Jul 21

Real Live Escapade

Nasty Whore Cum Pussy FilledReal Live Escapade

I’ m scared! I’ve never done anything like this before and in a minute
it’ll be my turn to go out on stage and start dancing. I think about why I’m here and I feel a quivering in my stomach as my music starts. I strut out onto the stage and feel the music start to move me, I can’t see anybody for the lights but I can hear the noise in the room as I begin to strip. I feel dirty, knowing many strange men are staring at my body as I remove each piece of clothing. I sway and shake my tits, feeling a sense of power. ” Me, they are all staring at me!” I finish my dance and go backstage, my knees weak and my pussy on fire, I have to touch myself, I slide my hands to my clit and shudder as I cum. Another girl looks on and tells me it’s always like that the first time, she laughs and says I’ll get used to it, it’ll be just a job soon. ” Here’s the fun part”, she says,” now you go out and work the room”.


I walk out wearing only my panties and stockings and
men, men are all over the place, most are watching the stage but enough are
watching the other girls and me as we move from table to table. I feel
hands putting money in my panties, ones and fives, the occational ten as I
move around the room, talking, flirting and running my hands over chests. I
see a big chocolate colored man, he’s so beautiful I just walk over and sit
in his lap, my arms around his neck. He laughs as I pull his face between
my tits, the vibration against my chest sending tingles to my cunt. I know
I must move to other tables but the bulge I feel against my ass has me so
wet I can hardly move. I stand and see a bill in his hand, it’s a fifty
dollar bill and I can see there’s something folded in it, he tucks it deep
into my panties and I can feel his fingers brush my cuntlips as he pulls
his hand away. I move to other tables as he gets up and leaves with his
friends, the rest of the night is a blur of men, hands and music. Soon,
much quicker than I imagined the night is over,and I count my tips, I’ve
made over three hundred dollars and as I open the fifty I see it’s a hotels
name and a room number, I leave the club, still very excited and get in my
car, I’m driving around and look up to see the hotel where that big,
goodlooking black man is staying. I don’t know how I got here but I know
what I’m going to do, I knock on the door of room 636 and he answers, I
step into the room and his arms, my face tilted up as he kisses me.

I can feel his hands undressing me and I fumble for his belt buckle, I’ve got to
have this man inside me! I drop to my knees and gaze in awe at the cock he
pulls from his pants, it must be all of 13 inchs long and very thick, I try
to get as much in my mouth as I can but I can only get about half in, it’s
stretching my lips as I slide it in and out, he tells me theres a way I can
get more, he sits on the bed and tells me to bend over at the waist and try
from that angle, I do and yes’ I can get a little more in. I suck him in as
deep as I can, until it hits the back of my mouth, I bob my head up and
down the length of him and I feel his hands gently cup my head, moving
along with it as I lick and suck him. His hands tighten in my hair, I can
feel him grasping harder as I feel other hands on my hips! I try to look
around but he pulls me down hard on his cock, it hits the back of my mouth
and I gag as I feel a strange cock push its way into my cunt! I moan as he
starts to slam his dick in me, hard and fast, the hands at my head pulling
me up and down, fucking my mouth, each time pushing to the limit, I shake
as I feel myself cumming from this rough treatment, I gasp and he pushs my
head down another few inchs. I can feel him sliding into my throat as he
groans and pulls me closer to him, my lower lip brushs his balls and I
realise he has buried his cock in my throat, he pulls me up and I breath,
running my tongue around the head of his cock before he plunges deep into
my throat again, my nose tickled by the curly hair at his crotch.

I can feel him twitching as he shoots jet after jet of cum down my throat, but I
can’t taste anything, I try to pull back but he holds me down hard, it
seems like forever, I can’t breath and I squirm, my hands pushing against
his thighs. Finally, he pulls my head up and I gasp for air as I feel hands
turning me, forcing me to my knees, I have time to see another black cock
glistening with my juices before it’s shoved against my lips. I open my
mouth and this one slides in to the hilt, I can taste myself on it and I
lick back to the head, I tilt my eyes up and see the face of the guy that
was fucking me for the first time! He’s ugly, thats all I can say, just
ugly but his cock is fucking in and out of my mouth and I’m so turned on by
this I don’t care! He says” You are one hot cunt, aren’t you?” I reply by
moaning and sliding my mouth down to his balls, my head going up and down
faster and faster it’s not long before he shudders and fills my mouth with
cum, this I can taste as I swallow as much as I can, he pulls out, still
cumming, shooting three spurts across my face, my tongue waving, trying to
get it all, I close my lips on his head, sucking deeply.

