to touch the back of my head. Her hips arched and together
with her hand she moved my mouth closer to her. I resisted

The sweetness of her scent only enhanced the anticipated
taste, which in itself was exquisite. I parted her lips further
with my tongue and thrust it in deeply. Her hand gripped my head
tightly and she came up to meet me, fully. With a deep influx of
breath and a deep guttural moan she seemed to relax. My tongue
moved from deep inside her and began to trace its way up to a
place from where she couldn’t resist me. The tip of my tongue
found that place. Her body convulsed. With each flick of my
tongue her hand pushed me closer. Her breath was coming in waves
and her moans kept time with my movements. On my bottom lip I
could feel her lips twitching and the contractions were becoming
stronger and closer together. I knew then she would not last
much longer. Then it happened. Her back arched hard, her thighs
squeezed tightly against my face and she let out a combination
moan and scream. Her hands kept me close to her.

After an eternity, the waves slowly subsided. She relaxed
her grip and her breathing slowly returned to normal. I could
feel a fresh wetness between my own thighs and knew I was going
to need the same release. Almost on queue, she raised my face,
bent down and kissed me. Our tongues met and I felt little
electric shocks proceeding to my nipples and down to my clit.
She gently rolled me onto my back. Kneeling above me, she pulled
my polo shirt from my shorts. Raising my back, I let her pull my
shirt over my head. She reached for the clasp in the front of my
bra and undid it. My bra popped open and in that instant, she
bent over and put one nipple in her warm mouth. The first moan
escaped from my throat. I kicked off my sneakers as she lowered
herself to my stomach, placing little butterfly kisses along the
way. She moved to my feet, grabbed the waist band of my shorts
and panties and in one motion, removed them.

I was so impatient, I lifted my ankles to her back and
pulled her down. The heat I felt was unbearable. I needed her
now. Almost unexpectedly her mouth was upon me. I reached down
and spread myself with my fingers so she could get right to my
clit. I bit my upper lip when she first touched it. That caused
me to tighten all my muscles. As she continued, I felt her first
insert one, then two fingers deep inside of me. She rubbed
gently inside and then faster and harder until she hit that
magical spot. The feel of her tongue on my clit and her fingers
on my g-spot was more than I could handle. With one final thrust
of her fingers, I exploded. All of my heat seemed to transfer
straight to my groin, my hole body tensed as if it was one muscle
and then the convulsions came. Wave after wave rushed over me.
Each a little gentler than the last, until I finally laid there
spent and unmoving. Just as quickly as it ended, she was beside
me and we embraced, softly kissing each other and breathing
headily of our sex.


I awoke later, how long I don’t know. She was gone and I
was alone. The experience was fresh in my mind. I had gotten the
imprinting of her I had wanted, needed and now it was a memory.
We didn’t speak a single word but we had shared everything. It
was at that thought, I then realized, I would never know her

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Wendy the Baby Penis Clit Lesbian

Lesbian Sex Wendy Redhead StoriesWendy the Baby Penis Clit Lesbian

Wendy and I have been friends forever, having lived a few houses apart since we were 8. Our birthdays are only 3 days apart, so naturally co-parties seemed a natural to our parents, who have played bridge together every Wednesday for years.


We’ve always gone to the same schools and known the same kids. Our families are close, so we go on vacations together a lot, too. And of course, we always spend Wednesday evenings together, wherever the bridge party isn’t. Anyway, being so close we seem to have matured together, as well: we seemed to start growing breasts around the same time, we both started our periods within the same month, stuff like that. It’s been really convenient for sharing clothes, since we’re close to the same size, too. Wendy’s boobs are a little longer than mine, but mine are rounder.

Probably the neatest thing is we’ve had each other to lean on for the emotional changes in becoming women. We consider ourselves to be women, starting high school and all, people maturing so much faster that they used to. Wendy, of course, is more strident than me. I call it strident. Like, when we were about nine, a lady down the street thought Wendy had taken something from her yard and spread a rumor. Of course Wendy hadn’t, and when she heard about the rumor, she marched right down there, knocked on the lady’s door, and told her what for! And only nine years old. I was so proud, since I could never have done that, especially to an adult and all.

Then there was the time she went on “a date” when she was 14 with Warren and he decided he should give her a hicky to prove to the other guys that he had been alone with her. She decided right then that she wasn’t going out with another boy till she was at least 20 since they were too immature, biting and all. I agreed, though never as firmly as Wendy, and we vowed to not date boys ‘till we turned twenty, ages from now.

Just a couple weeks ago, Wendy made another grand decision: bras are the invention of men and she isn’t going to wear one ever again. We were at her house after school today when she told me. She was changing her clothes, we’ve never been shy around each other that way, like sisters, and she took her blouse off and I was surprised she had no bra on, her boobs just, well, out there. She was so proud as she announced her decision to me, but I laughed till I almost cried when I saw the bandaids on her nipples. She said that was so the boys couldn’t tell she was bare underneath and make fun. I was rolling on the bed, I almost couldn’t breath, when she tried to take the bandaids off and was jumping all around ‘cause they were sticking so, pulling on her tender skin. Wendy is really pale and I think pale skin in more tender than darker skin like mine. I’m not like black or anything, but darker than Wendy. Anyway, her poor little boobs were all itchy from the bandaids for an hour. I said she should maybe wear a halter, or a tube, or maybe a tank-top under her blouse instead of using bandaids.

“That’s a great idea,” she said, rubbing the ends of her breasts . “Feel how raw my poor titties are,” she pouted, leaning toward me. I didn’t move, not sure what to do. We had touched each other when we were younger, like kids do, and spent time comparing our breast sizes as they grew, and examining how I had a little thicker pubic hair than Wendy’s as that came in, but not lately, not since we’d “grown up”.

She saw my hesitation. “Don’t worry, one touch won’t make you a lesbian or anything,” she joked. “And they won’t bite, like boys do.” She really hated hickies with a passion ever since that time with Warren. I carefully reached out a fingertip and touched the now pink skin near the end of her breast, sliding in a circle, ever smaller till I ran off the end of her nipple.

“Ooo, that feels different than when I do it,” she smiled. “I play with my nipples sometimes, to see how excited I can get, you know? But when you touch me, it’s a lot more exciting.” We had talked before about how sensitive our breasts were when touched, back when they where just getting going, but that had been a couple years ago probably. I thought it was neat how we could talk about everything together.

“You ought to go without a bra, Laura, at least sometimes. It feels really neat: free and loose. And, of course, sometimes your blouse will rub just right and feel sooo sexy. Of course, it can be distracting in the middle of class.” We laughed and then joked about getting excited in old Mr. Hickson’s history class.

“I don’t think I could get excited in his class even if my hands were on my boobs the whole time” I blurted out.

“You just don’t have the right technique, girl,” she said as she jumped to the bed. Then very secretly “I got some good advice from this book my mom has. I found it way up on the shelf in her closet, and it has pictures and lots of ideas. I tried several different ways till I found this one that feels sooo good. Then she continued more matter of factly, “I was looking for condoms cause mom keeps saying she won’t get pregnant again, but I hear them making it in there every once in a while. They wait till late when they think I’m asleep. Do you masterbate, I mean since we lost our virginity?”

Technically, neither of us were virgins anymore. But that’s another story, one we again went through together. I was glad to get the subject off of her parents, though, a picture I didn’t want in my head. But shifting to me was uncomfortable too.

“Sometimes,” I admitted. “It feels funny, a nice funny. But maybe you’re right. It probably depends on how you do it.”

“Well, I’ll show you the book tonight,” then she brought her hand up to my chin, “and maybe show you a thing or two,” she offered as she caressed my cheek.

pic”I bet you can, too.” I grabbed her hand in mine. “I bet you do it every night, don’t you?” I said smiling.

