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4th of July Fireworks

My First Time Fucking A Chick Story4th of July Fireworks

Your first time…the first sex you ever experience…the pinnacle of your existence to that point…at least for a man.  Most men remember their first time with fondness and pride:  His partner was a beautiful cheerleader or homecoming queen and, even though it was his first time, he was able to go all day and gave her 15 orgasms.

Most women have less than pleasant memories of their first time:  Usually the guy was drunk and blew his load in about five seconds.  And, on top of that, it hurt!

My first time memories are somewhere in the middle.

It was the summer of 1978.  I was in at the end of my first year of college.
Actually, I was in my first summer semester.  Being this was my first time
away from home for a long period of time, in a new town, meeting new people,
I had not paid as much attention to my studies as I should have.  This
necessitated repeating an Economics class that was considered one of my core
classes.  I had to pass it before I could move on to upper division studies.

One of the distractions from my studies was Tina.  I met her through a
friend during a freshman mixer in the fall, but we didn’t go out for the
first time til the spring.  Tina was an attractive strawberry blond who was
a little pudgy but carried it well.  She was happy and bubbly, and a lot of
fun in a crowd of friends.  And since she was from the town where the
college was located, she was always available to date.  Another of her
attributes was she was a great, GREAT kisser.  I had made out with girls
before, but never a real woman like Tina.  Her tongue would not just dart in
and out of my mouth, but it would explore;  running along my gum line and on
the insides of my lips!  The sensations this caused would send tingles down
to my crotch and my cock would begin to stir.  Tina and I spent many an
hour, locked in a death grip of passion on my dorm room couch.

There was just one problem: Tina couldn’t stop talking!  We’d be on a date,
or in a store, or at a movie, or anywhere…Tina kept talking, no matter
what.  Sometimes she would talk about important matters of the day.  But
most of the time it was just constant babbling about pets or clothes or
friends or something else I didn’t give a fat rats ass about.  Her
chattering was, at best annoying. At worst, it ground on my last nerve till
I thought I would wrap my fingers around her neck and squeeze the life (and
words) right out of her.

And the very, VERY worst was on the phone.  Hours and hours of deep,
meaningful discussions like “Whatcha doin?”  “Nothing, what are you doing?”
“Nothing.”  There were even times where I fell asleep on the phone, only to
be awakened by her yelling at me through the receiver, asking if I was alright.

I was a virgin, but I couldn’t put up with all the blathering on about
inconsequential matters.  Besides, I wanted my first to be with someone
special. Tina simply wasn’t the one.  My hormones told me she was good
enough, but my heart said it would be better to break it off.

I worked at a local grocery store for spending money and to help pay for
books. On a hot Fourth of July, I had put in 10 hours unloading a truck and
stocking shelves, along with bagging groceries and gathering shopping carts.
I was hot, dirty, tired and cranky.  So when the phone rang and it was Tina
on the other end, I told her it was over and I would be over later to drop
off her few belongs that she had at my dorm and to pick up my spare key I
gave her in the event of an emergency.  I intentionally kept the
conversation short to avoid a two hour discussion of why I was dumping her.
When I hung up, I felt a little bad for being so short with Tina, but I
shrugged it off and got in the shower.

The shower felt good as it pounded the dirt, grime and sweat off my body.  I
had a radio on in the bathroom and had it cranked up loud on a local rock
station.  My roommate had gone home for the summer, and few students were in
my building, so I didn’t worry about disturbing anyone.  I just let the
tepid water run over me even after I had rinsed off all the soap.  I was
tense from my conversation with Tina and sore from a hard day’s work.  My
mind wandered to a letter I had read in an adult magazine I had stashed
under my mattress.  Something about a couple on a trip to a tropical island
where they had made love in the grass beside a clear pond fed by a small
waterfall.  The image of their tanned bodies wrapped around one another,
licking, sucking, pinching, squeezing and fucking one another had made a
powerful impression on me.  As I remembered the scene, my dick began to
harden.  I shut off the water and began to towel myself dry.  The action of
drying my crotch, only seemed to make my cock harden even more.  I finished
drying my body and put the towel over my head and began vigorously working
the water from my hair. I walked from the bathroom, into the dorm to grab my
hairbrush, when I heard a voice.