I look up and they both just stare at me, a white slut on her knees for them. “I need fucked,
which one of you is going to fuck me first, shoot your load deep in my
cunt, I don’t care, just so I get cock!” They laugh and say I’ll get all
the dick I want! Fred’s cock is hard again and he sits down and says come
and get it, I run to him, throwing myself on his chest, feeling his cock
between my asscheeks, I move up and slowly lower myself on him, inch by
inch until he’s allthe way in, I wait, adjusting to the size of him, then
slide up until just the head is still in me. I wiggle my hips, grin at him
and thrust myself down hard! I scream as I feel that giant dick hit places
I’ve never felt before, it feels so good!His hands around my waist, he
fucks me up and down on his cock, my head rolling around on my shoulders,
my hair flying around my face, I making gurgling sounds deep in my throat
as I cum.


I can feel him start to shake as he
pours his cum deep into my unprotected pussy, filling me with his seed. He
pulls me off him and I take his dick in my mouth, cleaning it with my
tongue, tasting his cum mixed with my cuntjuice.He starts to stiffen and I
know what I want next! I get on my hands and knees, looking at the two big
studs and wiggle my ass at them. “Come on, boys, take me together, Fred, I
want you in my throat and you I want to fuck my ass!” I lower my mouth onto
Fred’s huge cock while his friend places himself at my tight little asshole
and pushes his 8 incher deep into my ass, the head pops through and I groan
around Fred’s cock as I’m filled from both ends. The ugly guy shoves my
body back and forth, each thrust forcing more of Fred’s dick down my
throat, I’m going wild, thrusting back onto the dick up my ass, licking and
running my lips all over the cock in my mouth, cumming almost constantly as
these two big, black men use me for their own pleasure, my tits are
bounsing back and forth, my cunt spasming as I wish for another dick to
fill my pussy, I need to be taken and used as the cock-hungry white slut
that I am! I feel the guys stiffen as the one in my ass starts to shoot
deep in my ass, he pulls out and I feel his hot cum on my ass and back.


Fred must have been waiting for that as he shot jet after jet of tasty,
white , thick cum from his big dark cock, all over my hair, face chest and
in my mouth, I swallowed and used my fingers to push most of his cum
through my lips to my tongue and lapped up what was left oozing off his
dickhead. I collapsed on the bed and fell asleep, exhausted. When I woke up
the next morning, well,that’s another story!

Jul 18

The Jo Goal.

Fucking a Huge Cock for the First Time Sex StoryThe Jo Goal.

It was a usual summer workday at the restaurant and I had one thought in mind Jolene. As I ate lunch outback I daydreamed of getting into Jolene’s pants. She had just turned seventeen two days beforehand and worked part-time at the restaurant with me. We flirted innocently on occasion and had even gone out a couple of times with friends. Jolene was a cute blonde with a nice proportioned figure and a great set of legs. When we had gone out before, I had even gotten to second base with her but that was it, she was somewhat shy, inexperienced, but remained in control of herself, besides we were never long enough alone before someone else joined our party.

The challenge to getting further with her would be through pushing her
out of her control zone and getting her alone long enough to score. We
had planned to double with Suzanne and Alain at the movies that
evening. But after we picked up the girls Alain and I convinced them it
would be more fun to check out the beach, after all the usual gang would
be hanging there.

To loosen the girls up I mixed some southern comfort and coke. My plan
was to loosen her up a bit with a little juice. What Suzanne did so did
Jolene although reluctantly at first. After two long drinks she was
very giggly and started loosening up. Conveniently Suzanne and Alain
disappeared to the beach.

Sitting in the car and I slowly started my move fully enjoying the
potential prize. Jolene had warn her pink blouse and a full length
ruffled summer skirt. Her blouse highlighted her even tan from her off
days spent at the beach.

