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A woman’s needs may change

I didn't want to suck my boyfriends cock but I want another gang bang sex storyA woman’s needs may change

The morning after my first gangbang I felt really terrible. I’m not meaning just my body, though my pussy was sore enough, it was still percolating through what had happened the night before. I had done things with four men that shocked me but what particularly frightened me was I had enjoyed it, really enjoyed it. Truth be told I was worried I might never experience that unbridled passion again. Desires had been awakened in me and a need to experience them again.


On my next date with my fiancé Joe I dressed as sexily as I dared without raising his suspicions. There was no way I could tell him what I had done on his birthday but I felt guilty and this was a way of purging my guilt. I wore a very tight, black mini-dress under which I had a black lace bra squeezing my 36 C boobs together in a generous cleavage very visible in this low cut dress. I had a pair of skimpy black see-through knickers under which ran a black lace suspender belt with red bows to match my bra and a slinky pair of black 15 denier seamed stockings. I considered shaving my pussy as Joe was always begging me to but I reckoned that was a bit OTT and would definitely cause him to wonder. My parents were out for the evening and when Joe arrived he told me how well I looked. I brought him into the living room which had the curtains drawn and a single lamp lit in one corner. I sat down with my legs slightly apart to give Joe a quick flash of my stockings and skimpy panties – his face told me he liked what he saw and as he sat down beside me I noticed a bulge appearing at his crotch. I leaned over and began slowly and sexily kissing him giving him lots of tongue. His breathing was already becoming laboured and I was enjoying taking the initiative. He reached out and let his hand rest on my left breast but I told him to wait, it was my turn tonight. I allowed my hand to brush his hard and I felt it jerk up towards me as my hand passed over it. My fingers found his fly and I slowly undid it to release his manhood. His cock wasn’t as big as Billy’s but it was still nearly 7″ and thick. My mouth opened as my head neared his prick and I slipped it into my mouth. ‘Oh that’s beautiful – keep going’ pleaded my fiancé as each slow bob of my head up and down let his shaft ease deeper into my mouth. It was my intention to blow him completely and let him come in my mouth as I had done with the lads last night but I found it increasingly unpleasant to have his dick in my mouth. I removed his cock for a second and kissed him – I struggled to return it to my mouth again – I blurted out ‘I’m sorry Joe – I can’t do it anymore’. He reassured me ‘ don’t worry love, that’s longer than you’ve ever done it before – it’ll become easier the more often you do it’. I couldn’t understand how I had wanted to suck other men’s cocks last night – the pleasure I’d received from their loads shooting down my throat – I felt so guilty I couldn’t suck my boyfriend off. I stood up and faced Joe as my fingers undid the zip of my dress and it slipped to the floor. I stepped away from it and stood with my legs apart, gently but provocatively swaying in front of Joe. His face told me he was consuming every inch of me with his eyes and my sexy underwear was setting his crotch on fire. I lowered my panties just clear of my beaver and asked Joe to take them off the rest of the way with his teeth. He enjoyed it, his nose tickling my pussy as he gripped my knickers in his teeth. I was sorely tempted to pull his face into my crotch and ask him to eat me but I resisted the temptation. No need to rush. I stood back from him with my legs apart to let him ogle me from head to toe but his gaze remained intent on my pubes. I lay down on the floor, legs spread wide and said ‘ride me – I want to feel you inside me’. His trousers were at his knees in a second and his underpants followed just as quickly – he then positioned himself between my thighs. The knob of his cock forced the lips of my pussy apart as it made it’s way into my love canal. My hands gripped his tight buns and I pulled him deep inside me. He commenced a slow deliberate rhythm in and out of my cunt with his prick. His breathing became faster. I knew he wasn’t going to last much longer before he came in me and I tried to position myself under him to gain maximum stimulation from his shaft. The ride was pleasant but it wasn’t setting me on fire the way the four cocks had done last night. Joe’s back-side sped up and I knew he was about to come without me. The magic and excitement just wasn’t there. When his cum hit my insides I knew Joe would never be able to excite my pussy and make it burn like it had last night. I slipped from under Joe and went to the bathroom to clean myself and slip a liner into my panties to soak up the rest of his cum. Why didn’t I enjoy it with Joe anything like I had the previous evening? What was missing – was it the cider or marijuana I’d drank with the boys – Joe’s cock wasn’t as big as Billy’s but it was as big or bigger than the others. Having dried off my beaver I dressed and made my way back up to the living room. Joe was like a puppy with two tails. ‘What was that for ‘ he asked? ‘A belated birthday present’ I answered – it wasn’t – but I couldn’t admit to him I still felt guilty about letting four strangers fuck me the night before.

We sat and chatted about our future together until my parents arrived back and Joe left to hitch a ride home. I went to bed to ponder my sexuality. I had gladly sucked the cocks of those men in the car last night – swallowed their cum and asked them to shoot it over me. Each of them had bucked me at least once and had come in me – I had enjoyed it – wanted it – begged for it. Tonight my future husband had failed to rouse me the way they had – I had gagged on his cock when I tried to suck him off – there was no doubt I could ever let him come in my mouth although I always took pleasure in letting him come over my body. Was I doomed to a married life of sexual frustration? I had only once before been sexually unfaithful to Joe. It had been at the office Christmas party. My boss – the owner’s son had gotten me drunk and fucked me in one of the guest rooms. I had gone home and cried myself to sleep. Was I going to have to go through life getting my pussy poked behind Joe’s back? It was either that or a life-time affair with a vibrator.

Some weeks afterwards I met Billy again at a dance. I spied him across the dance floor and my heart leapt. I made my way over and casually walked pass him looking the other way – had he spotted me – did he remember me – did he want to see me again? A tap on my shoulder and the request to dance answered all my questions. I looked at his blonde hair and beautiful green eyes and thought how handsome he looked. I thought of his big dick slipping into me and I felt a flush through my cunt as I soaked my knickers. My pussy was soaking wet at the thought of him riding me – this had never, ever happened to me before. I pressed close to him and looked up into his eyes as he leaned forward to kiss me. Our lips met and opened to allow our tongues to explore the other’s mouth – I pressed my crotch hard against the blossoming bulge in Billy’s pants and rubbed my crack backwards and forwards over it as it grew. I was behaving like a slut but I didn’t care. I wanted this man to ride me – I wanted to feel his big cock inside me and his hot cream to fill my insides. When the group stopped playing I followed meekly as he led me from the club. We walked down a dimly lit alleyway and stopped in a doorway. I kissed Billy with all the ferocity I could muster – I wanted him to take me – to make love to me – to feel him inside me – the more he kissed me the more impatient I became. I allowed my hand to run up and down the outside of his pants over his magnificent cock and I wet my knickers again. Just thinking about or touching his cock made my pussy run wet. I wanted him so much and I wanted him now. I undid his fly and brought his cock out – it was warm and pulsating. ‘Suck me off’ he said. The abruptness of his request took me aback. ‘I thought you wanted to ride me’ I replied. ‘Suck me off first’ he continued – I declined. He began to put his dick back in his trousers and I panicked. I wanted him – I’d dreamt of meeting him again since Joe’s birthday. I wanted him to ride me and I knew he wasn’t going to unless I gave him a blowjob. I looked up into Billy’s eyes and pleaded’ if you promise – you’ll fuck me afterwards – you’ll not just come in my mouth and leave’.

