Jan 20

Sex Date with Paula

my sex date paula 3d hentai flash gameSex Date with Paula Hentai Sim Dating Game

This game has really good 3d realistic graphics. This game involves making the correct choices. First you have to be chivalrous and kiss her hand then smile when she compliments your place, then you have a whole list of options. You can offer her champagne, ask if she likes strawberries, offer her seafood, gently touch her face, ask if she is single, try to kiss her lips, ask what she does for a living, ask her what she like to do for fun, ask her about her family, or invite her to the sofa. She likes champagne, and strawberries, but she does not like seafood, likes when you gently touch her face, but doesn’t like being asked if she is single or if you try to kiss her. She likes telling you what she does for a living and for fun, but she does not like being asked about her family. Then depending on her mood when you ask her to sit on the sofa, she will either accept or deny and the game is over if she denies. Then you have options to put a hand on her thigh, touch her face and kiss her, hold her hands, look at her boobs, try to kiss her knee, say that she looks like a million dollar girl, ask her to suck her finger, smell her hair, and ask her if she is ready for more. She likes if you put a hand on her thigh and hold her hands and touch her face and kiss her, but she does not like to be told that she looks like a million dollar girl, or to be asked to suck her finger. She also likes when you look at her boobs, but not when you try to kiss her knee or smell her hair. Then when you ask her if she is ready for more, it depends on how much you irritated her if she will agree or if the game will be over. Then if you do well by only selecting the first few options, she will then allow you to slowly undress her, but she does not like her ear licked or nipple sucked. Then once she is completely undressed you have a list of options again. You can ask her to suck your finger, lick her boobs, play with your finger with her belly button, finger her pussy, ask her to lick your balls, ask her for a foot job, try to put a finger inside her ass, and ask her if she is ready for more. She likes sucking your finger, and when you lick her boobs, but she does not like when you finger her belly button. She likes it when you finger her pussy but will not lick your balls. She will gladly give you a foot job but does not like her ass fingered. I tried asking if she was ready for more instantly and it took me to a screen where I could ask for a blowjob or a tit job. Then after whichever you choose, she will fuck him and you can glide the screen upwards or downwards to get the full picture from her head to your cock. Then when he is going to cum, you can ask her to cum riding your dick or ask her about anal. She does not like being asked about doing anal. If you ask her to cum while she rides you, you will then be able to pull out and cum on her belly or face. Then as things wrap us you have a few more conversation options to choose. Then you will either have had an Armageddon date, epic disaster, bad date, nothing special, enjoyable moments, a date to remember, or an ultimate date. For more premium hentai visit the home page.

Elli Sanders

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