After kissing for awhile it was time to move on to second base. I
slowly slipped my hand over her tit while kissing. She seamed prepared
for this advance and continued kissing. As my tongue danced with hers I
slowly undid the buttons on her blouse one by one. She giggled “Mike
what are you doing.” Undoing her bra, to my surprise she let me
completely remove it. I continued to kiss her while fondling her firm

Now I thought, NOW is the time to move to third. My hand slowly slid up
her leg as I gently pulled her closer to me. Pushing my hand against
her warm pussy on the outside of her skirt I decided that she would let
me go further. I then slipped my hand under her skirt caressing her leg
until I reached her pussy once again. “Mike she nervously panted”, not
knowing what to do she put her arms around my neck. Slowly her legs
began to part for my hand. I rubbed her pussy feeling her hot excited
pussy through her thin panties. Jolene was close to being out of
control. Her ass began to move with the slow stroking of her pussy.

Next, I moved Jolene’s hand on top of the bulge in my pants. She
whispered “I’ve never touched a guy before.” I knew she was telling the
truth, but she was very interested in attending to my tool wanting to
return each stroke of her pussy with a stroke of my manhood. Eventually
my hand found its way inside her panties and began stroking her pussy.
Each stroke pushed slightly harder against her pussy finally separating
her lips then sliding my finger inside of my goal. Jolene’s first finger
fuck, her ass moved in rhythm with each entry motion. Jolene had found
her way inside of my pants and had pulled out my seven inch cock which
she gently stroked up and down. I then started to remove her panties.
She responded “I’m not ready mike” while nervously pulling herself away
from me. Time to regroup I thought to my self.

I got out of the car and straightened my self out a bit. Jolene had put
her blouse back on forgetting her bra. She also had only done up two of
the buttons. She still looked delicious to me and obviously quite
tipsy. She kissed me saying “I’m sorry mike” I responded “It’s OK,
don’t worry Jo.” While drinking another mix she leaned up against the
car. I put my arms around her and gave her a great squeeze. I knew she
could feel my tool pressing up against her. I picked her up and placed
her behind on the car. I then continued to passionately kiss her
slipping both of my hands over her gorgeous tits inside her blouse.
Somehow she let me position my body perfectly between her legs while I
continued to kiss and fondle her tits. I kissed her tits alternating
back and forth bringing her huge nipples to a hard erection. I knew I
was getting her hot, but was she going to reach the point of no return.
The point where nature takes over and no normal girl can stop what is
intended to happen.

Jolene was unaware I had slipped my tool out of its confines and had my
bare ass between her legs as her ass was on the hood of the car out of
reach of my throbbing cock. I wanted to fuck her so bad. It was time
to go for the goal.

While kissing her I lifted her skirt up with one hand bringing it just
high enough that only her thin panties stood between my cock and her
pussy. I then put my hands behind her bottom and gently pulled her just
enough off the car until she could feel my cock pressing up against her
panties. While kissing her passionately I quickly tore open her panties
on both sides. Before she realized what I had done she had lost her
last line of defense as her panties floated to the ground. She pulled
back and looked me directly in the eyes knowing exactly what I wanted
and where I was headed. She whispered “mike”. I then knew she was past
the point of no return. I was firmly positioned between her legs with
my tool pushing up against its goal. Jolene watched as I brought her
into final position with my hands around her back. The two buttons
popped off her blouse as I pulled her in towards my body. I lifted her
legs off the ground to hip level spreading her legs and vulnerable pussy
lips further apart working my tool into position for the score. Jolene
now knew she was fucked and once again whispered my name. Slowly I
pushed my tool into her tight pussy stopping at her virginity mark.
Then after a pause I thrust Jolene into womanhood pushing my cock as
deep as I could make it reach. I continued to thrust into her trying to
go deeper and deeper each time. Jolene held me tight as I panted “fuck
me” I then released my hot seed “he shoots, he scores” deep inside her
lovely pussy spewing inside her heavenly walls. Jolene shivered through
her new found sensuous experience holding me as close as she could
ensuring my warm cum landed as deep as possible inside of her womb. I
continued fucking her pussy until I had planted all my seed deep inside
of her.

