Aug 09

Sex Bot

Sex Bot StripingSex Bot Hentai Movie

This is another Romp video. This is about a dude making a sex bot for a dude who cannot get laid. He will ask if he likes big boobs and a tight ass but you can only select “yes” but you can select one of three heads. You can select a black haired chick, a red head, or a blonde chick. Then you can select foreplay, strip, or fuck brains out. Foreplay makes her say something stupid. Then you can select strip, blowjob, or fuck brains out. If you select fuck brains out, she will jump on him and his brains will land in a jar in her hand. You can then play again and restart the selections with the same chick. I realized, that if you do not go in order of foreplay first, then strip then blowjob she will get upset and strip anyways and bite the dude’s dick off and you will have to restart. After a blowjob you can then select a cigarette or to marry her. If you select a cigarette, she will suck him under the covers again. If you ask her to marry him, she will turn fat and ugly and nag about common marital problems. For more awesome hentai videos and GIFs check out the video page

Elli Sanders

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