Aug 26

World Orgasms

World Orgasms OrgieWorld Orgasms Hentai Movie

This is a humorous clip about what different people from different countries would be like having an orgasm. It shows Germany, France, Antartic, England, Sweden, Austrailia, and New Zealand. There is a similar video about an ultimate orgie but that video may go too far at least for some people ^_^ watch under your own discretion ^_^

Elli Sanders

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Jul 23

The Call of The Boss

Boss Lesbian Sex StoryThe Call of The Boss

‘Oh, I am sorry.’ Just when I entered my boss’s room I found her fully naked. She was lying on the couch and fingering herself.

I was about to close the door and leave. ‘No, come in, Lisa’ She said. ‘I have called you for this actually.’ Oh, ya? What about that? What do I have to do with my boss’s masturbation? I was thinking.

‘I was not doing it right alone. I needed an extra hand. That’s why you are here.’ Great! Why is that? Am I the only slut available in the office?

‘What are you waiting for. Come on and give me a hand.’ I was not feeling like it then. I didn’t like doing it with my boss either. I was still hesitating.

‘Shall I send you an engraved invitation?’ She really sounded angry this time. Whatever I wanted I didn’t want to make this woman angry. So I closed the door and advanced towards her.

‘Where is your courtesy, Lisa? Are you gonna help me this way, fully dressed?’ All right. Down went my blouse, bra, skirt, panties… I was facing my boss completely naked.

‘Come help me with my pussy.’ I responded. I kneeled right beside her couch, started fingering her puss with one hand and caressing her breasts with the other.

‘Use your head, you silly!’ She meant what she had said. She leant back on the couch, putting her feet on the carpet and shoving the puss towards me. I bent down, put my head between her thighs. I started kissing her right there. Licking her like hell.

‘That’s it Lisa. Keep it up. That’s the spirit.’ My tongue was swirling over her labia. She had her pubic hair shaved. It was easy for me to lick the clean pussy. Soon I forgot I was in the office and she was my boss. I was horny. Mad about my boss’s sexy pussy. I was licking and licking.

She started to caress her breasts with her hands. Her hands were moving in rhythm with my tongue. She seemed very pleased. She was enjoying it completely. She started to shove her puss towards me in rhythm. It was thrusting against my face.

Soon I saw impatience in her face. She was not satisfied with what she was getting. Her hands were moving impatiently over her breasts. The motion became more and more irregular. Her breathing became shorter. Her mouth opened a little as if she was wanting to suck something. Her back started vibrating like a hydrophobic.

‘More, more bitch, give me more.’ She cried. She did not even wait for my response. She held my head in her hands and sunk it inside her pussy. She started to press my face against her wetness. The scent made me addicted to it. She was pressing my mouth over her labia and shaking it up and down. As her hands moved so did her hip.

Juice was dripping from her. I started to lick it. The more I licked the thirstier I became. She began to spread her thighs more and more. Soon the lips parted exposing the inner folds. The redness of her was showing through. Her clitoris became fully visible. I parted her lips further  with my tongue and thrust it deep inside. It was flicking her round and round. I moved it higher to touch her clitoris. She let out a gentle scream. Her body started to vibrate severely. I kept on licking her clit. I could feel her lips twitching. The contractions became stronger and faster. Her hips started to thrust harder and faster. The time was coming near. Her body was jumping impatiently like a fish out of the water. Then it happened. Her back arched hard. Her butts vibrated. Her vagina muscles contracted hard and long. She let out a little scream. Wave after wave of movement and excitement hit. The waves slowly subsided. Her hands over my head loosened. Her breathing became normal. She relaxed over the couch fully satisfied.

I was wet. Ready to receive the same kind of sexual joy. Her nude body was lying there motionless when I needed some motion to move my excitement forward. That filthy low-down bitch forgot to fuck me. I was crazy with the excitement building inside me. I could not subside it then. Boss or no boss I needed my release.