After we were done we realized many of our friends had enjoyed watching
Jolene’s first fuck. Jolene’s first fuck made her my wife, with nature
bringing us as family together.

Jul 17

The Lake

Fucking Her Sister Till CreampiedThe Lake

One of the things that I enjoy most in life is getting away to a near by lake and just sitting and thinking. After years of saving I finally had enough to buy a getaway of my own. It was an old cabin that needed quite a bit of work, but it was right on the water. The place is secluded in a little cove on the east side of the lake.

I had gone down for the weekend trying to do a little work to get it ready
for the summer. The spring was unusually warm, and several people had taken
advantage of the nice weather and were out sailing on the lake. I saw four
or five boats on the water when I had taken my sail boat out earlier
before I returned to my repair work. I was scraping and painting the front
of the cabin and in the heat I had stripped down to nothing but an old pair
of gym shorts.

I was up on the ladder when a spotted a small catamaran sailing into the
cove. Very few people come back this way since it isn’t very deep and there
are no other cabins back here. I waved to the boat’s occupants as I climbed
down to go inside and grab a beer. As a was walking back outside I heard a
splash and a scream. It seems that as the catamaran tried to turn to leave
the cove a gust of wind had turned it over, dumping it’s two occupants into
the lake. I rushed down to the beach to see if everyone was all right. Two
heads bobbed to the surface and I yelled and asked if they needed any help.
The dunked sailors where two women, one a redhead, the other blonde. They
yelled back that they were fine so I took my beer and sat and watched as
they attempted to right their boat. They tried to flip it back up, but the
sail had taken a lot of water and they weren’t having any success. I
finished my beer and walked back down to the shore line.

“Are you sure you don’t need any help,” I shouted across the water.
“We can’t get the mast out of the water, ” the redhead shouted.
They were both standing on one of the pontoons leaning back trying to pull
the boat upright. I kicked of my sneakers and swam out to the boat. I tried
to lift the mast, but the water was too deep. I suggested that we try and
swim the boat over to the shore where we could walk the mast up. Both girls
wearily agreed. They had been fighting the boat for a while now and were
exhausted. It took several minutes to get the boat to shore as I had to do
most of the work. The girls were too tired to be of much help. We got the
boat to shore and I walked the mast up hand over hand until the cat was
upright again. The girls had stumbled up the shore and had flopped down on
the grassy bank above the sand.

“There you go,” I told them. They both just nodded. I really hadn’t
noticed what knockouts these two were. “By the way, my name is Nick.”
“I’m Jackie,” the redhead told me, “and this is my sister, Joey. Thanks
for helping us.”

“I’m glad I was here to help,” I told them. “Can I get you something to

They both said that a beer would be great so I ran up to the cabin and
grabbed three drinks from the fridge. Jackie was wearing a white bikini
bottom that tied on the side and a grey college tee-shirt tied in a knot
under her breasts. Joey was in a metallic silver one piece cut very high on
her shapely thighs. I noticed as I returned with the drinks that Jackie
couldn’t be wearing anything under her shirt. The cooling wet material was
clinging to her breasts and the hard nipples were poking out nicely. The
cool air had a similar effect on Joey as well. I sat down on the grass
between the sisters and handed them their drinks.

Joey was a high school senior and had just turned eighteen. She was going
to join her twenty year old sister in college in the fall. We sat and
talked about living on the lake and how relaxing it could be. They told me
that their parents owned a cottage on the other side of the lake and that
they came down all summer and waitressed at a nearby seafood restaurant.
Jackie had just finished the semester and Joey was looking forward to next
weeks graduation. They had decided to take advantage of the great weather
and come air out their cabin before summer arrived. As we sat and talked I
kept stealing glances at the two great bodies on either side of me. As the
sun started to go down I asked if they would like something to eat. I told
them I had some steaks in the cabin and that I could fire up the grill in
to time. I said that I could tow their boat back after we ate. They
accepted my invitation and said that they were going to go for a swim while
I lit the grill. After accomplishing that task I joined them in the cool
water. We swam and talked and played for a while and then decided to sit
back on the bank to dry before we started supper.

