Jul 22

My Fantasy Night

Anal Fucking Gangbang Sex StoryMy Fantasy Night

Being a middle-aged female in a small town makes it difficult to fulfill one’s fantasy. However, there was one night that I did manage to have it all. It began innocently enough – just a few drinks out at a local nightclub and I’d be home alone again – boy, was I wrong. While sipping a beer, a nice looking guy approached me and things in the conversation progressed quickly enough that we both knew I was way too horny to be sitting in a nightclub alone. So at his invitation, I accompanied him to his apartment. What a shock – it wasn’t an empty apartment by any stretch of the imagination. There were all sorts of “toys” – some of them alive. Yes, he had two roommates and it seems they were not engaged for the evening – except for my pleasure, that is.


After token drinks all round, they took the lead and asked for a strip show, which I gratefully began in the most sexy manner I could manage considering I wanted to strip off my clothes instantly and see them do the same. But I got stripped soon enough – after about half my clothes were removed by me, John came over and ripped my t-shirt off in shreds. That served only to make me wetter than I was. By now, I was completely naked and James suggested that we go back to “his” room.

“His” room was one like I’d never seen. There was a large round bed and above it was a device with straps and pulleys. On the dresser was every sort of sex toy I’d ever even imagined. As I’m afraid my eyes were bugging out, the second roomate, Randy, offered to let me see how any of the devices felt. I was ready. My pussy was so wet and I was so hot that I was panting. By now, all three of the men were also stripped and it was time for fun and games.

Randy laid me down on the round bed and took a huge dildo that was neon pink off the dresser. He leaned between my legs and began licking my clit and my asshole taking turns with each. Gently, he inserted first one finger, then two and then three into my pussy and had just the right rhythm and that was the first time I came that night. Then he turned me over and spread my legs as wide as he could get them and I was slightly aware that someone was tying my hands with scarves and my legs as well. But Randy wasn’t letting me think about that very much as he began inserting the dildo into my dripping pussy and moving it in and out with increasing speed. I was getting ready for more cumming I was sure when he then inserted a wet finger into my asshole. Well, that did it – more orgasms. I was beginning to understand what multiple orgasms meant now.

James’ cock was hard as a rock by now and hung in front of my face, so of course, I started sucking on it as best I could with the treatment my other end was getting. Randy kept the dildo ramming in and out of my pussy and his fingers were now going further and further up my ass. I don’t know how many he had in there but all of a sudden, he withdrew them and I must admit, I was almost disappointed. I shouldn’t have worried. The next toy was meant for that opening and I caught a glimpse of it out of the corner of my eye. For a moment, I was afraid as I couldn’t imagine that huge black dildo fitting even in my pussy, let alone my ass. John took the dildo out of my pussy at the same time and replaced it with one that was filled with jelly looking stuff and was wider than the first. He didn’t have a very hard time getting it inside me though. My pussy seemed to suck it right up and wanted more I think.

By now Randy had the huge black dildo and was greasing it with KY jelly, for which I was grateful, then he took his fingers and spread my already hot asshole as far apart as he could before he started pushing that huge black dildo up my ass ever so slowly. James was now attaching little clips to both of my nipples and gently tugging on them. It was a nice pain. He also was rubbing all over my breasts and would inch down to my clit every once in a while and rub that up and down.

All of a sudden, I heard myself screaming “Fuck me in the ass — harder, more, give me more”. I couldn’t believe those words were coming out of my mouth. Well, I was obliged. That big black dildo that I couldn’t imagine taking in my pussy was going in and out of my ass harder and harder and pounding my whole body. At the same time, John was pumping my pussy with the other dildo as fast as he could I think and my body began to tingle from my toes all the way up to my head with waves and waves of orgasms. I dind’t think I was going to be able to stop that one big giant orgasms. I was screaming and begging for more when I had James’ dick shoved in my mouth just in time to suck his cum down my throat. All of a sudden, while I was getting even hotter at the thought of the cum running down my throat, I felt more hot cum on both cheeks of my ass. But they didn’t miss a beat – both my pussy and my ass were getting the fucking of the century. This just drove me right into another series of bucking orgasms. I finally felt absolutely spent and looked up to see the three guys standing over me looking pretty much the same. The only question was “Did we make you feel good?” Now, wasn’t that stupid?


Jul 21

Texas Summer

Nasty Hardcore Gang Bang FuckingTexas Summer

Chapter One

The sun rose over the bird filled scrub trees of Texas.  Soon the August heat would be in full force.  Screeching birds had awoken me from a deep slumber. Last night was a blur; the girl next to me was unknown.   Probably someone I picked up at the bar near closing time.  Her hair was a dirty blonde; her face
had the used look of a gal who had partied a lot in the past.  Some lines around the eyes, on a man I would call the face weather beaten, on her it was a used look.