“Well, I only found the book last Friday.” And we both laughed.

The game was at my parents’ house, so we would have pizza at Wendy’s. I went home and tried not to think about tonight, or not let on to Mom that I was pre-occupied with it so she’d start asking what was on my mind. I loved her being concerned, but I was more grown than she new, and thought about things she would say “should wait till I was older”. I went down to Wendy’s just before dark, passing her folks coming to my house. They were holding hands like kids. The image of them in bed, her mom’s feet in the air, yelling oh baby! flooded my mind, and I was sure I blushed as we passed. They told me to hurry cause Wendy was waiting, they wouldn’t be too late, maybe 10:30 or 11:00 as usual.

Wendy let me in wearing her summer pajamas, pink shorties with a lacy thin top. Her boobs were apparent beneath the thin material. For some reason, I noticed them more after our talk this afternoon. Then she noticed me noticing, and struck a sway-back, push-em out pose, swaying her chest back and forth. “Like what you see, lady?”

“You tease. I just didn’t expect to see you in pajamas so early. Going to bed soon?”

She laughed her ‘I’m so sexy’ laugh. “We’ll see.”

We had pizza and sodas while watching some TV. Then Wendy left the room for a few minutes, I assumed in the bathroom, but she came back with her mom’s book she had mentioned this afternoon, “Loving Me, Loving You” it was called.

“I’ll clean up this stuff,” she said waving at the paper plates and napkins, “while you go get some pj’s on. Then I’ll show you the book.”

“I didn’t bring any pj’s,” I admitted. “I didn’t know I was spending the night. Can I borrow?” “Sure, you know where they are,” she said with a sweet smile. I really like Wendy. I ran up to her room and rummaged through her jama drawer, grabbing a pair of summer-light pajamas, shorties like Wendy’s, only yellow. I slipped out of my clothes, pausing to view myself in the mirror on the back of her door. I am thin, but athletic from the soccer we still play. My waist is longer than Wendy’s, but just as small, rounding to nice adolescent hips. I turned this way, then that, thinking I was probably sexy looking. Then trotted down stairs. I remembered what she had said about feeling loose and free without a bra and thought that was probably true, conscious now of my nipples rubbing inside the borrowed top.

We sat close together against the couch, as though we were watching a scary movie and each needed the comfort of the other. The book was all about a woman’s body and how to get yourself sexually excited. It was a woman alone at first, showing large color pictures just where everything was, and how it all worked, and how to stimulate your breasts, the most tender sensitive spots on a woman’s body, how to arouse yourself. Wendy pointed out the ways she had already tried. I was silent, feeling inexperienced, but definitely interested.

Later in the book it showed two women together, doing what the one had done for herself earlier, then going further. Wendy said this was where she had gotten her details about oral sex. Why did she need that kind of information, I wondered? I was entranced, though. I had heard of women together, but never imagined what I saw in these pages, in graphic color. The sensitive touching all over, the kissing, full on the lips, then with tongues, breasts being fondled, nipples being licked and kissed and sucked. I could feel my own body getting aroused, though it was new to me, in this way, beyond anything I had done in my own self-exploration. We turned the pages slowly, only murmuring at what we saw, though I could feel Wendy occasionally glancing toward me. She stopped for a long time on one page of photos, one woman spreading the other’s labia apart and putting her tongue into her, licking her clitoris as it got so big it looked like a baby penis, but more buried sort of, then pulling it with her lips, sucking it. There were other positions too, more than I can remember. I was almost overwhelmed by this new experience, intrigued, yet apprehensive. These women made it seem so loving, there looks were genuine and really seemed like they were lost in their senses, not like the stage bunnies in my dad’s Hustler in the garage. I surprised myself as I half imagined Wendy and myself in those pictures, holding each other, loving each other.

“I couldn’t show this to anyone else, you know,” Wendy looked at me with a warm, loving look. “I saw these women the first time and thought of you. Not old or anything like that” she smiled again, “and I am not proposing marriage or anything. But you know how close we are, how we can touch each other without worrying about it like most girls. I don’t know, I just thought of you.” I didn’t know what to say. I could see her emotions were very high, she was actually flushing, her cheeks and lips getting redder. I put my hand on her shoulder and admitted I was just thinking the same thing about her and I. Suddenly, she leaned toward me, and slowly, watching my eyes for permission, brought her lips close to mine. She looked at my lips, my mouth, my nose, then into my eyes again. She must have seen the submission I was feeling as she brought her lips to mine.

As we touched, I was surprised that I wasn’t nervous at all. I could tell Wendy felt the same, that for us this was ok, natural. I knew her lips would be soft. I mean, lips are always soft aren’t they? But this was really my first loving kiss, not a Mom or Dad kiss, not a congratulations girlfriend kiss. But a warm sensuous, loving sexy kiss. Wendy pulled away, and as we looked at each other, we smiled happily. As she leaned toward me again, I ran my tongue over my lips to moisten them, Wendy hesitated and smiled as I did it. Then we moved together, meeting lightly at first. She turned her torso slightly to face me as I leaned back on the foot of the couch.

We didn’t need to speak at all as we anticipated each others moves. Wendy steadied herself with one arm to the floor, her other hand rising to my cheek, while my hands reached out to circle her waist. When our lips came together again, they seemed to blend into one another, melting together as they spread open. My tongue was the first to emerge, I think surprising us both. I brushed past Wendy’s lips, then retreated, then meeting her eyes, returned further, sliding easily into her waiting mouth. I found her own tongue, gliding over it slowly, then around it. Our eyes met again as I pulled it out past her lips, Wendy chasing my tongue with hers. My eyes drifted closed as she spread her mouth over mine and I let her warmness dive deeply into me. I could sense our wetness blending as she searched excitedly over my soft wet inner skin. Then I playfully pulled her warm member in with a little sucking tug, nearly capturing her tongue. She sort of giggled, a funny sound without a tongue to help. We both couldn’t help but laugh at that.

After she calmed down, she looked at me more seriously. “It feels good kissing you. I wasn’t sure how it would be, kissing a girl and all, but I like it fine with you.” We both agreed it made us feel closer, more than friends. She described the sensation stirring in her breasts and vagina, a sort of tingling. I realized my hand was still at her side, my fingers idly skimming her ribs beneath her top. I raised my target slowly, finding the outer swell of her breast, circling below it towards her chest, the swelling increasing only slightly since gravity had little effect on her youngness. I rubbed the underside of her boob, slowly working up toward the tip, but before I got there she kind of shivered, sitting up straighter, but moving into my hand. Our eyes locked as I found her nipple, grasping it between my thumb and finger, massaging it gently. Her face came nearer, her lips drifted to my forehead, my nose, my cheeks, my mouth. Her hand outside her nighty covered mine within, applying more pressure.

“I think we should take this book upstairs,” she whispered, her mouth still against mine. “See what’s in there for us.”

“Mmm,” I mumbled through her lips. “Before your folks come home.” She drew away and glanced at the clock. Not quite 8 p.m. “Lots of time,” she said, then hopped up quickly, reaching down for my hand. I grasped her fingers and rose myself, and we headed for the stairs, one of her hands grasping mine, the other clutching the book. Wendy trotted ahead of me up the stairs. I noticed her tight little buns, how firmly they bounced, the slight sway to her hips. I had noticed these things before, but not with the same feelings, wanting to touch her, hold her. As she reached the top of the stairs she turned, backing toward her room, and grasped the bottom edge of her shortie top, beaming at me, then in one quick motion pulled it over her head and off, her eyelids drooping to a dreamy, sexy look. “Come into my boudoir,” she said, trying her best French accent. I made a little purring, growing sound as I ran toward her.

