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Claire the Exchange Student

Claire the exchange student hentai flash gameClaire the Exchange Student Hentai Sim Dating Game

The home screen has three options: hello Claire, more sexy games, and living with Britney – secret lovers. Living with Brittan and More games both take you to their website. Hello Claire is the actual game about an active college student, Kendra, who welcomes a foreign exchange student, Claire, into her apartment. Before Kendra leaves to go to the airport to pick up Claire, her boyfriend, the captain of the football team, David, stops by. He tells her how much he will miss being able to mess around with her while Claire lives with her. You then have the option to choose to excuse yourself and go to pick up Claire or to stay a little while longer and mess around with David. If you choose to leave immediately, she will tell David that he is welcome to take a shower. If you choose to stay, you make David happy, and talk about lesbian sex and threesomes, then Kendra tells him to take care of his desires himself in the shower. If you stay with David a few moments longer, Claire will be waiting on the bench at the airport.

Then at the airport once you meet Kendra, you have the option to shake her hand or to kiss her cheek. If you kiss her cheek, Claire is very comfortable. If you choose to simply shake your hand, she is a little uneasy. Then after arriving at her place, Kendra asks if she has a boyfriend and you can choose to tell her or to lie. If you tell her, she appreciates your honesty.

Then, you tell Claire about the pool and she says that she has to finish unpacking, you can choose to prepare drinks or to help her unpack. If you help her unpack, you can then choose either a shirt, skirt, panties, socks, shower gel, or a magazine. For each item, she has something to say. If you choose to prepare drinks, it will jump directly to the pool scene.

Then, Claire asks what people in the States wear to seduce their lovers. You can choose to tell her either passion or beauty. If you choose beauty, Claire will disagree. Then, you can either choose to let Claire relax or offer her drinks. If you choose to let her relax, she will ask you if she can draw you shirtless. You can either postpone or do it. Then after drawing her, she says that she feels up to swimming.

At the swimming pool, Claire tells Kendra that she is a lesbian. You can choose what your opinion is and Claire will either be pleased or disappointed depending on your answer. Then Claire asks if Kendra has ever kissed another chick. You can tell her the truth – no, or you can lie and say you have. If yo lie, Claire seems to know. Then you can choose to stop Claire from kissing you, then decide to stop her from sticking her hand down Kendra’s bottoms then removing them. If you do not stop her, then David storms in upset and Claire moves out and Kendra drops out of all of the student government. That is one of five endings. I would say, a very horrible ending. Any selections on the end screen will take you to the website.

If you do stop Clair from kissing Kendra, you will then be able to choose one of two options for what to tell her. Either about David, or about not wanting to get caught. The friendship continues to build between Claire and Kendra and even David. Claire eventually takes Kendra and David to France.

College romance is also made by the same creators.

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