“You look happy to see me.”

“SHIT!”  I yelled and yanked the towel off my head and wrapped it awkwardly
around my waist.

Tina was lying in my bed with the covers pulled up around her neck.

In a loud, angry voice I asked, “What the FUCK do you think you’re doing
here?  I thought I made it clear, we are through!”

“I was hoping I could change your mind.”

Her voice was a low, growly sound that wrapped around my cock and massaged
it back to a half hardness.  The surprise of her being there, and the fact
she had never seen me naked, had caused my little warrior to retreat.  But
the advance was on again.

“I don’t think there’s anything you could say that would make me want you back.”

It was true.  I was not interested in a long term relationship with Tina and
my mind was made up.

“I wasn’t going to say a word.”

And with that, she pulled back the covers to reveal her naked body.

There was a naked woman in my bed that wanted me to make love to her.  I had
an erection that was so hard, it hurt.  My mind said this was a bad idea.
But I turned my mind off for a while and thought with my cock.

While Tina was no men’s magazine model, she looked beautiful to me.  She was
short, only five feet, one inch, but her body was perfectly proportioned to
her height.  Her legs were a little on the chunky side, but nicely shaped
with strong looking calves and thighs.  Her hips looked a little wide in
some of her clothes, but that was an illusion because Tina appeared to have
a perfect hourglass figure as she lay naked in my bed.  Her pussy hair was
somewhat darker than the hair on her head, but it was neatly trimmed and
didn’t spill over into the crease where Tina’s hip and thigh joined
together.  She had a little baby fat around her middle but Tina was nowhere
near fat.  And her tits…her beautiful, round tits…about the size of a
baseball, firm and proud, with dark pink nipples.  Tina’s breast were
accentuated by her tan line.  The slightly lighter colored flesh caused by
her bikini seemed to make her breasts that much more prominent.  I wanted to
taste her body from head to toe.

My mouth was dry, my breathing rapid, my eyes as big as saucers trying to
take in her body.  I walked over to the bed, staring at Tina’s body and
trying to process what was about to happen.

“You know this is my first time.  I’m afraid I won’t be able to make you happy.”

“Don’t worry,” she said.  “This isn’t my first time and I know I can make us
both happy.”

As I got to the edge of the bed, Tina quickly stood up right in front of me.
She wrapped her arms around me, pressing her sweet body against mine.  I
could feel her tits mashing against my chest and my hard cock poking her in
the stomach.  Tina looked up at me and I lowered my head and kissed her.  A
sweet, gentle kiss.  Our lips barely touching, yet the sensations raced
through me like I’d been hit by a speeding truck.

I grabbed Tina and kissed her hard.  My hands grabbing her ass and squeezing
her round cheeks.  My tongue drilled it’s way to the back of her throat.  I
was out of control and wanted to devour her right that second!

Tina pushed me back and told me to slow down.  I took a couple of deep
breathes and tried to regain my composure.  Tina was right, I needed to slow
down.  I wanted to enjoy this experience and make it last as long as possible.

We laid down on the bed and began rubbing each others bodies with our hands.
Tina was gentle and deliberate.  I would get in a hurry, but a guiding touch
by Tina’s hands would reign me in.

We began kissing again.  This time, I was able to remain calm and enjoy
Tina’s gift of French kissing.  She seemed to be doing new things with her
tongue that made my heart race even more!

My hands moved along her back and down to her sweet ass, squeezing the warm
flesh, but more gently than before.  Tina moaned as one hand reached around,
under her ass, and ran a finger over the lower part of her pussy lips.  The
sensation of touching her where I had never been before was as exciting for
me as it seemed to be for her.

