Jan 20

College Romance

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The home screen has six options: Mike progress, Gym, Classroom, Library, City Center, and Talk with Friends. Talking with friends simply flashes a screen showing that you gain 2 popularity points. In the Gym you can do an intense workout and increase fitness by 3. In the library you can increase your science by 3 points, and or increase your popularity by 2 and science by 6 if you tutor students, and or you can increase your popularity by 2 and culture by 6 if you take drama classes. The class room allows you to increase your culture by 3 points.

Anything you click increases whatever category from 25 to 100 points, and you cannot exceed 100 points.

You start out with 25 points in everything: popularity, fitness, science, culture, and swag. After visiting all the places then going to the city center, the game ended with Mike passing his final exam. Nothing really happened, pretty boring game. You have to click on the link to their website to view your ending which is one out of five possible endings. From the same creators of Claire the exchange student. I cannot figure out how to get any other ending. Personally I do not like this game or any game made by this creator. For more awesome cool hentai video games visit the home page.

Elli Sanders

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