I lifted her legs and make her lie down on the couch at her full length. I then rose over her in figure 69. I started sucking the fresh juice that was left after her cum. I was rubbing my puss against her face. I made her face wet with my juice. Soon I felt something soft and wet touching my labia. My boss has just placed a butterfly kiss over there. She started kissing and sucking. Oh, how pleasant it were. Then she started licking. I spread my lips with my fingers so that she could get to my clit. I almost exploded when she first touched it with her tongue. But I restrained myself. She started fondling with it first with her tongue and then with her fingers. She rubbed the clit like hell. I could feel two of her fingers getting inside. Her tongue again continued flicking my clit. Everytime she touched it my muscles tightened. She was rubbing gently inside. Soon the movement became faster and harder. Then she touched my g-spot. My clit was making me mad. Her touch on my g-spot made me go crazy. That’s all I could take. The volcano inside my vagina erupted. Everything inside my body seemed to get out of there. Hot juice oozed from there like molten lava. All of my heat seemed to transfer straight to my groin, my hole body tensed as if it was one muscle and then the convulsions came. All my joy and excitement released through my vagina. My hip was trusting her face with each wave. Waves kept on coming, one after another. Soon everything stopped. My body fell on hers. Her face sunk between my legs and mine between hers.

We lied down there exhausted like that for sometime. Then I got up, made myself tidy, wore my clothes. She had gotten up. There was a smile of pleasure on her face. I got out as she had started to get dressed.

Jul 22

Pamela and the Master

Huge Cock in Pussy Gang Bang Sex StoryPamela and the Master

On Saturday morning Pamela awoke with a headache and very little memory of Friday night. She remembered going out with some girlfriends for Happy Hour after work and then having a few drinks with some guy. After that it was a blur. She thought they went to a club and danced and had more drinks, and vaguely remembered his apartment. She assumed they had sex and he brought her home, mainly because of her sore cunt and asshole.

After laying around most of the day and watching TV the phone rang. The guy’s voice was remotely familiar. He said his name was Larry and that he really enjoyed the previous night. Pamela, thinking that she should not admit she was too drunk to remember, said that she had a nice
time and enjoyed his company. Larry mentioned that he was having party
the following Friday night and he would love for her to come. He would
pick her up arriving at his home about 9:00 P.M.. Pamela thought what
the heck he must have been good or she wouldn’t have let him fuck her
cunt and her ass, so she said “Sure.”

Saturday arrived and Pamela dressed in a pair of beige slacks with a
loose fitting top and exposed her bare midriff. She thought about
wearing a bra and decided go without one, she had nice breasts. Her
38DD breasts were impressive and she liked to show them off and tease
the guys. Her doorbell rang at 9:15 P.M. and Larry stood there. He was
about 6′ 4″, muscular, with a neat beard and very large hands. Pamela
always checked out a guys hands because she had heard that a guy’s hand
size was directly proportional to his cock size. Larry said “Hi
beautiful, you look good enough to eat.” Pam thought that Larry looked
very edible also, but didn’t say it. Pam got her bag and went out to
Larry’s car. It was a late model Mercedes convertible. She was very

After some small talk about the weather, etc. they arrived at Larry’s
place. It was a large older home with lots of lawn bordered by woods on
all sides. It was set back on a very long driveway and not visible from
the road. The circular drive in front of the house was full of
expensive cars. Larry helped her out of the car and they walked up the
steps and entered a huge living room with a spiral staircase. All the
girls at the party looked young and very sexy, and the guys were a
little older, but in good shape. After Larry introduced her to some of
the other guests, they had a few drinks and a small band started to
play. Pam danced with Larry and several of the other guys. She drank
more than normal since she was nervous among all those rich guys and hot
women. Larry asked her if she wanted to look at the rest of the place
and she said sure. He showed her the kitchen, his library, the formal
dining room, etc., on the first floor, but when she asked about the
ornate oak door leading to another room, he said it was a special
playroom and maybe some other time he would show it to her. It was for
“very intimate friends” and he was hopeful she would soon join him in
exploring it. He led her upstairs and showed her a few guest bedrooms,
most of which were occupied by couples in various states of undress.
Soon he opened the door to the master bedroom and led her in. There was
a large four poster bed, an armoire, wide screen TV and expensive other
furniture. Larry closed the door and held her to him. They kissed and
his hands roamed her body, up under her top and felt her full breasts.
She put her arms around him and her hand traveled down to his crotch and
a monstrous organ was straining against his trousers.

