Jan 20

Street Racing

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This game starts out with some dialogue then a racing game where you have to move the mouse to move the car and avoid other cars on a five lane highway and cross the finish line before the car racing you on the top two lanes of the screen, If you bump into other cars, there is a wrench shaped damage bar on the top left corner of the screen that will reduce depending on the amount of damage. If the damage bar goes down entirely, you lose. You can get stuck behind another car and your damage will go down dramatically but as long as you move up or down to avoid it you can usually get out from behind them even if you are no longer on the screen. After winning, you win the short red haired chick’s yellow sports car. Then after talking with her, you feel her naked body up then you can tit fuck her or fuck her ass. Then you can choose to cum inside or outside of her body.

Then the next morning, the guy stops for gas and meets another long dark haired chick who also drives a sports car and loves illegal street racing. After racing her the same way as earlier in the game, and winning her car and after talking with her, you can go feel her up and tit fuck her or have her ride him. You can also chose whether to cum inside her or outside of her body. Then, on the road a long blonde haired chick with blue eyes driving a red sports car comes up besides you and you end up also racing her and winning her car as well. Then you feel her up and you can tit fuck her or do what is called “twist” which is simply crossing her arms while fucking her. Then the guy automatically cums on her chest. Then the game is pretty much over. The dialogue in this game is set to allow for mistakes. You know what, you should watch Monsters Cum Inc. Go ahead, go for it after this!

Elli Sanders

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