What a slut I am – I’d promised him a blowjob and asked him to fuck me afterwards. ‘Sure – no problem – that’s what I intended’ he assured me as he let his prick fall free. I dropped onto my knees and strained to get his massive cock into my mouth. My head bobbed fast backwards and forwards in the hope he’d come quickly. He had different ideas – he made me blow him for ages – each time I thought he was coming he’d hold my head still and gently fuck my face till he calmed down again. I didn’t know how long he was going to make me keep this up, my knees were sore and my jaw was aching – then I felt him grip the back of my head and make me bob faster. His cock was going further and further into my mouth and down my throat as he forced me faster and faster – I tried to pull back but he pushed his cock all the further into my mouth each time he thrust forward. I started to gag and feel sick – I tried to ask him to stop but I couldn’t speak with his cock so far down my throat – his hot cum exploded against the back of my throat. His cum gushed down my throat or into my mouth each time his cock drew out as he kept riding my face. There seemed to be so much hot spunk spurting from his cock into me.

I stood up and lifted my skirt to my waist as he pulled my knickers down – exposing my beaver. He still had the same hard and he pressed it between my legs parting my pubes – I used my hand to guide the head of his cock between the lips of my cunt – ‘ shaft me’ was all that was said. He pressed forward and his huge dick started to make it’s way inside me – it hurt – I wasn’t used to such a big cock – last time one of his mates had bucked me first, I had been loosened up before I’d had to take Billy’s mammoth dick. He realised I was still too tight and rather than force it he began riding me with not much more than the head of his shaft in me. My cunt was seriously stretched around his big prick but I was enjoying it and with each stroke it hurt less. He continued to fuck me till I asked ‘put it further in I can take more of you now’. He inched his massive cock into me a little at a time as my cunt warmed to it’s task – eventually his pubes met mine – he was in completely. My pussy was straining from the size of the cock inside it – heightening my sensation as it slipped in and out bringing me to an orgasm. This was only the second time in my life a prick inside me had made me come – Billy had been involved on both occasions. He kept on riding me through to another two climaxes before I felt him issue forth soaking my insides with his love cream. As his balls drained into me I told him how good he’d been and how his big cock was the only one who made me come. He laughed and replied ‘you can have my cock in your tight little cunt anytime love’. He’d called me love – did he mean it – no, probably not – besides I was engaged to be married. Oh Joe – I’d forgotten all about him as Billy had poked my pussy – I’d been unfaithful to him yet again – I’d enjoyed Billy fucking me so much nothing else mattered. I still felt the tingle in my cunt of his big cock and it tickled as his cum started to ooze out of me and down my legs. I pushed against his softening shaft to plug my crack and stop his cum leaking out. He moaned. I realised he liked this and he thought I was starting again. I began riding him gently, short easy thrusts until him member grew and filled my pussy again. His rhythm matched mine and I forgot Joe once more as Billy’s shaft made me forget everything but the searing heat in my cunt. Billy fucked me through two more orgasms before he wet my insides again. I clung to him as I felt his cock soften and slip out. I was sad to lose something which gave me so much pleasure. Billy put his cock away and I pulled up my knickers and used a tissue to dry the juices of both of us running down my legs. Billy walked back to the club with me before kissing me good-bye and rejoined his mates. He’d fucked me and now he was pissing off with his mates – he didn’t want to spend any more time with me. I felt used and dirty. I’d permitted Billy ride me twice – I’d given him a blowjob – allowed him to come in my mouth – swallowed his cum – yet as soon as we were back he fucked off with his mates. His cum hadn’t finished draining into my knickers and he was away. Joe may not turn me on like Billy does but I always feel like a lady after we make love – not like the tart I felt now. I met up with Hazel and told her what happened – she couldn’t believe what I’d done and I swore her to secrecy. I saw Billy a few times after that – to be honest I let him screw me each time because I couldn’t resist that fabulous cock of his or how it made me feel but I was using him as much as he was using me.

In August Joe left for two years to go to college in London – leaving me at home in Belfast during term-time. We wrote nearly every day and spoke on the phone at week-ends. I missed him terribly and when he didn’t come home for Christmas I started going to a dances with Hazel. I met Joe’s best mate Trevor there and spent most of the night dancing and talking to him about Joe. We both had quite a bit to drink and during one of the slow numbers I cuddled into him and he kissed me. I knew it was wrong – I knew exactly where it was leading but I hadn’t had any sex for over three months. Trevor was the last person I should be kissing but that just made it all the more exciting. Doing the thing I shouldn’t always turned me on. I returned his kiss and started to push my box against him. He pushed back and I could feel him getting a hard on. He asked if I wanted to go for a walk – I nodded yes – if I was to say anything it would have to be no but it was easy just to nod in assent. We walked to Trevor’s car and sat together in the back. Trevor began kissing me again and we snogged for a few minutes. He hadn’t so much as put a hand on my tits and I was getting wet. ‘Have you ever cheated on Joe’ he asked. I knew if I said no it would be quits ‘ yes a few times – he knows I’ve gone out with a couple of blokes but he doesn’t know I let them ride me’ I had told Trevor enough for him to know he could confidently make his move on me and sure enough his hand glided up my leg – under my skirt and onto my box. I made the customary groans to encourage him and his hand moved inside my knickers and onto my crack. I had parted my legs just enough to give him easy access without cheapening myself and his middle finger found my throbbing clit. He seemed to play with it for ages before his other fingers began opening the lips of my pussy – I slipped my knickers off and raised my skirt to let him ride me. ‘Trevor we shouldn’t’ I said. ‘Do you want to stop’ he asked – I didn’t reply – I was afraid he might. His dick was disappointingly small and with it fully home I hardly knew it was in. He fucked away at me till he came and his cum squirting inside me was the only pleasure he’d given me since his finger left my clitoris. I pulled my knickers back on and he drove me home in silence. I hadn’t enjoyed fucking with Trevor but it did get round the rest of Joe’s mates and they all started asking me out – they were round my pussy like bees round honey. I could have two-timed Joe with strangers but it was so much more exciting to let his mates ride me. I felt I let Joe down every time their cum shot into me but it didn’t stop me – the closer friend he was to Joe the more I enjoyed him fucking me. All his mates bucked me but no one ever said to Joe. I was on the pill and never used any other contraceptive – I don’t enjoy a fuck properly if the man doesn’t shoot his load deep into my belly. I had plenty of his friends doing that during his first year at college.

