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Jul 23

Pissing Seduction

Not a Lesbian Picture but for a ryLesbian Sex StoryPissing Seduction

The movie had begun for almost 15 minutes. I was late. I still had to go to the toilet. I had to piss. When I entered the toilet I saw a woman weeping. There shouldn’t be anybody there when the movie had started. But we were there, she and me. She might have been below thirty. It was hard to tell by her haphazard appearance.

Although it was none of my business I asked her what was wrong with her. For some reason she burst out into tears. I did not know what to do. I wanted to calm her down. To my great relief she hold herself together and stopped weeping. I gave her a tissue. She wiped out her tears. Still her face was swollen, sign of crying for a long time.

I again asked what was wrong with her. This time she did not demonstrate any outbursts. She has pulled herself a little. She said it was her husband. He always beats her up. Tonight the beating was too much for her to stand. She had fled here. Tears again came in her eyes as she was describing her husband’s brutality.

It was a very sad situation. I wanted to do something for her. I gave her my deepest consolation. I knew it was not enough. But what else could I do?

I gave her a sisterly hug. She again burst into tears in-between by arms. This crying business was really becoming intolerable. I had to do something. I started telling her about my own life. About my ex-husband. About the unbearable things he did to me. How I got separated. And now living in peace and happiness.

My story gave her some relief. At least I thought that. Then she started saying about what will she do now. She has no where to go. What will become of her. How is she going to live alone. Her whining was getting boring.

The urine pressure was too much inside my belly. I knew I had to piss. And I had to piss soon. The pressure was so that I could piss right there. I wanted to do that on her face. What an asshole! The lowest kind of worm I have ever seen in my life! Why can’t she take control of her life like everybody else. Such a childish baby! Have to tell her everything.

She again started to tell how her husband beats her. This time with details. He did this that day and that the other day. She was telling what he does when having sex. How he bites her breasts terribly. How he tortures her puss. It seemed the story of sexual brutality will never end.

I could wait no more. I went to a commode, let down my jeans and panties and started to piss. I was so anxious to do that I even forgot to close the door. She was right there in front of me. I was totally bottomless. She was surprised. Her story had stopped. She was standing there speechless staring at me. Her eyes pointed right at my pissing puss.

‘What is it? Never seen a nude woman before?’ I asked.

She was a little embarrassed. ‘No, not that. Its so abnormal!’

‘What’s so abnormal about pissing? You are talking like you have never pissed in your whole life.’

‘No, I mean in this way.’ She replied.

‘What way? In front of you? Now listen I needed to piss and I needed it badly. Don’t make any other sense from it. You are no stranger to me.’

‘No, no I didn’t. I could not even think that about you? No way you can be a …’

‘A what? Lesbian? What’s wrong with being a lesbian? Look honey, do you have any problem with that?’

She shook her head and said ‘No, not me. But it’s not normal, is it?’

‘You wanna say lesbian sex is not normal? Who told you bullshits like that? Take my advise, its the most natural thing that comes to we girls. Now what would you call your husband’s behavior? Normal?’

‘No way. I just heard things about the lesbians. I don’t really know what is true and what is not.’

I was beginning to think she might be someone I was looking for. Helpless, looking for love and care. I made my move. ‘I say its normal. I have been a lesbian ever since I had got divorced.  And its one of the sweetest thing that ever happened to me. You bet lesbianism is as normal as any other thing.’

She did not talk for sometime. I knew she was becoming horny. ‘She is for me.’ I said to myself. She was thinking something. But she never stopped looking at my nudity. I had finished pissing long ago, but did not get up. I sat right there.

After sometimes she said, ‘You are right about my husband’s abnormal behavior. I cannot call it anything but abnormal. Look what he did to me tonight.’ Saying this she unbuttoned her blouse. She did it very fast. My breathing had stopped for a moment. The bra was torn. Somebody did his best to demolish it and the breast under it. Her whole left breast was clearly visible. The nipple was erected. The huge breast had numerous black and blue marks on it. Some old, some fresh. One fresh deep mark around the nipple clearly showed her husband’s teeth. It was terrible. I could only say, ‘That’s inhuman.’

‘You think that’s inhuman! Wait, If you can see this!’ She hastily unhooked her bra. Her breast was completely nude. I could see her left breast. It’s condition was worse than the other one.

‘Oh, honey I can’t see anymore of this. Those boobs of yours need care and affection. Come here let me see those closely.’

She walked in. ‘Close the door, honey. We don’t want any intrusion in our womanly affairs, do we?’ She did so. We were alone in that small chamber. Two half nude women, hungry for love.

‘Don’t just stand there. Sit. Let me see what I can do about those breasts of yours.’ She sat on my lap. Over my spreaded thighs. My head was just in front of her open breasts.

I put my hand on her back. Cupped her left breast with the other. ‘Such a wonderful thing. How can anybody do this to it?’