Despite the fact we were naked, rolling around on my bed, locked in a
passionate embrace, I felt a little odd about touching Tina’s breasts.  I
wanted to, very badly, but I still felt like I would be somehow violating
her.  I decided that this was a silly line of thought and moved my hand from
her ass to her tits.  I wrapped my hand around her firm breast and felt a
sharp intake of air as we continued kissing.

“Oh yes!” I heard Tina say as I gently squeezed her tit.  I kissed my way
down Tina’s neck and gave her a little love bite.  She seemed to find that
quite enjoyable and I did it again.  Next, I sucked a little of her neck in
my mouth and gently brought my teeth together, letting the lump of flesh
slide over my teeth.  Tina shuddered and moaned deeply during this maneuver.
I continued to kiss and nibble my way down her chest, til I was at her
nipples.  I gazed at them for a moment.  Their hard, dark pink nipples were
standing erect.  I gave one of Tina’s pencil-eraser nipples a little lick
and she squealed slightly.

“Tell me if I do anything you don’t like.”

I continued to lick at Tina’s nipples, each time, putting more and more of
my tongue on her nipple and the surrounding breast.  Finally, I tried to
suck her whole tit into my mouth.   But I guess I tried too hard and
scrapped her boob on my teeth.

“OUCH!” Tina squeaked.  “Not so hard!  Relax, calm down.   You don’t have to
do everything to the max!  Just do a little at a time and we’ll both have
fun.  OK?”

“Sorry.  I’m just a little nervous.  I’ve never made love before.   Teach me
what feels good to you.”

I wanted to do a good job and please her.  Tina knew what she was doing and
what she wanted me to do.

“Lie back, and just relax.”

I laid down on my back and folded my arms behind my head.  Tina kissed me on
the mouth, gently, then began to slowly work her way down my body.  She
paused at certain points along the way; my nipples, belly button, the crease
along my waist line just above my pubic area.  I was in heaven.  Then Tina
positioned herself between my legs.  My heart raced as I realized what she
was about to do. I had never had a blowjob before and I knew my first was
only seconds away.  Tina wrapped her hand around my cock and licked the
underside from midway up my shaft to the head.  I moaned as her tongue
grazed the “V” shaped area just under my cock head.  That place is the most
sensitive part of my cock and Tina knew it. She worked that part of my cock
with her tongue and lips for several seconds before engulfing the head in
one quick move.  I gasped and my hips shot upwards by reflex from the
sensations of this action.  Tina rode the movement and held on like she
expected it to happen.  I wondered how many cocks she had sucked, but that
flash of jealousy quickly disappeared as Tina worked her mouth up and down
my shaft.  Her hot mouth and talented tongue were working their magic on my
prick and I wasn’t sure how long I could stand it before my jizzbomb went off.

“Damn, that’s good baby!” I said and immediately regretted it.

It sounded like basic porno movie dialog, and I didn’t want to cheapen this
experience by lowering it to the lever of an adult bookstore loop.

Then I thought, “I didn’t plan to say that, it just popped out of my mouth.
That’s probably what I would have said even if I never had seen a porno
movie.  Just relax and go with it.”

After that, I didn’t care what I said.  I told Tina I didn’t think that I
could hold back much long and she took my cock out of her mouth and started
sucking and licking my balls.  It felt great, but didn’t have the intensity
of a blowjob, so I wasn’t as likely to pop my nut.

Tina looked up from between my legs and said, “Now it’s up to you to return
the favor.”

She moved to the head of the bed and laid on her back, legs spread.  I knew
she wanted me to eat her snatch, but I wasn’t sure what to do.  I had read
about it in porno mags and seen it in adult movies, but that was a lot
different than actually being face to snatch with a real live woman.  Tina
could see the doubt on my face.

“I’ll guide you through it.  Just do what I tell you.”

So I positioned myself between Tina’s legs and lowered my face into her box.
I could smell the heat rising from her crotch and that certain scent of a
woman.  I wanted to plunge my face and tongue between her lips and start
sucking and nibbling like a starving man at an all-you-can-eat buffet.  But
I knew Tina would tell me the best way to please her.