Joe’s parents weren’t very well off so he stayed on working in London over the summer to earn extra money for college. I went over to spend the holidays with him working as a Temp for one of the secretarial agencies. Female Temps seem to be considered fair game and every boss I worked for tried his hand. I told Joe about the fat, balding ugly ones but not the young good looking ones. All of them tried some ploy or other to get into my knickers – the most common was to stroke my leg asking about the type of nylons I was wearing or they would pat my bum or accidentally brush against my tits and tell me how big they looked – were they hand reared? Most of them were just dirty sleazy old men but just occasionally you met one who was really nice and I would succumb to his charms. More than once I was screwed from behind – my bare tits pressed into the boss’s desk. Joe never suspected – he never thought ill of me – my greatest protection was his naivety – Joe is exceptionally clever but he lives in his own little world and sees the best in practically everyone.

We were living in the same building but in different bedsits. The first week-end I’d arrived Joe fucked me a dozen times in every position we could get into but later in the week our landlord caught Joe slipping back upstairs one morning and he asked us to leave. We found a furnished flat in Upton Park beside West Ham soccer ground. A mixed race family lived above us and we shared the same front door. Ritchie and Eva had a beautiful daughter, Karen who was the most lovely colour – a beautiful blend of black and white. Joe didn’t get on with Eva, he found her course and vulgar and she never hid the fact she had been on the game( a prostitute ). He didn’t like the way she kept suggesting I was missing out by having a white lover or how lucky she was to have a man as big as Ritchie poking her. We rarely socialised with them but when Joe had to travel home to visit his dad in hospital Ritchie and Eva invited me to their party to save me being on my own.

The partygoers consisted mainly of white females of all ages and young black men. As the evening livened up and the drink flowed many of them disappeared into the bedrooms to shag. I had felt awkward and drank too much to compensate. I was bursting for a pee and had the toilet door locked, my skirt up and knickers down ready to piss before I noticed Ritchie’s nephew standing in the dark peeing into the wash-hand basin. I couldn’t hold on so I sat down and went with my flow. My eyes became accustomed to the gloom and I could make out the size of Raj’s cock. It wasn’t hard but it was bigger than any prick I’d ever seen and I wondered just how big it would be if it was hard. Raj caught me looking at his member and smiled – he reciprocated my lust as he watched me pat my beaver dry. I was tempted to leave my knickers round my ankles and kiss him but I made do with giving him an eyeful of my pubs as I pulled up my panties. I walked over to wash my hands – Raj stood close behind me. He placed a hand on each of my tits and began kneading them as the water sprayed over my fingers. I could play hard to get and make him work for my pussy or I could turn round and experience one of my oldest fantasies – to be fucked by a big black dick. My pussy won and I span round to be enveloped in a solid embrace. His lips were big and full and covered all of my mouth as we exchanged tongues. I was worried about the enormity of his prick – I could feel it hard against me as it peeked proudly out the top of his trousers. I began kissing his knob as my fingers got to work on my pussy. His cock was too big to take into my mouth but I kissed up and down the shaft as I opened his trousers. I pulled my panties off as I continued to shower affection on his erection. I was stroking my clit with my left hand as I worked one – two – three – four of my fingers into my cunt. A little more fingering on my clit and I had all four fingers and my thumb inside me up to my second knuckles. He was coming – my mouth moved to the end of his knob – I drank his hot cream as I let it spurt into my mouth. ‘Don’t worry I come quickly but I can keep going again and again’ he apologised. I was frightened he would hurt me when he entered me and I forced my hand to widen my cunt as far as I could. He pulled me up and turned me against the door before he pulled my skirt up round my waist. ‘I’m going put my dick in your little white pussy – is this the first time you’re ever had black meat’? ‘Yes’ I stammered. ‘ Don’t worry I’ll be gentle – I‘ll put it in a little at a time till you get used to it – then you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it’ he carried on. He was true to his word and eased it in very gently – not rushing – waiting till I was ready each time before invading me with more black cock. I felt my cunt was going to tear as he forced it back and forth into me. The more he bucked me the more I got used to it and before it was completely in I was confidently asking for it all. I was near to coming when I felt a hot spurt of spunk in my belly. ‘Please don’t stop – please – I’m nearly there’ I begged. ‘Don’t worry, give me a second to recover and I’ll go again – like I promised’ he chided. Without losing his erection he began riding me again – hard against the door. Thrusting his massive black dick deep into my tight, white pussy – he fucked me to two orgasms as he came in me a dozen times – each time he fired his load he shagged me gently for a few minutes before torturing my cunt exquisitely again and again. After he came in me I searched my memory ‘ had I taken my pill’, the thought that it was a black man’s cum in me made it all the more exciting – but I didn’t want him knocking me up – how could I explain a black baby. I’ve never known anyone to keep an erection for so long – through so many climaxes and my pussy was raw and sore before his cum oozed into me for the last time. I was glad to pull my knickers up and head back to the party. Eva greeted me as I entered the lounge ‘well was it as good as I said it would be’? I feigned surprise. ‘We all heard the two of you fucking in the toilet – don’t come the innocent with me – I know you had your first taste of black cock and from the flush on your cheeks you enjoyed it as much as I said you would’ Eva cajoled. She continued ‘you’ll never be content with Joe’s puny dick now’ with a silly self-satisfied grin on her face. I wanted to hit her but settled for ‘ Joe’s prick is big enough for me – size doesn’t matter’ I lied. ‘Who are you trying to kid – you’ll never enjoy a ride from Joe again after tonight’ sneered Eva. I refused to add I didn’t enjoy it with Joe before tonight so it would make little difference.

