Jul 22

A night to remember

Want to Read a Nasty Gang Bang Sex StoryA night to remember

I was only unfaithful once between Joe arriving back from London and our wedding – at my hen party. He was away for the week-end and I went to a club with all my mates. The drink was flowing as I knew this evening was my last night of freedom as a single woman. I was very tipsy and flirted with every man who danced with me. Drew was tall, broad and ruggedly handsome and I knew when we started dancing he was the one I would let part my pubes later, my last lover before matrimony. I never expected the night to turn out the way it did. Drew and I danced close, I rubbed my box hard against his prick as we shared each other’s tongues in long passionate kisses. I asked Drew to be careful with his hands, they were lifting my skirt as he caressed my ass ‘I have no knickers on under my mini-skirt’. This had the desired effect and he asked me to grab my coat from the cloakroom. When I returned wearing it a slow set of dances had just begun and Drew asked me to join him. We had only started dancing close together when I felt Drew’s cock slip up between my legs and he commenced to dry ride me. I spluttered about what was he doing but he answered ‘ your long coat will stop anyone seeing what’s happening’. His prick was rubbing hard against my clit and sending delicious shivers throughout my body and I was quickly becoming soaking wet. After a few minutes dry riding the head of his cock parted the lips of my pubes and slipped up into me and he continued shafting me right there on the dance floor with hundreds of people around us. The excitement of screwing in such a public place meant both of us came before the set was over and I helped to slip his dick back in his trousers before we parted and made our way to the exit.


Drew took me on to a party where most of my mates had already gone. I continued to drink too much and everyone kept offering me more as it was my hen night. I was dancing with Drew when he took his shirt off – I responded by taking my blouse off and everyone started clapping. The more clothes we took off the more they clapped and there was a mighty cheer when my skirt came off and everyone saw I had no knickers on. I was dancing with only my bra and shoes on. Drew removed my bra and chucked it into the crowd – we were both naked and my big tits were jiggling up and down as we danced. He leaned back and pushed his erect cock up towards me and I dropped to my knees and took it in my mouth. The audience clapped in time with my head bobbing backwards and forwards on his dick. I could taste the juices from my cunt still on his knob as I let it sink deeper and deeper into my mouth. My right hand played with his balls and my left tickled his anus. His cum hit my throat with force and caused me to rock back on my heels until the pressure of his spurts eased and the crowd chanted ‘drink his cum’ as they clapped and his hot cream pumped down my gullet. ‘My turn now’ I said to Drew as I sat on a chair with my legs wide apart ‘ you eat me now’. His face was buried tight into my beaver before I felt his tongue enter my crack and work it’s way up towards my clit. I grabbed huge handfuls of his long black hair as he ate my pussy and drank my juices and his own cum from earlier. My cunt was burning as his tongue gave me delight. By the time I came Drew’s cock was hard again and he had me turn round and grip onto the chair as he bucked me from behind. From this position as he shafted me I could see that most of the others had found partners and were indulging in humping or oral fucking themselves. My pussy was being pummelled by Drew’s dick sending ripples of delight up and down my spine. As the tempo of his strokes increased I readied myself to receive the contents of his balls into my cunt for the second time that night. I came as his hot juices fired into my belly and I repeatedly contracted the muscles of my vagina to drain every drop of spunk from his cock. He stood gasping for breath and his knees shaky as his prick shrunk and involuntarily vacated my lovehole. He was spent but I was ready for more cock, after all, this was my last night of freedom. His cries ‘I’m coming’ as he shot his load in me focused the others’ attention on us again and when they realised Drew was no use to me any longer a few of the men started to run their hands over my body as they lay me down on the thick, soft rug. There were at least four or five of them stroking my body when the lights were turned off, plunging the room into total darkness. My other senses heightened in the blackness and each caress gave me exquisite pleasure, all the more because I couldn’t anticipate or know who did it. I was lost in a sea of hands as they rubbed my tits, pinched my nipples and fingered my cunt. I writhed in pleasure under the onslaught of so much stimulation and came repeatedly as unseen lovers titillated me from head to toe exploring every nook and cranny of my eager and willing body. I parted my legs to accommodate a new lover, I didn’t know who he was but his big prick wanted to fill my steaming pussy and I was anxious to have his meat inside me. I could tell from the loud groans my pussy wasn’t the only one being poked and the raunchy sounds of others fucking strengthened my own climaxes. My unseen lover emptied his balls into me, I knew from the thickness and volume of his juices it was the first time he had come in a while, certainly tonight. His cum had only started running down the crack of my arse when someone else took his place between my legs and continued where he had left off. My legs were brought up over his shoulders as he sought to bury his cock deep into my very being. He shafted me continuously each stroke of his dick bringing me closer to another orgasm. I didn’t count how many men screwed me and I never knew who they were, my pussy was raw by the time someone turned the lights back on. I fought my way through a sea of naked bodies to find my clothes and dress, I was glad I was on the pill, no other form of contraception would withstand the amount of cum inside me and the fucking I’d had tonight. I slept contentedly that night knowing my hen night had been a night to remember.

