She Swallowed Cum From the GangbangDELIA IN THE ROUND

It was a cold night in New York City, so fucking
cold that the streets were empty.  No winos, no
hookers, no whores, no blowjobs for me tonight.  And
I wanted one so bad.  My day sucked, I’d lost a
couple of contracts, and I knew that would cost me my job.  My wife had already left me and I was just
about living in the office.  Now I’d have no place
and all I could think about was some not so cheap
whore from New York sucking me dry in my hotel room.

But there were none in Times Square and I didn’t know
where to go to find one.  My cock was so hard in my
pants that I had to stroke it to keep it under control.
The only human – or so it seemed – on the street was
a barker in front of one of the Times Square strip
joints.   He was jumping up and down to get my
attention so I decided to walk over and see what was
going on.  I was glad I did.

“Hey, man,” the barker said.  “Cmon in…Delia DoubleD
is here on stage, she’s been drinkin and she’s
hornier than anything I’ve ever seen.  She wants
everyone to fuck her if they can get it up.  You
don’t even got to pay, just grab your cock and go on

Delia DoubleD…I couldn’t believe it.  I have lots of
her movies and I love those huge tits of hers and her
wanton, fuck me attitude.

“You shittin” me, man?” I said.

“NO, NO, she blew me about an hour ago, god is she
hot.  She’ll suck everyone I can find tonight, so go
on in.”

I didn’t need a second invitation and I bolted into
the theater lobby.  It was empty.  No one at the
ticket counter, no bouncers, no guards, no drunks, no
nothing.  A waste fucking land.  But I could hear
music blaring from a small theater so I grabbed my
dick and went in.

The music was loud as I entered the smoky, smelly
theater.  I could just imagine all the guys that had
shot their loads all over the seats and I wondered
what Delia could be up to…if indeed if really was

As my eyes got accustomed to the gloom, I could see
a small stage that was surround by a group of people,
people who I assumed were men huddling over the
naked, frantic form of Delia DoubleD.  I was right
too.  In the middle of the stage was a couch and on
the couch was the magnificent Delia, Delia with those
huge tits that were naked, tits that were already
covered in white cum…tits that I would have given my
left nut to suck.   She was laying their squirming
with a black cock in her mouth, and another white one
in her right hand; the left was jamming a huge dildo
into her pussy, which seemed wet enough to water a
garden.  I looked into her eyes and I could tell that
she was really far away, so far down the road to
fucking and gang banging that I didn’t know if she
would ever cum back.

Suddenly the guy in her mouth pulled it out and
started to cum all over her face.  Several shots went
into her mouth and she groaned and smiled and
swallowed it greedily.  Another stream landed on her
left tit; to get the cum, she pulled that huge tit
into her mouth and sucked it clean.   Wherever Delia
was I wanted to be there too.

I took a look around at the 15 or so guys standing
their with their dicks in their hand and I know I had
to take charge.  So I  told them to stand back for a
bit, that Delia would take care of every one of them.
I couldn’t believe it but they did, and, as they
did, I grabbed a towel and started to wipe off
Delia’s cum covered body.  She smiled as I did it,
and I lifted her sweating body up off the table and
moved her over to the corner of the stage.

“Delia,” I said.  “Can you hear me, do you
understand me?”

She nodded.  “Who are you?  I want more cum…more

“I know,” I said.  “I’ll get you more cum, but I
want to make sure you’re okay.  I don’t want you hurt
out there.”

Her eyes cleared a bit and she started to look me
over.  Her hand reached down and rubbed the front of
my pants.  My cock was so hard I couldn’t figure out
how it stayed in my pants anyway.   She smiled and
said “nice meat.”

“Are you sure you’re okay?” I asked again.
She smiled an incredibly sexy smile.  “Oh, yeah, I
just got carried away a bit.  I love my fans…I want
more of them…I want you, babe….”

With that, she grabbed her huge right tit and pushed
it into my face.  It was the one tit that I hadn’t
wiped so it was covered with male cum.  The nipple
slipped into my mouth and suddenly I had a mouth full
of tit and cum.  I didn’t know what to do.  I looked
at Delia and she was smiling.  “Try it, you’ll like
it,” she said.

So I tried it.  I sucked her nipple and I sucked
streams of  male cum into my mouth, and, by god, it
wasn’t bad.   Delia was laughing her head off, so I
slurped up more sperm from her boobs and spit a huge
load of it right into her mouth.  That really got her
going, laughing and smiling and crying as she
swallowed it right down.

“Okay, guy, you’re my kind of fella,” she said.
“Take your clothes off and let’s put on a fucking

I gulped, swallowed a left-over drop of cum, and
nodded at Delia.  Quickly, she took off my clothes,
stopping for a minute to fondle my hard cock and give
it a quick kiss.  “Hey,” she said, “you’re gonna be
just fine.  I really want to give this boys a show
and I’ve got a great idea.”