“Use your fingers to spread my lips.  That’s right.  See that little round
nub at the top of my lips?  That’s my clitoris, or clit as men like to call
it.  You need to be careful not to be too rough with my clit, but I do want
you to lick and suck it gently.  I also like to feel your tongue down in my
hole and to suck my lips.  Again, be careful.  No teeth.  Alright, go ahead.”

I took a few tentative licks around her clit.  I knew enough from what I
read to not go straight at the clit.  But to lick the areas around it first.
Tina seemed to enjoy this indirect approach.  She moaned grabbed my hair and
seemed to be directing the movements of my mouth.  I quickly became more
comfortable with lapping at her fuckhole and soon was jamming my tongue deep
into Tina’s pussy.  Tina moaned and squealed and shuddered as I brought her
to her first orgasm of the evening with my tongue and a middle-finger buried
in her quim.

After she came down from her cum, Tina reached over for a damp wash cloth
and told me to wipe my face clean.  After I did that, she grabbed me around
the neck and kissed me hard and deep.

“On your back,” said Tina in a low, gutteral voice that told me I had better
do what she said.

Tina was soon poised over me, hovering above my hardon.  I helped steady her
as she lowered her soaking pussy over my achingly hard pole.  As Tina’s
pussy slid over my cock, I thought I would blow my load instantly.  The
sensation of her hot, wet snatch molding around my dick was so intense, I
nearly passed out.  Tina sat her full weight on my cock and then didn’t
move.  She knew I was enjoying this for the first time and didn’t want to
take the chance on me having no control.  I could feel her pussy muscles
contracting and releasing as she sat there.  I reached up and took her
beautiful tits in my hands.  My thumb and index finger applying gentle
pressure to her nipples, giving them a delicate twist, caused Tina to rock
back slightly and let loose a soft moan.  Tina then began to slide front to
back, my cock slipping and sliding through the combination of my spit and
her pussy juice.  I held on to those magnificent tits as her sliding hump
began to build in speed and intensity.  In a few minutes I was squeezing
Tina’s nipples and tits hard, but she didn’t seem to notice as she was
fucking herself on my cock.  Quick gasps of breath signaled another orgasm
for Tina and once the waves of intense sensation had passed, she laid down
on top of me, breathing hard and sweating slightly.

“Did you cum yet?” she asked and I told her “no.”

She seemed surprised.  So was I.  But something was tickling at the back of
my mind that kept me from letting go.

“I don’t want to get you pregnant,” I told her.

She smiled and said, “I’m on the pill, silly!  You don’t think I’m going to
take a chance and get knocked up, do you?  Let yourself go, it’s ok!”

With that, she rolled off of me and laid on her back, legs spread, with a
“Fuck me good” look on her face.

I got between her legs and put her feet up on my shoulders (saw that in a
porno movie).  I began to plow my hard, aching meat into her juicy snatch.
The wet smack of our hips coming together filled the small dorm room along
with Tina’s moans and my grunts.

Something else I had seen in a porno came to mind and I wanted to try it.

“Let’s do it doggy style.”

An “Mmmm” escaped Tina’s lips as I made my request.  We got in position and
I fed my cock into her pussy.  This was a completely different sensation to
what we had done before.  It was more intense, more centered on my cockhead
and the sensitive area just under the head.  It was too much for me to
handle!  I was transformed into a fucking animal! I pounded Tina’s snatch as
hard as I could.  The harder I fucked her, the more I wanted to fuck her
harder!  Tina said I was wailing like a crazed banshee the whole time, but I
can’t remember it at all.  All I do remember was the pressure building in my
groin, the unstoppable release of my cum and the total collapse or all
bodily control.  I hammered Tina’s pussy as I came and then fell with my
full weight on top of her, my fuck meat shrinking and exiting her well worn
cunt with a slight pop.

As I began to regain consciousness, I realized what had happened:  I had just
experienced sex for the first time with someone that I didn’t like all that
much.  My desire had gotten the better of my mind.  It hadn’t been the first
time and wasn’t the last.  But, I had given in to my most carnal desire and
didn’t consider the consequences.

