My Fantasy Night

Anal Fucking Gangbang Sex StoryMy Fantasy Night

Being a middle-aged female in a small town makes it difficult to fulfill one’s fantasy. However, there was one night that I did manage to have it all. It began innocently enough – just a few drinks out at a local nightclub and I’d be home alone again – boy, was I wrong. While sipping a beer, a nice looking guy approached me and things in the conversation progressed quickly enough that we both knew I was way too horny to be sitting in a nightclub alone. So at his invitation, I accompanied him to his apartment. What a shock – it wasn’t an empty apartment by any stretch of the imagination. There were all sorts of “toys” – some of them alive. Yes, he had two roommates and it seems they were not engaged for the evening – except for my pleasure, that is.

After token drinks all round, they took the lead and asked for a strip show, which I gratefully began in the most sexy manner I could manage considering I wanted to strip off my clothes instantly and see them do the same. But I got stripped soon enough – after about half my clothes were removed by me, John came over and ripped my t-shirt off in shreds. That served only to make me wetter than I was. By now, I was completely naked and James suggested that we go back to “his” room.

“His” room was one like I’d never seen. There was a large round bed and above it was a device with straps and pulleys. On the dresser was every sort of sex toy I’d ever even imagined. As I’m afraid my eyes were bugging out, the second roomate, Randy, offered to let me see how any of the devices felt. I was ready. My pussy was so wet and I was so hot that I was panting. By now, all three of the men were also stripped and it was time for fun and games.

Randy laid me down on the round bed and took a huge dildo that was neon pink off the dresser. He leaned between my legs and began licking my clit and my asshole taking turns with each. Gently, he inserted first one finger, then two and then three into my pussy and had just the right rhythm and that was the first time I came that night. Then he turned me over and spread my legs as wide as he could get them and I was slightly aware that someone was tying my hands with scarves and my legs as well. But Randy wasn’t letting me think about that very much as he began inserting the dildo into my dripping pussy and moving it in and out with increasing speed. I was getting ready for more cumming I was sure when he then inserted a wet finger into my asshole. Well, that did it – more orgasms. I was beginning to understand what multiple orgasms meant now.

James’ cock was hard as a rock by now and hung in front of my face, so of course, I started sucking on it as best I could with the treatment my other end was getting. Randy kept the dildo ramming in and out of my pussy and his fingers were now going further and further up my ass. I don’t know how many he had in there but all of a sudden, he withdrew them and I must admit, I was almost disappointed. I shouldn’t have worried. The next toy was meant for that opening and I caught a glimpse of it out of the corner of my eye. For a moment, I was afraid as I couldn’t imagine that huge black dildo fitting even in my pussy, let alone my ass. John took the dildo out of my pussy at the same time and replaced it with one that was filled with jelly looking stuff and was wider than the first. He didn’t have a very hard time getting it inside me though. My pussy seemed to suck it right up and wanted more I think.

By now Randy had the huge black dildo and was greasing it with KY jelly, for which I was grateful, then he took his fingers and spread my already hot asshole as far apart as he could before he started pushing that huge black dildo up my ass ever so slowly. James was now attaching little clips to both of my nipples and gently tugging on them. It was a nice pain. He also was rubbing all over my breasts and would inch down to my clit every once in a while and rub that up and down.

All of a sudden, I heard myself screaming “Fuck me in the ass — harder, more, give me more”. I couldn’t believe those words were coming out of my mouth. Well, I was obliged. That big black dildo that I couldn’t imagine taking in my pussy was going in and out of my ass harder and harder and pounding my whole body. At the same time, John was pumping my pussy with the other dildo as fast as he could I think and my body began to tingle from my toes all the way up to my head with waves and waves of orgasms. I dind’t think I was going to be able to stop that one big giant orgasms. I was screaming and begging for more when I had James’ dick shoved in my mouth just in time to suck his cum down my throat. All of a sudden, while I was getting even hotter at the thought of the cum running down my throat, I felt more hot cum on both cheeks of my ass. But they didn’t miss a beat – both my pussy and my ass were getting the fucking of the century. This just drove me right into another series of bucking orgasms. I finally felt absolutely spent and looked up to see the three guys standing over me looking pretty much the same. The only question was “Did we make you feel good?” Now, wasn’t that stupid?


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