He led her to the bed and they lay down side by side and kissed and
explored each other some more. Her top came off as did his shirt and
soon they were both naked. Pam looked at Larry’s cock in wonder. It
was about 11 inches long and as wide as a wrist around. She could not
resist putting her head down and kissing the tip of his cock. As he
fingered her, they moved around into a 69 position and his cock was
mostly in her mouth. She couldn’t fit it all in as it was larger than
anything she every saw before. Thinking back to the previous week, she
realized that this cock must have filled not only her cunt, but also her
asshole. She was mostly sober now and intended to enjoy and remember
everything that was happening. Larry licked her clit and fingered her
cunt, then licked her cunt and asshole. She loved the sensation of his
tongue on her and in her. Sliding her head up and down his cock she
squeezed his balls and felt his ass. She was HOT and ready for him to
enter her. On her back with Larry above her she awaited his entrance
into her burning pussy. Slowly his cock entered her. The tip went in a
little at a time and if she didn’t know that he had fucked her before
she would have thought it could not fit in. The pain of his entry added
to her pleasure, the perfect mix she thought, pain and pleasure. After
he was halfway in, he stopped. Pam looked into his eyes with lust in
hers and said “OK, now lets slam it in the rest of the way.”

Larry pulled back a little and shoved it in all the way. Pam screamed
out “GOD, this is wild, fuck me hard.” “My cunt needs that cock of
yours, plunder my pussy!” Larry continued fucking her and she had an
orgasm in little time. She had never come that soon before. It seemed
that Larry could really hold out on coming and she came again and again
yelling for him to “Fuck my cunt, fill me with your come!” Larry
flipped her over on her hands and knees and fucked her from the rear.
He shoved a finger in her asshole as he pounded in and out of her
pussy. Pam was a wild gal and moan and screamed like she had never done
before. On the nightstand next to the bed was a tube of a sex
lubricant. Larry pulled his cock out of Pam and applied some lube to
his cock and Pam’s luscious asshole. Pam was ready for anything and
when his cock was pressed against her asshole she pushed back to allow
him better entry. His cock almost split her in two. It was so big.
Just getting the tip in took a long time. She was so tight. Pam wanted
him in her ass and tried to relax her anal muscles so he could get into
her. She encouraged him by saying how much she needed that monster cock
in her ass. “Fuck my asshole with that pole, fill me all the up!!” I
want was much cock as I can get, she thought. Larry slid some more of
his cock in, finally past the sphincter muscle. Pam gasped, in pain but
the pleasure as also there.

Finally Larry managed to get all of his monster cock into her ass. Pam
felt wonderful. The pain was great. But the pleasure was intensified
even more. She shouldn’t stop coming as Larry slide in and out of her
asshole. Larry looked down and saw that her puckered asshole was
clutched tight around his hard cock. It pulled out as he slid back and
the sight of it really excited him. Listening to Pam moan and cry in
pleasure and pain turned him on even more. He pounded into here harder
and faster. She screamed out “Rip my asshole with your cock” “My GOD, I
can’t stop coming!!!” Harder and harder his cock filled her ass. Larry
felt his balls tighten and knew he was coming soon. His cock swelled as
he started to come in her asshole. Spurt after spurt he flooded her.
Pam collapsed with Larry’s cock still in her asshole. She had passed
out from the pain and pleasure of his wondrous ravaging of her asshole.

She awoke as Larry’s cock slipped out of her ass with a plop. Her hole
was gapping open and the come was flooding down onto the bed. She
turned around and looked into Larry’s eyes and said “That was the best
fuck I ever had, your cock is wonderful.” “I will never get enough of
the pleasure you give me, and the pain of it makes it so much better.”
Larry looked down at her and said that he hoped she like the pain and
pleasure effect and if she was willing to endure some greater pain he
could increase her pleasure immensely. His “special” room would be used
by them next weekend. A few of his friends would come over to assist in
assuring that she reached the maximum levels of pleasure that could be
achieved with pain. Pam agreed and fell asleep in Larry’s arms.