“Aaa!” she squealed, turning to run into her room. I followed on her heels, then “Wait!” she commanded as I got close, turning towards me. “You have to strip for me. Do a sexy dance.” She was being very commanding all of a sudden. I turned my head slightly, a sly smile on my lips, then began rocking my hips back and forth, seductively sliding my hands over my own breasts, then working my top upwards, slowly uncovering myself , then my top was over my head. Wendy “Ooo’d” and “Aaah’d”, flopping back onto the bed. I turned my back to her and continued moving my hips, bending at the waist, pushing my butt toward her as my fingers caught the edge of my pj bottoms and slowly eased them downward, exposing the top of my crack, then my cheeks. I bent my knees, squatting to the floor, pulling the pjs to my ankles, then straightened my knees quickly, leaving my hands and pjs on the floor, my nude butt staring at her.

“Yes!” She shouted. “I thought you were the shy one.”

I turned to face her as I stepped out of the discarded pajamas, fully nude before her. I had been at least partially nude in Wendy’s presence lots of times before, but I couldn’t remember being totally nude with her, not with these feelings, these desires. “Maybe love is making me crazy,” I countered as I moved toward her. “Love is not shy. Now, where is that book.”

She giggled. “I don’t need it for step one,” she offered. “Now lie here while I see how hard those nipples will get.” They were getting harder already, I thought, as I obeyed her and slide onto the bed. First I lay length wise, as I would to sleep, but she pulled my legs around to the edge of the bed, my butt barely on the surface, legs dangling over the edge. As she moved between my legs, I pulled my feet up onto the edge of the bed, Wendy spreading my knees to give her more room. She leaned over me, her hands sliding down my legs, first to my tummy, then up my sides to coax my arms up over my head, then slowly ran her fingers down through my tender underarms. I shivered as her touch began to re-awaken the sensations I’d felt downstairs. She fixed her attention on my breasts, her fingers gently circling them from base to tip, sending lightning up my spine. My eyes closed, I bite my lower lip, her hands covered me now, rubbing, kneading my soft flesh. I lowered my chin so I could see as she bent further, her lips spreading over my right nipple, the entire end of my breast disappearing into her mouth. I threw my head back again as I arched my back to meet her. She rubbed and nibbled hungrily, my nipple hardening and growing under her caressing. She sucked the dark nubbin upward, then let it escape her mouth, only to retrieved it again, and again. She worked the other nipple with her finger and thumb until she attacked it with her lips and tongue. No one had ever felt my breasts like this, certainly not with this sexual intent, and it was driving me wild.

She continued to nibble at my nipples as her hands slowly traced a path down my sides, back and forth around my waist, to my hips, down my thighs and back up to my waist, then down over my tummy to where my legs joined my abdomen. Her fingers slide down the creases where my thighs spread out, sliding to my crotch. She gently pushed my legs apart further as her mouth and tongue left my breasts, moving down my ribs, pausing to explore my navel. I lifted my head to watch as she licked her way past my tan line to my pubic hair, then grabbed it in her lips playfully. I smiled at her weakly, lowering my arms so I could reach out to her, to brush her cheeks with my fingers. She smiled up at me as she continued down my muff, her tongue slipping out to moisten my hair, playing at the top of my slit. “Oh Wendy,” I moaned. “Keep going,” I begged.

“You smell like you just had a shower,” she commented as she worked lower. I could only nod. She worked her tongue between my labia, spreading the lips, sliding up and down between me. “Oh!” I moaned louder as she came to rest just above my vagina, searching for and finding my clitoris. She worked the tip of her tongue like a finger, or a penis I thought, flicking and rubbing my clit, my hips beginning to rock, my whole stomach and abdomen contracting involuntarily to pull my crotch up to her face. My hands tugged her head closer to me. Then she spread her tongue down through my slit and back up, then slowly worked at the entrance to my vagina. The tip of her tongue just slightly penetrated me, then retreated, then pushed into me further. I felt like my whole body was burning, my vagina was starting to contract, then she pushed her tongue into me deeply, her face pushing against me hard. Suddenly I felt her sliding a finger into me, her tongue moving back to my clit. My body shuddered as she massaged upwards on my vagina, finding the tender base of my clit, sucking the end. Now two fingers were sliding in and out of me, fully up to her knuckles, first rubbing the top, then the bottom, reaching into me, spreading me. I could feel my pussy squeezing her fingers tightly as she reached for my cervex, her lips pulling my clitoris into her mouth. My mind was reeling, my body churning against Wendy’s face and hands. My vagina was pinching her fingers now, my hips rocking. I couldn’t control myself as I forced her face into me, all the muscles between my stomach and my knees it seemed were contracting. I was in a daze for what seemed like several minutes, I don’t know. Slowly, my body began to relax. I realized I was very wet down there, and Wendy continued to lick at me, almost lapping at my pussy. I was helpless, collapsed on the bed, as she began to nibble my clitoris again. It was so sensitive, my hips twitched with each touch of her tongue. Finally, she raised her face to mine, her mouth and chin smeared with my juices. She lay her breasts against mine as she brought her lips to my lips, her tongue to my tongue. I tasted my vagina as Wendy had done, from her mouth. I pressed my face to hers, sucking her tongue, pulling her into me, holding her close to me. We lay there for several minutes, holding each other, before I regained my composure, before my body would relax. “Wendy,’ I said, “I can’t believe it. I…..I couldn’t think….your tongue and fingers….God I couldn’t move.” She kissed my nose.

“Pretty good huh? I can’t believe how tight you got. My fingers were trapped there for a while,” she whispered, her hand gently touching my cheek, then brushing a wisp of hair from my forehead. “Very strong muscles down there girl.”

“I had no idea what it would be like. You hit all the right spots, that’s for sure,” I smiled dreamily at her. “You really attacked my pussy, girl. It’s all over you face,” I said as my fingered wiped a moist spot from her chin.

“Yours too.” she laughed. Then we kissed again, softly, emotionally.

“I want to do it to you,” I said to Wendy as she started to raise off of me. I wasn’t sure I could do what she had done, I couldn’t believe I was even thinking about doing it, but I wanted to try. I wanted to please her as she had me.

“Let’s rinse off some first,” she said, running her tongue over her lips, moving toward the bathroom. I could feel my climax leaving me, my exhilaration waning. I hoped I could keep my courage up to be as sexual, as uninhibited, as Wendy had. I felt like I had just gone along, riding the wave of emotion and physical pleasure she had given me, not really making a decision to make love like that. Now I wanted to make the decision to do it. With Wendy.

When I heard the shower going, I slid off the bed and headed for the bathroom. Wendy was just stepping into the tub as I came in. I watched her firm butt tighten as she tested the stream of water. Then she danced into the water with a squeal. “Ooo! It’s cold!” Her firm breasts jiggled as she bounced and turned under the spray, the light glistening off her wet skin. I sat down on the toilet to pee, and I just watched as she rinsed her head and face, then raised her arms and turned again to rinse each underarm. She squeezed out some liquid soap and began lathering herself, starting at her shoulders, moving through her underarms, around her sides and over her boobs. She seemed to linger there several moments, rubbing them, massaging her nipples, then moved down her front to her tummy, then her abdomen. She got more soap as she raised one leg to the edge of the tub, spreading her crotch. Her soapy hands dove between her legs, the one in front lathering her muff and inner thighs, the other going behind to her cheeks. She ran her fingers between her cheeks, pausing at her asshole to cleanse it thoroughly. Suddenly I looked up to her face and saw she was watching me watching her, and I blushed.

“Enjoying the view?” she asked with a smile.