My wedding day was bright and sunny as August days should be and it was everything I’d hoped and prayed it would be, everything was perfect except my wedding night. We had arranged to take the ferry from Belfast to Liverpool before transferring to Manchester for our flight to Barcelona and on to Caletta on the Spanish Costa Dorada. One of Joe’s brothers had arranged two bottles of Champagne to be delivered to our cabin after we sailed and that brought our first marital problem. We had agreed because of all the hustle and bustle we wouldn’t attempt to make love on our first night but after a few glasses of bubbly Joe tried his hand. The last thing I wanted to do right then was to let Joe ride me so I feigned a headache brought on by the excitement of the day and the champagne. We were only hours into our marriage and I was making excuses already to avoid consummating our vows. Joe proceeded to drink the rest of the two bottles on his own before falling into a drunken slumber and establishing a pattern for the first week of our honeymoon. I didn’t want to fuck – Joe got drunk – we had a row – we went to bed separately. This is how the week progressed until Joe went to Barcelona on the Sunday for the bullfight. I was not interested and arranged to stay by the pool all day knowing it would be after midnight before my husband returned as the excursion also took in the floodlit fountains of Barcelona before the coach brought him back. We had been married for almost a week and yet we hadn’t once had sex, we were talking about having the marriage annulled when we got back to Belfast although I’m not sure how all the previous times we’d fucked before we were married would affect such a petition but we were certainly having a very shaky start to wedded bliss.

Joe left me in bed to catch his early coach to the bullfight. I lay on till nearly ten o’clock before making the last sitting for breakfast. After breakfast I lounged by the pool working on my tan until lunch-time. I didn’t fancy a big meal so I went to the bar for a snack and met Juan. I was having a toasted sandwich and a glass of cool wine when I saw him watching me. He was really handsome with his naturally tanned skin matching his black hair and dark, dark brown eyes. I was wearing only my bikini and towel round my waist when I sensed someone’s eyes watching me. I knew when I looked at Juan he appreciated my full boobs emphasised in my scanty costume and I saw him look where the towel fell away exposing the tops on my legs at my crotch. I glimpsed his body in return and noticed he was tall, slim with a neat butt and the beginning of a swelling at his crotch. He walked over and offered to replenish my glass of vino, I acceded and he joined me. I explained I was recently married and that Joe, my husband, had gone to Barcelona for the bullfight and that I was only accepting his hospitality on strictly platonic grounds. ‘Of course’ he replied ‘ but I would never leave such a beautiful lady to attend a bullfight’. I was flattered and blushed and agreed with him that Joe shouldn’t have left me on our honeymoon to go see six bulls being slaughtered. We chatted together easily as we drank chilled wine and time pasted without realisation.

