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That June night was by far the hottest of the year so far. Jim and I sat at the kitchen table playing cards, having a few beers and playing Axis & Allies, the air conditioning humming in the background. I was the Axis and he was the Allies, and after a surge of victories in the Pacific, we were becoming hopelessly deadlocked. The more beers we had, the more our play seemed to be deteriorating. It was getting late and we stopped to take another beer break. It seemed to me we needed something to provide more incentive to win.


During the break, our girlfriends came home from their movie. They’d gone to see some Brad Pitt extravaganza, and we’d thought staying in and playing a game would be more fun to just sit in and play a game. They couldn’t believe we were still playing the game we’d started earlier in the afternoon.

I excused myself for the bathroom. After I flushed and washed up, I found Terri, my girlfriend, coming through the door. She wrapped her arms and around my neck and pulled my head down to kiss me passionately. “Can’t you get rid of Jim and Holly?” she asked.

I knew what she had in mind. Obviously Brad Pitt running around with his shirt off had her all sexed up, and I was horny too, I always am, but I wanted to finish the damned game. “We should be done in a little while,” I said. Her lips pouted and she began to undo my pants. Before I could say anything else she was on her knees in front of my, stroking my hardening cock.

“Sure I can’t convince you?” she asked. And she sure was convincing. Terri licked me up and down and around before plunging my cock into her mouth. The hot, wet suction almost made me buckle to the floor. Terri knows how to give an incredible blow job, and she was pulling out all the stops with this one. She fondled my balls while her mouth worked in waves of suction, her tongue flitting around my dick. I was bracing myself to come when she stopped completely. “How important is your game now?”

The come was boiling in my balls, but I stood fast. “The game won’t take that long, then I promise I’ll get them out as fast as I can.”

She patted my dick and got back to her feet. “Well, I’ll be in the bedroom. But I’ll probably be asleep by the time you’re done.” She kissed my cheek and went into the bedroom, closing the door behind her.

I went back out to the living room and Holly was laying on the couch, watching TV. I explained that Terri had gone to bed and settled down to try and finish the game. After another forty-five minutes, we were still deadlocked, skirmishing back and forth over the same little scraps of land, neither able to gain a tactical advantage. It hadn’t taken long for Holly to fall asleep on the couch. It was about half way through that I had a thought. An idea that would certainly give more incentive to win.

I took a long pull from my beer and regarded Jim across the table, before beginning my next turn. Now what I’m about say may sound outlandish, but I knew Jim would be into it. In the past we’d done this sort of thing before with other girlfriends. These girlfriends, however, didn’t know about that. “We’re never going to finish this fucking game,” I said.

“I know. You wanna call it a night?”

“No, but I have a suggestion. Something to rekindle the killer instinct. I think whoever conquers the world, should get to do whatever he wants with the other’s girlfriend.”

Jim sat back in his chair and finished his beer. he went to get another one from the fridge, not saying anything. It had been awhile since we’d done anything like that, and maybe he had decided that he wasn’t into anymore. Then again, maybe I was wrong. “Ok,” he replied.

The resulting battles were fierce, both of us taking much larger risks than we had been. He gambled his entire Pacific fleet on the taking of Japan and won, which left me greatly weakened from fighting a three front war. Victory came relatively swiftly for Jim, and we cleaned up the game in silent anticipation.

All the lights in the kitchen and living room were turned off, leaving Holly to sleep peacefully on the couch. I eyed Holly as I passed her. I had known Holly for many years, since we were kids. She had been a few years younger than me, but as I watched her grow into a beautiful, sexy woman, I felt a desire for her growing in me. She was a short girl, barely more than 5’2″, with blond hair cut to about her shoulders. Her freckled face could melt anyone’s heart, and her trim body moved with a powerful grace when she walked.

The door to the bedroom was ajar, and the bedside lamp still burning, casting odd, angular shadows around the room. While I really wanted to be with Holly, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I probably lost the game on purpose. I’ve always had something of a voyeur in me. Watching a girlfriend get fucked by someone else was an incredible thrill. I usually ended up joining in, unable to hold myself back, but I would have to wait for the proper time. I suspected Terri would not object. While we had an awesome sex life together, she’d once told me the her greatest sexual thrill came when she was with someone new, almost preferably a stranger, for the first time. I hoped that Terri would feel that way now, and not freak out.

I waved Jim into the bedroom and lingered in the doorway as he moved to her.