I started to notice the smell of bacon frying.  Who the hell else was in my apartment?  I got up and threw on a pair of jeans and wandered out to the kitchen.  At the stove as a guy cooking up some bacon and eggs.  I remembered
him from around at the bar I hang out at. We had played pool and few times and
had some drinks every once in a while. His name was Mike.  He was not a close
friend, more of a sometime drinking buddy.  He said “Hi partner, how you
feeling this morning?”  Since I had no recollection of last night and I asked
what happened and who was the blonde?  He said the blonde was Alice, his
girlfriend.  Once I got the story of last night out I felt a little better.
Over several drinks he, Alice and I got feeling a little horny.  Over several
more drinks Mike and Alice explained that Alice loved threesomes and hoped I
did too.  Since I was so drunk they took my car keys and drove me home and we
some wild three-way sex.  Alice and I soon pasted out drunk and Mike finally
went to sleep also.


I told Mike that it sounded like a great time, only I wished I could remember
it.  “Once Alice gets up and has something to eat she should be ready to go
again, You game?”   I replied that the morning was always good for me. As I
was finishing my eggs Alice came into the kitchen and sat at the table next to
us.  Her hands reached down to both of our cocks and said “After I get some
food and coffee in me I want both of you in me again”.  My cock started to
rise up and she squeezed it as Mike got her some coffee and eggs.  After
polishing off the food and coffee Alice said she was going to get a shower and
freshen up, and if we wanted we could help dry her.

A little later Alice yelled out that she could use some drying and would do
the same for us after we showered.  Mike and I joined her in the bedroom and
toweled her dry. She didn’t look so bad now, the bags under her eyes were gone
and she looked pretty good to me.  I said I would hit the shower first and
Mike could use it after me.  I showered in record time and went back the
bedroom.  Mike and Alice were fooling around with each other; I could see
Mike’s hard cock standing up.  He got up and said he would be back in a bit
and then went into the shower.  Alice dried me off and our hands and tongues
were exploring each other when Mike came back in.  Alice ripped the towel from
him and started to dry his back.  She threw me another towel and said to help
me out.  I was a little wary about helping to dry another guy off, but Alice’s
hand on my cock convinced me to join in.  After finishing Mike’s back Alice
had him turn over and she proceeded to dry his chest as I did his legs.
Alice’s towel traveled down Mike’s body and arrived at spire of his manhood.
She dried his balls and cock then took him in her mouth.  With my cock in her
hand and his in her mouth Alice seemed to be enjoying herself.

Alice lay down between Mike and me and we proceeded to cover her body with
kisses and caresses.  Mike went down on Alice and was licking her clit as she
sucked my cock.  Her moaning increased and her hips were pushing up and down
as Mike ate her out.  As Alice sucked my cock and licked my balls she slipped
a finger into my asshole, it felt great.  With her finger sliding in and out
of me and her mouth sliding up and down my cock, I was completely engulfed in
the pleasure of the moment.  I looked down and saw that Mike and a finger up
Alice’s pussy and one in her ass. She was wiggling her bottom and moaning even

Soon Alice had Mike and I lay side by side as she proceeded to take both our
cocks into her mouth.  As she sucked us she slide a finger in my ass and
Mike’s.  After some exciting double sucking she asked us to turn over.  We
obliged and I felt her breath on my ass as she finger fucked Mike I in the
ass.  Looking back I could see that she had two fingers in his as and he was
humping up and own on the bed.  Alice licked my ass hole and slid her tongue
up it as far as she could.  I was in ecstasy. She alternated between us and
her fingers in my ass felt good.  Then Alice told me to lay flat on my stomach
and close my eyes.  She tied a scarf around my eyes so I couldn’t see. She had
me spread my legs wide and arms were spread above my head.  Alice proceeded to
lick my back and legs and ass.  I was getting a real tongue back from her.
She told me to let my imagination run wild and it did. It seemed her hands and
mouth were everywhere at once.  I was so stimulated I almost came as my ass
was filled with a couple of fingers and my cock and balls were kissed and
sucked.  Alice stopped and told me to remove the blindfold, it was Mike’s turn
for that treatment.