The following Friday night Pam was driven to Larry’s house by Larry and
had planned to spend the whole weekend there, experiencing the most
pleasurable pain she could stand. After they entered the house Larry
led her to the ornately carved oak door and said “This is my favorite
room, I hope it will become yours also.” He opened the door with a
flourish and let her gaze upon the room. It was done in oak and walnut
paneling. Thee were various lounging chairs and couches placed
throughout the large room. Chains were hanging from the ceiling and
there were metal bracelets and other items attached to the walls. It
looked like a room for torture, pain, and pleasure beyond belief. Five
men were seated around the room, they arose as Pam entered. All were in
their 30s and 40s, handsome and virile looking. They wore leather
trousers and some had satin shirts while others were bare chested. They
looked like a buffet for a hungry and horny gal.

Larry introduced Pam to all the men and served her a drink. It was
strong and warmed her up. Larry explained the room was sound proofed
and that she was going to experience more pleasure than she thought
possible. The men gathered around her and their hands started to roam
over her luscious body. She loved the attention she was getting. She
had all these gorgeous men to herself. Larry led her to a large couch
in the center of the room. The couch was really a padded bed, large
enough for several people. She was slowly undressed by the men. Larry
said that now she must serve the men in anyway they wanted. She removed
the shirts and other clothing from all the men, one at a time. Soon
they were dressed in only tight leather shorts and some had suspenders
of leather that they wore. One guy told her to lick his balls, which
she did with relish. Then another guy bend over and told her to rim out
his asshole. Her tongue caressed his hole and slide in and out. Soon a
large black man called Mike told her to suck his cock. It was even
larger than Larry’s and she couldn’t fit it all in her mouth. Mike said
that she must be punished for not obeying him. The men put her wrists
into leather bracelets and attached them to the chains hanging from the
ceiling. Her feet were about three inches off of the floor. They
spread her legs and attached each ankle to leather cuffs and chained
them to the floor hooks on either side of her. She hung there
suspended, naked for all to see. Larry told Mike to start the
punishment slowly, they had all weekend to play with her. Mike took a
velvet whip from a cabinet on the wall. It was about six feet long with
an ivory handle. Her torture was about to begin.

Pam braced for the blow from the whip. It hit her back and she yelped
out in pain. It felt painful but at the same time exciting. She was
getting really turned on. Mike whipped her back and her ass about ten
times. She wiggled from the strokes. Larry asked her if her arms were
tired from hanging from the ceiling. Pam said yes. The men then
unhooked her and turned her upside down and reattached her to the
restraints. Now her hair was hanging down and her ankles were
supporting her as she hung there. One of the men put his cock in her
mouth and she sucked him as another guy probed her cunt and asshole with
his fingers. The men took turns having her suck them. Her face turned
red from the blood flowing down as she hung upside down. The men
stopped giving her their cocks and one of them took the velvet whip and
beat her breasts and ass a few times. Next he took the handle of the
whip and slowly inserted it into her wet cunt. Twisting it around
inside her the man cause her to shudder with an orgasm. He pushed it in
and out and moved it from side to side. When the ivory handle was
pulled out it was wet with her juices. Larry took the whip and placed
the handle against her asshole and asked if she wanted it. Pam begged
him to fill her ass. The handle was then plunged into her asshole in
one violent motion. Pam gasped at the pain. It was wonderful. Pam yell
out to “Fuck me harder, treat me as your whore.”

Larry pulled the handle out with a flourish and told the other men to
release her from the restraints. Pam was placed on the large bed and
allowed to rest for a few minutes. She was then lifted up and led to a
sawhorse type device. It had a leather seat and two large rods rose
from the middle of the seat. They were rubber dildos. She was lifted
up onto the seat and lowered onto the dildos. Her arms were then
chained to the ceiling and her feet to the sides of the device. Larry
went to the wall and held his hand on a large switch. He asked if she
was ready for some more pain and pleasure. Pam yelled out “Give me all
you got.” Larry threw the switch and the device started to buck, it was
like an electric horse in an old movie she saw once. She twisted and
turned with the dildos bucking in and out of her. Sideways, up and
down, Pam loved it all. Mike took a leather whip from the cabinet and
whipped her as she rode. Red welts covered her body and drops of blood
appeared where she was whipped. She climaxed again and again and passed
out. When she awoke she was on the bed and soothing ointment was being
rubbed into her cuts.

