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Sim Girls

sim girls updated hentai flash gameSim Girls Hentai Sim Dating Game

First you can pick one of four different guy’s. You can be a bad guy, a fun guy, an intelligent guy, or a standard guy. After going to school, I left and met a chick from the future who is there to manipulate a playboy’s DNA because in the future he has 100 babies and triggers overpopulation. She shoots him with her DNA GUN then you can select the levels of his charm, intelligence, and strength, then he will wake up.

For those who like to cheat see below 🙂


This is a very complex game where you can increase your skills and your energy decreases so you have to sleep often and days progress every time you sleep. In this game you earn money by doing certain things, I am not quite certain what those are, but if you go “downtown” there you can collect your money for the various jobs. You might like our puzzle and quiz hentai games here.

Elli Sanders

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Tomoko Saeki
November 21
Car: Carrera GT
Movie: Love Generation
Song: Blurry Eyes
Colors: Red, Blue, Black, Pink
Food : Sushi
Dad Works: Ecophobia Games
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Tall: 163cm
Blood Type: AB

Kotomi Takanashi
Phone Number: 866-731-8410
Birthday: August 29
Her mom works at: MIScom
Favorite Movie: Titanic
Favorite Car: 360 Spyder
Favorite Song: You and Me
Favorite Colors: Black, Red, Brown, Yellow
Favorite food: Noodles
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Waist: 53
Breast: 84
Hip: 83
Weight: 43 kg
Height: 155 cm
Blood Type: O

Extra money and high stats
Enter testbug as a name to get $99,999 dollars and high stats.

How to get special item
You can get special items or puzzles from dates by dating tomoko you will get puzzles by dating kotomi you will get special items date them in place to place so that you can get not the same item

Easy way to make money
To make money early on, have your character have full intelligence. Then work as a tutor to make the maximum amount of cash.

How to build time machine
These are the items you need in order to complete the time machine for Ami:

Coffee (20)
Diamonds (5)
Flowers (10
Handkerchief (20)
Medicines (10)
Teddy Bears (10)

Hidden fight mode for free relation ship points
To get free relationship points without too much work, go to the pub, click “Easy”, then click the 2nd option. There is not anything there, but if you click it you will fight the 2 enemies that are trying to take your girl.
Repeat this at least twelve times and you should have 6,000 relationship points.

When your fighting hit the tab key ban then punch to the head

Real ending
To get the real ending on the real game, enter 105783 .

How to get Tomoko in a couple days
Follow these instructions:
First, pick the casual guy.
Then enter testbug as a name. (to get $99999)
Get 28 charm. *that’s the max*
Next, go to school and talk to Tomoko.
Go to the mall and buy necklaces all the way until you have a couple thousand left.
Then go to the pub, press space.
The next day, go to school and ask Tomoko her name. (the hot one!)
~Level upp!~
Then give her a necklace.
Ask her phone number.
~Level upp!~
Give her a necklace.
Ask her Birthday.
~Level upp!~
Then take her on a date, make her as happy as possible. When she gets all blushy give her a kiss.
~Level upp!~
Now you are boyfriend and girlfriend!
Then make her happy end the date, and she will give you a piece to the puzzle. yaaaay.
The next day go to school and keep giving her necklaces, until you don’t have anymore.
Go to the mall and get a couple more gifts, necklaces, flowers.
After go to her house and press ask, and then it will say, �Lets do something � H � � Then she will be like, omg, blah, blah… and then just make her happy.
Give her the rest of your gifts. And just make her happy. Pretty soon you will become ~loverrrs~ and have sex.

Unlimited energy
Go downtown and select model’s manager you must be close friends with some one to go in.
next select any of the 4 girls then leave the place than your energy should boost up by 20 you can do this as many times a day that you want

however if you go on a date your energy will drain all the way down to 0
this will also happen if you are busted by the cops selling drugs it is best for raising stats and making money at jobs and the best part you could even finish the time machine in 1 day

Inventory Items
Key Items
Home Key = Access to Home
Smartphone = Communication Device
Scouter = ‘Unknown’
– Home Key and Smartphone are Initial Items. The Scouter is obtained after a successful date with Tomoko in Space Trip.

Time Magazine = Raises Max Knowledge to 300
Fitness Magazine = Raises Max Strength to 300
Fashion Magazine = Raises Max Charm to 300
– Obtained after successful dates with Kotomi in Blue Mountain, Hot Beach, and Golden City.
Wage Items
Eyeglasses = Tutor’s wage is tripled.
Knuckles = Drug Dealer’s wage is tripled.
Fragrance = Salesman’s wage is tripled.
– Obtained after successful dates with Tokomo in Blue Mountain and Hot Beach for the Glasses and Knuckles. Perfume is obtained after a successful date with Kotomi in Sleeping Forest.
Special Items
Necklace = Special Item
Golden Belt = Special Item
Trophy = Special Item
– The Necklace is a plot-related item and cannot be missed. Golden Belt is obtained after defeating Bloody King in a fight. Trophy is obtained after beating Ryuji in a Swim Meet.

Tips & Tricks
Best Gifts for Each Location
Sleeping Forest/Blue Mountain = Flowers
Ocean Restaurant/Hot Beach = Teddy Bear
Golden City/Space = Diamond Ring
Tomoko’s Birthday Event
– Remember to have Tomoko at exactly “close friend” status if you want to follow her during her birthday event. It will not work with a lower or higher relationship status.