Jul 21


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On our holiday station we decided to take a diving course .

We joined a group of young enthusiasts and were taken in charge by a muscled instructor .

Our first few lessons took place on the borders of the hotel pool , since we were to get acquainted with the diving equipment.


On the third day , finally , we all got into the boat and took of into the high sea .

Just as the rest of the group , my husband and I were very excited by this adventure and anxious to experience the beautiful underwater world .

The boat started to slow down near the shores of an extremely beautiful , little deserted island and we prepared getting our gear on .

Under the guidance of the instructor , we one by one jumped into the cristallblue ocean .

Once under water , we swam behind our instructor ,who pointed us out the marvelous wonders of the deep blue sea

We quickly got used to the diving techniques and started behaving like real pro’s , tumbling and playing , chasing eachother around .

One of the guys in the group had removed his swimming shorts and with his dick in his hand signaled to the fishes around him.

Of course this set of great hilarity amongst us and very soon others followed his example .

They were putting up a nice underwater strip act , when <I felt someone fumble around the straps of my bathing suit . I turned around and saw it was my husband . I tried to escape , but other guys started chasing me , and soon I lost part of the battle .

I must admit , it felt great to swim around naked and I had gotten quite excited too by the sight of the stripped bare men .

I loved to watch their penises floating , while they were swimming around me . I had a great view at some of them when they passed right over my head .

Still being chased by my husband and some other guys , I managed to catch the second girl of the group and pulled down her swimsuit to . Her breasts were much larger than mine and the men seemed to become even more determined to catch us .

They succeeded to surround us and I must say I didn’t mind at all anymore , unlike the other girl who put up a struggle , which of course she finally lost , just as the last parts of her clothing To my surprise my husband was one of the major contribuants of stripping her down . It was he who had held her tightly .

Four or five of them started fumbling around her , they were putting their hands all over her naked body and I enjoyed watching this underwater ballet .

Suddenly my husband pointed at my direction and with the help of the rest of the men I had to undergo the same treatment .

I didn’t know what came over me , here I was surrounded by a bunch of men , my husband one of them and yet I was excited and horny like never before .

If it wouldn’t have been I was underwater , surely they would’ve seen my hot juices coming out of my tight shaven cunt .

The desire in me was so strong I didn’t care of my husband’s presence . I could tell he even approved seeing the size of his dick .

I quickly submitted my entire body to the guys and enjoyed every touch . While I watched the other bunch fool around I understood that she also was taking great pleasure .

In the meantime everyone was completely naked . suspended and held between a couple of strong arms , my husband spread my legs and introduced a couple of fingers into my pussy .

I took pleasure in being watched by the others and being delivered at their mercy .

They were playing with my boobs , twisting my nipples and I felt a finger slowly entering my ass .

My husband then guided the penis of one of the men towards my cunt and while he held my pussy wide open he introduced the huge fleshy pole inside me .

Slowly the guy moved in and out and while I watched my husband swim towards the other girl I almost hoped he would do the same to her .

Apparently this had been his intentions . They all came swimming over , and while I was getting nearer and near of climaxing , I watched my husband give pleasure to her .

He rammed his penis into her and I loved to watch , it was an unforgettable experience when both of us girls came at the same time , While my husband’s sperm gushed out into the water , she tried to catch it and smeared it over her big swollen tits .I felt the guy’s hot sperm between my legs and saw how excited and pleased my husband was watching

Soon enough I found out this wasn’t going to be the end of it , as all the men were going to have their turn in both our pussies .While being fucked our oxygen started to run out and we finally had to surface
Once in the boat though , the party continued till late that evening .


Since ,my husband and I became full members of a diving club!