The Awakening

My First Sex Experience Stuck it in Her PussyThe Awakening

It was Friday night and almost 8:00, I tried to keep the car under 80mph, but it seemed that the lower half of my body was operating under it’s own power. Both my foot and cock knew what the night might bring, if the last two weekends were to repeat themselves. This eighteen-year-old body could only take so much anticipation before relief had to be found. I had been working out at the gym for over three hours just to take my mind off the evening. The girls were having a sleepover tonight.

The girls were my younger twin sisters, Chris and Cathy, at seventeen, they were mostly pest around the house and would complain about anything if they knew they could get their way. Mom and Dad always took their side and harped about my being the big brother and all. In the last year I had noticed a change come over the girls and how the maturing process had rapidly filled in the right places. But more importantly was how Beth had filled out. Beth is the girl’s best friend and had been since grade school and they seemed to spend every waking moment together. The three of them could be triplets with long legs, blond hair, blue eyes. Beth has the most gorgeous ass ever to fit into cutoffs and small firm titties that just start to jiggle when she runs. The twins have firm pear shaped asses and beautiful starts on the upper deck. Cathy has the most potential with 34C’s and Chris is right behind her with a slightly smaller cup size, but makes up for it with nipples that threaten to poke an eye out. I know what size the girls are because I do the laundry now and then. The laundry has been a reflection of how the twins have matured and their taste has changed in the last years. From simple white cotton panties and training bras to french cut silks and lacy colored bras.

Two weeks ago, things changed for the girls and me. It was Friday night and I had dropped my date off , after spending three hours of heavy petting in the car, I was not a “happy camper” when she said she wanted to just be held tonight. The constant erection and lack of attention from my date, Jamie, didn’t help the drive home. I came in the house through the garage and immediately heard voices. The tri-level house has the garage, game room, my bedroom and bath on the lowest level. This arrangement let’s me keep my own hours without disturbing anyone else in the house. Hearing voices down here was unusual and as I rounded the corner to the game room I could tell it was the girls and Beth. They were really getting loud as they were all talking at once to someone on the speakerphone. As I came closer I could see the girls were in a circle on their hands and knees facing the phone. The uniform of the night was panties and loose fitting T-shirts, as always. But tonight they sure looked different, with Beth’s ass toward me I could see that the red panties were very lucky to be cladding those smooth cheeks. As she swayed forward and back on her knees and giggled to the caller, I had strong hard feelings return to my ignored member. In this condition I couldn’t show myself so I stuck my head around the corner and yelled for them to quiet down and that I was going to bed. When Beth turned to smart mouth me, I could see right down her shirt and reveled at the mounds that almost came out. I didn’t even hear what she said, but could tell by the tone she was being a brat. Before I could even think about it, I stepped into the gameroom and strode quickly up behind her and applied one well placed swat on her pretty bottom. She shrieked and jumped forward sprawled across the floor, on top of the phone and disconnected it. The twins were just staring with open mouths and wide eyes. I told her not to bad mouth her elders but she said ” I’ll mouth anyone I want” as she got to her knees her eyes dropped to my crotch and she said “you must like this a lot” as I looked down I could see that my cock was straining to escape my jeans. It felt like the biggest erection I had ever had and I could see a slight wet spot beginning. I had to get out of there; I was embarrassed and just turned and walked down the hall to my room.

My room doesn’t have any windows, as it’s below ground and I was still rattled as I stumbled along looking for the light switch. After I got the lights on, I sat on the bed and heard the girls laughing and carrying on at my expense. I decided a shower would help and disrobed in the bathroom while the water was heating up. The hard-on was still with me and I started to slowly stroke myself as the girls were still calling my name. The hot water felt good and so did my soapy hand as I increased the pace and pressure. All I could think about was Beth’s smooth firm ass and how powerful it felt to spank her. With the night I had so far, it didn’t take two minutes to blow my wad all over the shower wall and down the drain. I thought “There that’s better, it should take the edge off the feelings I was having about Beth and Jamie.”

As I exited the bathroom, I could hear the girls whispering about what a big impression my erection had left. I closed the bedroom door quietly, turned out the light and lay down on the bed. It was after 1:00 AM and I had that warm relaxed afterglow working and was ready to sleep. As I drifted off, I was having thoughts of Beth’s red wrapped ass slowly filling my head.

