Jul 16

Dirty Ernie Show 5

Dirty Ernie Show 5 Beach Sex Sexy Red HeadDirty Ernie Show 5 Hentai Video

Watch previous episodes starting with episode 4 of the Dirty Ernie Sitcom Show. This episode of Dirty Ernie is about Nursie and Flo’s jealousy of the new nurse who Buck is fond of. Nursie’s idea is about being a genie in a bottle on the beach where Buck is an astronaut and is cuddling with the new nurse. She turns her into a donkey and makes Buck’s dick larger then fucks him on the beach. Flo’s idea is about a boxing match between her and the new nurse. Buck is the referee, Flo knocks the nurse into Ernie’s face and makes out with Buck.

Then Flo can either use NO2 or bowl loosener. If she uses NO2, Ernie knocks out the new nurse after she enters the closet with Buck then he has Cecil laying on the table with a blonde wig and his ass out. Buck begins to fuck him until the wig falls off and he notices it is not the nurse. With the bowl loosener, Ernie gives Cecil the bowl loosener and has him squirt shit in the closet where the new nurse and Buck are. Continue watching more episodes beginning with Dirty Ernie Show episode 6.

Elli Sanders

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