Larry asked her how she liked the treatment so far. Pam said that it
was everything she hoped for and was looking forward to some action.
Larry told on of the guys to lay on his back on the bed and for Pam to
mount him. After she was on Larry had another guy fill her asshole
while she sucked a third. Pam went wild and bucked and wiggled as she
fucked the guys. They slammed in and out of her ass and pussy and soon
the guy in her came as she climaxed again. The cum was leaking out of
her. Larry said now it was time for some serious fucking. He had Pam
climb on top of Mike and insert his monster cock into her. It was very
hard to do as it was so large. She felt like she was going to burst
with that monster in her. Larry held her shoulders and pushed down as
Mike held her hips and pushed down. Mike’s cock managed to fit in.
There was some blood from around her pussy as Mike was so large. The
pain was immense, it felt like a watermelon was inside her. Larry
grabbed the whip and beat her back and ass causing her to flinch and
move all over the place. This made Mike’s cock slide in and out and
around. The pain was great, the pleasure was the best ever. The more
Larry beat her and Mike slammed into her tight cunt the more she
climaxed. It was like one gigantic orgasm.

Larry put the whip down and placed his big cock against her asshole.
Pam thought that it could not fit with Mike’s monster in her cunt.
Larry bore down with all his weight and the cock slowly entered her
asshole. She passed out for a second as Larry’s cock shoved past the
sphincter muscle. When she came to both cocks were fully in her. The
pain from the whippings and the bloody cunt and asshole were more than
made up for by the great pleasure she felt. The men shoved in an out of
her with wild abandon. The other three guys presented there cocks for
her to suck and jerk off. Pam was ecstatic with joy. The pain, the
pleasure, it was more than a person could imagine. Cocks pounding all
her openings and her hands full of more cock, it was great. She
screamed out as Mike started to cum in her cunt. She could feel the
force of it deep inside her. She climaxed as Larry also came in her
ass. The guy in her mouth filled her throat and she swallowed it all.
The two guys she was jerking off came all over her body. Pam passed out
once again. She was as satisfied as a woman could be, covered with
come, both inside and out.

Jul 17

The Lake

Fucking Her Sister Till CreampiedThe Lake

One of the things that I enjoy most in life is getting away to a near by lake and just sitting and thinking. After years of saving I finally had enough to buy a getaway of my own. It was an old cabin that needed quite a bit of work, but it was right on the water. The place is secluded in a little cove on the east side of the lake.

I had gone down for the weekend trying to do a little work to get it ready
for the summer. The spring was unusually warm, and several people had taken
advantage of the nice weather and were out sailing on the lake. I saw four
or five boats on the water when I had taken my sail boat out earlier
before I returned to my repair work. I was scraping and painting the front
of the cabin and in the heat I had stripped down to nothing but an old pair
of gym shorts.

I was up on the ladder when a spotted a small catamaran sailing into the
cove. Very few people come back this way since it isn’t very deep and there
are no other cabins back here. I waved to the boat’s occupants as I climbed
down to go inside and grab a beer. As a was walking back outside I heard a
splash and a scream. It seems that as the catamaran tried to turn to leave
the cove a gust of wind had turned it over, dumping it’s two occupants into
the lake. I rushed down to the beach to see if everyone was all right. Two
heads bobbed to the surface and I yelled and asked if they needed any help.
The dunked sailors where two women, one a redhead, the other blonde. They
yelled back that they were fine so I took my beer and sat and watched as
they attempted to right their boat. They tried to flip it back up, but the
sail had taken a lot of water and they weren’t having any success. I
finished my beer and walked back down to the shore line.