Tina went to the bathroom and cleaned up.  I wiped off my slimy dick with
the washcloth and tried to decide what my next move should be.

As she came out of the bathroom, I said, “Tina, I guess this changes things
between us.”

“No,” came her response, “this doesn’t change a thing.  You’re right, we
just don’t work together.”  And she started to get dressed.

I was slack-jawed at her comments.

“It’s better this way.  I thought I could make you want me if I made love to
you, but I can tell, you don’t.  I’m sorry if you feel used, but you have to
admit, we had a pretty good time.”

I agreed and told her if she needed a friend, that I would be right
here…at least for the next three years.  She smiled and kissed me on the
cheek and left my dorm room…and my life.

I look back on my first time and feel lucky that Tina wanted me that much.
At the same time, I feel a little guilty that I didn’t want her enough to
make it work…only enough to make her my first.

Jul 15

Campus Sluts

Campus Sluts Policeman Fuck Backseat Police CarCampus Sluts Hentai Video

Your first option is to run or pay the taxi cab driver. If you choose to run, you will run into a police man and fuck him in the back of his police car. Whether or not you do anything to make the orgasmeter go up, you will then be brought to a screen to select whether to continue on with the story or return to make a different choice. If you decide to pay the taxi cab driver, she will give the guy a blowjob in the back of the taxi cab; whether you speed it up or not, it will progress. Then, you will need a roommate and you can select the dark skinned woman near the doors and they will 69. You can also select the secretary woman and simply eat her pussy. Or you can select the janitor and give him a blowjob. Afterwords, she will get a roommate, you can again choose to continue or make a different choice. She walks in on her roommate naked on the bed masturbating. The End.
Another really good college slut game is Campus part 1 and 2. It is a little bit challenging sim dating game ^_^ check it out ^_^

Elli Sanders

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Jan 20

College Romance

college romance hentai flash gameCollege Romance Action and Arcade Hentai Games

The home screen has six options: Mike progress, Gym, Classroom, Library, City Center, and Talk with Friends. Talking with friends simply flashes a screen showing that you gain 2 popularity points. In the Gym you can do an intense workout and increase fitness by 3. In the library you can increase your science by 3 points, and or increase your popularity by 2 and science by 6 if you tutor students, and or you can increase your popularity by 2 and culture by 6 if you take drama classes. The class room allows you to increase your culture by 3 points.

Anything you click increases whatever category from 25 to 100 points, and you cannot exceed 100 points.

You start out with 25 points in everything: popularity, fitness, science, culture, and swag. After visiting all the places then going to the city center, the game ended with Mike passing his final exam. Nothing really happened, pretty boring game. You have to click on the link to their website to view your ending which is one out of five possible endings. From the same creators of Claire the exchange student. I cannot figure out how to get any other ending. Personally I do not like this game or any game made by this creator. For more awesome cool hentai video games visit the home page.

Elli Sanders

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Jan 20

Claire the Exchange Student

Claire the exchange student hentai flash gameClaire the Exchange Student Hentai Sim Dating Game

The home screen has three options: hello Claire, more sexy games, and living with Britney – secret lovers. Living with Brittan and More games both take you to their website. Hello Claire is the actual game about an active college student, Kendra, who welcomes a foreign exchange student, Claire, into her apartment. Before Kendra leaves to go to the airport to pick up Claire, her boyfriend, the captain of the football team, David, stops by. He tells her how much he will miss being able to mess around with her while Claire lives with her. You then have the option to choose to excuse yourself and go to pick up Claire or to stay a little while longer and mess around with David. If you choose to leave immediately, she will tell David that he is welcome to take a shower. If you choose to stay, you make David happy, and talk about lesbian sex and threesomes, then Kendra tells him to take care of his desires himself in the shower. If you stay with David a few moments longer, Claire will be waiting on the bench at the airport.