Mike laid down on the bed spread eagle and Alice applied the blindfold to his
eyes.  She started to kiss and caress him as she had done to me.  I was very
hard and pushed up against Alice as she fingered Mike’s ass and kissed his
balls.  Alice used her free hand to take one of mine and place it on Mike’s
ass.  She said that she had Mike do that to me earlier.  Soon Alice had me
fingering Mike’s ass as she sucked his balls and cock.  Her hands were
caressing both Mike and me at the same time.  Alice whispered to me to take
Mike’s cock in my mouth, that Mike had done that to me while I was
blindfolded.  Reluctantly I moved my face down and quickly kissed his cock.
Alice pushed my head from behind and held me there.  She moved her head next
to mine and sucked Mike’s balls as she pushed my head down on Mike’s cock.  It
had been many years since I had sucked another guy’s cock, back in High School
some of us had fooled around and I had mine sucked and I had sucked some
others, but not since then.

I opened my mouth and took his cock into it.  I slid my mouth down his cock,
very slowly.  Alice had his balls in her mouth and she seemed to really enjoy
seeing me sucking Mike inches from her face.  Mike’s ass was her next target;
she fingered him good and slid two fingers into to him.  Mike started to hump
my face as Alice finger fucked him.  Alice slid a third finger in and Mike
moaned out in pleasure.  Alice removed her fingers from his ass and replied
them with her tongue.  She held his ass checks spread apart and forced her
tongue up his hole. Sliding my mouth up and down his cock as she fingered him
really got Mike turned on.  Alice then took two fingers and slowly forced them
up his ass.  Mike wiggled with pleasure and his hard cock throbbed in my
mouth.  Soon she added a third finger and really shoved it into him.  I could
tell Mike was ready to cum.  I took my mouth off his prick and Alice removed
her fingers from his ass.

She then lay down on her back on the bed and removed Mike’s blindfold.  She
had Mike mount her.  Mike slid his cock into her burning pussy and she moaned
out in pleasure.  I put my cock in her mouth as Mike fucked her.  We were all
wildly turned on.  Alice had Mike roll over so she was on top and humped her
pussy up and down on his throbbing cock.  She took my cock from her mouth and
said she could use a sandwich now.  I got behind her and used my tongue and
fingers on her asshole to loosen her up.  Getting on my knees behind them I
spread her checks and slowly inserted my molten steel rod into her rear blast
furnace.  Her ass was tight but my cock went in without a lot of effort.  Soon
her pussy and ass were both completely filled.  Alice went wild, shaking all
over and screaming out in joy.  She was yelling, “Fuck me harder, really slam
those hard cocks into me.  My God, this is wonderful.”  I could feel Mike’s
cock separated by the membrane between us.  “That’s it, move faster and
harder, I want it all, fill me with your hot cum.” Alice continued to scream
out that she was coming.  “Here it comes, give me every inch you can fit in
me.” Her asshole started to twitch and clutched my cock as spasms of pleasure
ripped through her body. She was trying to milk the cum out of Mike and me.

As Alice climaxed again and again I could feel Mike coming in her pussy.  I
couldn’t hold back any more and slammed my cock into her as hard as I could.
The cum jerked out into her steaming asshole.  I pounded her as hard as I
could, still coming and filling her hole.  She clutched my cock tightly as I
came and drained every drop of cum out of me. I collapsed on top of her and
Mike.  Slowly my cock shrunk down and popped out of her.  We lay down side by
side with Alice in the middle.  Cum was leaking from her cunt and ass, I went
down on her and licked some as Mike joined me.  Alice had another orgasm as we
licked her clean.

Chapter Two

We rested for a while and then Alice started rubbing our cocks and kissing us.
Soon my prick had woken up and was staring Alice in the face.  She took it in
her mouth as she jerked Mike’s now hard cock.  With both of us hard Alice said
that since both of us had fucked her she wanted to see the two of us 69.  She
had us lay on our sides head to foot.  Mike took my cock in his mouth as I
licked his balls.  Alice encouraged use both verbally and with her lips and
fingers.  At one point she had fingers in both Mike’s and my assholes as we
sucked each other.  Alice told me get on my knees and lick her pussy as Mike
sucked my cock from behind me.  Eating her out was wonderful; I fingered her
clit, pussy and then asshole as my tongue wandered all over her privates. As I
licked her asshole Mike did the same for me.  When my fingers entered her cunt
and ass his entered my ass as he sucked my prick.  When I put two fingers in
Alice’s asshole Mike put two in mine.  It felt erotic and exciting.  As I
shoved a third finger into Alice’s asshole (with three in her cunt), Mike slow
worked third on into me.  I shoved back at his hand and the fingers went in.
Slowly he worked them in and out of me, while continuing to suck my cock and
balls.  Alice was watching me get finger fucked and sucked by Mike, her eyes
were wide open and she stared at me enjoying the action. Alice pulled away
from me and slid under me to suck my cock as I ate her pussy.  Mike continued
to work his fingers in me and he and Alice sucked and licked my cock and
balls.  I groaned with the pleasure of the two of them servicing me.

