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Hotel Adventure

Put your cock in my pussy sex story creampieHotel Adventure.

I’d like to start this story with just a bit of background. I am average height, okay maybe a little short at 5’6″. I’m in my 40’s, okay, so I’m 45. A bit overweight at 140; slightly balding; okay maybe more than slightly and I wear glasses. I’m married; but my sex life would never know that.

I am in sales management and travel around the country. I’ve used escort services and gone to oriental massage parlors but before last week never quite had an experience to move me to tell the world.

So, I’m in this city for a couple of days staying at a decent hotel; not pompous and not flea bait; just a good business person hotel.

So, I get back to the hotel, and its late maybe 10 PM or so. I call home and check in with the family. I stroll over to the window looking at the rest of the hotel when I realize I can see the indoor swimming pool and whirlpool. Its dark outside and from my room I can see the pools are vacant.

As I’m looking at the pools trying to decide what to do next; turn on the TV; turn on the TV or turn on the TV; or maybe just collapse on the bed; these two gorgeous ladies stroll into the pool area. They’re wearing robes but their legs travel on forever with beautiful red hair on one and shiny brown hair on the other.

I’m just staring at them. The red head slips off her robe revealing a two piece bathing suit and a pretty decent figure. The brunette drops her robe and immediately jumps into the pool. I see a flash of skin and suddenly realize that she’s either naked or pretty damn close.

Now I’m interested. The redhead leisurely walks around and slowly dips into the whirlpool. I am straining my eyes wishing a telescope would descend from heaven to see what the brunette is really wearing; but where she is swimming is just out of my range of vision.

I’ve never been good with come-ons or pick up lines; but this situation is more than I can wish for, so I quickly change into a pair of swimming trunks (thanking my lucky stars that I had packed them), and race out of the door to the pool area.

When I get to the pool; it is deserted. I mean like nobody is there. I scratch my head in amazement – did I dream up those two ladies? Oh well, I’m here, so I might as well get in the whirlpool for a few minutes.

I turn up the jets and sink into the hot water. I laid back and closed my eyes for a few minutes. I don’t think I dozed off but, then a voice like a sweet bell wakes me “Do you mind if we join you?”

I open my eyes to see the two ladies I had seen before, for a split second I am in shock as I had believed they were a fantasy vision after not finding them. But this was no fantasy; the redhead was slipping into the whirlpool, and behind her was the brunette wearing a skin colored one piece swimsuit.

“Of course” I answered; and quickly added “I could never say no to a beautiful woman, and as for two” (by then I realized how stupid I sounded and started to blush and stammer).

What happened next will always mystify me; the brunette slipped into the tub on my other side. I’ve been in tubs before and the ‘stranger etiquette’ is that friends always sit next to each other and across the tub from unknown people. But these two women were on either side of me and close enough to touch.

We exchanged names, and started making small talk; hotel horror stories; and how long were we in town; complaints about the weather; what we were doing etc. They were sales trainees for company that had its headquarters down the street and they were in town for a training. And bored. Ann was the redhead’s name and Sarah was the brunette. I turns out that they had gone back to their room for a couple of drinks.

I was trying to keep eye contact with them as I didn’t want to stare at their bodies but the brunette’s nipples were straining to break free of the suit; and the redhead’s tits were threatening to come over and pay me a visit. And she kept bending lower as if she really wanted me to look down her suit. I mean it was hard not to look; and I was getting hard when I did look.

Actually, the conversation between us was lively with laughing and a little seriousness. Nothing sexual, just like good times between friends.

We had been in the tub maybe 15 minutes; when Ann asked what my room was like. As it happened, since I stay with this hotel chain a lot I had been upgraded to a suite. And it turned out they were sharing a room; and one of the smaller rooms. Ann commented she’d never seen a suite in a hotel and started asking about the room. Now, I may be slow, but I am not stupid, and after Ann asked about my room, I decided nothing ventured nothing gained and asked if they would like to come up to see the room. Or, actually I asked Ann if she wanted to join me and Sarah agreed for the both of them.

Now at this point, I realized what just happened – I was going to go back to my room with these two beautiful women.

We get in the elevator going up to the fifth floor and as the door closes Ann suddenly glides next to me and starts kissing my neck, shoulders and chest, ending up sucking on my nipple. Sarah steps behind Ann and begins stroking Ann’s tits. My hands begin stroking Ann’s tits as well. Sarah pulls Ann’s bathing suit top partially off freeing one of her luscious tits. Sarah has her hands inside Ann’s top and is squeezing Ann’s tits. Sarah leans over and shoves her tongue halfway down my throat. I mean this kiss is like the sexiest kiss I have ever tasted. The elevator must have stopped because the next thing I know, if the elderly lady waiting to get on the elevator hadn’t of coughed a couple of times, I am not sure we would have realized it was our floor.

Laughing, we get to my room, and when the girls are inside, I close the door, I turn around to find Sarah peeling away Ann’s top to reveal perfect pair of 38’s; I mean just ripe with large nipples and calling out my name. As I just stare, transfixed by what I am watching, Sarah is licking her way down Ann’s neck, all over her breasts, pulling on those nipples, sinking to the floor in front of Ann and she pulls down Ann’s bottoms, separates her legs and begins licking her everywhere. Ann is now pinching her own nipples, eyes closed and moaning. Sarah gently pushes Ann down on the couch and really dives into Ann’s pussy, licking like there was no tomorrow. Ann is pinching her nipples and stroking her tits and crying for more, more.