She walked me out back onto the stage and laid down
on the sweaty, sticky bed.  Suddenly there was a
commotion as a large group of men entered the
theater.  They all had on college football letter
jackets and I assumed that the barker had found a bus
loaded with football players and had hauled them into
the building.  There must have been 30 guys and they
looked hot and horny.  Delia took one look at them,
smiled and gave me a big kiss.  “This is gonna be
great,” she chuckled.

As the group moved toward the stage, Delia stood up
and shook her great tits at the audience.

“Boys, cum on in,” she said.   “I’m Delia DoubleD
and I want to make you cum!”

The new group and the old one let out a loud and
enduring cheer.

“But before you cum, I’m gonna cum and this guy,”
motioning to me, “is gonna make me do it.  Once I get
off, you’ll get off.  But their are some rules.  I
want all of you guys to get naked and form a circle
around me and Beau here on the stage.   And one of
you guys locked the fucking theater door.”
Clothes came off like leafs do in the fall.  Soon
more than 45 naked men were standing on the stage,
stroking cocks of varying sizes to varying states

“Keep ’em,  hard boys,” she said, still stroking my
dick.  “Steve,” she added, “put on my fucking music.”
Suddenly, loud, pounding music roared out of the
stage speakers.  It was pulsating, vigorous and
extremely erotic.  I know because I was getting even

The next thing I knew Delia was on her knees
swallowing my cock.  She sucked it into her mouth
like a vacuum cleaner and it felt so good.  She
kissed it, and lapped it, and loved it.  She jiggled
my balls and squeezed them gently.  “Brings the cum
out slowly,” she whispered.  “And I oughtta know.”
All I could do was groan with pleasure.  I was aware
enough to grab her tits, however, and that brought
another evil smile to her face.

Suddenly her head lunged down on my groin and she
did a remarkable deep throat on my cock, which, at
that time, must have been a foot long.  I thought the
head of it was dueling with Delia’s tonsils.

Just as suddenly she withdrew her mouth from my dick
and looked at me.  “FUCK MY TITS,” she commanded and
who was I to argue.  She got up on the bed and I
shoved her tits around my cock and started to pump.
She was sweating like hell now and that made it easy
for the cock to slip in and out between her gorgeous
flesh mountains.  I reach down and wiped some of her
sweat away on my fingers and then tasted it.  It was
good…I wondered how the rest of her tasted.
I figured it was time to take charge, to be man.  I
pulled the cock out of her tits and I noticed a
concerned look on her face.  “Don’t worry,” I said,
“the fun’s just beginning.”

The other guys were having fun too.  All of their
cocks were hard and erect and the jerking circle was
moving closer to the action.  God, I thought, I hope
I’m not here when they all erupt….

I got Delia up and told her to get up on her knees.
She did so willingly, wiggled her ass in the air.  It
made her asshole an invited target.  I spat a load of
phlegm right onto the hole and stuck a finger in to
smear it around.  Then I moved down and began kissing
around her ass.  After just a few seconds, I stuck my
tongue deep down her ass and began to wiggle it around.
I couldn’t believe it but her ass tasted great, a
little musty, but clean and sweet.  I continued
tonguing her and she loved it.  After several minutes
of eating her ass, I took my hard cock and shoved it
deep into her butt.  She squealed with delight and
began to wiggle like crazy.  I kept pounding away at
her ass, and, I felt her cum with delight several
times during that anal pounding.

I looked up and saw that the stroking cocks were
getting closer…..

I then flipped her over to kiss her cunt.  I dove
deep into her slit, my tongue moving all the time.  I
took her clit into my mouth and sucked it like you
would a cock and she loved it.  I did it again and
she began to cum.  She squirted and squirted her
juice all over me.  I swallowed some of it and spit
the rest into her mouth.  Delia shrieked with delight
and came again.

And the stroking cocks moved closer…
Delia’s eyes showed that she was moving away from
reality as orgasms wracked her beautiful body.  She
loved to cum and she was cumming like crazy.  I took
my huge cock – it must have been a foot long now –
and rammed it into her cunt.  She was so wet, I
slipped right in and began to pound away.  I know now
I couldn’t last too long; the cum was boiling in my
balls anyway.

And the stroking cocks moved closer…so close I
thought one guy was trying to fuck me up the ass as I
fucked Delia.  I turned my head around and glared at
him and he moved away.

I looked up and saw that Delia was not so reluctant;
she had two huge peckers in her hand and was stroking
like crazy.  The two football players certainly
seemed to enjoy it.