True to form Eva tried to mix it with Joe when he got back from Belfast and told him I’d let Ritchie’s nephew fuck me at their party but Joe didn’t believe her and informed her that I wouldn’t let anyone ride me – much less a black man. I wasn’t a tart and a whore like her – I thought she was going to explode. She threatened him and said of me ‘just wait and see, Marilyn will never be satisfied with you after having had a black man’. I was glad when that summer was over – I moved back home and Joe moved back to his old bedsit near the college. It had been a time of new experiences – Eva was right to some extent – no single white man ever fucked me so well as Raj did but I learned to make up in quantity what my lovers lacked in quality or to have them fuck me in strange or unusual circumstances. One of the most exciting rides I ever had was before Joe came back home from college. I was in a café with a number of his and my mates. We were sitting in one of the little booths and Artie had me on his knee. His hand wandered into my knickers and he started fingering me off. Before I knew it he had the head of his cock pressed against the lips of my pussy. Everyone at the table knew what he was doing to me and as I shifted to move away from him his prick popped into my cunt. It was fantastic to know a man’s cock was deep inside me as people – unaware I was being fucked – walked pass us in ignorance. The sensation of being bucked in such a public place was awesome. I’ll never forget that fuck and the looks of incredulity on the other girl’s faces as they realised Artie was coming inside me as they sat sipping their drinks. Joe arrived back and I had to behave myself once more or at least until after we were married – but more of that another day.


Jul 22

Her seven year Itch

Anal Panty Hose MILF Gang Bang Sex StoryHer seven year Itch

She was 40 and had been married to her husband for 10 years. They had never had what would have been termed a normal sex life. After 7 years of counseling, she had just given up. He was getting into his fifties and his needs were different than hers. They had not made love for almost 8 years, and he was slowing down, while she was still a young woman.


She stayed because he was a wonderful man. He was a good provider, kind and
loving. She could not hope to find better than him and their bond was very
strong despite the lack of sex.

She found out about swinging on the internet. She thought that it might mean
a chance for them to at least be around loving couples whose sex lives were
so strong that they could share. But the visit to the club was a bust. He did
not enjoy it.

She decided then to go it alone. She would pose as a single woman. She did
not want to be unfaithful to him but it was the only way. She had not had sex
for almost 7 years at this point.

She chose a club that was 200 miles away. She figured she would not know
anyone, and that it would be a comfortable place to at least start as a
single woman. During the drive out, she felt freed and a bit apprehensive at
the same time. She was more afraid of trouble on the road than anything else,
but she was able to make the trip smoothly.

She stayed at a modest hotel and called the club when she got in for
directions. It was off the beaten track. She unpacked her clothes and got

She was forty, and had put a little weight on. She still had lovely,
translucent skin, and beautiful breasts, with large nipples. She had a bit of
a belly but her long legs balanced that well. She wore a little swingy dress
with a short skirt that showed off her legs. She hoped to find luck with that

She got to the club and received the tour from a rather ordinary couple.
They were very nice. The fellow was older and kind of cute. She found that
she really did not have to do anything more than just listen.  He took her
for a tour of the place. There were many smaller rooms and a large orgy room.
The light was soft and dim in each of the rooms and they looked like hotel
rooms from the sixties. She began to get unusually aroused just touring the
place. By the time they reached the hot tub area, her nipples were hard and
her panties were wet.

The fellow took her upstairs, where they got a drink and talked. While they
were talking, a short, stocky young guy passed and she smiled at him. He had
an open friendly face and warm brown eyes. He smiled, moved on and started
talking to an older woman in a corner. They were still talking when she moved
nearer. They did not let her into the conversation so she moved to the bar,
feeling awkward.

She made a few tries at friendly conversation. She was doing ok, but not
having much of a connection. She had another drink, feeling very grateful for
the relaxing alcohol. As she sipped her drink, she surveyed the room. The
cute young guy had disappeared. Everyone seemed to know each other. Just at
that point, someone tapped her on the shoulder.

“Hi I’m Pete. Come and join me and my friend, if you want.”
She looked into the face of a small framed young man. He was no big shakes in
the looks department, but he had a friendly, lively manner. He looked like
any ordinary bachelor you’d see in the street.

“We’re over there,” he pointed. There at the table was the cute kid who she
had smiled at earlier. She let him guide her over.

“Hi, I’m Jake.” He got up and gave her his seat.

“I’m Danielle,” she smiled. “Nice to meet you.”

She sat down, vastly relieved to find some friendly company. Pete and Jake
chattered away to her about the place and what the customs were.

“Basically, Jake is new, but I have some experience at all of this.” Pete
said. “You just go up and down to find out where the action is.”

He spoke to them about his adventures in swinging. The conversation aroused
her, yet the guys were friendly and innocent. Jake was a bit quiet and
mentioned that his birthday was not far away. He seemed very young. She liked
Pete a lot. He was outgoing and sweet and chattered away.

They ate a little bit and then went upstairs. There were a few people in the
corridor talking. The three of them stood and talked a bit more. She had
already decided who her partners would be for the night. She mentioned it, a
bit awkwardly and gestured toward the room. They both eagerly agreed. She
went to the ladies room and returned to find both of them undressing. She
said to them, “Listen, I’m no Raquel Welch,” and Pete laughed and took her

“I’m no Cary Grant either.”

They all three came down on the big bed. Jake lay on one side of her and
caressed her breasts as she went down on Pete. She wanted him to go first,
because she knew he had the experience to get them all off on a good start,
and because he had put a lot of effort into making them comfortable. He
moaned and his cock swelled in her mouth. On the other side of her, Jake was
lightly tracing the outline of her pussy below the silk of her panties. At
the touch of his fingers, her pussy became wet.

Pete raised her up and she turned over on her back. He pulled off her
panties and entered her. The feel of his cock in her cunt was overwhelming
and she moaned. He began to move hard. He pumped in and out of her as she
writhed beneath him, and he came quickly. He left the room for a minute to
clean up and she turned to Jake.

She began to suck him. He remained very soft. They kissed for awhile. He
bent and sucked her nipples and he began to harden in her hand. She bent and
sucked him some more, but he wanted to be inside her. He moved her back and
straddled her. He entered her high and began to move. She felt emotion
crackle between them. He varied his thrusts and she put her legs over his
shoulders. He was hard now and he rammed into her hard and quickly and then
gently and slowly.  She felt the sensation of heat rising from her belly, put
her hand down and began to come. He fucked her harder now, feeling the
pulsing liquid of her pussy meet his rock hard cock. With a great gasp, he
came himself.

Excited by this, Pete, who had been watching them, turned her over and
entered her from behind. She moaned as his cock jammed into her tightened
pussy. She felt like liquid fire to him, her soft skin heated and slick with
sweat and juice. Her moans became louder as he rammed into her. She came
again. He thrust deeper into her and she braced against his thrusts. He came
with a loud groan.