Then at the airport once you meet Kendra, you have the option to shake her hand or to kiss her cheek. If you kiss her cheek, Claire is very comfortable. If you choose to simply shake your hand, she is a little uneasy. Then after arriving at her place, Kendra asks if she has a boyfriend and you can choose to tell her or to lie. If you tell her, she appreciates your honesty.

Then, you tell Claire about the pool and she says that she has to finish unpacking, you can choose to prepare drinks or to help her unpack. If you help her unpack, you can then choose either a shirt, skirt, panties, socks, shower gel, or a magazine. For each item, she has something to say. If you choose to prepare drinks, it will jump directly to the pool scene.

Then, Claire asks what people in the States wear to seduce their lovers. You can choose to tell her either passion or beauty. If you choose beauty, Claire will disagree. Then, you can either choose to let Claire relax or offer her drinks. If you choose to let her relax, she will ask you if she can draw you shirtless. You can either postpone or do it. Then after drawing her, she says that she feels up to swimming.

At the swimming pool, Claire tells Kendra that she is a lesbian. You can choose what your opinion is and Claire will either be pleased or disappointed depending on your answer. Then Claire asks if Kendra has ever kissed another chick. You can tell her the truth – no, or you can lie and say you have. If yo lie, Claire seems to know. Then you can choose to stop Claire from kissing you, then decide to stop her from sticking her hand down Kendra’s bottoms then removing them. If you do not stop her, then David storms in upset and Claire moves out and Kendra drops out of all of the student government. That is one of five endings. I would say, a very horrible ending. Any selections on the end screen will take you to the website.

If you do stop Clair from kissing Kendra, you will then be able to choose one of two options for what to tell her. Either about David, or about not wanting to get caught. The friendship continues to build between Claire and Kendra and even David. Claire eventually takes Kendra and David to France.

College romance is also made by the same creators.

For more mobile porn games visit the home page.

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Jan 20

Campus Part 2

Campus 2 hentai flash gameCampus Part 2 Hentai Sim Dating Game

In order to play this game, you need to play and finish Campus part 1 and receive the code. The code is different each time depending on who has however many points. The code I got when Bruce had one point, Matthew had one point, and Meryl had two points was: 25043362. When Matthew had three points and Meryl one but Bruce none, I got: 12521433. And for only Matthew having one point but Meryl and Bruce having no points, I got: 25022359. Or you can use 12531333.

This starts out with Alyssa lying in bed with only her panties and her teddy bear. She is very hot and she is on her back with her knees bent and legs spread and hand on her forehead. Then she puts on a nightgown and goes outside. You can choose to either knock on Meryl’s door, go upstairs to the boys, or go outside. If you choose to go outside, you find Bruce on the bench. He declares his love for Alyssa and asks to see her breasts. She pulls her gown aside and allows him to fondle her breasts then pull down her panties and rub her ass. Then he licks her pussy and she gives him a hand job and blowjob in return. He cums in her mouth and she goes back to her room. Bruce gets 2 points.

If you choose to go upstairs, both Bruce and Matthew are in their room studying. Bruce pulls Alyssa down into his lap and rubs her leg, kisses her back, rubs her belly, fondles her breast, and rubs her pussy until Matthew cannot take it any longer and kicks the two of them out. In the hallway, Bruce confesses his love for Alyssa. They kiss then Alyssa gives Bruce a blowjob since she is not ready for sex. Bruce gains a point and Matthew looses a point.

If you choose to visit Meryl, she is fucking the anatomy teacher on her bed. She asks Alyssa to help her get lube and apply it to her ass and help her with anal for the first time. Alyssa sleeps at Meryl’s naked together in the same bed. Meryl gains a point.

Then Alyssa and Meryl go to the newbie party where guys are lifting up girls skirts and rubbing their pussies and everyone is having a good time. Then Alyssa drinks from a hose in between Sonia’s legs then licks her pussy. Then Alyssa chooses who to throw her panties to and thus who will be her guide on campus.

If she chooses Bruce, she will end the game by giving him another blowjob and fucking him and becoming his girlfriend as well as the captain of the cheer leading squad.

