Jul 15

Celebrity Jeopardy

Celebrity Jepordy Charlie Masterbating Metal ToyCelebrity Jeopardy Hentai Video

The celebrity contestants are: Charlie, the first cartoon slut, Brittney Rears a popular singer and slut, and Sean Bonnery. After selecting an amount under the chosen category, there will be a “click here” button. You will have to continually click it to make the sex scene progress. To begin with, for $200 there will be a simple sex scene with Sean Bonnery and Charlie. For $400, he will simply answer “hairy vagina” and for $600 there is a really strange bar scene where the dude continually gets denied then barfed on. Secondly, for Brittney’s choices, for $200 Alex the spokesman will bang her in the ass from behind while they are behind the contestant’s panels. and for $400 Sean tries to penetrate Brittney’s ass but ends up banging her pussy doggy style and cumming on her ass. and for $600 there is a scene of the chicks 69 each other. Then if you select option 1, there is a blowjob scene with Alex and he cumming on her tits. If you select option 2, it will simply show that she has the answer written on her upper thigh. Option 3 is her taking smart pills which make her hornier and then you see her using a metal rod to masturbate. Then you can return to the intro scene, the welcoming scene, the double jeopardy scene, or the final jeopardy. Welcome to jeopardy will simply take you to the first option scene.

Charlie is a very popular hentai actress and we have (will have) many similar interractive videos similar to this one with Charlie in them. You can find all videos with Charlie here…

Elli Sanders

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