Terri was sprawled out on the bed, the straps of the overall shorts she had been wearing undone and the bib was down. The tight peach tank top clung to her large C-cups. While not as lithe as Holly, Terri had the lush, soft curves of a woman, from her full breasts to her sensuous hips. Jim’s hulking frame almost blocked her out of my sight when he sat on the bed and I had to adjust my stance to see her. His big hand slid down inside the overalls and after a moment she moaned lightly and her legs parted. He continued to rub between her legs. She began to move in time with his hand, and emboldened, he tugged the overalls past her hips, and down her legs, careful not to disturb her too much.

Jim quickly stripped off all his clothes and climbed onto the bed between Terri’s legs. I was afraid the shifting of the mattress would wake her, but she kept sleeping. He cupped her pussy in the palm of his hand and squeezed, kneading firmly. He also leaned forward and sucked her breast through the tank top and bra. She muttered something I couldn’t quite hear and ran her fingers through his hair.

Terri came awake, hot and wet. I distinctly heard my name, but she only had to look down when her eyes flitted open to realize it wasn’t me. She began to question, but Jim covered her mouth with his in a deep kiss. She only hesitated briefly before giving in, her arms going around him. He pulled the tank top up and tore his mouth from hers. Her nipples stood out thick and clear through the sheer black bra. He sucked at the nipple and she drew a sharp breath. Terri bent forward, biting at his neck and shoulders and he obliged by sinking his teeth into her nipple. Terri yelped in pain, but I knew she loved being bitten.

Jim yanked her panties down and sank two fingers deep into her wet pussy. She lifted her ass off the bed and screwed herself onto the fingers. He pumped the fingers in and out of her at a furious rate and it wasn’t long before she was reaching between his legs for his cock. Having seen Jim before, I knew she’d be pleased by the size of the big tool. Jim had proudly boasted before that his exgirlfriend had measured him at a little over a foot and he was almost as thick as a baby’s arm. He said that a lot of the time even after licking Holly for almost an hour she still had trouble taking the organ. Terri, however, had to be wet as a river by now.

But Jim wasn’t ready to mount her yet. I heard her whine when he slipped from her grasp. Terri wasn’t playing games in bed, she really just loved to be fucked. He scooted down between her legs again, placed them over her shoulders, took her ample cheeks into his hands, and buried his face in her dripping pussy. Terri clawed at the sheets and although she bit her lip, she was still unable to stifle the screech of pleasure that escaped her throat.

Terri ground into his face and when he started to suck her clit, and cried “Uhhhnnn, uhhhnnn.” She was on the verge of coming when Jim pulled away from her again and flipped her onto her hands and knees. Terri eagerly waved her ass in the air. He took his cock in hand and shoved it all the way into her. “Jesus,” she gasped. Jim slithered down her body with his hands and shoved the tanktop up over her head, yanking her arms out from under her. Terri fell on her face, but Jim kept drilling her. Her bra was torn off and she managed to prop herself up on her forearms. Jim reached under. mauling her breasts, roughly twisting her nipples.

Watching them made me incredibly horny and I was about to go over and join them when I felt someone come up behind me.

Holly stepped into the room and covered her mouth gasping. She stood transfixed, staring at Jim fucking Terri. I took her by the shoulders and she seemed startled that I was even there. I turned her toward me and kissed her deeply. When she responded in kind, I knew she was as turned on as I was by the scene.

I wasted no time stripping Holly, pulling the t-shirt over her head , and hiking up the short skirt. I moved her satin panties aside and massaged her clit with my fingertips. She hung onto my neck, breathed deeply in my ear. We both slid to the floor of the bedroom, moving out of the doorway. Holly helped me out of my clothes and it wasn’t long before her thin frame was stretched out over me; I lapping away at her neatly trimmed slit, her pretty blonde head bobbing on my dick. While she lacked Terri’s technique, she more than made up for that with enthusiasm.

Holly lifted off me and mounted my prick. She settled down slowly, her wet silky pussy fitting me like a glove. Our pubic bones ground together, and she rotated her pussy, squeezing me like a vice. I guess all those years of sports build pretty strong muscles.

Her breasts were smaller than Terri’s, but stood out high and firm on her chest. “Fuck, this feels so good,” Holly moaned, barely audible over the animal noises coming from Jim and Terri. Terri did very little talking during sex, but the closer she came to orgasm, the louder she got.