They all collapsed in the bed together, laughing at having made this
encounter such a success. They had had a lot of fun. They dressed and she
came out behind them in the corridor. There was a group of about 5 single
guys around the door. Apparently her cries had attracted a lot of attention.
They were like animals in heat, and one spoke to her a bit desperately about
going back in and just fucking him. She smiled and shook her head.


Jake and she went down to the Jacuzzi and relaxed in the bubbling water.
Another guy joined them. He slowly put his arm around her and caressed her
breasts. He was hard almost immediately. He came in her mouth.
She dressed and exited into the cold night air, liberated for the first time
in 7 years.

Jul 22

Swap Meat

Gang Bang Me and Fuck me in All My Holes Creampie Cum Jizz Sex Story in the ShowerSwap Meat

That June night was by far the hottest of the year so far. Jim and I sat at the kitchen table playing cards, having a few beers and playing Axis & Allies, the air conditioning humming in the background. I was the Axis and he was the Allies, and after a surge of victories in the Pacific, we were becoming hopelessly deadlocked. The more beers we had, the more our play seemed to be deteriorating. It was getting late and we stopped to take another beer break. It seemed to me we needed something to provide more incentive to win.


During the break, our girlfriends came home from their movie. They’d gone to see some Brad Pitt extravaganza, and we’d thought staying in and playing a game would be more fun to just sit in and play a game. They couldn’t believe we were still playing the game we’d started earlier in the afternoon.

I excused myself for the bathroom. After I flushed and washed up, I found Terri, my girlfriend, coming through the door. She wrapped her arms and around my neck and pulled my head down to kiss me passionately. “Can’t you get rid of Jim and Holly?” she asked.

I knew what she had in mind. Obviously Brad Pitt running around with his shirt off had her all sexed up, and I was horny too, I always am, but I wanted to finish the damned game. “We should be done in a little while,” I said. Her lips pouted and she began to undo my pants. Before I could say anything else she was on her knees in front of my, stroking my hardening cock.

“Sure I can’t convince you?” she asked. And she sure was convincing. Terri licked me up and down and around before plunging my cock into her mouth. The hot, wet suction almost made me buckle to the floor. Terri knows how to give an incredible blow job, and she was pulling out all the stops with this one. She fondled my balls while her mouth worked in waves of suction, her tongue flitting around my dick. I was bracing myself to come when she stopped completely. “How important is your game now?”

The come was boiling in my balls, but I stood fast. “The game won’t take that long, then I promise I’ll get them out as fast as I can.”

She patted my dick and got back to her feet. “Well, I’ll be in the bedroom. But I’ll probably be asleep by the time you’re done.” She kissed my cheek and went into the bedroom, closing the door behind her.

I went back out to the living room and Holly was laying on the couch, watching TV. I explained that Terri had gone to bed and settled down to try and finish the game. After another forty-five minutes, we were still deadlocked, skirmishing back and forth over the same little scraps of land, neither able to gain a tactical advantage. It hadn’t taken long for Holly to fall asleep on the couch. It was about half way through that I had a thought. An idea that would certainly give more incentive to win.

I took a long pull from my beer and regarded Jim across the table, before beginning my next turn. Now what I’m about say may sound outlandish, but I knew Jim would be into it. In the past we’d done this sort of thing before with other girlfriends. These girlfriends, however, didn’t know about that. “We’re never going to finish this fucking game,” I said.

“I know. You wanna call it a night?”

“No, but I have a suggestion. Something to rekindle the killer instinct. I think whoever conquers the world, should get to do whatever he wants with the other’s girlfriend.”

Jim sat back in his chair and finished his beer. he went to get another one from the fridge, not saying anything. It had been awhile since we’d done anything like that, and maybe he had decided that he wasn’t into anymore. Then again, maybe I was wrong. “Ok,” he replied.

The resulting battles were fierce, both of us taking much larger risks than we had been. He gambled his entire Pacific fleet on the taking of Japan and won, which left me greatly weakened from fighting a three front war. Victory came relatively swiftly for Jim, and we cleaned up the game in silent anticipation.

All the lights in the kitchen and living room were turned off, leaving Holly to sleep peacefully on the couch. I eyed Holly as I passed her. I had known Holly for many years, since we were kids. She had been a few years younger than me, but as I watched her grow into a beautiful, sexy woman, I felt a desire for her growing in me. She was a short girl, barely more than 5’2″, with blond hair cut to about her shoulders. Her freckled face could melt anyone’s heart, and her trim body moved with a powerful grace when she walked.

The door to the bedroom was ajar, and the bedside lamp still burning, casting odd, angular shadows around the room. While I really wanted to be with Holly, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I probably lost the game on purpose. I’ve always had something of a voyeur in me. Watching a girlfriend get fucked by someone else was an incredible thrill. I usually ended up joining in, unable to hold myself back, but I would have to wait for the proper time. I suspected Terri would not object. While we had an awesome sex life together, she’d once told me the her greatest sexual thrill came when she was with someone new, almost preferably a stranger, for the first time. I hoped that Terri would feel that way now, and not freak out.

I waved Jim into the bedroom and lingered in the doorway as he moved to her.

Terri was sprawled out on the bed, the straps of the overall shorts she had been wearing undone and the bib was down. The tight peach tank top clung to her large C-cups. While not as lithe as Holly, Terri had the lush, soft curves of a woman, from her full breasts to her sensuous hips. Jim’s hulking frame almost blocked her out of my sight when he sat on the bed and I had to adjust my stance to see her. His big hand slid down inside the overalls and after a moment she moaned lightly and her legs parted. He continued to rub between her legs. She began to move in time with his hand, and emboldened, he tugged the overalls past her hips, and down her legs, careful not to disturb her too much.

Jim quickly stripped off all his clothes and climbed onto the bed between Terri’s legs. I was afraid the shifting of the mattress would wake her, but she kept sleeping. He cupped her pussy in the palm of his hand and squeezed, kneading firmly. He also leaned forward and sucked her breast through the tank top and bra. She muttered something I couldn’t quite hear and ran her fingers through his hair.

Terri came awake, hot and wet. I distinctly heard my name, but she only had to look down when her eyes flitted open to realize it wasn’t me. She began to question, but Jim covered her mouth with his in a deep kiss. She only hesitated briefly before giving in, her arms going around him. He pulled the tank top up and tore his mouth from hers. Her nipples stood out thick and clear through the sheer black bra. He sucked at the nipple and she drew a sharp breath. Terri bent forward, biting at his neck and shoulders and he obliged by sinking his teeth into her nipple. Terri yelped in pain, but I knew she loved being bitten.

