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Love Getting a Good Gang Bang in New Orleans Sex StoryNEW ORLEANS

The first time my wife and I had a group sex experience, we weren’t even yet married.  I was still on active duty in the USMC and had temporary additional duty orders to go to New Orleans for a conference for a week.  My girlfriend (who later became my wife) had heard about New Orleans but had never been there.  She asked me if there was anyway that I could bring her along.  I checked with my unit about driving instead of flying and they gave me permission, as long as I didn’t exceed the travel time or the expenses that flying would have taken.
Since the conference was suppose to be Monday through Friday, that
didn’t seem like a big problem, we just decided to leave a day early and
stop half way.


We arrived in New Orleans early on Sunday evening and we went down to
Bourbon Street and did the normal tourist things.  Monday I went to the
conference and again Monday night we played like tourists.  On Tuesday I
suggested that we go to the pool and relax around the hotel when I got
done for the day.  I arrived at the hotel room about 5 p.m. and drank a
beer and changed into my swimming trunks.  We made small talk for a
little and then decided to go down to the pool and cool off.  Dee had on
a fairly conservative two piece outfit and the hotel had a bar right
there at the pool.  We took a dip and then climbed out and ordered a
drink.  About that time, two other guys that were attending the same
conference as us came in and walked around to our area and pulled up a
couple lounge chairs.  We first started talking business and Dee looked
really bored.  She explained that she didn’t have the slightest idea
what we were talking about.  So we just started talking about New
Orleans and where everyone had been so far and what they had done.

While we were chatting the waiter kept bringing us rounds of drinks and
everyone had become pretty loose.  Before you know it the bartender
yells out last call and the waiter comes over to see if we would like
one more.  I asked him what time the pool closed and he said 8 p.m. or
as soon as they finished cleaning the bar.  We all had one last drink
and finished about time the waiter came around to get our glasses.  We
all got up and headed to the elevator.  When we were safely inside I
told the two guys that I had some beer up in the room, and if they
wanted to stop up and have a nightcap instead of getting dressed and
going out, it would be on me.  The one gent declined but Dave said that
he would have one with us.

We got to the room and like most hotel rooms there wasn’t much room for
sitting except on the bed and one little writing table in the corner.  I
went in the closet area and got three beers out of the cooler.  When I
came back out with them Dave asked me what I had my camera on a tripod
for.  I explained to him that Dee would model for me and everywhere we
went I took at least one roll of film of her.  He said something like;
ìYou need a tripod for that?

I said, No, but I always bring it along just in case if one of my
fantasies comes true.  Dave said,  “Well, if I can help make that
fantasy come true, I would be glad to help.  Things got quiet for a
minute or so while everyone was obviously thinking what to do next.

Dee knew exactly where the conversation was going because I had told
her many times that I would love to try a threesome or foursome.  She
reached behind her and pulled a deck of cards off the top of the
cribbage board that we had sitting on the little writing table.  Then
she said, “I have an idea, letís play strip poker.”  We were still in
our swimsuits, but when Dave agreed, I was all for it.  Dave slid off
the bottom of the bed, Dee got on one side and I got on the other.  We
all sat on the floor so we could use the bed as our playing table.

Dee shuffled the cards and dealt the first hand announcing draw poker.
None of us had a barnburner to start off with because we all drew 3
cards.  I was sitting next to her so I laid my hand down first, a pair
of sevens.  Dave laid his hand down next and he only had a pair of
duces.   Dee threw her hand in face up; she didn’t even have a pair!   I
said, “You lose Hon, your first.”  She reached behind her back and undid
the top to her two piece and popped it off.  She never had been real shy
before. Just a couple months prior she had been selected as winner of
Velvet Magazine’s “Naughty Neighbor of the Month.”  They had flown her
to New York City and done a professional photo shoot and a couple of
guys (the photographer and his assistant) has seen her in all her glory,
so I guess that made it easier for her.

I picked up the cards and dealt the next hand.  This time Dave lost and
he only had one piece.  He stood up and pulled his trunks down and his
dick popped up against his belly, hard just thinking about what was
going to happen.  Dee and I only had one piece each left so Dave dealt
the hand.  This time I had the low hand and I stood up and pulled my
trunks down.

