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Dress My Babe 6

dress my babe 6 goth chick with black wingsDress My Babe 6 Dress Up Hentai Games

In this game, hovering over the top of the video will drop down the options. If you click the head option, you can change the color of her hair, and choose from 26 different hairstyles. There are 14 different hair colors to choose from. You can change the graphics for her eyes into one of 7 different eye types and you can change the color of her eyes to be 6 different colors: blue, red, green, white, gold, or black. You can also change her eyebrows into one of 7 different brow styles and change the color into the same choices for her hair. There are also 7 different mouths and noses. You can also change the color of her lips to be black, silver, ruby, red, pink, purple, blue, green, or yellow. There are also 15 different makeup styles which include scars and Gothic makeup. There are 8 different colors to choose from which will appear as eye powder surrounding her eyes. You can choose the makeup design separately for each eye. There are three head coverings but you can unlock more, and there are 11 masks and the full 14 colors to choose from for them. If you hover towards the bottom, you can zoom into the chick as well as turn her around.

The second menu is for underwear where you can select from 8 different bra’s and panties and 5 different belts and 7 different socks all with the full 14 different color selections. You can unlock more bras and panties and socks. There are 8 different shirts and tops as well as pants and skirts, and there are 4 different shoes and 3 helmets with full color selections. You can unlock more of all of these items. There are four different weapons you can choose from and you can give her wings or a cape as well.

Every 5 minutes you play, you will receive in game cash that if you hover to the right of the screen you can purchase different clothing items and masks and tattoos and backgrounds and stuff. The Dress My Babe 5 is also a Gothic Dress Up Hentai Game but it is quite totally different.

Elli Sanders

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