Jim yanked her panties down and sank two fingers deep into her wet pussy. She lifted her ass off the bed and screwed herself onto the fingers. He pumped the fingers in and out of her at a furious rate and it wasn’t long before she was reaching between his legs for his cock. Having seen Jim before, I knew she’d be pleased by the size of the big tool. Jim had proudly boasted before that his exgirlfriend had measured him at a little over a foot and he was almost as thick as a baby’s arm. He said that a lot of the time even after licking Holly for almost an hour she still had trouble taking the organ. Terri, however, had to be wet as a river by now.

But Jim wasn’t ready to mount her yet. I heard her whine when he slipped from her grasp. Terri wasn’t playing games in bed, she really just loved to be fucked. He scooted down between her legs again, placed them over her shoulders, took her ample cheeks into his hands, and buried his face in her dripping pussy. Terri clawed at the sheets and although she bit her lip, she was still unable to stifle the screech of pleasure that escaped her throat.

Terri ground into his face and when he started to suck her clit, and cried “Uhhhnnn, uhhhnnn.” She was on the verge of coming when Jim pulled away from her again and flipped her onto her hands and knees. Terri eagerly waved her ass in the air. He took his cock in hand and shoved it all the way into her. “Jesus,” she gasped. Jim slithered down her body with his hands and shoved the tanktop up over her head, yanking her arms out from under her. Terri fell on her face, but Jim kept drilling her. Her bra was torn off and she managed to prop herself up on her forearms. Jim reached under. mauling her breasts, roughly twisting her nipples.

Watching them made me incredibly horny and I was about to go over and join them when I felt someone come up behind me.

Holly stepped into the room and covered her mouth gasping. She stood transfixed, staring at Jim fucking Terri. I took her by the shoulders and she seemed startled that I was even there. I turned her toward me and kissed her deeply. When she responded in kind, I knew she was as turned on as I was by the scene.

I wasted no time stripping Holly, pulling the t-shirt over her head , and hiking up the short skirt. I moved her satin panties aside and massaged her clit with my fingertips. She hung onto my neck, breathed deeply in my ear. We both slid to the floor of the bedroom, moving out of the doorway. Holly helped me out of my clothes and it wasn’t long before her thin frame was stretched out over me; I lapping away at her neatly trimmed slit, her pretty blonde head bobbing on my dick. While she lacked Terri’s technique, she more than made up for that with enthusiasm.

Holly lifted off me and mounted my prick. She settled down slowly, her wet silky pussy fitting me like a glove. Our pubic bones ground together, and she rotated her pussy, squeezing me like a vice. I guess all those years of sports build pretty strong muscles.

Her breasts were smaller than Terri’s, but stood out high and firm on her chest. “Fuck, this feels so good,” Holly moaned, barely audible over the animal noises coming from Jim and Terri. Terri did very little talking during sex, but the closer she came to orgasm, the louder she got.

My hands had encircled her waist, raising her and bringing her down with more force. I thrust my hips upward to meet her every downward stroke. Holly was panting and murmuring, her face a mask of concentration. “Fuck me harder. Fuck, fuck, oh fuck. Oooooo…”

I heard squealing from the bed and peered around Holly to see Terri sprawled completely on the bed, except that Jim still had her hips in his hands and was pumping away at her. She kept on with her high pitched squeal, clawing at the bed, tearing the sheets off it in an orgasmic frenzy. Terri finally stopped moving and lay on the bed, panting, drenched in sweat.

Jim pulled out of Terri, but he was still hard as ever. He left Terri on the bed to recover, and came over to stand beside Holly and I. “Do you like fucking him, baby?” he asked.

“Uh, huh,” was all Holly could manage, skewering herself again and again on my cock. Jim held her pretty face in his big hands and fed her his dick. At first she resisted, gagging, but she knew Jim was not to be denied. Holly small mouth couldn’t accommodate all of it, and she had trouble matching his movements, but he held her head and fucked her mouth. I wondered what she thought of the taste of Terri’s cum glazing his meat.

Meanwhile, on the bed, Terri had recovered her senses and watched the scene before her. Apparently her hunger was not yet sated, and she did not watch long before hoping off the bed and grabbing Jim by the hand. His cock slipped from Holly’s mouth, leaving her momentarily disappointed. He sat in my desk chair and grabbed Terri. She was lifted above his lap, her legs on either side. She grabbed his prick and fed it inside her. They barely moved, but by the small circular motions of her hips, I knew Terri was using that snapper of hers to do all the fucking.

The thrill of two cocks at once had been enough to push Holly over the top. Her body went rigid upright, her spine arched. Her mouth drooped open, but no sound came out. Her pussy was in spasm, pulling at my dick. It’s writhing was all I needed and I too tensed, blowing my load up into her juicing pussy. Holly let out a great breath and collapsed onto me.

Jim had grasped both Terri’s breasts, and alternated sucking each one, drawing out her nipples with his teeth, bringing sharp sighs from Terri. I knew what she was doing right now. Her pussy would be fluttering and gripping and stroking and milking his cock, her strong muscles drawing him deeper. Jim looked as if he were about to cum, but he clearly wasn’t going to give in without a fight.

He grabbed her around the waist and started fucking her on his cock. Terri let out a harsh breath, amazed at the depths his big cock was reaching. Their eyes were locked in a psychological battle, each determined to make the other cum. Their eyes broke and their lips crashed together with the same violence than Jim was now slamming her with, mouths locked in a furious battle. Her nails clawed at his shoulders, leaving deep red furrows, drawing blood.

Terri was going to give first. She broke the kiss and sucked in all the air she could. She was trying to screw him back, but his big hands pretty much controlled the action. The sounds of flesh slapping flesh filled the room. Holly’s eyes widened at the force with which the seemed to pound at each other.

“Do you like that? Do you like my cock?” His voice was almost a sneer. He held her so hard his knuckles were white.

“UH, YEAH, FUCK ME, FUCK ME.” Terri was forced to speak through gritted teeth.

“Tell me what you want. How do you want it?”

“SHUT UP AND FUCK ME, DAMMIT!!” It was a strident demand. “Uhhhhhhhh…” Terri exploded for the second time tonight, this much more violently. Her screams filled the room. She sank her teeth brutally into his shoulder, but her cries still rang out. “Uhhhhhh, oooooooooooooo…”

“Dammit, bitch, watch out,” Jim said. But then he pulled her down one last time as hard as he could. Terri’s cries turned briefly to pain. It was almost as if he was trying to shove his whole body into her as he jetted load after load of cum into her drenched pussy with all the force he’d fucked her. Terri’s cries slowly subsided to a rhythmic moan and the tension drained from her body.