I wiped myself, then stood by the sliding door. “It feels kinda funny, but yes, I am,” I admitted. She was rinsing herself as I joined her in the tub, feeling the cold water splashing on me. “Ooo, it is cold.” She smoothed her hair back as she stepped out of the stream toward me. “You’ll get used to it quick. It’ll make your nipples hard though,” she said, looking down at her own, flicking one with a fingertip. I could see they were really extended, bigger than usual. I watched as her hand came up to my chin, meeting her eyes as she gently slide across my cheek, to my neck and pulled my face to hers. Her lips were cool as they met mine. My eyes closed as our bodies came together, my arms instinctively circling her waist, our breasts pressing together. I could feel her hard wet nipples against me. She pulled her head back to look at me, our eyes meeting, a smile on her lips. Then her tongue slide out to touch the end of my nose, making me giggle, then she flicked it at my lips, and I nipped at it in fun. She moved close to me again and pushed her tongue between my lips, and I welcomed her warmness as it slide between my lips, and I sucked it deep within, her lips spreading over mine. Wendy began rubbing her chest against me, our breasts mashing together, her nipples occasionally moving against mine. I could feel my excitement growing again. She pulled her face away. “You get finished while I look through the book for something exciting for you to do to my squeeky clean body,” then she gave me a quick kiss and slipped out of the shower. I jumped into the cold water and rinsed myself quickly. I had taken a shower before I came over, but spent time washing my crotch anyway. I wondered what Wendy would come up with for me to do. I was still in wonder at what we were doing tonight, and surprised how much I was enjoying it. The feelings of guilt I had expected had melted away, along with my vanity. I had allowed Wendy to touch me everywhere, my most private areas, exploring me with erotic abandon, and loved it. I was actually excited just thinking about doing the same to Wendy. I was a little apprehensive, maybe, but very willing. I turned off the water and grabbed a towel from the rack.

I dried myself as I walked back into the bedroom. Wendy was flipping through her mother’s book as I approached.

“Hmmm,” she murmured. “This looks really nasty, erotic. I’d feel really exposed in that position, I think.” I looked over her shoulder at a picture of two women on a bed, one with her back against the headboard. The other woman was laying on the bed in the opposite direction, pillows piled under her butt to raise it in the air, one leg stretched up the wall, the other bent at the hip back toward her head. She was sort of resting on her shoulders, her crotch spread upwards before the other woman’s face. The first woman was looking down on the other’s crotch, one arm around the other’s hips, her other hand at the woman’s vagina, spreading her labia so her tongue could enter her. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen.

“Wow,” was all I could say.

“Talk about full access, huh?” Wendy smiled at me. “That’s what I want you to do, till I scream in ecstasy. Will you?” She looked at me excitedly. I was amazed at her abandon. She would be not just nude, not just showing her pussy to me, but presenting it like a drinking fountain.

“Gosh”, I said. “I guess so. I haven’t ever played with someone else like this, you know. So I’ll be guessing some.”

“What I did to you felt good, right?” She responded, encouragingly. “Just massage my clit and vagina like I did. You’ll do fine. God, I’m half excited already just looking at this picture. Let me get some more pillows.” She was up like a shot, trotting to the hall linen closet. I watched her thin athletic body prancing through the house, getting excited myself. Then she was back with two more pillows. She piled them on her own pillow, then climbed onto the bed, feet toward the headboard, raising her rear-end into the air on top of the pile of pillows. As she slide closer to the headboard, raising herself higher she turned her head to me, and reached out to my hand, coaxing me onto the bed. “Come on”, she smiled. I crawled to her side on my hands and knees, then bent over her face, kissing her cheeks, her nose, her lips. My hand went to her breasts, massaging then firmly. She responded with moans of pleasure as I rubbed a nipple between my fingers. Then I kissed my way down her neck, to her chest, and attacked her breasts with my mouth. I wanted to be gentle, but she told me “harder, harder.” When her nipples were very hard, I moved to give her another long, deep kiss, forcing my tongue deeply into her mouth. I could tell she was getting excited now, pulling on my tongue with her lips, grabbing my boobs as I slide my right hand up to her crotch. I rubbed her muff firmly, then spread my fingers over her vagina and slide back and forth from her muff to her cheeks, feeling ever inch of her most private areas. Then I pulled my tongue out of her mouth and rose up, moving to the head of the bed. I positioned myself so I could lean over her crotch, between her spread legs. Her pussy was wide open to me, every feature exposed and turned up to me. I slowly fingered her pubic hair, sliding down to her labia, spreading them as I had watched her do to me. Her clitoris was there for me. I slowly ran my finger between her folds as my face closed on her clit. I could smell her first, a clean washed smell from the shower, along with her womanly fragrance. Then I tasted her, as my tongue reached out and landed, I felt a rush of feeling flood through me. I was fully engrossed in exploring Wendy, feeling her, tasting her.

I licked her clit, then her pussy, then nearly to her ass, then back again to her vagina. She was moaning now, her hand found my thigh and was gripping me. I nibbled her clit for a few moments, feeling it firm under my tongue, seeing it grow. Then I slowly pushed my warm soft tongue into her pussy, then back out, then in deeper, back and forth, deeper and deeper, until my mouth was pressed hard against her, my tongue exploring her as deeply as possible. She was wriggling under me now, her hips pulsing, moaning loudly. I slide my tongue out of her and straight back to her clit, wrapping my lips around it, pulling and sucking it, driving Wendy wild. My hand had gone between her cheeks to massage the tender skin between her holes, my forefinger coming to rest at her asshole, circling it, but she was dry. I pulled my face back to dribble some spit there, rubbing it into her ass with my finger, gently penetrating her. “Oh God!” she yelled. “Oh!” I slowly increased my pressure as I moistened her more, entering her ass fully, then retreating, then entering her again. Wendy’s hips began rocking, she was yelling at me to do it, do it. I again attacked her clit and vagina with my mouth and tongue. Then as she was pumping her hips quicker and quicker, I slid my thumb into her pussy and pressed it against my finger in her ass, sliding them both in and out of her holes. My lips pulled on her clit as she climaxed, my mouth against her.


Her pussy was moist since I started but became wet in a hurry. Her hand on my thigh gripped me strongly as she winced and screamed in pleasure. I watched as her face twisted, hers eyes shut tight, her other hand squeezing her own breast. Her clit was firm between my lips, her juices covering my mouth and chin and cheeks, her pussy and her asshole pinching hard on my finger and thumb. I knew she was climaxing, that I had brought her to the point of oblivion I had felt. I stayed with her for what seemed like several minutes as she contracted on my thumb again and again. Finally I pulled my finger from her ass first, but continued to slowly rub her pussy and lick her clit until she began to relax. Then I pulled away from her and turned my body till I faced her, her eyes dreamily gazing at me, and I bought my mouth to hers, pushing my tongue covered with her juices deep into her mouth. I could tell she was responsive, but weak with erotic exhaustion. Somehow she had gone to the edge of feeling under my touch. I was so happy for her, and proud. I helped her off the pile of pillows to lie beside me, and we held each other. We lay there for quite some time, looking at each other, kissing occasionally, caressing each others faces, breasts, abdomens, thighs, muffs, but mostly just holding. We were both taken by surprise, I think, by our sex that night. Knowing we were close friends, knowing we wanted to experience our first sex together, but not dreaming how deeply we would arouse each other. How close we would feel now. I could see in Wendy’s eyes that she felt more for me than she had before, closer, a part of me. And I felt the same toward her.

Jul 23

A Little Lesbian Trickery

A Little Lesbian Trickery

Super Sexy Naughty Hardcore Lesbian Sex StoryI stepped off of the bus and saw all the kids pour into the school just before the bell rang.  I could already tell it was going to be a very strange day.  I quickly made my way over to my locker.  Laura was already standing there stuffing books into her bag.


