Aug 20

The Celebrity Zone 5

The Celebrity Zone 5 Vampire Chick Lick Dick Cartoon VideoThe Celebrity Zone 5 Hentai Movie

This episode of the celebrity zone is called gallery night. There is a gallery of very special paintings you are not suppose to touch because if you touch you go into the painting. The first painting John Hancock touches is of a sexy black haired chick named Betty with black see through leggings and bra and high heels. She sucks his cock on the couch then he licks her pussy then she rides his dick then he pounds his dick into her then he is brought back to the gallery. You then are given three options of naughty paintings to touch including the picture of the chick on the phone that you just went into. You can select each painting as many times as you like to see the sex scenes but after watching the eerie vampire chick picture you will be brought to the end screen where you can choose to go back to the sex scenes or finish the video where he decides to buy the first two paintings. There is a painting of a blonde chick with a short pink dress and stockings as well as an eerie picture of a black haired chick with white skin wearing long black boots in a cementary at night with a bat. The Marlyn Monroe painting will have her show him sleeping pills and vodka then she sucks his dick standing up then he bangs her pussy spooning then they have doggy style sex. The eerie goth chick will suck his dick then he licks her pussy and anus then he fucks her from behind then she licks his dick and I swear she wants to bite his dick with her vampire teeth, but you don’t see her bite him, but once he returns to the gallery he has blood on his neck. This is a very interesting Celebrity Zone with a very kinky idea ^_^ who wouldn’t love paintings to travel into to have sex with hot chicks? ^_^ To watch all Celebrity Zone Videos, visit the full collection of The Celebrity Zone Videos on Dqiucun

Elli Sanders

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