Jim and Terri stayed locked on the chair for another twenty minutes before either one of them moved. it gave Holly ample time to give me a slow, almost delicate blow job. I was surprised when she was able to swallow every drop of jizz.


It was late when Jim and Holly had gotten themselves motivated enough to clean themselves up and get dressed. Terri had crawled over to the bed and passed out almost immediately. I told them they could stay the night in the sofa bed, but Holly wanted to get back home. Everyone had smiles on their faces and we agreed that we would have to do this again sometime. Maybe now the girls didn’t think the game was so boring after all.

Jul 22


Love Getting a Good Gang Bang in New Orleans Sex StoryNEW ORLEANS

The first time my wife and I had a group sex experience, we weren’t even yet married.  I was still on active duty in the USMC and had temporary additional duty orders to go to New Orleans for a conference for a week.  My girlfriend (who later became my wife) had heard about New Orleans but had never been there.  She asked me if there was anyway that I could bring her along.  I checked with my unit about driving instead of flying and they gave me permission, as long as I didn’t exceed the travel time or the expenses that flying would have taken.
Since the conference was suppose to be Monday through Friday, that
didn’t seem like a big problem, we just decided to leave a day early and
stop half way.


We arrived in New Orleans early on Sunday evening and we went down to
Bourbon Street and did the normal tourist things.  Monday I went to the
conference and again Monday night we played like tourists.  On Tuesday I
suggested that we go to the pool and relax around the hotel when I got
done for the day.  I arrived at the hotel room about 5 p.m. and drank a
beer and changed into my swimming trunks.  We made small talk for a
little and then decided to go down to the pool and cool off.  Dee had on
a fairly conservative two piece outfit and the hotel had a bar right
there at the pool.  We took a dip and then climbed out and ordered a
drink.  About that time, two other guys that were attending the same
conference as us came in and walked around to our area and pulled up a
couple lounge chairs.  We first started talking business and Dee looked
really bored.  She explained that she didn’t have the slightest idea
what we were talking about.  So we just started talking about New
Orleans and where everyone had been so far and what they had done.

While we were chatting the waiter kept bringing us rounds of drinks and
everyone had become pretty loose.  Before you know it the bartender
yells out last call and the waiter comes over to see if we would like
one more.  I asked him what time the pool closed and he said 8 p.m. or
as soon as they finished cleaning the bar.  We all had one last drink
and finished about time the waiter came around to get our glasses.  We
all got up and headed to the elevator.  When we were safely inside I
told the two guys that I had some beer up in the room, and if they
wanted to stop up and have a nightcap instead of getting dressed and
going out, it would be on me.  The one gent declined but Dave said that
he would have one with us.

We got to the room and like most hotel rooms there wasn’t much room for
sitting except on the bed and one little writing table in the corner.  I
went in the closet area and got three beers out of the cooler.  When I
came back out with them Dave asked me what I had my camera on a tripod
for.  I explained to him that Dee would model for me and everywhere we
went I took at least one roll of film of her.  He said something like;
ìYou need a tripod for that?

I said, No, but I always bring it along just in case if one of my
fantasies comes true.  Dave said,  “Well, if I can help make that
fantasy come true, I would be glad to help.  Things got quiet for a
minute or so while everyone was obviously thinking what to do next.

Dee knew exactly where the conversation was going because I had told
her many times that I would love to try a threesome or foursome.  She
reached behind her and pulled a deck of cards off the top of the
cribbage board that we had sitting on the little writing table.  Then
she said, “I have an idea, letís play strip poker.”  We were still in
our swimsuits, but when Dave agreed, I was all for it.  Dave slid off
the bottom of the bed, Dee got on one side and I got on the other.  We
all sat on the floor so we could use the bed as our playing table.

Dee shuffled the cards and dealt the first hand announcing draw poker.
None of us had a barnburner to start off with because we all drew 3
cards.  I was sitting next to her so I laid my hand down first, a pair
of sevens.  Dave laid his hand down next and he only had a pair of
duces.   Dee threw her hand in face up; she didn’t even have a pair!   I
said, “You lose Hon, your first.”  She reached behind her back and undid
the top to her two piece and popped it off.  She never had been real shy
before. Just a couple months prior she had been selected as winner of
Velvet Magazine’s “Naughty Neighbor of the Month.”  They had flown her
to New York City and done a professional photo shoot and a couple of
guys (the photographer and his assistant) has seen her in all her glory,
so I guess that made it easier for her.

I picked up the cards and dealt the next hand.  This time Dave lost and
he only had one piece.  He stood up and pulled his trunks down and his
dick popped up against his belly, hard just thinking about what was
going to happen.  Dee and I only had one piece each left so Dave dealt
the hand.  This time I had the low hand and I stood up and pulled my
trunks down.

So Dee is looking back and forth between two hard dicks when I said,
“Ok Hon, take your bottoms off, your not going to be the only one in
here with clothes on.”  So she stood up on her side of the bed and
started to take her bottom part off.  As soon as she had one leg out and
started to lift the other leg, I reached over, grabbed her arm and
pulled her across the bed.   She fell across it laughing and I jumped up
next to her, putting my arm around her so she couldn’t slide off.  I
started kissing her and playing with her titties and Dave was standing
down at the foot of the bed with a perfect shot of her pussy.  Finally
he got the idea as I felt the bed move as he climbed on it.  I could
tell that Dee was getting excited and when I looked around I saw Dave
was chowing down at the Y.  I figured that I might be in his way a
little, so I slid up and brought my dick to Dee’s mouth.  She started
deep throating me almost instantly!  It was feeling sooooo good and I
was really glad that we had quite a few drinks so I wouldn’t cum right
away.  But even with the drinks I could feel it coming and knew I had to
do something to slow it down.  I would have thought that Dave would have
mounted her by this time, but he was still eating her.  Finally, I pull
my dick away from her mouth and said, “Turn around the other way, I want
some pussy.”

Dee slid around so her head was pointed at the foot of the bed and her
pussy was up by me.  I reached down and touched her and she was soaked
from Dave’s eating her.  I moved around and picked up on her body until
she got the idea that I wanted her in a doggy position.  She got up on
her knees and Dave slid up where she could reach his dick.  I put my
dick at the entrance to her love canal and slammed it home with one
quick stroke.  As wet as she was it the thrust still somewhat startled
her and she pushed forward engulfing Dave’s entire length.  I started a
slow rhythm and she got with the motion, taking Dave in her mouth as she
took me in her cunt.  After just a minute or so I could feel my balls
boiling again and she could sense it with my increased breathing tempo.
Finally I erupted and stroked as long and hard as I could into her, one,
two, three, four long strokes.  The effect this had was it forced her
face all the way down into Dave’s pubes and that caused him to erupt
into her mouth.  I slid off of her and she rolled over on her side.  We
were all nearly out of breath in our ecstasy.