“Looks like you’re a little late.  What happened?”

“I forgot to set my alarm.”

“Ha ha, oh I mean, that’s too bad.”

I glared at her and quickly shoved my civics book and some gym clothes into my book bag.

“Come on.  We’re gonna be late.”

We rushed down the steps and walked into the hallway leading to the
locker rooms just before the bell rang.

“Morning ladies.  Looks like you’re running a little late this
morning.”  It was our gym teacher, Miss White.  She was really nice and
we both knew she wouldn’t mark us tardy.

“Sorry Miss White, it won’t happen again.”

She smiled at me warmly, “That’s okay.  I’ll let you off with a
warning.  Hurry up and get changed.”

Laura and I both hurried to the now empty locker room and quickly
started to change.  I slipped out of my jeans and pulled a pair of
shorts.  I then pulled off my shirt.  Just as I was pulling on my other
one I saw Miss White in her office staring at me.  After I pulled the
shirt over my head I saw that she was gone.  I figured it had been my
imagination.  I walked over to the mirror and pulled my hair back into a

“Come on Laura.”

“Yeah yeah I’m coming.”

We left the locker room and walked into the gym and sat down.  Class
had obviously not started yet because everyone was talking.  A short
time later Miss White walked in and we all quieted down.

“Okay class, since it is Friday and you aren’t having a test I think
I’ll make today open gym.”  There were loud cheers from the class and
the boys started to organize a game of basketball.

“Whatcha wanna do Laura?”

“Let’s just sit and talk.”


We both sat down and we started to talk about things.
At various points in the conversation I would look over and see Miss
White staring at me and then she would look away. I tried to pretend
that they were just coincidental looks but eventually I saw that she was
purposely staring at me.  Partly why I figured I was imagining things
was because I had had a crush on Miss White for the past few weeks.  I
had secretly had my own little fantasies about her but I had never told
anyone about them.  I looked at her now in her baggy t-shirt and tight
shorts and I felt my heart start to pound.  Suddenly I noticed Laura was
looking at me weird.

“Hey Celeste, have you heard one word I said?”

“Huh?  What?  Oh yeah, sure.”

“Okay, then what did I just say?”

“Well, I don’t know.”

“Ha!  You weren’t paying attention.  I knew it!”

“Well aren’t you a regular genius.  Really, your wit astounds me.”

“Oh shut up!”

Just as I was about to reply with a sharp comment Miss White blew her
whistle and told us to go change.  As I was walking out of the gym I
felt someone tug on my shoulder.  I turned around and saw Miss White.
“Is there something you want?”

“Yes, I want to see you in my office after school.”

“But Miss White I didn’t anything.”

“I know.  Just meet me in my office after school.”

“But I might miss my bus.”

“Don’t worry I’ll give you a ride home.”

“Okay.”  I rushed to locker room and quickly changed clothes.  Then I
ran out the door and joined Laura in the hall.  “Sorry I yelled at you
back there.”

“That’s okay.  I’m sorry too.  What took you so long to get here?”

“Oh, Miss White had something to say to me.”

“Oh.  Like what?”

“Well she said she wanted to see me after school.”

“That’s weird.  Are you in trouble?”

“No, she just said she wanted to see me.”

“Wow, that is weird.”

“Oh, that reminds me.  My parents are going on a business trip for a
week and they said the only way they would leave me home is if I had
someone staying with me so I was wondering if you wanted to stay.  I
figured since next week’s spring break your parents wouldn’t care.”

“I’ll have to ask my mom but I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

“Okay, you wanna come over tonight or tomorrow?”

“I have dance tonight so tomorrow would be better.”

“Okay, I think I’ll be able to survive one night alone.  See ya’

I walked into my civics class just as the bell rang and I
quickly took my seat.  The rest of the day pretty much dragged on and we
didn’t do much in any of our classes because of the upcoming break.
Finally it was the end of the day and I walked down to the hall that
lead to the locker rooms.  I walked into the locker room and saw Miss
White in her office.

“Well, you got down here faster than I expected.  Did you call your
parents to tell them you would be late?”

“No, they’re going to be gone for a week on a business trip.”
“So you’ll be alone in the house?”

“Actually no I’m having Laura stay with me.”

“Well that’s good.  Go ahead and take a seat and take your jacket off.
It tends to get a little stuffy in this room.”

I pulled off my jacket and sat in the chair closest to her as I was
instructed to do.

“So, how are you?”

“I’m fine why?”

She placed her hand on my thigh.  “Well, you seem a little tense.
Here, let me loosen you up.”

She got out of her seat and walked behind
me and started to massage my shoulders.

“What in the world are you doing?”

“Damn, am I being too obvious about this?”

“About what?”

“Haven’t you noticed me staring at you lately like today in the locker
room and during class?”

“I thought it was just my imagination.  What does that have to do with

She walked around and crouched in front of me.

“I have wanted you ever since the day I first saw you.”

I went into total shock.  Did I hear her correct?  Had she really been
wanting me since the beginning of the year?

“What are you saying?”

She pushed her lips against mine and kissed me passionately.

“I’m saying I want you.”

I felt a warmth in between my legs and I started to ache down there.

“Oh, so that’s why you called me down here.”

She softly caressed my cheek with her hand.

“Yes.  So, you wanna go back to my place?”

I smiled, “How about we go to mine?”

She wickedly smiled at me.  “Okay.”

We both left her office and we walked out to the parking lot and walked
to her car.  I got in and gave her directions on how to get to my house
and we drove off.  When we got my house I opened the door and we quickly
made our way upstairs to my room.  Miss White got there first and she
laid down on my bed.

“You look so good.”

“I know.”

I got on the bed and my body hovered above hers.  I leaned down lower
and kissed her neck.  Then I passionately kissed her on the lips and  my
tongue probed her mouth.  Then she pulled away.

“Why were you so easy to seduce?”

I went back to planting soft kisses on her neck.  “Because I’ve had a
crush on you for a while.”


“Yeah, I did some staring of my own while you weren’t looking.”

“You do know no one can know of this.  If someone finds out I could
lose my job.”

“Don’t worry, if anyone finds out anything I’ll tell them I seduced

She smiled, “Okay.”  Then in one smooth motion she pulled off her
shirt.  I reached around her and unsnapped her bra.  I picked it up and
threw it aside.  I saw that her nipples were already very erect.  I put
my mouth around one of her breasts and I teased her nipple with my
tongue.  “Oh god that feels so good.”  With that I started to lick her
other nipple.  Then I moved down and started to kiss all of her body.  I
kissed all down her arms and then started to kiss her stomach.  Then, I
moved my hands lower and I pulled off her shorts.  Underneath she was
wearing a pair of black silk panties.  I continued to kiss down her body
and I slowly peeled off her panties, exposing her shaven pussy.  Then
before I could slip my tongue inside of her she pulled me back up so
that we were face to face and she rolled over so that she was on top of
me.  She gave me a very wet and passionate kiss on the lips and then she
started to pull off my t-shirt.  Then she cupped her hands over my
breasts and she pulled off my bra and rolled my nipples between the
thumb and forefinger of her hands.  She kissed my neck and shoulders.  I
moaned in pleasure as she placed her mouth on my breast.