If she chooses Matthew, they will kiss and Matthew will gain another point. She will still give Bruce a hand blowjob and she still fucks Bruce and still end up as his girlfriend and head cheerleader.

If she chooses Meryl, she has to suck her breasts and Meryl wins another point. They end the night by having lesbian sex, Meryl breaks Alyssa’s virginity with a toy and they share it together. They end up as a lesbian couple.

I never figured out how to get the ending in Matthew’s favor; I thought that having Alyssa go up to the boy’s room would do it, but it still leaned in Bruce’s favor. For more epic porn sauce games visit the home page.

Elli Sanders

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action and arcade hentai games hentai flash game dress up  
Paid Hentai Games sim dating hentai games  
Quizzes and Hentai Puzzle Games Gambling Hentai Games  
Meet and Fuck Hentai Games Hentai Cartoon Flash 3D XXX Porn  
Jan 20

Campus Part 1

campus hentai flash gameCampus Part 1 Hentai Sim Dating Game

If you ever want a hint, type “butt” very helpful, I could not have continued on without it.

Simple story of a young country virgin girl’s first year in college. She is in a new state and ready to discover new things about herself and others sexuality. She just moved into her new room on campus and two boys come to introduce themselves to her then a blonde chick comes. Very clever, however a little extreme, but still good. After clicking on the box on the floor and the blonde chick picks out a dress, it took me a while to figure out I had to click and pull the dress to the side a bit for her to hand it to Alyssa. Then after prompting Meryl to remove her top and her shorts, she puts on the dress. After she leaves and the boys come over, you get to pick a movie.

I think what happens next really depends on the movie. First I chose the romantic comedy and it didn’t work because it is not plugged in. After clicking the outlet, then clicking her hand and bring it to the outlet I got it to work. I thought the next move was pretty funny. Grabbing Bruce’s hand and bringing it to the girls skirt, he will push it up then she will look at him confused and pull it back down then everyone returns to normal. You can do that a second time, then the third time he rests his arm next to her leg. While his hand is beside her leg you can click and hold for him to rub her leg. He will do this and her pleasure bar will increase until she brushes his hand away. I found that you can hold then release and click again and resume and you will get her pleasure bar further than if you let her brush you away. The first time I did not know about the “butt” hint so I could not figure it out, however with the help of the hint I figured that you can move Bruce’s knee towards hers and lift her skirt and eventually she will get annoyed, but the movie will end. Matthew has red teary eyes and kisses Alyssa. Then when they are saying goodbye, she says goodbye to black haired boy first then Matthew and gives him a cheek then a lips kiss. Matthew earns one point.

If you pick the horror movie, the movie will play automatically and you can click Alyssa’s chest then her head then the Bruce’s leg then his chest and she will gasp and raise her hand to her chest then her mouth then Bruce’s leg then rest her head on his shoulder. Then you can click her shoulder and he will wrap his arm behind her and rest his hand on her shoulder. Then, strangely. You can click Alyssa’s chest and he will pull down her shirt and she will do nothing. Then you can press and hold and have him rub her leg. After a while I noticed the pleasure bar stopped going up; I released and restarted and she spread her legs then peed and had to go to the bathroom. Then the movie is over and Bruce lifts up the girls skirt while they are standing and talking and realizes that she is no longer wearing any underwear. They hug (Bruce first) and leave and Bruce gets one point.

For the documentary, Alyssa puts the DVD in and porn starts playing and Meryl comes over. Bruce and Meryl sit on the bed together while Alyssa and Matthew sit at the computer. Meryl lowers her top and Bruce strokes her leg then they start making out and Matthew fondles Meryl’s breast. Then he rubs her pussy and she rubs his bulge. Then everyone is told to leave. Bruce and Meryl loose one point each and are in the negative.