Sometime during the night, I was having a dream that included Beth bent over my dark bed and slowly licking my shaft up and down, with full slurping sound effects. The warm, wet, velvet touch and slight humming that originated from that blond head was enough to slowly build the pressure in my loins. As I grew closer to orgasm, I could almost feel her head as I reached out with my hand and silently ask for quicker and deeper. The ghost like apparition responded with vigor and the increased rhythm sent me over the edge with pulse after pulse of cum being spent. The effects of the maximum drive cum had awakened me and as I remembered what I was dreaming, I reached down to wipe up the reminder of what I was sure was a pint of cum from my wet dream. But, nothing, …nothing but a well-lubricated cock and the very sensitive head that I know after orgasm. As I drifted off to sleep again, I thought I could hear my bedroom door close.

At breakfast the next morning the girls were a no show, and I shouldn’t have been surprised. I wanted another look at the girls and crept back downstairs to view them sleeping. As I came to the game room I could hear them talking in low voices. Chris was asking Beth “what did it feel like?” and Cathy was asking “how do you do it? Beth’s reply was “wait until tonight and I’ll show you” It clicked, Beth had been in my room last night and it was not a dream. The instant erection I was experiencing told me I would be ready for tonight. The day pasted like a week and at work all I could think about was Beth and the magical blowjob I had received the night before. I got off work at 6:00 and hurried home to see if Beth was still at the house. As I pulled in the drive I could see her car. I went upstairs to check out where the girls were, but I didn’t find them in the house. They were lying around the pool. I watched them catching some rays from the kitchen window. All stretched out on those towels, bellies down, asses up, tops untied and feet toward me, it was a beautiful site. I rushed to the hall closet and got Dad’s binoculars out of their case. As I focused on one deeply seated swimsuit bottom, I stiffen even more, I could feel the heat generate from my cock again. The bottom had managed to work its way up to heaven and I could make-out some blond bush that was glistening in the sunlight. The exact outline of lips and ass held my attention for several moments. I reached for myself and felt the head starting out the bottom of my shorts. This wouldn’t do, as I pulled my gym shorts and jockstrap to my knees. Having full access to my raging hard-on only encouraged my desire to stroke and pull. The view was getting better as that ass slowly rotated onto its side and one knee was brought up. The prize was perfectly outlined and then I was surprised to see fingers slowly brush across the mound. The touch was deliberate and grazing back and forth, then up and down the slit. The fingers would disappear for only a few seconds and then resume their activity. The dark spot that was growing on that swimsuit bottom was proof that the wearer was aroused. My field of vision was filled with this site and as I slowly moved the binoculars up her flat belly and stopped for a moment to admire a stunningly hard nipples. Then it dawned on me that I wasn’t watching Beth, it had to be Chris, and I would recognize those nipples anywhere. I moved further up to verify the owner of this luscious body, but her hair obscured her face. I was sure this was Chris and the realization that this hard body belonged to my sister didn’t slack the desire to jerk off, in fact, flash backs of seeing her coming out of the bathroom and pool were flooding back to me. I finally acknowledged that my sisters were foxes and the sensations surrounding my dick intensifies to the point of no return was on me. The swelling of my cock head and the churning of my balls confirmed that I was really close to erupting. I couldn’t keep the binoculars still and finally put them on the counter. I now used my free hand to tickle my balls as I rapidly jerked off into the sink. The cold porcelain of the sink against my balls and dick, coupled with the site of three young ladies in bikinis was more than enough to make me shoot rope after rope. As I caught my breath, I saw the girls coming toward the house with towels in hand. I had just enough time to pull up my shorts and open the refrigerator before Cathy came into the kitchen. The open fridge door served as cover for my still stiff joint. Cathy went to the cabinet to retrieve a glass and started to fill it with water. She raised the glass toward her mouth as she turned to me, with a sly grin, and said “looks like someone spilled something, would you know anything about it?” I saw that my cum was all over the counter and pooling in the sink. I couldn’t think of anything to say, and closing the door of the fridge, revealed the outline of my semi-hard cock still oozing a large wet spot on my shorts. Cathy said that I must get really turned on by Beth. And since Mom and Dad were gone for the weekend, she had invited Beth to spend night tonight too, and maybe we could get better acquainted. As she left the kitchen, she turned back to me and told me that Beth “was a virgin so don’t get your hopes up“.

