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Photo shoot with john - meWelcome to your daily dose of Elli Sanders!

Yes… and if you have not figured it out yet. I’m am your
host… Elli Sanders.

Just wanted to welcome you to my family and I really
hope to get to know you better as time goes on.

So just FYI… I’ll be sending you a daily picture or two
of some really hot anime/hentai teen girls. I’m always
messing around with hardcore stuff, so I’m going to make it purely almost not safe for work hentai girls.

It will be awesome. I also will be telling you more about
me as time goes on as well as sending out my reviews
of all these crazy hentai games I’m getting to try out.
I’ll be posting some of them up soon… and I’m talking about REAL hentai games. Crazy right? They do exist.

Also I’ll be reviewing some Manga, Anime and any other
crazy Japanese thing I can, because well.. I live in Japan.
So I get first dibs! ^_^

So with that said I want to also have you check
out a pretty cool free hentai “paid” site. Since you are
obviously an otaku… what’s better then free?

You can check out the free hentai site here!

I’ll have some pretty cool stuff for you here in a bit! Be sure to
check your e-mail yo!

-Elli Sanders

PS: Just make sure what you know what you are signing up
for when you get in there okay? Read the fine print
or pay the price… literally! I want to make sure
we trust each other from here on out. ^_^

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