Lying in bed ready to go to sleep, she then fondles her nipple then masturbates and goes to sleep. The next day she has her first class which is anatomy with all girls and a male teacher. The girls lean forward and spread their legs and Meryl puts her vibrating phone under Alyssa’s ass. Then Meryl gets called to the front of the class and points to the groin in the anatomy picture then flashes the class her boob. Afterwards the girls go to an art class where Alyssa becomes the model. Her top keeps on falling down and exposing her breast. Bruce draws her totally naked and Meryl draws her with huge breasts and Matthew draws her sweetly. You can choose which one you think she likes most. I choose Matthew because she really seems to like him.

Then you can choose an activity; either jogging, swimming, or rollerblading. If you choose swimming, Meryl will show some guys her breast then prompt Alyssa to show them her breast and pussy then Meryl and a female teacher rub her groin, then Alyssa gets eaten out.

If you choose to jog, you run into Matthew and a friend playing chess. Matthew’s friend teases Alyssa by rubbing the knight chess piece all over her body. This gets Matthew jealous, and makes Alyssa want Matthew even more. When Matthew’s friend leaves, Alyssa and Matthew sit on a bench and Alyssa guides Matthews hand to touch her crotch then as they kiss she moves his hand to fondle her breast. Matthew gets another point.

If you choose to roller blade, you run into two guys from the football team and two cheerleaders. The cheerleaders are protective of Bruce who is not there, the captain of the cheer leading squad pulls up Alyssa’s top and then pulls down her panties and fingers her and has one guy suck her finger covered in Alyssa’s virgin juice. She also makes fun of the fact that she is virgin and has the football dude show her his dick. She guides Alyssa’s hand to touch his dick. She helps her rub his hard dick, then he cums on her stomach. She tries to make her jack off the other guy but Bruce comes in to save her. He gets one point.

Later in the shower Alyssa fingers Meryl and then eats her pussy. That was the end. But it continues onto Campus part two

It was a little difficult at times to get the right cues, but the tips were very helpful, couldn’t have done it without them. Why not try out that horny teacher on campus after this?

Elli Sanders

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Jan 20

Sexy College Quiz

sexy college quiz hentai flash gameSexy College Quiz Hentai Puzzle and Quiz Sex Games

Your goal in this game is to go around campus and improve your experience with college girls so that you can be with the sexy hot deen. Each girl at each different location will have a small quiz for you to answer depending on their specialty and location. There is a biology quiz, history quiz, chemistry quiz, computer quiz, and swimming quiz. You can guess wrong three times before you lose and have to try from the beginning again. Sadly, unlike other quiz games similar to this game, you have to go through all of the dialogue every time you fail a quiz. Every time you pass a quiz, you will then get to fuck the chick with slow, middle, fast, and finish buttons. If you return to a chick that you have already passed her quiz, she will say something to reject you. Each chick you have sex with will increase your experience 20%. Not every chick is available to fuck until you have more experience. There was another chick that said to come back when the experience reached 100% but she was not anywhere once I did. Oh well. Good game. Check out our cartoon porn flash clips, some of them are super funny and awesome!

Elli Sanders

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action and arcade hentai games hentai flash game dress up  
Paid Hentai Games sim dating hentai games  
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Jan 05

College Sex Occasion

college occasion hentai flash gameCollege Sex Occasion Meet and Fuck

Simple game with a young Japanese chick who discovers a picture in her locker of her changing and goes to her professor who she knows likes her to ask if he took it. He did not, however since they are alone they decide to take advantage of their fantasies. First she rubs his groin, then she pulls out his dick and licks it. Then she sucks his dick and asks him for more. He then begins fucking her. The positions change until she is straddling him and after a series of humps, she pulls his dick out of her and rubs it until he cums on the camera.

Basic mouse jiggling mostly, and a few strange grammatical errors but overall the game is pretty simple and straightforward. Check out our home page for more great adult flash games. – Elli Sanders

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action and arcade hentai games hentai flash game dress up  
Paid Hentai Games sim dating hentai games  
Quizzes and Hentai Puzzle Games Gambling Hentai Games  
Meet and Fuck Hentai Games Hentai Cartoon Flash 3D XXX Porn