I kept fucking Delia and I could feel her cumming
again and again.  Her wet cum juice was bathing my
ramming cock and it felt great.  I went deeper and
deeper and I grabbed at one of her massive tits and
starting sucking on it.  God, she tasted good

Suddenly I knew I had to cum…”Chess, I’m cumming,” I
yelled.  “Where do you want it?”

Her beautiful face popped up with a smile.  “In my
mouth,” she said, “always in my mouth.”

Not wanting to disappoint the sweating, heaving,
cumming bitch, I pulled out as pre cum was oozing out
of my pecker.  I no sooner got it out when the cum
arrived:  I just stood there and let the cum shoot.
It was unbelievable.  My first shot traveled the
length of her long, big torso and landed right on her
tongue.  She screamed and laughed and licked the
white sauce and swallowed the load whole.  The next
stream looked like it would go over her head, but
cum-sucking Delia sat up a bit, stuck out her tongue
and caught it all.  Without swallowing, she caught
the third stream in her mouth and yelled triumphantly
“this is prime stuff, babe, it’s so fucking good.

The next several shots weren’t as strong and they
landed on her big tits, but that didn’t matter
because she could suck the cum right off her chest
whoppers.  Her mouth was full of my semen and she
kept swirling it around in her mouth.  “Come here, big
boy and taste it,” she said, laughing and rubbing her
soaking cunt.

I didn’t know what to do.  Suddenly the crowd of 40
and more jerking men said in unison “go for it!”  Not
knowing when I’d ever have the chance to do this
again, I did, moving over to Delia and doing a
frantic French kiss with her.  I no more than opened
my mouth than she spat a wad of my cum into my mouth
and, laughing, watching me.

“It’s good, fella,” she said.  “Eat it, savor it,
it’s yours!!!”

So I did and, to tell ya the truth, it wasn’t bad.
She laughed at me and grinned.  “Now I have to teach
you how to suck it out yourself!”

I was about to say okay, when I looked up and saw
more than 40 hard white and black and yellow cocks
surrounding Delia.  The boys could wait no longer and
they were making a huge circle jerk around her
gorgeous body.  She smiled and squealed with delight
and lay back on the bed.

“Okay, boys,” she said.  “You’ve been so good, unload
on me.”

With hands working like jackhammers, the cocks got
closer and closer.  Suddenly a big, thick black one
started to shake and then spewed streams of cum into
her open mouth.  She swallowed that stream, just as
another arrived from a long, thing white cock on the
other side.  Then the volleys really began.

Talk about flying cum.  Suddenly the air over Delia
was white with streams of sperm.  Some landed on her
chest, tits and stomach, some arched right across her
body and splattered on the guys jerking off on the
other side.  Some went into her mouth and she kept
swallowing as fast as she could before she drowned in

It seemed like the guys kept cumming for hours, but
soon it was all over.  Delia  lay still, glistening
in coating of man cream; it covered her face, tits,
stomach and cunt area.  You almost couldn’t see her
under so much cum.

The football team quickly put its clothes back on
and scattered out of the theater.   The other
strokers began to leave as well.  Delia just lay
there, licking her lips and using her fingers to
scoop cum up into her mouth.  She smacked her lips.
I went over to her and looked down.  “Delia,” I
said.  “You okay?”

She smiled and looked deep into my eyes.  “I like
you,” she said.  “You’re my kind of nasty guy.”
I smiled to.  “You’re my kind of nasty girl.”

“Kiss me and suck my tits,” she said.  “That’ll
prove how nasty you are.”  With that, she lifted up
her cum-covered left tit and put it in her mouth.

“God,” she yelled, “this is high class cum.  Cmon,
try it…if you do, you can cum home with me and we’ll

I looked at her and she said “I mean it.”
I weighed the consequences:  I had no job, no wife,
no home; I loved porn and was a huge Delia fan.  It
was a no-brainer.

I smiled and grabbed her right tit and stuck it, cum
and all, in my mouth.  I sucked on the tit and sucked
the cum into my mouth and then spat it into hers.
Then I moved down and lapped and licked as much as I
could off her lower tits and stomach and out of her
belly button.  God, it didn’t taste bad…

Now partially clean thanks to me, Delia sat up,
jiggled her tits and stood out on the floor.

“Cmon,” she said.  “Let’s get cleaned up and then
we’ll go back to the hotel.  I’m gonna take good care
of you.”

I gave her beautiful mug a sweet, cum kiss.  “I know
you will,” I muttered.

She grabbed my limp dick and stuck a finger up my
ass.  Then she laughed and said: “When we get back to
the hotel, I’m gonna teach you how to suck cock.”
I nodded.  Sounded like a plan to me as long as I
got to stay with Delia.


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