Jul 16

Dirty Ernie Show 3

Dirty Ernie Show 3 Brown Paper Bag FuckDirty Ernie Show 3 Hentai Video

The Dirty Ernie Show consists of 8 episodes, return to the video page to view all episodes. This episode is where fat nurse Flo is jealous of Nursie being with Buck and Buck doesn’t want anything to do with Flo. She daydreams of either being in a sexy red bikini or a superhero. If she dreams about wearing a sexy red bikini, she has a sexy body but still her ordinary face. Buck puts a brown paper bag over her head and fucks her. As a super hero, she imagines Buck being tied up and Nursie giving him a blowjob that she saves him from.

She then wakes up and wants to seek revenge. You can select one of two plots. The plot on the left, uses Nursies pink toy as bait and has a crossbow with a needle tied to it and pointed to shoot her. Ernie stumbles upon her plan and pushes Cecil into the way of the needle and saves Nursie.The plan on the left, Flo spikes Nursie’s meatloaf with poison, but Buck tries to eat it and Flo jumps on it to save him. Watch the 4th episode.

Elli Sanders

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