Sep 01

Sizzle Bird “Wonderland”

Kumamoto Wonderland JapanSizzle Bird “Wonderland”

I really thought this was a pretty awesome song under Arctic Empire’s Chillstep compilation. So I went and found out the individual song name. But what I thought was really super cool was that I found a version with a picture that is very familiar to me. The background is what I used on What’s different is the samurai chicka is not in the picture like Genki Hentai’s main theme background.

It really drives home some super feel goods! I dig this song and you will too, or I’ll be at your door with an ice pick and I’ll make you like this song! ^_^ nah, nah.. but I’m serious.

So, enough of that, how bout a story? Lets see, my first car I bought when I was 17 years old was a Dodge Viper ’96, I bought it free and clear for $27,000 from a guy living in Pueblo, Colorado. It was a sexy ass bitch, I gave it to my girlfriend Leti because honestly I hate driving and well I’m in Japan anyway, but here is a picture that resembles the Viper I had.

Dodge Viper 96 Sports CarThis all happened around 2002-2003. Really exciting, never was much for cars, still ain’t, but hey. I thought it was a pretty bitchin car to drive up to my events. Everyone was cool about it, as no body ever fucked with it, keyed or anything, still in great shape even to this day!