That night the girls went out and I was home alone watching TV. At about 11:00 I decided to turn in and thought the chances of getting to know Beth any better was only a dream. In the night, I was awakened by the sound of the girls coming home. By all the laughing and giggling, they sounded like they were having fun. Then I heard Beth tell the other two to be quiet and she would show them. My interest was peaked, when the stairs creaked as they came downstairs, from under the door I could see shadows stop and the hall light go out. The door started to open, I quietly laid back and tried to see in the pitch-black room but couldn’t. I heard the rustling of clothes and the slight giggle of one of the girls as they came into my room. “See he’s asleep” Beth said in a whisper, Cathy’s voice was next with a question “what do we do if he wakes up?’ and Chris was quick to reply with “just be quite, he can’t see us and he’ll just think he’s dreaming”. My mind was racing as the intent of my sisters and their friend was unclear, but my cock was slowing beginning to harden on it’s own.

A hand gently touched my leg, just above the knee and I could feel someone sit on the edge of the bed. The stirrings in my groin were becoming very apparent. The hand continued up my thigh to my waist, stopping to grasp the edge of the sheet and slowly began going back the way it came. The sheet sliding over my cock brought spasms of delight and the cool air only reinforced the hard-on I was experiencing. The sheet stopped and the faceless hand then began to creep up the inside of my thigh. The journey stopped as the hand softly brushed against my scrotum. The electricity of that touch made my cock jump and my balls clench. “Oohh.. He’s already hard… feel it” Beth said as she slid her fingertips up my shaft. Others blindly felt for me and the combined finger tips seemed to number a hundred as caresses went up and down and at the same time slightingly touched my balls. The sensations continued as I couldn’t lie still any longer and began to move my hips upward. The feather touches, combined with the heavy breathing from four people in a completely dark environment, was almost over stimulation. My whole world was concentrated into my cock and balls. Chris was the first to whisper, in almost a pant “When are you going to show us?” and Cathy complained “we won’t be able to see” as a hand swept the others away. Then there was one, grasping my dick at the base and stroking up and down. The next sensation was the warm, liquid velvet touch of a tongue circling the head of my cock. And continuing down the vain, on the underside, to flick at my balls and return back to the head. The pressure was building even more as the intense feeling of this faceless head-job was making my imagination run wild. The efforts continued as I could feel myself being engulfed whole and a practiced mouth deep throated my entire cock in one gulp. A groan escaped my lips and someone It was too much, I bucked my hips into a fast paced rhythm and my balls rolled in their sack. The pulsing and twitching of my cock now concentrated into the head. The time was now; the warm, wet heaven that was surrounding my dick was about to get an overdue torrential shower. My cock jerked once and then exploded into spasm after spasm. The sounds of gagging and slurping only served to warrant more and more cum from my orgasm. Voices that were more then whispers were asking ” What .. What’s it doing?” “Let me feel” and hands joined in to help drive the fluids from my body. More tongues and cum only helped lubricate the situation as my pole continued to shoot glob after glob. It felt like my insides were being shot out my cock.

The massive cum shoot subsided and I felt weak and disoriented, my ears were ringing and I saw shooters in front of my eyes. The hands and mouths were still working on the clean up as licking and sucking sounds filled the air. My cock shrank and the usual intense sensitivity of the head was gone. I thought to myself, ” they had sucked the head right off”. I was numb, and as a result, the girl’s efforts subsided.

As I gathered my wits about me, I could sense the girls were on their knees beside my bed. My eyes were open but couldn’t penetrate the ink like darkness. Chris was the first to speak, “do they all do that?” she said in a whisper, followed by Cathy wanting to know if all cocks shoot that much. Beth, in her low growling whisper, replied ” this is the most I’ve ever seen”. The next question sent chills up my spine as Chris said “can we do it again, I want to suck it” and Beth returned “after a little while”. They decided to go upstairs and get a drink, before they tried again. Chris had to get a dig in as she told Beth “haven’t you had enough to drink”. The bedroom door opened to let the girls out, in that little bit of light, they stopped, turned and Beth said, “you know, the guys never wake-up during that … it must be like hypnotism” I couldn’t help but smile.


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