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Ryan Blender

ryan blender detective hentai flash gameRyan Blender Hentai Sim Dating Game

This is a lesson for passion game involving a rich chick whose husband is out of town and reports a stolen painting to a bored detective. She is accusing her gardener, but too many things seem suspicious. This is a game where you have a map with certain areas that you can go to get information and help damsels in need. At the boardwalk, there is a chick who broke her car key and you offer to help her find someone who can fix it for her. Ar Joe’s bar you can ask him about the accused gardener as well as the broken key. The $100 you could have asked for in advance from the woman is used to fix the car key. When you return the key to the chick, you can just give it to her or tell her you will mail it to her once you receive payment. She will start to get frisky once back at the office since she has no money. You can still deny her and simply give her the key. If you start rubbing her thigh, she will give him a blowjob, then you can have him cum on her tits, or throw her back onto the chair where they will start to fuck. He will get to cum inside her and also get her number, if you chose to juice on her tits you will also get her number. After talking with Joe about Mario, the accused gardener, he will tell you that he saw the lady go into the basement and that area will open up. You can also go to the beach and find your ex who cheated on him with two black dudes and she will ask you to get her a drink then she will show her tits and you have the option to grab them and have an intimate moment. In the basement you can use the flashlight that was in the office. After finding the stolen painting in the basement, the chick appears and tells you that she is being blackmailed and will do anything for his help. She takes him upstairs and gives him a blowjob then ask you to help her get rid of the blackmail against her and she will give him so much more than a blowjob. You will find Howard at Joe’s bar, but you will need help with him. You can go back to the beach and convince his ex-wife to help in exchange for a threesome with a Mexican gangster. After grabbing Howard’s phone you can then talk to Mario about the threesome then go to either Jasmine’s place or to Blue’s. She will be blindfolded and she will suck Mario’s dick while her ex-husband fucks her ass like he always wanted to when they were married. If you chose to go to Jasmine’s for a threesome, the game will end before you can go to Blue’s. You can also end the game shortly by arresting Mario after talking with him rather than telling the lady that you need to investigate more. Another ending would be to arrest the woman after discovering the painting in the basement. Also if you reject her proposition she will get arrested and the game will be over. If you go through all of the trouble to get the chick the phone with the blackmail and return to her instead of the threesome, the game will end after simply giving her the phone. I would say that the threesome is the better deal in this game. For more mobile anime flash game visit the home page.

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