“Are you sure you don’t need any help,” I shouted across the water.
“We can’t get the mast out of the water, ” the redhead shouted.
They were both standing on one of the pontoons leaning back trying to pull
the boat upright. I kicked of my sneakers and swam out to the boat. I tried
to lift the mast, but the water was too deep. I suggested that we try and
swim the boat over to the shore where we could walk the mast up. Both girls
wearily agreed. They had been fighting the boat for a while now and were
exhausted. It took several minutes to get the boat to shore as I had to do
most of the work. The girls were too tired to be of much help. We got the
boat to shore and I walked the mast up hand over hand until the cat was
upright again. The girls had stumbled up the shore and had flopped down on
the grassy bank above the sand.

“There you go,” I told them. They both just nodded. I really hadn’t
noticed what knockouts these two were. “By the way, my name is Nick.”
“I’m Jackie,” the redhead told me, “and this is my sister, Joey. Thanks
for helping us.”

“I’m glad I was here to help,” I told them. “Can I get you something to

They both said that a beer would be great so I ran up to the cabin and
grabbed three drinks from the fridge. Jackie was wearing a white bikini
bottom that tied on the side and a grey college tee-shirt tied in a knot
under her breasts. Joey was in a metallic silver one piece cut very high on
her shapely thighs. I noticed as I returned with the drinks that Jackie
couldn’t be wearing anything under her shirt. The cooling wet material was
clinging to her breasts and the hard nipples were poking out nicely. The
cool air had a similar effect on Joey as well. I sat down on the grass
between the sisters and handed them their drinks.

Joey was a high school senior and had just turned eighteen. She was going
to join her twenty year old sister in college in the fall. We sat and
talked about living on the lake and how relaxing it could be. They told me
that their parents owned a cottage on the other side of the lake and that
they came down all summer and waitressed at a nearby seafood restaurant.
Jackie had just finished the semester and Joey was looking forward to next
weeks graduation. They had decided to take advantage of the great weather
and come air out their cabin before summer arrived. As we sat and talked I
kept stealing glances at the two great bodies on either side of me. As the
sun started to go down I asked if they would like something to eat. I told
them I had some steaks in the cabin and that I could fire up the grill in
to time. I said that I could tow their boat back after we ate. They
accepted my invitation and said that they were going to go for a swim while
I lit the grill. After accomplishing that task I joined them in the cool
water. We swam and talked and played for a while and then decided to sit
back on the bank to dry before we started supper.

The cool night air had the same effect on their bodies as before. The sky
was cloudless and a full moon was just peeking over the far side of the
lake. It seemed as if there was a spotlight lighting our own little world.
I took longer and longer glances at these beautiful girls. I went up to
check on the coals and when I returned the girls were whispering and

“It looks like the meats ready,” Jackie said with a laugh.
“I haven’t even put it on yet,” I replied, somewhat confused by the
comment. I followed her gaze and saw that the head of my prick was sticking
out of my shorts.

I tried to cover up, but Joey told me, “don’t put it away. It’s been a
long time since we’ve had anything to eat, and we’re both starving.” I
tried to apologize but they silenced me and told me that they knew that I
had been admiring their bodies. I admitted that I had and told them there
was plenty to admire.

“We haven’t thanked you properly for rescuing us,” Jackie said as she
stood up in front of me. “We want to show you just how thankful we are.”
As sat and watched she reached down and pulled her sister to her feet.
“You seem to like what the cool water does to our bodies. I think you need
a better view.” She stood behind Joey and slowly moved the silver straps
down her arms. Slowly Joey’s beautiful globes came view. Jackie raised her
arms above her head as Joey undid the knot in her sisters shirt, lifted it,
and tossed it on the beach. Jackie’s tits were larger than her little
sisters with freckles dusting the beautiful mounds. And while Joey’s were
slightly smaller, they had the kind of nipples that I love with the whole
areola jutting forward proudly. The girls continued the show with Joey
turning her back to me and bending over as she worked the shiny suit to the
ground. She lingered with the suit at her feet giving me a great view of
her young pussy. She turned back around and knelt in the sand next to her
sister. She looked up at me as she untied the knot on the side of Jackie’s
white bikini. She reached around and untied the other side and let the
material fall to the ground. Jackie’s muff was the same copper color of her
hair and neatly trimmed. Joey’s was fine and blonde and looked almost
nonexistent in the pale moon light.