He asked if I would care to join him for dinner and as I was on my own I agreed. We dined by candlelight and drank champagne followed by liqueurs. When Juan suggested a walk on the beach after our meal it seemed the most natural thing in the world and I accepted. It was only as we left the dining room I realised it was dark but Juan assuaged my reservations and we headed onto the beach. I took off my shoes and felt the still warm sand on my feet and between my toes. We walked together alongside the Mediterranean, away from the bustle of the hotel for some distance before Juan took my hand and spun me round towards him. He kissed me and the passion in his lips and the drink made my head spin. I knew I should stop this, I was married now or was I,were we going to have the whole thing annulled? I returned the urgency of his kisses and didn’t resist as he eased us both down unto the sand. My towel became our bed and I removed my bikini as Juan took off his shirt and shorts. We lay naked under the Spanish stars and I felt his cock fill the emptiness in my cunt. I rose up to meet him as his shaft entered me driving deep into my insides. He fucked me hard and fast answering both our impatience. I burst into tears of relief as he came in me. As his hot cum washed my insides hot tears streamed down my face. He kissed them dry and asked ‘why do you cry, do you regret we make love?’ ‘No’ I replied and explained what had been happening between Joe and myself all week. He kissed me gently all over my face before his lips found my breasts and nipples, he teased them for ages before I felt his tongue hot on my clit. He teased me with his mouth until I came and once more began crying. His kisses returned to my cheeks and as once more they dried I felt his cock enter me again. Our rhythm was slower, more deliberate this time and we gently fucked each other as the tide washed our ankles. The surf continued to rise as we screwed and intermittently lapped my pussy before I experienced the pleasure on Juan’s cum invade me again. We lay in each other’s arms kissing till his manhood left me. I was starting to sober up and made my excuses to Juan before quickly dressing and heading in embarrassed silence back to the hotel. I kissed Juan on the cheek as we neared the beach gate and rushed to reception for my key. Before going to bed I washed away all signs of Juan and rinsed my bikini. I was dozing off just as Joe arrived back from Barcelona. He quickly prepared for bed and apologised for disturbing me before we both succumbed to oblivion.

I awoke before Joe and lay contemplating what I had done the day before. I was an adulteress and I felt a different guilt now that I was married. I kissed Joe awake and felt his morning hard prod my belly. I eased down the bed and took his cock in my mouth as my finger worked overtime on my pussy to make it open and wet. As soon as I felt certain I could take his cock I straddled him and impaled myself on his erect member. I rode him, my tits dangled round his face till he shot his hot spunk inside me. I rolled off immediately, my guilt temporarily abated and snuggled into my husband. ‘What was that for, I’d given up hope that we ever would, if I’d known a day away from you would bring this response I’d have gone sooner’ he chirped. ‘I thought if I took the bull by the horns so to speak we’d get the problem out of the way’ I lied. The last thing I could admit was I had fucked him out of guilt, I’d consented to being shafted because I had let another man screw his bride before he had.

Joe and I made love a number of times during the remainder of our honeymoon but they were just as empty and guilt-ridden as our first time. The night before our departure I went for a late swim in the pool while Joe had his customary night-cap or six. I was enjoying the cool water massaging my body when I heard someone dive into the pool. The water broke in front of me and Juan appeared inches from my face. He had me in his arms and was kissing me before I had recovered from the shock. He edged me to the side of the pool and had my bikini bottoms off before I could protest. I guided his cock into my love canal and he fucked me in the pool against the side. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he drove deep into my pussy, time and time again till his balls erupted in a torrent of hot semen that gushed in waves around my vagina and womb. We had only broken and swum playfully away when I was startled by my husband’s voice. Had he seen Juan fuck me? ‘I going on up to the room, – don’t tell me there’s another idiot swimming at this time of night’ he said in innocence and ignorance. I was standing a few feet from my husband, practically naked, another man’s cum still hot in my belly and it really turned me on. My clit was throbbing from the excitement of such a close escape as Joe headed for our room. Juan swam back to me. I loath my face in water but I overcame it to duck under and suck Juan’s cock back to life. I asked him to ride me again as I told him of how near we had been to being caught by my husband. The second fuck was short but sweet, afterwards Juan had to swim round to find the rest of my bikini before I could go to my room and finish packing. I went to sleep that night with bittersweet memories of my honeymoon mingled with the warmth from Juan’s cum in my belly of our two rides in the hotel pool.


I maintained my marriage vows for a few years after we returned to Belfast but I did slip eventually but I’ll save the story of how I did for another day.