Slowly Alice slid out from sucking my cock and turned around under me.  She
guided my cock into her fiery pussy.  As I pumped her cunt Mike continued to
lick and finger my asshole.  Alice put her arms around me and held me tight.
Then she told Mike to really fill me with his cock.  “A double fuck like I got
earlier will do him wonders.”  I had had some fingers in me before, but never
a rock hard cock.  Mike had a fairly large prick, I figured around 8 ½ inches,
and wide also.  As my chest was crushed to Alice’s breasts I felt Mike’s prick
at my asshole.  He had wet it with some petroleum jelly and was trying to ease
it into me.  It hurt like hell.  Alice held me tight and said it only hurt for
a second until it was in, then it would feel great.  Mike had his cock pressed
against my sphincter muscle; it seemed it could not go in any further. He
rested against me as Alice held me fight and gave me a passionate tongue-
twisting kiss.  All at once I felt Mike shove his cock in.  I yelled out in
pain.  I thought my ass was ripped open.

Mike rested on me with his cock half way in, but past the sphincter.  Alice
held me and comforted me.  Wiggling her pussy around my cock.  Slowly I pushed
into her and back, each time Mike slid a little further in.  As I pulled back
from Alice again Mike shoved his cock into me the rest of the way.  I was
filled.  The pain had stopped and my cock felt like it had grown inches with
the addition of Mike’s cock into my ass.  My cock felt like it was burning hot
and Alice’s pussy squeezed it tight.  As Mike fucked me I slowly fucked Alice
in her sweet pussy.  Leisurely we fucked on, no one was hurrying and we all
enjoyed a lazy fuck.  I leaned up a little and grabbed Alice’s breasts with me
hands.  I put a nipple between my fingers and squeezed and pulled on it.
Alice moaned softly and I did the same to her other tit.  Mike held on to my
hips and filled me all the way and then withdrew in order to fill me again and

As we continued this slow fuck Alice suggested a slight change.  She wanted
my cock in her ass as Mike fucked me.  Mike slowly withdrew his cock from my
ass and I withdrew from Alice’s pussy.  Alice got on her hands and knees and
since my cock as still wet with her pussy juices I slipped it into her
asshole, a little at a time.  Once I was all the way in Mike got behind me and
refilled my asshole, which as twitching with desire for his manhood.  All at
one he slammed it into me and I collapsed on Alice, filling her ass to the
brim. I would pull out of Alice a little and then Mike would pull back and
rest a second then pound his cock in as hard as he could.  This forced in deep
into Alice’s asshole and she wiggled her ass and giggled.  Soon she was
moaning in pleasure, as was I.  I could feel her climax coming, she tightened
around my cock and moaned out “Oh God, I love this cock!”  “Fuck me harder and
fill my ass with your cum!”  My asshole twitched around Mike’s cock and I
begged him to slam it home as give his hot cum.  As Alice and I started to
come, at the same time, my asshole clamped around Mike’s cock.  Mike yelled
out “This is the tightest and hottest ass I ever fucked!”


My come flowed into Alice’s pussy as Mike slammed his big cock harder into
me.  Alice was milking the last of my come from my cock as Mike started to
come.  I had never had a cock come in my asshole before and the warm fluid
flowing into me felt great.  Mike continued to spurt into me and pound me hard
while moaning how good my tight ass felt.  Then Mike and I collapsed on Alice.
I could feel Mike’s cock softening in my ass and soon it slid out with a pop.
Mike rolled off of me and I off of Alice.  When I was off Alice got behind me
and licked my asshole and sucked Mike’s cum out of it.  Mike sucked my come of
her pussy and all was well with the world.

We spent the rest of the day just loafing around, watching TV, eating lunch,
etc.  Mainly we were recovering from out sexcapades of the morning.  Alice
called some friends and her roommate to tell her that she was with Mike and
myself.  We had a salad and I cooked a steak on grill and at around 7:00 p.m.
the phone rang and I answered it. It was Alice’s roommate Tina.  Alice spoke
to her for a while and then came back into the living room.  It seems there
was to be a party at Tina’s boyfriends place tomorrow afternoon (Sunday) and
we were all invited.  Alice suggested that we rest up tonight and save
ourselves for the party.  It was going to be a wild one.  We watched some TV
and generally recovered from our exploits.  We all slept together, put no sex
that night; we were waiting for Tina and the party.  Alice said that Tina and
she got it on together on many occasions and was sure that the party would be
no exception.

I decided to end at chapter two.  Any exploits will be separate stories.