Jul 23

The Call of The Boss

Boss Lesbian Sex StoryThe Call of The Boss

‘Oh, I am sorry.’ Just when I entered my boss’s room I found her fully naked. She was lying on the couch and fingering herself.


I was about to close the door and leave. ‘No, come in, Lisa’ She said. ‘I have called you for this actually.’ Oh, ya? What about that? What do I have to do with my boss’s masturbation? I was thinking.

‘I was not doing it right alone. I needed an extra hand. That’s why you are here.’ Great! Why is that? Am I the only slut available in the office?

‘What are you waiting for. Come on and give me a hand.’ I was not feeling like it then. I didn’t like doing it with my boss either. I was still hesitating.

‘Shall I send you an engraved invitation?’ She really sounded angry this time. Whatever I wanted I didn’t want to make this woman angry. So I closed the door and advanced towards her.

‘Where is your courtesy, Lisa? Are you gonna help me this way, fully dressed?’ All right. Down went my blouse, bra, skirt, panties… I was facing my boss completely naked.

‘Come help me with my pussy.’ I responded. I kneeled right beside her couch, started fingering her puss with one hand and caressing her breasts with the other.

‘Use your head, you silly!’ She meant what she had said. She leant back on the couch, putting her feet on the carpet and shoving the puss towards me. I bent down, put my head between her thighs. I started kissing her right there. Licking her like hell.

‘That’s it Lisa. Keep it up. That’s the spirit.’ My tongue was swirling over her labia. She had her pubic hair shaved. It was easy for me to lick the clean pussy. Soon I forgot I was in the office and she was my boss. I was horny. Mad about my boss’s sexy pussy. I was licking and licking.

She started to caress her breasts with her hands. Her hands were moving in rhythm with my tongue. She seemed very pleased. She was enjoying it completely. She started to shove her puss towards me in rhythm. It was thrusting against my face.

Soon I saw impatience in her face. She was not satisfied with what she was getting. Her hands were moving impatiently over her breasts. The motion became more and more irregular. Her breathing became shorter. Her mouth opened a little as if she was wanting to suck something. Her back started vibrating like a hydrophobic.

‘More, more bitch, give me more.’ She cried. She did not even wait for my response. She held my head in her hands and sunk it inside her pussy. She started to press my face against her wetness. The scent made me addicted to it. She was pressing my mouth over her labia and shaking it up and down. As her hands moved so did her hip.

Juice was dripping from her. I started to lick it. The more I licked the thirstier I became. She began to spread her thighs more and more. Soon the lips parted exposing the inner folds. The redness of her was showing through. Her clitoris became fully visible. I parted her lips further  with my tongue and thrust it deep inside. It was flicking her round and round. I moved it higher to touch her clitoris. She let out a gentle scream. Her body started to vibrate severely. I kept on licking her clit. I could feel her lips twitching. The contractions became stronger and faster. Her hips started to thrust harder and faster. The time was coming near. Her body was jumping impatiently like a fish out of the water. Then it happened. Her back arched hard. Her butts vibrated. Her vagina muscles contracted hard and long. She let out a little scream. Wave after wave of movement and excitement hit. The waves slowly subsided. Her hands over my head loosened. Her breathing became normal. She relaxed over the couch fully satisfied.

I was wet. Ready to receive the same kind of sexual joy. Her nude body was lying there motionless when I needed some motion to move my excitement forward. That filthy low-down bitch forgot to fuck me. I was crazy with the excitement building inside me. I could not subside it then. Boss or no boss I needed my release.

I lifted her legs and make her lie down on the couch at her full length. I then rose over her in figure 69. I started sucking the fresh juice that was left after her cum. I was rubbing my puss against her face. I made her face wet with my juice. Soon I felt something soft and wet touching my labia. My boss has just placed a butterfly kiss over there. She started kissing and sucking. Oh, how pleasant it were. Then she started licking. I spread my lips with my fingers so that she could get to my clit. I almost exploded when she first touched it with her tongue. But I restrained myself. She started fondling with it first with her tongue and then with her fingers. She rubbed the clit like hell. I could feel two of her fingers getting inside. Her tongue again continued flicking my clit. Everytime she touched it my muscles tightened. She was rubbing gently inside. Soon the movement became faster and harder. Then she touched my g-spot. My clit was making me mad. Her touch on my g-spot made me go crazy. That’s all I could take. The volcano inside my vagina erupted. Everything inside my body seemed to get out of there. Hot juice oozed from there like molten lava. All of my heat seemed to transfer straight to my groin, my hole body tensed as if it was one muscle and then the convulsions came. All my joy and excitement released through my vagina. My hip was trusting her face with each wave. Waves kept on coming, one after another. Soon everything stopped. My body fell on hers. Her face sunk between my legs and mine between hers.


We lied down there exhausted like that for sometime. Then I got up, made myself tidy, wore my clothes. She had gotten up. There was a smile of pleasure on her face. I got out as she had started to get dressed.

Jan 20

Loving Wife or Dirty Slut

eleanor loving wife or dirty whore hentai flash gameLoving Wife or Dirty Slut Hentai Sim Dating Game

This is a story about a brunette housewife who has spent all of her husband’s money and he tells her that she must pay back most of her debt in 50 days or he will divorce her. You can go to the luxury mall, office, fashion store, flower shop, night club, or the apartment. At first you can only do things at the apartment. You can Prepare a meal for your husband Drake, put dirty dishes in dishwasher, eat, or drink coffee, or sit with Drake, Vacuum, or watch something, all taking 2-3 hours.

I went to the office after simply drinking some coffee and was the boss’ slave in order to earn the promotion. That was it since this is a demo.
You cannot wait too long before going to the office. If you refuse the boss, your husband will not want anything to do with you.
If you ask for Paige’s help, she will help you blackmail Kevin and free you from his wrath.

In order to be able to go to the other places, you need to play the full version.

For more bitchin hot hentai chicks visit the home page.

Elli Sanders

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