My hands had encircled her waist, raising her and bringing her down with more force. I thrust my hips upward to meet her every downward stroke. Holly was panting and murmuring, her face a mask of concentration. “Fuck me harder. Fuck, fuck, oh fuck. Oooooo…”

I heard squealing from the bed and peered around Holly to see Terri sprawled completely on the bed, except that Jim still had her hips in his hands and was pumping away at her. She kept on with her high pitched squeal, clawing at the bed, tearing the sheets off it in an orgasmic frenzy. Terri finally stopped moving and lay on the bed, panting, drenched in sweat.

Jim pulled out of Terri, but he was still hard as ever. He left Terri on the bed to recover, and came over to stand beside Holly and I. “Do you like fucking him, baby?” he asked.

“Uh, huh,” was all Holly could manage, skewering herself again and again on my cock. Jim held her pretty face in his big hands and fed her his dick. At first she resisted, gagging, but she knew Jim was not to be denied. Holly small mouth couldn’t accommodate all of it, and she had trouble matching his movements, but he held her head and fucked her mouth. I wondered what she thought of the taste of Terri’s cum glazing his meat.

Meanwhile, on the bed, Terri had recovered her senses and watched the scene before her. Apparently her hunger was not yet sated, and she did not watch long before hoping off the bed and grabbing Jim by the hand. His cock slipped from Holly’s mouth, leaving her momentarily disappointed. He sat in my desk chair and grabbed Terri. She was lifted above his lap, her legs on either side. She grabbed his prick and fed it inside her. They barely moved, but by the small circular motions of her hips, I knew Terri was using that snapper of hers to do all the fucking.

The thrill of two cocks at once had been enough to push Holly over the top. Her body went rigid upright, her spine arched. Her mouth drooped open, but no sound came out. Her pussy was in spasm, pulling at my dick. It’s writhing was all I needed and I too tensed, blowing my load up into her juicing pussy. Holly let out a great breath and collapsed onto me.

Jim had grasped both Terri’s breasts, and alternated sucking each one, drawing out her nipples with his teeth, bringing sharp sighs from Terri. I knew what she was doing right now. Her pussy would be fluttering and gripping and stroking and milking his cock, her strong muscles drawing him deeper. Jim looked as if he were about to cum, but he clearly wasn’t going to give in without a fight.

He grabbed her around the waist and started fucking her on his cock. Terri let out a harsh breath, amazed at the depths his big cock was reaching. Their eyes were locked in a psychological battle, each determined to make the other cum. Their eyes broke and their lips crashed together with the same violence than Jim was now slamming her with, mouths locked in a furious battle. Her nails clawed at his shoulders, leaving deep red furrows, drawing blood.

Terri was going to give first. She broke the kiss and sucked in all the air she could. She was trying to screw him back, but his big hands pretty much controlled the action. The sounds of flesh slapping flesh filled the room. Holly’s eyes widened at the force with which the seemed to pound at each other.

“Do you like that? Do you like my cock?” His voice was almost a sneer. He held her so hard his knuckles were white.

“UH, YEAH, FUCK ME, FUCK ME.” Terri was forced to speak through gritted teeth.

“Tell me what you want. How do you want it?”

“SHUT UP AND FUCK ME, DAMMIT!!” It was a strident demand. “Uhhhhhhhh…” Terri exploded for the second time tonight, this much more violently. Her screams filled the room. She sank her teeth brutally into his shoulder, but her cries still rang out. “Uhhhhhh, oooooooooooooo…”

“Dammit, bitch, watch out,” Jim said. But then he pulled her down one last time as hard as he could. Terri’s cries turned briefly to pain. It was almost as if he was trying to shove his whole body into her as he jetted load after load of cum into her drenched pussy with all the force he’d fucked her. Terri’s cries slowly subsided to a rhythmic moan and the tension drained from her body.

Jim and Terri stayed locked on the chair for another twenty minutes before either one of them moved. it gave Holly ample time to give me a slow, almost delicate blow job. I was surprised when she was able to swallow every drop of jizz.


It was late when Jim and Holly had gotten themselves motivated enough to clean themselves up and get dressed. Terri had crawled over to the bed and passed out almost immediately. I told them they could stay the night in the sofa bed, but Holly wanted to get back home. Everyone had smiles on their faces and we agreed that we would have to do this again sometime. Maybe now the girls didn’t think the game was so boring after all.


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