Her seven year Itch

Anal Panty Hose MILF Gang Bang Sex StoryHer seven year Itch

She was 40 and had been married to her husband for 10 years. They had never had what would have been termed a normal sex life. After 7 years of counseling, she had just given up. He was getting into his fifties and his needs were different than hers. They had not made love for almost 8 years, and he was slowing down, while she was still a young woman.


She stayed because he was a wonderful man. He was a good provider, kind and
loving. She could not hope to find better than him and their bond was very
strong despite the lack of sex.

She found out about swinging on the internet. She thought that it might mean
a chance for them to at least be around loving couples whose sex lives were
so strong that they could share. But the visit to the club was a bust. He did
not enjoy it.

She decided then to go it alone. She would pose as a single woman. She did
not want to be unfaithful to him but it was the only way. She had not had sex
for almost 7 years at this point.

She chose a club that was 200 miles away. She figured she would not know
anyone, and that it would be a comfortable place to at least start as a
single woman. During the drive out, she felt freed and a bit apprehensive at
the same time. She was more afraid of trouble on the road than anything else,
but she was able to make the trip smoothly.

She stayed at a modest hotel and called the club when she got in for
directions. It was off the beaten track. She unpacked her clothes and got

She was forty, and had put a little weight on. She still had lovely,
translucent skin, and beautiful breasts, with large nipples. She had a bit of
a belly but her long legs balanced that well. She wore a little swingy dress
with a short skirt that showed off her legs. She hoped to find luck with that

She got to the club and received the tour from a rather ordinary couple.
They were very nice. The fellow was older and kind of cute. She found that
she really did not have to do anything more than just listen.  He took her
for a tour of the place. There were many smaller rooms and a large orgy room.
The light was soft and dim in each of the rooms and they looked like hotel
rooms from the sixties. She began to get unusually aroused just touring the
place. By the time they reached the hot tub area, her nipples were hard and
her panties were wet.

The fellow took her upstairs, where they got a drink and talked. While they
were talking, a short, stocky young guy passed and she smiled at him. He had
an open friendly face and warm brown eyes. He smiled, moved on and started
talking to an older woman in a corner. They were still talking when she moved
nearer. They did not let her into the conversation so she moved to the bar,
feeling awkward.

She made a few tries at friendly conversation. She was doing ok, but not
having much of a connection. She had another drink, feeling very grateful for
the relaxing alcohol. As she sipped her drink, she surveyed the room. The
cute young guy had disappeared. Everyone seemed to know each other. Just at
that point, someone tapped her on the shoulder.

“Hi I’m Pete. Come and join me and my friend, if you want.”
She looked into the face of a small framed young man. He was no big shakes in
the looks department, but he had a friendly, lively manner. He looked like
any ordinary bachelor you’d see in the street.

“We’re over there,” he pointed. There at the table was the cute kid who she
had smiled at earlier. She let him guide her over.

“Hi, I’m Jake.” He got up and gave her his seat.

“I’m Danielle,” she smiled. “Nice to meet you.”

She sat down, vastly relieved to find some friendly company. Pete and Jake
chattered away to her about the place and what the customs were.

“Basically, Jake is new, but I have some experience at all of this.” Pete
said. “You just go up and down to find out where the action is.”

He spoke to them about his adventures in swinging. The conversation aroused
her, yet the guys were friendly and innocent. Jake was a bit quiet and
mentioned that his birthday was not far away. He seemed very young. She liked
Pete a lot. He was outgoing and sweet and chattered away.

They ate a little bit and then went upstairs. There were a few people in the
corridor talking. The three of them stood and talked a bit more. She had
already decided who her partners would be for the night. She mentioned it, a
bit awkwardly and gestured toward the room. They both eagerly agreed. She
went to the ladies room and returned to find both of them undressing. She
said to them, “Listen, I’m no Raquel Welch,” and Pete laughed and took her

“I’m no Cary Grant either.”

They all three came down on the big bed. Jake lay on one side of her and
caressed her breasts as she went down on Pete. She wanted him to go first,
because she knew he had the experience to get them all off on a good start,
and because he had put a lot of effort into making them comfortable. He
moaned and his cock swelled in her mouth. On the other side of her, Jake was
lightly tracing the outline of her pussy below the silk of her panties. At
the touch of his fingers, her pussy became wet.

Pete raised her up and she turned over on her back. He pulled off her
panties and entered her. The feel of his cock in her cunt was overwhelming
and she moaned. He began to move hard. He pumped in and out of her as she
writhed beneath him, and he came quickly. He left the room for a minute to
clean up and she turned to Jake.

She began to suck him. He remained very soft. They kissed for awhile. He
bent and sucked her nipples and he began to harden in her hand. She bent and
sucked him some more, but he wanted to be inside her. He moved her back and
straddled her. He entered her high and began to move. She felt emotion
crackle between them. He varied his thrusts and she put her legs over his
shoulders. He was hard now and he rammed into her hard and quickly and then
gently and slowly.  She felt the sensation of heat rising from her belly, put
her hand down and began to come. He fucked her harder now, feeling the
pulsing liquid of her pussy meet his rock hard cock. With a great gasp, he
came himself.

Excited by this, Pete, who had been watching them, turned her over and
entered her from behind. She moaned as his cock jammed into her tightened
pussy. She felt like liquid fire to him, her soft skin heated and slick with
sweat and juice. Her moans became louder as he rammed into her. She came
again. He thrust deeper into her and she braced against his thrusts. He came
with a loud groan.

They all collapsed in the bed together, laughing at having made this
encounter such a success. They had had a lot of fun. They dressed and she
came out behind them in the corridor. There was a group of about 5 single
guys around the door. Apparently her cries had attracted a lot of attention.
They were like animals in heat, and one spoke to her a bit desperately about
going back in and just fucking him. She smiled and shook her head.


Jake and she went down to the Jacuzzi and relaxed in the bubbling water.
Another guy joined them. He slowly put his arm around her and caressed her
breasts. He was hard almost immediately. He came in her mouth.
She dressed and exited into the cold night air, liberated for the first time
in 7 years.


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