Dee was the first one to get up saying that she had to clean herself
off.  As soon as she returned from the bathroom I went into the luggage
closet and got us all a fresh beer out of the cooler.  We all sat around
on the bed talking small talk and finally my dick started to rise
again.  This time I said, “Put your beer down Hon, it’s Dave’s turn to
have some pussy.”  So she put her beer down and slid up on the bed.  I
turned to Dave and said, “Go for it my friend.”  Dave slid up and
started kissing on her and playing with her and finally mounted her
missionary style.  His dick was nearly identical to mine in size and he
started pumping away.  Already having cum once, plus the drinks we had
drank definitely took the edge off and he pumped her continuously for a
good five minutes.  Finally, I couldn’t take it any longer just
watching.  I got up and walked around the room to the top of the bed
where her head was and leaned forward where she could get to my meat.
When Dave saw this he slid off to the other side, rolled her towards me
and entered her from behind, spoon fashioned.  That allowed enough room
for me to get up onto the king size bed and I climbed on facing her,
with my dick at her face.  She took hold of my dick and started sucking
me.  Dave didn’t have the leverage that I did when I was fucking her
doggy style so his pumping wasn’t forcing her down on my dick.  She was
using a hand in addition to her mouth, so I reached down and took hold
of both her arms and pulled them up over her head.  Then I started
fucking her mouth.  I timed my thrusts so they would be at the same time
as Dave’s.  Dave had the 5 minute head start on me and within a couple
minutes he shouted, “Oh yeah!  Iím Cumming!”    I wasnít far behind and
deposited my load in her mouth.  Once again we took a break and when I
went to get another beer Dave said that he had to go, his wife was
waiting for him in the room with their new baby.

Both Dee and I were so excited about our first threesome that we stayed
up nearly all night fucking and sucking.  We didn’t run into Dave again
in the evenings, although we did see him with his wife at a cocktail
reception at the close of the conference.   He just winked to us when he
introduced his wife and explained to her that he had met us at the pool
one evening.


On the way home that weekend as we were driving along in the car Dee
turned to me and started to apologize for what happened.  I told her not
to apologize, that I really enjoyed it.  Then reaching down and pulling
on my dick I said, “See, I get hard just thinking about it.”  Dee undid
her seat belt and slid across the seat, unzipping my jeans she said,
“Letís see what we can do about that.”  That was the first of many of
what I call MBJs – Moving BlowJobs.  To this day every time she gives me
an MBJ she tries to get me off while there is no one around.  On the
other hand, I always try to get abeam a truck or at least a van that
sits higher then we are before I cum so they can watch.

Jul 21


Nasty whore gets huge gang bangDIVINA

On our holiday station we decided to take a diving course .

We joined a group of young enthusiasts and were taken in charge by a muscled instructor .

Our first few lessons took place on the borders of the hotel pool , since we were to get acquainted with the diving equipment.


On the third day , finally , we all got into the boat and took of into the high sea .

Just as the rest of the group , my husband and I were very excited by this adventure and anxious to experience the beautiful underwater world .

The boat started to slow down near the shores of an extremely beautiful , little deserted island and we prepared getting our gear on .

Under the guidance of the instructor , we one by one jumped into the cristallblue ocean .

Once under water , we swam behind our instructor ,who pointed us out the marvelous wonders of the deep blue sea

We quickly got used to the diving techniques and started behaving like real pro’s , tumbling and playing , chasing eachother around .

One of the guys in the group had removed his swimming shorts and with his dick in his hand signaled to the fishes around him.

Of course this set of great hilarity amongst us and very soon others followed his example .

They were putting up a nice underwater strip act , when <I felt someone fumble around the straps of my bathing suit . I turned around and saw it was my husband . I tried to escape , but other guys started chasing me , and soon I lost part of the battle .

I must admit , it felt great to swim around naked and I had gotten quite excited too by the sight of the stripped bare men .

I loved to watch their penises floating , while they were swimming around me . I had a great view at some of them when they passed right over my head .

Still being chased by my husband and some other guys , I managed to catch the second girl of the group and pulled down her swimsuit to . Her breasts were much larger than mine and the men seemed to become even more determined to catch us .

They succeeded to surround us and I must say I didn’t mind at all anymore , unlike the other girl who put up a struggle , which of course she finally lost , just as the last parts of her clothing To my surprise my husband was one of the major contribuants of stripping her down . It was he who had held her tightly .

Four or five of them started fumbling around her , they were putting their hands all over her naked body and I enjoyed watching this underwater ballet .

Suddenly my husband pointed at my direction and with the help of the rest of the men I had to undergo the same treatment .

I didn’t know what came over me , here I was surrounded by a bunch of men , my husband one of them and yet I was excited and horny like never before .

If it wouldn’t have been I was underwater , surely they would’ve seen my hot juices coming out of my tight shaven cunt .

The desire in me was so strong I didn’t care of my husband’s presence . I could tell he even approved seeing the size of his dick .

I quickly submitted my entire body to the guys and enjoyed every touch . While I watched the other bunch fool around I understood that she also was taking great pleasure .

In the meantime everyone was completely naked . suspended and held between a couple of strong arms , my husband spread my legs and introduced a couple of fingers into my pussy .

I took pleasure in being watched by the others and being delivered at their mercy .

They were playing with my boobs , twisting my nipples and I felt a finger slowly entering my ass .

My husband then guided the penis of one of the men towards my cunt and while he held my pussy wide open he introduced the huge fleshy pole inside me .

Slowly the guy moved in and out and while I watched my husband swim towards the other girl I almost hoped he would do the same to her .

Apparently this had been his intentions . They all came swimming over , and while I was getting nearer and near of climaxing , I watched my husband give pleasure to her .

He rammed his penis into her and I loved to watch , it was an unforgettable experience when both of us girls came at the same time , While my husband’s sperm gushed out into the water , she tried to catch it and smeared it over her big swollen tits .I felt the guy’s hot sperm between my legs and saw how excited and pleased my husband was watching

Soon enough I found out this wasn’t going to be the end of it , as all the men were going to have their turn in both our pussies .While being fucked our oxygen started to run out and we finally had to surface
Once in the boat though , the party continued till late that evening .


Since ,my husband and I became full members of a diving club!