So Dee is looking back and forth between two hard dicks when I said,
“Ok Hon, take your bottoms off, your not going to be the only one in
here with clothes on.”  So she stood up on her side of the bed and
started to take her bottom part off.  As soon as she had one leg out and
started to lift the other leg, I reached over, grabbed her arm and
pulled her across the bed.   She fell across it laughing and I jumped up
next to her, putting my arm around her so she couldn’t slide off.  I
started kissing her and playing with her titties and Dave was standing
down at the foot of the bed with a perfect shot of her pussy.  Finally
he got the idea as I felt the bed move as he climbed on it.  I could
tell that Dee was getting excited and when I looked around I saw Dave
was chowing down at the Y.  I figured that I might be in his way a
little, so I slid up and brought my dick to Dee’s mouth.  She started
deep throating me almost instantly!  It was feeling sooooo good and I
was really glad that we had quite a few drinks so I wouldn’t cum right
away.  But even with the drinks I could feel it coming and knew I had to
do something to slow it down.  I would have thought that Dave would have
mounted her by this time, but he was still eating her.  Finally, I pull
my dick away from her mouth and said, “Turn around the other way, I want
some pussy.”

Dee slid around so her head was pointed at the foot of the bed and her
pussy was up by me.  I reached down and touched her and she was soaked
from Dave’s eating her.  I moved around and picked up on her body until
she got the idea that I wanted her in a doggy position.  She got up on
her knees and Dave slid up where she could reach his dick.  I put my
dick at the entrance to her love canal and slammed it home with one
quick stroke.  As wet as she was it the thrust still somewhat startled
her and she pushed forward engulfing Dave’s entire length.  I started a
slow rhythm and she got with the motion, taking Dave in her mouth as she
took me in her cunt.  After just a minute or so I could feel my balls
boiling again and she could sense it with my increased breathing tempo.
Finally I erupted and stroked as long and hard as I could into her, one,
two, three, four long strokes.  The effect this had was it forced her
face all the way down into Dave’s pubes and that caused him to erupt
into her mouth.  I slid off of her and she rolled over on her side.  We
were all nearly out of breath in our ecstasy.

Dee was the first one to get up saying that she had to clean herself
off.  As soon as she returned from the bathroom I went into the luggage
closet and got us all a fresh beer out of the cooler.  We all sat around
on the bed talking small talk and finally my dick started to rise
again.  This time I said, “Put your beer down Hon, it’s Dave’s turn to
have some pussy.”  So she put her beer down and slid up on the bed.  I
turned to Dave and said, “Go for it my friend.”  Dave slid up and
started kissing on her and playing with her and finally mounted her
missionary style.  His dick was nearly identical to mine in size and he
started pumping away.  Already having cum once, plus the drinks we had
drank definitely took the edge off and he pumped her continuously for a
good five minutes.  Finally, I couldn’t take it any longer just
watching.  I got up and walked around the room to the top of the bed
where her head was and leaned forward where she could get to my meat.
When Dave saw this he slid off to the other side, rolled her towards me
and entered her from behind, spoon fashioned.  That allowed enough room
for me to get up onto the king size bed and I climbed on facing her,
with my dick at her face.  She took hold of my dick and started sucking
me.  Dave didn’t have the leverage that I did when I was fucking her
doggy style so his pumping wasn’t forcing her down on my dick.  She was
using a hand in addition to her mouth, so I reached down and took hold
of both her arms and pulled them up over her head.  Then I started
fucking her mouth.  I timed my thrusts so they would be at the same time
as Dave’s.  Dave had the 5 minute head start on me and within a couple
minutes he shouted, “Oh yeah!  Iím Cumming!”    I wasnít far behind and
deposited my load in her mouth.  Once again we took a break and when I
went to get another beer Dave said that he had to go, his wife was
waiting for him in the room with their new baby.

Both Dee and I were so excited about our first threesome that we stayed
up nearly all night fucking and sucking.  We didn’t run into Dave again
in the evenings, although we did see him with his wife at a cocktail
reception at the close of the conference.   He just winked to us when he
introduced his wife and explained to her that he had met us at the pool
one evening.


On the way home that weekend as we were driving along in the car Dee
turned to me and started to apologize for what happened.  I told her not
to apologize, that I really enjoyed it.  Then reaching down and pulling
on my dick I said, “See, I get hard just thinking about it.”  Dee undid
her seat belt and slid across the seat, unzipping my jeans she said,
“Letís see what we can do about that.”  That was the first of many of
what I call MBJs – Moving BlowJobs.  To this day every time she gives me
an MBJ she tries to get me off while there is no one around.  On the
other hand, I always try to get abeam a truck or at least a van that
sits higher then we are before I cum so they can watch.