She lightly kissed it and then moved to the other one.  Then, she kissed
lower and pulled off my jeans and my underwear.  I then turned her so
that her pussy was in my face and I eagerly put my tongue in between her wet
lips.  She stuck her finger inside of my tight hole and started to lick
all the juices that were oozing out of me.  I started to run circles
around her swollen clit with my tongue and made them smaller and smaller
until it was on her clit.  I put my lips around it and started to
lightly suck on it.  She started to moan in pleasure and she took her
finger out of my vagina and stuck her tongue in.  My hips started to
sway meeting each thrust of her tongue.  I kept sucking on her clit and
we both started to scream in pleasure.  We both orgasmed at the same
time and I lapped up all of the sweet juices that were flowing out of
her.  Then she licked my pussy clean and turned herself around and laid
next to me.  She then rested her head on my breast.

“That was wonderful.”

“I agree.”

We just sat there in silence for a while, holding each other.  Then,
Miss White got up and started to dress.

“What are you doing?”

“I am getting dressed.  I should get home before Laura gets here.  We
don’t want anyone to find out about this.”

“Well, Laura isn’t coming over until tomorrow,” I smiled, “I was hoping
that you would stay for the night.  I would hate to be alone in this

She smiled back, “Is that the only reason you want me to stay?”

I got off the bed and pulled her body close to mine.  “Not the only

I gave her a passionate kiss that lasted for a few minutes.
She stopped dressing and kissed me back.

“Is that a yes?”


“Who could say no to you?”  She moved her hand and stuck her middle
finger inside of my already relubricated vagina.  My muscles tightened
around her finger and I placed my hand on her breast…

Jul 23

Pissing Seduction

Not a Lesbian Picture but for a ryLesbian Sex StoryPissing Seduction

The movie had begun for almost 15 minutes. I was late. I still had to go to the toilet. I had to piss. When I entered the toilet I saw a woman weeping. There shouldn’t be anybody there when the movie had started. But we were there, she and me. She might have been below thirty. It was hard to tell by her haphazard appearance.


Although it was none of my business I asked her what was wrong with her. For some reason she burst out into tears. I did not know what to do. I wanted to calm her down. To my great relief she hold herself together and stopped weeping. I gave her a tissue. She wiped out her tears. Still her face was swollen, sign of crying for a long time.

I again asked what was wrong with her. This time she did not demonstrate any outbursts. She has pulled herself a little. She said it was her husband. He always beats her up. Tonight the beating was too much for her to stand. She had fled here. Tears again came in her eyes as she was describing her husband’s brutality.

It was a very sad situation. I wanted to do something for her. I gave her my deepest consolation. I knew it was not enough. But what else could I do?

I gave her a sisterly hug. She again burst into tears in-between by arms. This crying business was really becoming intolerable. I had to do something. I started telling her about my own life. About my ex-husband. About the unbearable things he did to me. How I got separated. And now living in peace and happiness.

My story gave her some relief. At least I thought that. Then she started saying about what will she do now. She has no where to go. What will become of her. How is she going to live alone. Her whining was getting boring.

The urine pressure was too much inside my belly. I knew I had to piss. And I had to piss soon. The pressure was so that I could piss right there. I wanted to do that on her face. What an asshole! The lowest kind of worm I have ever seen in my life! Why can’t she take control of her life like everybody else. Such a childish baby! Have to tell her everything.

She again started to tell how her husband beats her. This time with details. He did this that day and that the other day. She was telling what he does when having sex. How he bites her breasts terribly. How he tortures her puss. It seemed the story of sexual brutality will never end.

I could wait no more. I went to a commode, let down my jeans and panties and started to piss. I was so anxious to do that I even forgot to close the door. She was right there in front of me. I was totally bottomless. She was surprised. Her story had stopped. She was standing there speechless staring at me. Her eyes pointed right at my pissing puss.

‘What is it? Never seen a nude woman before?’ I asked.

She was a little embarrassed. ‘No, not that. Its so abnormal!’

‘What’s so abnormal about pissing? You are talking like you have never pissed in your whole life.’

‘No, I mean in this way.’ She replied.

‘What way? In front of you? Now listen I needed to piss and I needed it badly. Don’t make any other sense from it. You are no stranger to me.’

‘No, no I didn’t. I could not even think that about you? No way you can be a …’

‘A what? Lesbian? What’s wrong with being a lesbian? Look honey, do you have any problem with that?’

She shook her head and said ‘No, not me. But it’s not normal, is it?’

‘You wanna say lesbian sex is not normal? Who told you bullshits like that? Take my advise, its the most natural thing that comes to we girls. Now what would you call your husband’s behavior? Normal?’

‘No way. I just heard things about the lesbians. I don’t really know what is true and what is not.’

I was beginning to think she might be someone I was looking for. Helpless, looking for love and care. I made my move. ‘I say its normal. I have been a lesbian ever since I had got divorced.  And its one of the sweetest thing that ever happened to me. You bet lesbianism is as normal as any other thing.’

She did not talk for sometime. I knew she was becoming horny. ‘She is for me.’ I said to myself. She was thinking something. But she never stopped looking at my nudity. I had finished pissing long ago, but did not get up. I sat right there.

After sometimes she said, ‘You are right about my husband’s abnormal behavior. I cannot call it anything but abnormal. Look what he did to me tonight.’ Saying this she unbuttoned her blouse. She did it very fast. My breathing had stopped for a moment. The bra was torn. Somebody did his best to demolish it and the breast under it. Her whole left breast was clearly visible. The nipple was erected. The huge breast had numerous black and blue marks on it. Some old, some fresh. One fresh deep mark around the nipple clearly showed her husband’s teeth. It was terrible. I could only say, ‘That’s inhuman.’

‘You think that’s inhuman! Wait, If you can see this!’ She hastily unhooked her bra. Her breast was completely nude. I could see her left breast. It’s condition was worse than the other one.

‘Oh, honey I can’t see anymore of this. Those boobs of yours need care and affection. Come here let me see those closely.’

She walked in. ‘Close the door, honey. We don’t want any intrusion in our womanly affairs, do we?’ She did so. We were alone in that small chamber. Two half nude women, hungry for love.

‘Don’t just stand there. Sit. Let me see what I can do about those breasts of yours.’ She sat on my lap. Over my spreaded thighs. My head was just in front of her open breasts.

I put my hand on her back. Cupped her left breast with the other. ‘Such a wonderful thing. How can anybody do this to it?’

She said nothing. Just moaned. I started to rub the poor thing. I started rubbing them using both of my hands. She was enjoying it very much. I could tell that from her face.

She put her hands around my neck. Started to rub the neck gently. Soon she started to attract my head towards her. My face was in-between her breasts. I could not but kiss them. I put her left nipple inside my mouth. So hard it was! My mouth was sucking it. My tongue swirling around the hard erected nipple. ‘Ahhhhh’ she hissed.

My hands were rubbing her back under her unbuttoned blouse. They hold her closer to me. I wanted to feel the nakedness of her back. It was so smooth. Smooth as silk, and loving as fur. Her body was hot like molten lava. Her warmth and my warmth lost in each other.

I started fondling with her other breast. The swollen mummery jumped as my hand was stroking it. The soft large ball was nice to play with. It felt even nicer to squeeze. I pinched her nipple a little. Started squeezing it between my fingers. She responded with a ‘uhh’.

She put one of her hand on my naked thighs and started caressing it. Her other hand was on my belly. Soon they found their way down. Down over my pubic mound. She started pulling my pubic hair. It felt so good. She went down a little more. Now over my sensible lips. Her hands were fingering them in a gentle manner. I was getting more and more excited. Her loving touch was so nice. I could not stand it. I gave her nipple a gentle bite.

I was so nasty with my tongue. My tongue was swirling faster and faster. Licking all out of her mummery. I started sucking it like a little child. I could listen her breaths getting heavier and faster.

