Jan 20

Classroom Cheaters

um classroom cheaters hentai flash gameClassroom Cheaters Hentai Sim Dating Game

This game begins with two people talking about needing to give a chick a special hairpin in order to protect her. After giving it to her, you then see her in her bra and panties sitting on her bedroom floor with her legs spread. There is a pencil button that will change the graphics of the pencil on the ground on the right hand side of the screen. You can also change her hairstyle by clicking the hair button. There are little pink bubbles that trail the cursor, and chicks boobs bounce quite often in general. From here you can go outside or to the bathroom and you can also sleep or study. If you try to go outside, the chick will say that she does not want to go outside and should be studying. If you select bathroom, she will go shower. If you select sleep, she will go to sleep and wake up with an angry friend in her room telling her that she missed the first day of school. If you select study, you can select it numerous times until her angry friend comes and wakes her up. Then when you select the bathroom option, both her and her friend will take a shower together. This is a game with a lot of options for places to go and you also are to do a lot of different socializing. Very good complex game. For more spank hentai girl games visit the home page.

Elli Sanders

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