She said nothing. Just moaned. I started to rub the poor thing. I started rubbing them using both of my hands. She was enjoying it very much. I could tell that from her face.

She put her hands around my neck. Started to rub the neck gently. Soon she started to attract my head towards her. My face was in-between her breasts. I could not but kiss them. I put her left nipple inside my mouth. So hard it was! My mouth was sucking it. My tongue swirling around the hard erected nipple. ‘Ahhhhh’ she hissed.

My hands were rubbing her back under her unbuttoned blouse. They hold her closer to me. I wanted to feel the nakedness of her back. It was so smooth. Smooth as silk, and loving as fur. Her body was hot like molten lava. Her warmth and my warmth lost in each other.

I started fondling with her other breast. The swollen mummery jumped as my hand was stroking it. The soft large ball was nice to play with. It felt even nicer to squeeze. I pinched her nipple a little. Started squeezing it between my fingers. She responded with a ‘uhh’.

She put one of her hand on my naked thighs and started caressing it. Her other hand was on my belly. Soon they found their way down. Down over my pubic mound. She started pulling my pubic hair. It felt so good. She went down a little more. Now over my sensible lips. Her hands were fingering them in a gentle manner. I was getting more and more excited. Her loving touch was so nice. I could not stand it. I gave her nipple a gentle bite.

I was so nasty with my tongue. My tongue was swirling faster and faster. Licking all out of her mummery. I started sucking it like a little child. I could listen her breaths getting heavier and faster.

Her hand now moved away from my thigh over my naked buttocks. She started caressing them. Making full use of my wonderful butts. Her fingers found the position in-between them. Her fingers went down a little. They found my asshole. She was rubbing both of my holes in front and in back. This double fucking went on. Two of her fingers pierced my pussy. They started fucking it in and out. Her large nails scratched my inner skin. It was painful yet full of pleasure.

I wanted to give back something she was giving. I wanted to fuck her ass. I let my hand slid from her back through her skirt. Oh, my, nothing. There was nothing. She just forgot to wear anything under. I hurriedly pulled up her skirt revealing her puss and butts. I put both of my hands on her butt. I attracted her hip towards me. There was only her fucking hand between my belly and her pussy. Her pubic mound was getting rubbed as she was moving her fingers between my thighs. My hands started giving it all to her ass and asshole.

The other breast needed some attention too. I turned my sucking mouth to it. I sucked and sucked. I kissed it from top to bottom, from left to right. Sucking, kissing, swirling, teasing went on for eternity.

Her hand just touched my clit right at that moment. ‘Oh, please.’ I could not express the pleasure I got by that. She started rubbing it between her fingers. Oh, I knew I could not hold much longer. Oh, aahhhh… Let me explode! My muscles around the vagina started squeezing and relaxing rapidly. Her fingers went on rubbing my clit despite the violent agitation at that region. My hip started to thrust her. It was near. Coming closer and closer with ever stroke. Ahhh… I exploded. A terrible wave of excitement hit me. My breathing stopped. My eyes closed. There was nothing around me for a moment. Only me and my pleasant body. Waves of joy and movement hit one by one. These were getting weaker and weaker. Soon it all stopped. I felt happy and Satisfied. My hands became loose. My body relaxed.

I soon came out of relaxation. I knew my partner needed satisfaction. After all I could not let her hanging in-between after what she had done for me. I quickly lifted her buttocks up. This made her to stand up. Her puss was facing my mouth. That was just what I had wanted. I did not waste any time sinking my face between her thighs. I spread her legs a little bit to make her secret spot reachable. Once her lips were close to my mouth I started to kiss them. I tickled them with my tongue. I gradually moved my tongue around in search of her clit. I touched it gently. She cried out a little. She was moaning. Her hands moving impatiently over my neck. I started to tickle the clit. It was hard with excitement. Her hip started to move. It was thrusting over my face. Her hands shoved my head in as her hip was thrusting. Each time my tongue was hitting her clit harder and harder. It was making her mad. Her hip movement became faster and faster. More and more impatient. Her buttocks were vibrating. Her vagina muscles shrinking and spreading. It was now or never. Suddenly her hip thrust violently. A series of thrusts followed. Those became slower and softer. Everything stopped with a sound of satisfaction.

‘Oh, thank you. Thank you very much. I needed that.’

‘How does it feel to enjoy lesbian sex?’ I asked.

‘Great. Simply great. I never had such sex with my husband.’

‘Of course you didn’t. We women know how to please another woman, don’t we?’ I said.

‘We certainly do. By the way sweetheart I did not ask your name.’

‘Oh, its Lisa. You did not tell your name either.’

‘Its Jennifer. But you may call me Jenny…’

With some pause she said, ‘Its nice, isn’t it? I cannot forget it… I will be looking forward to meet you again.’ She smiled saying that.

‘You bet. You know what, this may be the beginning of a new relationship.’