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Easy Town: Porno Night

easy town porno night hentai flash gameEasy Town: Porno Night Hentai Sim Dating Game

You give a chick lingerie but she says she needs a porno in order to get off and to give you any action. There are supposedly no sex stores around so she tells you to make your own porno for her with a certain amount of scenes otherwise she will not sleep with you. You then are taken to a screen with six location options. Home, Nice apartment, Cheap Condo, Eviltech Labs, Office, or East-side. The East side has two more locations: Crappy apartment and bookstore. The Eviltech Labs has three locations: Eviltech Labs, Luxury Condo, and the woods.

Wait until you have been to all other places and have finished each scene there before you go home. If you happen to go home before then, nothing bad happens you are simply sent back out to continue filming.

Eviltech Labs has a short scene with a stagnant background of a blonde chick in fetal position in the shower. You can select dialogue of your choice. There are options to back down at any time, but I don’t see why you would want to. For me, the dude asked to stay and watch then he started jacking off then he inserted his dick in the chick’s mouth and rubbed her tits but the image stayed the same. The last clip went to a juicy pussy being fingered then it took me back to the map.

You cannot redo a location that you have completed but if you are told to leave because you say the wrong thing you can start it over from the beginning.

In the woods, there is a dark haired chick bathing by a waterfall. There are some pretty interesting/outrageous choices. The chick is sad because her boyfriend dumped her because she always looks sad. I chose in the end to take her to the shower room and to make her happy. It jumped to footage of a blue haired chick being pounded by a big dick with a tiled background.

At the luxury condo a red haired chick looking at her album of naked photos of herself. I had trouble with this chick. You have to select any answer with ma’am in it, and you also have to select the correct sex position which is oral and the scene ends with a video of a chick’s mouth over a man’s dick.

In the cheap condo there is a chick whose house you broke into and you have to explain yourself. She likes that you committed a crime by stealing the president’s limousine. And he likes chicks that are crazy in bed. If done correctly, the will go upstairs and have sex. The video for this location has strange graphics compared to the rest.

In the office there is an Elvin chick (a chick with really long ears) if you tell her that you have been spying on her and gradually make advances towards her breasts she will give you a blow job. The video it cuts to is of a brunette chick with large breasts sucking a fat cock.

In the nice apartment, there is a young brunette chick just waking up and still laying in bed naked. She likes that you play turn based strategy video games. She agrees that the Wii is the dumbest video game console ever created. She likes that you massage her back, and enjoy wet dreams and she lets you fuck her while she sleeps. The video is a super close up shot of a vagina being penetrated by the tip of a dick.

At the crappy apartment the chick likes that you want to suck her tits, After answering some trivial questions, she lets you suck her tits while she reads her magazine. The video is of extremely large tits with very long nipples and everything is covered in saliva and the dude continues to suck then release the nipples.

At the library, the librarian is sitting naked in front of a fan and when you tell her that you want to fuck her she appreciates your honesty. She likes Yuri hentai and thinks hooligan is the best hentai. If you tell her to go fuck her girl again then tell her that you have not seen two chicks in person before and she will let you watch her make out with her lesbian lover.

Then you take it back and look at all of the scenes you gathered. Why not try some dildo fishing after this 😛

Elli Sanders

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