The Jo Goal.

Fucking a Huge Cock for the First Time Sex StoryThe Jo Goal.

It was a usual summer workday at the restaurant and I had one thought in mind Jolene. As I ate lunch outback I daydreamed of getting into Jolene’s pants. She had just turned seventeen two days beforehand and worked part-time at the restaurant with me. We flirted innocently on occasion and had even gone out a couple of times with friends. Jolene was a cute blonde with a nice proportioned figure and a great set of legs. When we had gone out before, I had even gotten to second base with her but that was it, she was somewhat shy, inexperienced, but remained in control of herself, besides we were never long enough alone before someone else joined our party.

The challenge to getting further with her would be through pushing her
out of her control zone and getting her alone long enough to score. We
had planned to double with Suzanne and Alain at the movies that
evening. But after we picked up the girls Alain and I convinced them it
would be more fun to check out the beach, after all the usual gang would
be hanging there.

To loosen the girls up I mixed some southern comfort and coke. My plan
was to loosen her up a bit with a little juice. What Suzanne did so did
Jolene although reluctantly at first. After two long drinks she was
very giggly and started loosening up. Conveniently Suzanne and Alain
disappeared to the beach.

Sitting in the car and I slowly started my move fully enjoying the
potential prize. Jolene had warn her pink blouse and a full length
ruffled summer skirt. Her blouse highlighted her even tan from her off
days spent at the beach.

After kissing for awhile it was time to move on to second base. I
slowly slipped my hand over her tit while kissing. She seamed prepared
for this advance and continued kissing. As my tongue danced with hers I
slowly undid the buttons on her blouse one by one. She giggled “Mike
what are you doing.” Undoing her bra, to my surprise she let me
completely remove it. I continued to kiss her while fondling her firm

Now I thought, NOW is the time to move to third. My hand slowly slid up
her leg as I gently pulled her closer to me. Pushing my hand against
her warm pussy on the outside of her skirt I decided that she would let
me go further. I then slipped my hand under her skirt caressing her leg
until I reached her pussy once again. “Mike she nervously panted”, not
knowing what to do she put her arms around my neck. Slowly her legs
began to part for my hand. I rubbed her pussy feeling her hot excited
pussy through her thin panties. Jolene was close to being out of
control. Her ass began to move with the slow stroking of her pussy.

Next, I moved Jolene’s hand on top of the bulge in my pants. She
whispered “I’ve never touched a guy before.” I knew she was telling the
truth, but she was very interested in attending to my tool wanting to
return each stroke of her pussy with a stroke of my manhood. Eventually
my hand found its way inside her panties and began stroking her pussy.
Each stroke pushed slightly harder against her pussy finally separating
her lips then sliding my finger inside of my goal. Jolene’s first finger
fuck, her ass moved in rhythm with each entry motion. Jolene had found
her way inside of my pants and had pulled out my seven inch cock which
she gently stroked up and down. I then started to remove her panties.
She responded “I’m not ready mike” while nervously pulling herself away
from me. Time to regroup I thought to my self.

I got out of the car and straightened my self out a bit. Jolene had put
her blouse back on forgetting her bra. She also had only done up two of
the buttons. She still looked delicious to me and obviously quite
tipsy. She kissed me saying “I’m sorry mike” I responded “It’s OK,
don’t worry Jo.” While drinking another mix she leaned up against the
car. I put my arms around her and gave her a great squeeze. I knew she
could feel my tool pressing up against her. I picked her up and placed
her behind on the car. I then continued to passionately kiss her
slipping both of my hands over her gorgeous tits inside her blouse.
Somehow she let me position my body perfectly between her legs while I
continued to kiss and fondle her tits. I kissed her tits alternating
back and forth bringing her huge nipples to a hard erection. I knew I
was getting her hot, but was she going to reach the point of no return.
The point where nature takes over and no normal girl can stop what is
intended to happen.

Jolene was unaware I had slipped my tool out of its confines and had my
bare ass between her legs as her ass was on the hood of the car out of
reach of my throbbing cock. I wanted to fuck her so bad. It was time
to go for the goal.

While kissing her I lifted her skirt up with one hand bringing it just
high enough that only her thin panties stood between my cock and her
pussy. I then put my hands behind her bottom and gently pulled her just
enough off the car until she could feel my cock pressing up against her
panties. While kissing her passionately I quickly tore open her panties
on both sides. Before she realized what I had done she had lost her
last line of defense as her panties floated to the ground. She pulled
back and looked me directly in the eyes knowing exactly what I wanted
and where I was headed. She whispered “mike”. I then knew she was past
the point of no return. I was firmly positioned between her legs with
my tool pushing up against its goal. Jolene watched as I brought her
into final position with my hands around her back. The two buttons
popped off her blouse as I pulled her in towards my body. I lifted her
legs off the ground to hip level spreading her legs and vulnerable pussy
lips further apart working my tool into position for the score. Jolene
now knew she was fucked and once again whispered my name. Slowly I
pushed my tool into her tight pussy stopping at her virginity mark.
Then after a pause I thrust Jolene into womanhood pushing my cock as
deep as I could make it reach. I continued to thrust into her trying to
go deeper and deeper each time. Jolene held me tight as I panted “fuck
me” I then released my hot seed “he shoots, he scores” deep inside her
lovely pussy spewing inside her heavenly walls. Jolene shivered through
her new found sensuous experience holding me as close as she could
ensuring my warm cum landed as deep as possible inside of her womb. I
continued fucking her pussy until I had planted all my seed deep inside
of her.

After we were done we realized many of our friends had enjoyed watching
Jolene’s first fuck. Jolene’s first fuck made her my wife, with nature
bringing us as family together.


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