Her hand now moved away from my thigh over my naked buttocks. She started caressing them. Making full use of my wonderful butts. Her fingers found the position in-between them. Her fingers went down a little. They found my asshole. She was rubbing both of my holes in front and in back. This double fucking went on. Two of her fingers pierced my pussy. They started fucking it in and out. Her large nails scratched my inner skin. It was painful yet full of pleasure.

I wanted to give back something she was giving. I wanted to fuck her ass. I let my hand slid from her back through her skirt. Oh, my, nothing. There was nothing. She just forgot to wear anything under. I hurriedly pulled up her skirt revealing her puss and butts. I put both of my hands on her butt. I attracted her hip towards me. There was only her fucking hand between my belly and her pussy. Her pubic mound was getting rubbed as she was moving her fingers between my thighs. My hands started giving it all to her ass and asshole.

The other breast needed some attention too. I turned my sucking mouth to it. I sucked and sucked. I kissed it from top to bottom, from left to right. Sucking, kissing, swirling, teasing went on for eternity.

Her hand just touched my clit right at that moment. ‘Oh, please.’ I could not express the pleasure I got by that. She started rubbing it between her fingers. Oh, I knew I could not hold much longer. Oh, aahhhh… Let me explode! My muscles around the vagina started squeezing and relaxing rapidly. Her fingers went on rubbing my clit despite the violent agitation at that region. My hip started to thrust her. It was near. Coming closer and closer with ever stroke. Ahhh… I exploded. A terrible wave of excitement hit me. My breathing stopped. My eyes closed. There was nothing around me for a moment. Only me and my pleasant body. Waves of joy and movement hit one by one. These were getting weaker and weaker. Soon it all stopped. I felt happy and Satisfied. My hands became loose. My body relaxed.

I soon came out of relaxation. I knew my partner needed satisfaction. After all I could not let her hanging in-between after what she had done for me. I quickly lifted her buttocks up. This made her to stand up. Her puss was facing my mouth. That was just what I had wanted. I did not waste any time sinking my face between her thighs. I spread her legs a little bit to make her secret spot reachable. Once her lips were close to my mouth I started to kiss them. I tickled them with my tongue. I gradually moved my tongue around in search of her clit. I touched it gently. She cried out a little. She was moaning. Her hands moving impatiently over my neck. I started to tickle the clit. It was hard with excitement. Her hip started to move. It was thrusting over my face. Her hands shoved my head in as her hip was thrusting. Each time my tongue was hitting her clit harder and harder. It was making her mad. Her hip movement became faster and faster. More and more impatient. Her buttocks were vibrating. Her vagina muscles shrinking and spreading. It was now or never. Suddenly her hip thrust violently. A series of thrusts followed. Those became slower and softer. Everything stopped with a sound of satisfaction.

‘Oh, thank you. Thank you very much. I needed that.’

‘How does it feel to enjoy lesbian sex?’ I asked.

‘Great. Simply great. I never had such sex with my husband.’

‘Of course you didn’t. We women know how to please another woman, don’t we?’ I said.

‘We certainly do. By the way sweetheart I did not ask your name.’

‘Oh, its Lisa. You did not tell your name either.’

‘Its Jennifer. But you may call me Jenny…’

With some pause she said, ‘Its nice, isn’t it? I cannot forget it… I will be looking forward to meet you again.’ She smiled saying that.


‘You bet. You know what, this may be the beginning of a new relationship.’

Jul 22

A night to remember

Want to Read a Nasty Gang Bang Sex StoryA night to remember

I was only unfaithful once between Joe arriving back from London and our wedding – at my hen party. He was away for the week-end and I went to a club with all my mates. The drink was flowing as I knew this evening was my last night of freedom as a single woman. I was very tipsy and flirted with every man who danced with me. Drew was tall, broad and ruggedly handsome and I knew when we started dancing he was the one I would let part my pubes later, my last lover before matrimony. I never expected the night to turn out the way it did. Drew and I danced close, I rubbed my box hard against his prick as we shared each other’s tongues in long passionate kisses. I asked Drew to be careful with his hands, they were lifting my skirt as he caressed my ass ‘I have no knickers on under my mini-skirt’. This had the desired effect and he asked me to grab my coat from the cloakroom. When I returned wearing it a slow set of dances had just begun and Drew asked me to join him. We had only started dancing close together when I felt Drew’s cock slip up between my legs and he commenced to dry ride me. I spluttered about what was he doing but he answered ‘ your long coat will stop anyone seeing what’s happening’. His prick was rubbing hard against my clit and sending delicious shivers throughout my body and I was quickly becoming soaking wet. After a few minutes dry riding the head of his cock parted the lips of my pubes and slipped up into me and he continued shafting me right there on the dance floor with hundreds of people around us. The excitement of screwing in such a public place meant both of us came before the set was over and I helped to slip his dick back in his trousers before we parted and made our way to the exit.


Drew took me on to a party where most of my mates had already gone. I continued to drink too much and everyone kept offering me more as it was my hen night. I was dancing with Drew when he took his shirt off – I responded by taking my blouse off and everyone started clapping. The more clothes we took off the more they clapped and there was a mighty cheer when my skirt came off and everyone saw I had no knickers on. I was dancing with only my bra and shoes on. Drew removed my bra and chucked it into the crowd – we were both naked and my big tits were jiggling up and down as we danced. He leaned back and pushed his erect cock up towards me and I dropped to my knees and took it in my mouth. The audience clapped in time with my head bobbing backwards and forwards on his dick. I could taste the juices from my cunt still on his knob as I let it sink deeper and deeper into my mouth. My right hand played with his balls and my left tickled his anus. His cum hit my throat with force and caused me to rock back on my heels until the pressure of his spurts eased and the crowd chanted ‘drink his cum’ as they clapped and his hot cream pumped down my gullet. ‘My turn now’ I said to Drew as I sat on a chair with my legs wide apart ‘ you eat me now’. His face was buried tight into my beaver before I felt his tongue enter my crack and work it’s way up towards my clit. I grabbed huge handfuls of his long black hair as he ate my pussy and drank my juices and his own cum from earlier. My cunt was burning as his tongue gave me delight. By the time I came Drew’s cock was hard again and he had me turn round and grip onto the chair as he bucked me from behind. From this position as he shafted me I could see that most of the others had found partners and were indulging in humping or oral fucking themselves. My pussy was being pummelled by Drew’s dick sending ripples of delight up and down my spine. As the tempo of his strokes increased I readied myself to receive the contents of his balls into my cunt for the second time that night. I came as his hot juices fired into my belly and I repeatedly contracted the muscles of my vagina to drain every drop of spunk from his cock. He stood gasping for breath and his knees shaky as his prick shrunk and involuntarily vacated my lovehole. He was spent but I was ready for more cock, after all, this was my last night of freedom. His cries ‘I’m coming’ as he shot his load in me focused the others’ attention on us again and when they realised Drew was no use to me any longer a few of the men started to run their hands over my body as they lay me down on the thick, soft rug. There were at least four or five of them stroking my body when the lights were turned off, plunging the room into total darkness. My other senses heightened in the blackness and each caress gave me exquisite pleasure, all the more because I couldn’t anticipate or know who did it. I was lost in a sea of hands as they rubbed my tits, pinched my nipples and fingered my cunt. I writhed in pleasure under the onslaught of so much stimulation and came repeatedly as unseen lovers titillated me from head to toe exploring every nook and cranny of my eager and willing body. I parted my legs to accommodate a new lover, I didn’t know who he was but his big prick wanted to fill my steaming pussy and I was anxious to have his meat inside me. I could tell from the loud groans my pussy wasn’t the only one being poked and the raunchy sounds of others fucking strengthened my own climaxes. My unseen lover emptied his balls into me, I knew from the thickness and volume of his juices it was the first time he had come in a while, certainly tonight. His cum had only started running down the crack of my arse when someone else took his place between my legs and continued where he had left off. My legs were brought up over his shoulders as he sought to bury his cock deep into my very being. He shafted me continuously each stroke of his dick bringing me closer to another orgasm. I didn’t count how many men screwed me and I never knew who they were, my pussy was raw by the time someone turned the lights back on. I fought my way through a sea of naked bodies to find my clothes and dress, I was glad I was on the pill, no other form of contraception would withstand the amount of cum inside me and the fucking I’d had tonight. I slept contentedly that night knowing my hen night had been a night to remember.

