Sep 03

Black Eye for the Queer Guy

Black Eye for the Queer Guy Close up Anal Doggy Style Adult Cartoon Video Black Eye for the Queer Guy Hentai Movie

Strange video with Charlie and two gay men and a trashy sports enthusiast. Option 1 shows Charlie sucking the dude with a mullet’s dick. Option 2 shows him fucking her ass doggy style. Option 3 shows him jacking off and juicing on Charlie’s face and in her mouth. This video is slightly annoying with the music every time you click on an option. After a scene with one of the gay dude’s making a chocolate strawberry “nut butter” concoction with the other gay dude’s “nut butter” straight from his dick ^_^ very nutritious ^_^ especially if the dude is eating good ^_^

The second option screen option 1 shows Charlie sucking the sports enthusiasts dick while he lays passed out on the floor. Option 2 shows Charlie riding the passed out sports enthusiast. Option 3 shows Charlie riding the passed out dude’s face. The final option screen shows the dude eating out charlie sitting on the couch for option 1. Then for option 2 you can back hand or bitch slap the gay dude with mickey mouse ears. Each time he will say something gay. Option 3 you can do the same with the other gay guy. Find more strange adult cartoon videos parodies with Charlie on http://dqiucun ^_^

Elli Sanders

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