Now, that’s it. I can’t stand watching them anymore. My dick is rock hard – that’s when I realize I’ve been stroking myself to attention. I pull off my trunks and I come up behind Sarah and start pulling her suit off her body. But slowly, ever so slowly, I mean I’m taking my time just stroking and lightly scratching every new inch of flesh I see. Sarah’s tits are not as big as Ann’s, but pretty damn close. Her nipples are fully erect and so squeezable.

Sarah is wiggling her whole body at me by the time I have her suit off. Her ass is just so fine and moving in circles, begging for attention. By now Ann, has probably had several orgasms from Sarah’s tongue lashing. I scoot myself under Sarah and spread her legs and start licking her pussy.

Now this is a drop dead pussy – I mean its not too hairy but not totally clean shaven; a plump clitoris just waiting to be introduced. So, I start slowly, my tongue circling on her legs and thighs brushing her clit ever so lightly and then after a while I zero in on that baby. When I hit her clit for the first time full blast, Sarah raises up her entire body and muffles a scream. Her body is shaking, her tits are bouncing and I have got her clit, and I ain’t letting go. Okay, maybe for an earthquake, but short of that, forget it. I grab her tits and massage those babies.

As I peek over to see what Ann is doing, I see her shoving a couple of fingers of one hand into her own pussy and working her own clit with her other hand. I ease up enough to tell Sarah that hers is a perfect pussy and I could drink its nectar all night.

As I clamp my mouth again over her clit; Sarah tightens her entire body squeezing me with her thighs and then lets the tension all go with another scream. Ann has now moved off the couch and slides across the floor to my prick which has gone to half size from all my attention to Sarah’s pussy. Ann begins to caress my dick with her fingernails, I mean like I have never felt like that before; and she starts playing with my balls and then literally consumes my dick with her mouth.

Sarah is swaying, still on her hands and knees; as Ann is now working on the tip of my dick. She pulls off it and gently pulls Sarah backwards aiming my dick for Sarah’s pussy. That was strange watching this body go over my head and then in one smooth motion descend and engulf my prick. And we’re talking velvet here. Smooth and soft. At first I didn’t want to move for fear of breaking the spell.

Of course, I didn’t have to move; Sarah started raising herself and then lowering her whole body, impaling herself on my manhood. Time and time again, harder and harder.

(Okay, I am not a sexual dynamo, I mean I can hold off coming as much as any other guy – but this was a superhuman performance on my part. Don’t even ask how…).

Ann has to be part of this scene and comes over squatting over me lowering her pussy to my mouth. Who am I to refuse? I start giving her my own tongue lashing and she’s shaking and moaning and crying for more. Sarah is yelling with every downward stroke of her body.

(One can only be superhuman for so long…).

I pull away from Ann’s pussy and I start yelling in ecstasy when Sarah pulls off, Ann pulls off and they both dive for my dick and start licking and pumping and stroking until I blast their faces with cum. It’s this huge spurt and both Sarah and Ann are gobbling it up and kissing me and kissing each other. They are stroking each other and stroking me ever so lightly.

That’s when I notice that I haven’t shriveled up; now, usually sex with the wife is once and once only. And here I’m still rock hard – its like my dick is saying can’t stop now.

I slowly turn Ann over on her back, lifting her legs up and over my shoulders and sink my dick into her hot pussy. As much as I want to play hammering gun, I keep the motions slow, pulling almost all the way out and then slamming into her powerfully. This goes on for an eternity, or maybe a few minutes. As I stop, to readjust my position, she starts moving her hips to increase the friction on her clit and all of a sudden she is pumping her bottom against me and working my pubic bone across her clit, and she starts moaning even louder than before. My dick is sunk into her as far as it will go and she’s working her clitoris on me harder than I ever seen.

And what about Sarah, you might ask; she’s watching in total rapture stroking herself, pinching her long pointy nipples. She leans over and puts one of her tits in Ann’s mouth, and Ann licks and bites it as she is rocking away.

Ann lets loose a huge cry; cumming harder than before; so I pull out and slide back to Sarah (I’m like a man possessed at this point) and pull her up onto her hands and knees and slam myself into her. I grab her ass and rock myself in and out using her ass as support. Her pussy lips are so puffed up and I’m watching her pussy lips move over my dick each time I enter her. Then as I get as deep as I can go, I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around her grabbing her tits and squeezing them. Then I’m using her tits to help pull me forward into her and really slam her forwards. I guess I went too hard because we suddenly toppled down. I’m still inside and on top of her but she is laying face down on the floor.

And I notice Ann is lying face down next to her. I pull out of Sarah and move over to Ann and enter her for a few strokes, sliding in and out of Ann’s tight pussy, and then I move back to Sarah and repeat.

This is absolute heaven. Two beautiful pussies, asses slightly up in the air waiting to be filled by me. By me, of all people. And my dick is rock hard entering Sarah, then Ann; Sarah and then Ann. Each time I’d slam my dick into one of the girls she’d let out a muffled cry.

As we know, all good things eventually come to an end (or is it cum to an end). And this was no different. Ann yelled out, come in me, don’t pull out, just I was about to leave her pussy, so being the gentleman that I am, I slammed into her pussy once, and again and again and then the fourth time I buried myself into her and let loose with another huge spurt of sperm. Ann collapsed under me.

As I pulled out, Sarah kissed me on the lips and whispered in my ear, same time tomorrow, lover boy?

Of course, that will be my second tale to tell.

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Angel Hentai Fairy Rides Huge Spurting Cock While Eggs Are Injected into her Ass

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Angel Hentai Fairy Rides Huge Spurting Cock While Eggs Are Injected into her Ass

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Jun 10

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5 Nut Sack Monster Super Creampies Busty Hentai Chick

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