Jul 22

Friends Together

I fucked my best friends in a gang bangFriends Together

All I can say is it was a crazy night. I had went out with my friend
Chuck. We went to visit a friend of his. We were there for about 4 hours just talking and drinking when Chuck had to pick up his friend Martin.

Martin, chuck and I had been together before but the encounter was
uneventful because Martin was drunk. I told my friend I didn’t care for
him like that. I later found out the he told Martin. I drank too much
and climbed into the front seat of his car. When we got to Martin’s job, the first thing he asked me was to get in the back seat and give him some head. I said ok but Chuck said he had a better idea. He drove to a cheap hotel and got us a room for a few hours. Once inside, I was ordered to strip down to nothing and get on my knees to give Chuck some head. He grabbed the back of my head and guided his cock way back in my
throat. I fought gagging while trying to keep his cock in my mouth.
Meanwhile, Martin was putting on some loud rap music. I guess he
remembered how vocal I was.


From my kneeling position I could hear Chuck asking Martin if he was
ready for some head. Martin said yes. Chuck turned me around and had me
get on all fours on the floor. Martin laid down on the floor in front of
me and brought my head down over his cock. I hadn’t realized before how
big he was. Both of them had enormous cocks and I knew I was in for it.
Chuck slammed his cock hard into my wet pussy and I let out a squeal. I
was told that if I tried to get away or dropped the cock from my mouth I
would be spanked. I sucked the cock harder trying to divert my attention
from the pounding my pussy was getting. Just when I was getting into the
groove, Chuck asked Martin if he wanted some ass. Martin said yes. Chuck
then told him he was going to loosen it up for him. I just got into ass
fucking and was use to Chuck being gentle with me. He grabbed my ass
cheeks and spread them apart. I felt the tip of his head enter my ass
then the rest of his shaft started the plunge. I let out a scream.

He was being rougher then normal. Martin’s cock fell from my mouth. Chuck
slapped my hard on my ass. “I thought I told you not to drop it. You are
not being very hospitable to your guest.” He slapped me again and I
quickly put Martin’s cock back into my mouth. We worked my ass more and
more until he asked Martin if he was ready. Martin said yes and went to
get up. Chuck told him that I was there to serve them and that I should
turn around. Talking my time so I could catch my breath, I slowly turned
around. Chuck was now lying on his back and Martin was on his knees.
Chuck had wiped his cock down with a wet cloth and ordered me to take it
in my mouth. Before I could do it, Martin rammed his cock into my ass. I
let out a loud yell. Chuck ordered me again to suck his cock all the way
to his balls. I tried but the assault on my ass was too great. “Slap he
ass Martin. She knows better than to disrespect me.” Martin slapped my
ass. “Harder. Harder” Martin fucked harder and slapped my ass harder.

I took Chuck’s cock in my mouth and screamed muffled screams as Martin
drove harder and harder and deeper and deeper into me. “Yeah. You said
you didn’t want to be with me. Huh?” Martin taunted. I dropped Chuck’s
cock to ask him why he told Martin what I said. Chuck reached over and
slapped my ass 3 or 4 times, told me to shut up and rammed his cock all
the way to the back of my throat. I clawed the floor. I could still
feel the stings from the slaps on my ass. They wanted to DP me. One in
my pussy and one in my ass. I climbed on Chuck and Martin got behind me
then a funny thing happened. Their cocks touch each other. Chuck went
flat as a balloon. Martin had never had any ass before and he wasn’t
reading to give up that easy. They allowed me to catch my breath then
Chuck went to wash up. Martin wasn’t finished yet.

Martin turned me around so I faced the bathroom so Chuck could see the
pleasure and pain on my face as he washed up. Still in my ass, my arms
gave way and I feared I would have rug burns on my chest in the morning.
That just gave Martin a better angle and more leverage. More and more he
fucked me ass. Not wanting let up for anything until he exploded all of
his juice into my ass. I could feel his cock pulsating as it emptied. He
pulled out and went to the bathroom the clean up. Chuck returned and
drove his cock into my pussy. He wanted to make sure both of my holes
got their fill that night. He got his cock buried deep into my pussy
then had me lie flat on the floor with my legs together, ass raised just
slightly. I grabbed the bottom of the blanket to yell into while he
invaded my box over and over again. Finally he let loose like a fire
hose and squirted it in my pussy, on my ass and in my crack. He leaned
down, kissed my cheek and congratulated me for having an awesome sperm
bath. I lay flat on the floor feeling the ooze as it worked its way down
my ass mixing with the juice from Martin.


Martin came back with a towel and wiped me down a bit. Then he turned me
over and raised my legs high in the air. “So tell me, girl, how you like
me now?” I felt the attack on my pussy begin. I he bent over and grabbed
my nipple with him mouth. I started yelling to Chuck, “Why did you tell
him?” Chuck yelled back, you better apologize. I yelled so loud I
thought someone would hear. Chuck kneeled down in near my head and
watched close up as his friend pounded the pussy that he was so use to
pounding himself. He grabbed my nipples, pitched it and said, I think
you better say you’re. “I’m sorry. I was wrong.” Martin fucked harder
and harder. He had something to prove and I knew he would stop until he
proved it. Chuck sat back in a chair and watched for a while. Martin
spread my legs wide apart. I thought sure I was going to rip into.
Finally he had proven his point. With one final thrust he completed his
mission. I lay flat on the floor. Worn, sore and wet. After Martin
finished cleaning up, I went to shower myself. When I got out, both men
were dressed and waiting for me. They both hugged me and asked if I was
ok. “Yes”, I smiled. “When can we do it again?”