My wedding day was bright and sunny as August days should be and it was everything I’d hoped and prayed it would be, everything was perfect except my wedding night. We had arranged to take the ferry from Belfast to Liverpool before transferring to Manchester for our flight to Barcelona and on to Caletta on the Spanish Costa Dorada. One of Joe’s brothers had arranged two bottles of Champagne to be delivered to our cabin after we sailed and that brought our first marital problem. We had agreed because of all the hustle and bustle we wouldn’t attempt to make love on our first night but after a few glasses of bubbly Joe tried his hand. The last thing I wanted to do right then was to let Joe ride me so I feigned a headache brought on by the excitement of the day and the champagne. We were only hours into our marriage and I was making excuses already to avoid consummating our vows. Joe proceeded to drink the rest of the two bottles on his own before falling into a drunken slumber and establishing a pattern for the first week of our honeymoon. I didn’t want to fuck – Joe got drunk – we had a row – we went to bed separately. This is how the week progressed until Joe went to Barcelona on the Sunday for the bullfight. I was not interested and arranged to stay by the pool all day knowing it would be after midnight before my husband returned as the excursion also took in the floodlit fountains of Barcelona before the coach brought him back. We had been married for almost a week and yet we hadn’t once had sex, we were talking about having the marriage annulled when we got back to Belfast although I’m not sure how all the previous times we’d fucked before we were married would affect such a petition but we were certainly having a very shaky start to wedded bliss.

Joe left me in bed to catch his early coach to the bullfight. I lay on till nearly ten o’clock before making the last sitting for breakfast. After breakfast I lounged by the pool working on my tan until lunch-time. I didn’t fancy a big meal so I went to the bar for a snack and met Juan. I was having a toasted sandwich and a glass of cool wine when I saw him watching me. He was really handsome with his naturally tanned skin matching his black hair and dark, dark brown eyes. I was wearing only my bikini and towel round my waist when I sensed someone’s eyes watching me. I knew when I looked at Juan he appreciated my full boobs emphasised in my scanty costume and I saw him look where the towel fell away exposing the tops on my legs at my crotch. I glimpsed his body in return and noticed he was tall, slim with a neat butt and the beginning of a swelling at his crotch. He walked over and offered to replenish my glass of vino, I acceded and he joined me. I explained I was recently married and that Joe, my husband, had gone to Barcelona for the bullfight and that I was only accepting his hospitality on strictly platonic grounds. ‘Of course’ he replied ‘ but I would never leave such a beautiful lady to attend a bullfight’. I was flattered and blushed and agreed with him that Joe shouldn’t have left me on our honeymoon to go see six bulls being slaughtered. We chatted together easily as we drank chilled wine and time pasted without realisation.

He asked if I would care to join him for dinner and as I was on my own I agreed. We dined by candlelight and drank champagne followed by liqueurs. When Juan suggested a walk on the beach after our meal it seemed the most natural thing in the world and I accepted. It was only as we left the dining room I realised it was dark but Juan assuaged my reservations and we headed onto the beach. I took off my shoes and felt the still warm sand on my feet and between my toes. We walked together alongside the Mediterranean, away from the bustle of the hotel for some distance before Juan took my hand and spun me round towards him. He kissed me and the passion in his lips and the drink made my head spin. I knew I should stop this, I was married now or was I,were we going to have the whole thing annulled? I returned the urgency of his kisses and didn’t resist as he eased us both down unto the sand. My towel became our bed and I removed my bikini as Juan took off his shirt and shorts. We lay naked under the Spanish stars and I felt his cock fill the emptiness in my cunt. I rose up to meet him as his shaft entered me driving deep into my insides. He fucked me hard and fast answering both our impatience. I burst into tears of relief as he came in me. As his hot cum washed my insides hot tears streamed down my face. He kissed them dry and asked ‘why do you cry, do you regret we make love?’ ‘No’ I replied and explained what had been happening between Joe and myself all week. He kissed me gently all over my face before his lips found my breasts and nipples, he teased them for ages before I felt his tongue hot on my clit. He teased me with his mouth until I came and once more began crying. His kisses returned to my cheeks and as once more they dried I felt his cock enter me again. Our rhythm was slower, more deliberate this time and we gently fucked each other as the tide washed our ankles. The surf continued to rise as we screwed and intermittently lapped my pussy before I experienced the pleasure on Juan’s cum invade me again. We lay in each other’s arms kissing till his manhood left me. I was starting to sober up and made my excuses to Juan before quickly dressing and heading in embarrassed silence back to the hotel. I kissed Juan on the cheek as we neared the beach gate and rushed to reception for my key. Before going to bed I washed away all signs of Juan and rinsed my bikini. I was dozing off just as Joe arrived back from Barcelona. He quickly prepared for bed and apologised for disturbing me before we both succumbed to oblivion.

I awoke before Joe and lay contemplating what I had done the day before. I was an adulteress and I felt a different guilt now that I was married. I kissed Joe awake and felt his morning hard prod my belly. I eased down the bed and took his cock in my mouth as my finger worked overtime on my pussy to make it open and wet. As soon as I felt certain I could take his cock I straddled him and impaled myself on his erect member. I rode him, my tits dangled round his face till he shot his hot spunk inside me. I rolled off immediately, my guilt temporarily abated and snuggled into my husband. ‘What was that for, I’d given up hope that we ever would, if I’d known a day away from you would bring this response I’d have gone sooner’ he chirped. ‘I thought if I took the bull by the horns so to speak we’d get the problem out of the way’ I lied. The last thing I could admit was I had fucked him out of guilt, I’d consented to being shafted because I had let another man screw his bride before he had.

Joe and I made love a number of times during the remainder of our honeymoon but they were just as empty and guilt-ridden as our first time. The night before our departure I went for a late swim in the pool while Joe had his customary night-cap or six. I was enjoying the cool water massaging my body when I heard someone dive into the pool. The water broke in front of me and Juan appeared inches from my face. He had me in his arms and was kissing me before I had recovered from the shock. He edged me to the side of the pool and had my bikini bottoms off before I could protest. I guided his cock into my love canal and he fucked me in the pool against the side. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he drove deep into my pussy, time and time again till his balls erupted in a torrent of hot semen that gushed in waves around my vagina and womb. We had only broken and swum playfully away when I was startled by my husband’s voice. Had he seen Juan fuck me? ‘I going on up to the room, – don’t tell me there’s another idiot swimming at this time of night’ he said in innocence and ignorance. I was standing a few feet from my husband, practically naked, another man’s cum still hot in my belly and it really turned me on. My clit was throbbing from the excitement of such a close escape as Joe headed for our room. Juan swam back to me. I loath my face in water but I overcame it to duck under and suck Juan’s cock back to life. I asked him to ride me again as I told him of how near we had been to being caught by my husband. The second fuck was short but sweet, afterwards Juan had to swim round to find the rest of my bikini before I could go to my room and finish packing. I went to sleep that night with bittersweet memories of my honeymoon mingled with the warmth from Juan’s cum in my belly of our two rides in the hotel pool.


I maintained my marriage vows for a few years after we returned to Belfast but I did slip eventually but I’ll save the story of how I did for another day.