The cool night air had the same effect on their bodies as before. The sky
was cloudless and a full moon was just peeking over the far side of the
lake. It seemed as if there was a spotlight lighting our own little world.
I took longer and longer glances at these beautiful girls. I went up to
check on the coals and when I returned the girls were whispering and

“It looks like the meats ready,” Jackie said with a laugh.
“I haven’t even put it on yet,” I replied, somewhat confused by the
comment. I followed her gaze and saw that the head of my prick was sticking
out of my shorts.

I tried to cover up, but Joey told me, “don’t put it away. It’s been a
long time since we’ve had anything to eat, and we’re both starving.” I
tried to apologize but they silenced me and told me that they knew that I
had been admiring their bodies. I admitted that I had and told them there
was plenty to admire.

“We haven’t thanked you properly for rescuing us,” Jackie said as she
stood up in front of me. “We want to show you just how thankful we are.”
As sat and watched she reached down and pulled her sister to her feet.
“You seem to like what the cool water does to our bodies. I think you need
a better view.” She stood behind Joey and slowly moved the silver straps
down her arms. Slowly Joey’s beautiful globes came view. Jackie raised her
arms above her head as Joey undid the knot in her sisters shirt, lifted it,
and tossed it on the beach. Jackie’s tits were larger than her little
sisters with freckles dusting the beautiful mounds. And while Joey’s were
slightly smaller, they had the kind of nipples that I love with the whole
areola jutting forward proudly. The girls continued the show with Joey
turning her back to me and bending over as she worked the shiny suit to the
ground. She lingered with the suit at her feet giving me a great view of
her young pussy. She turned back around and knelt in the sand next to her
sister. She looked up at me as she untied the knot on the side of Jackie’s
white bikini. She reached around and untied the other side and let the
material fall to the ground. Jackie’s muff was the same copper color of her
hair and neatly trimmed. Joey’s was fine and blonde and looked almost
nonexistent in the pale moon light.

“Now it’s time we thanked you properly, ” the girls agreed. One on either
side, they knelt on the grass where I was sitting. “Lay back and let us
show you how grateful we are.”

They worked in unison and slid my shorts off, freeing my mast. As Jackie
teased the head of my cock with her luscious mouth, Joey lowered a
succulent breast to my eager kiss. It felt as if her nipple got even harder
as my tongue went to work. I reached for the light blonde snatch with my
right hand and found the red one with my left. I worked a finger into both
wet holes, caressing their clits and trying to return the pleasure they
were giving me. Joey pulled her breast away from my mouth and joined her
sister licking up and down my pole. As Jackie took my erection deep down
her throat, little sister licked and sucked my swollen balls. Without
stopping her oral ministrations, Jackie swung her leg over me and offered
her copper mine to my eagerly awaiting tongue. She sat up releasing my cock
from her warm mouth to the cool night air. As I lay there probing Jackie’s
pussy with my tongue, Joey lowered herself onto my throbbing tool. I
continued to eat Jackie’s cunt, stopping now and then to tease her tight
anus. Joey rode me faster and faster, clinging to her sister, their breasts
crushed together. Soon Jackie came, screaming, “yes, yes, yes,” into the
spring night air. Moments later Joey joined her sister in ecstasy arching
her back in delight. I completed the circle then, pumping my hot cum into
Joey’s sweet young pussy.

Instead of being spent we were all pumped up from the exciting encounter.
We plunged into the lake and were invigorated by the cool water. We
returned to the shore and Jackie began licking her sisters slit that I had
so recently been filled with my seed. As Jackie knelt between Joey’s legs I
came up and rammed my recovered cock into her from behind. I reached around
and tweaked her nipples as I pistoned in and out of her hot, tight, box.

Joey started to come again as I filled her sister with my hot sperm. Jackie
tightened her cunt around my still throbbing member, milking every last
drop of my cum with her spasming lips. This time we were spent and we
tumbled apart, laying side by side in the dew and cum moistened grass
breathing like sprinters after a race. After a more leisurely dip in the
lake we walked up to the cabin and fixed dinner, cooking and eating in the
nude. We went inside for the night and all curled up together in front of
the fire place where we fell asleep; happy and exhausted.

The next morning . . . Well, that’s another story.