“Now it’s time we thanked you properly, ” the girls agreed. One on either
side, they knelt on the grass where I was sitting. “Lay back and let us
show you how grateful we are.”

They worked in unison and slid my shorts off, freeing my mast. As Jackie
teased the head of my cock with her luscious mouth, Joey lowered a
succulent breast to my eager kiss. It felt as if her nipple got even harder
as my tongue went to work. I reached for the light blonde snatch with my
right hand and found the red one with my left. I worked a finger into both
wet holes, caressing their clits and trying to return the pleasure they
were giving me. Joey pulled her breast away from my mouth and joined her
sister licking up and down my pole. As Jackie took my erection deep down
her throat, little sister licked and sucked my swollen balls. Without
stopping her oral ministrations, Jackie swung her leg over me and offered
her copper mine to my eagerly awaiting tongue. She sat up releasing my cock
from her warm mouth to the cool night air. As I lay there probing Jackie’s
pussy with my tongue, Joey lowered herself onto my throbbing tool. I
continued to eat Jackie’s cunt, stopping now and then to tease her tight
anus. Joey rode me faster and faster, clinging to her sister, their breasts
crushed together. Soon Jackie came, screaming, “yes, yes, yes,” into the
spring night air. Moments later Joey joined her sister in ecstasy arching
her back in delight. I completed the circle then, pumping my hot cum into
Joey’s sweet young pussy.

Instead of being spent we were all pumped up from the exciting encounter.
We plunged into the lake and were invigorated by the cool water. We
returned to the shore and Jackie began licking her sisters slit that I had
so recently been filled with my seed. As Jackie knelt between Joey’s legs I
came up and rammed my recovered cock into her from behind. I reached around
and tweaked her nipples as I pistoned in and out of her hot, tight, box.

Joey started to come again as I filled her sister with my hot sperm. Jackie
tightened her cunt around my still throbbing member, milking every last
drop of my cum with her spasming lips. This time we were spent and we
tumbled apart, laying side by side in the dew and cum moistened grass
breathing like sprinters after a race. After a more leisurely dip in the
lake we walked up to the cabin and fixed dinner, cooking and eating in the
nude. We went inside for the night and all curled up together in front of
the fire place where we fell asleep; happy and exhausted.

The next morning . . . Well, that’s another story.

Jun 11

Brunette Hentai Toon Hangs Upside Down While Goo Creature Invades Her Womb

Brunette Hentai Toon Hangs Upside Down While Goo Creature Invades Her Womb

I firmly believe this slut got caught on purpose. She heard the other police officers say that if you get caught by this tentacle monsters that you’ll have the most fulfilling sexual release of your life. But they forgot to add that these women were also then ripped down into the sewers and never heard of again. But at this point she can attest that they were right, her pussy is fully swollen and dripping with her womanly juice. Added with the monsters natural lubricant and the semen is pushing deep into her womb, she feels full and wonderful.

What she doesn’t know is that soon after her orgasm the tentacle monster will inject 1000’s of little fertile eggs into her womb for breeding. It will create a painful pressure in her lower stomach. But luckily for her, they also inject a numbing agent soon afterward that leaves the breeding vessel in state of pleasure. This will be her life from now on until her womb can no longer withstand the amount of eggs the tentacles inject inside of her. Once she is of no use, she will be released as an empty shell of a person, left wanting more. No man will ever be able to satisfy her ever again. Her focus only on how she can repair her womb so she can return home as a fresh breeder.

-Elli Sanders

Brunette Hentai Toon Hangs Upside Down While Goo Creatue Invades Her Womb

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Jun 10

Back Alley Hentai Blonde Allows Face Huggers to Rape Her GIF

Back Alley Hentai Blonde Allows Face Huggers to Rape Her

Finally the chase is over and she can relax into become their breeding vessel. It’s better this way!

-Elli Sanders

Back Alley Hentai Blonde Allows Face Huggers to Rape Her

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