Jan 20

Naughty Nurse

naughty nurse hentai flash gameNaughty Nurse Action and Arcade Hentai Games

This game is quite strange honestly. The goal is to find different areas to click and have different erotic things happen. For example, you can click the IV bag and it will fall and the nurse will bend over and pick it up. You can also click the nurses skirt and it will lift up. Also, clicking the nurses, top will expose wither breast. Clicking the needle in the nurses hand will cause it to fly and land on the patient who will pass out. Clicking on the sheets on the bed will cause the dude’s erection to show. Clicking on the nurse’s face will cause her to have a gag ball in her mouth. Clicking the tree outside the window will cause a dude wearing the tree as a hat to poke his head up in the window. Clicking the patient will cause his arm to extend and him smack the nurse’s ass. Clicking the cupboard door will make a hand appear from inside the cupboard and grab the nurses tit. Then, I found that clicking the dude’s boner makes a blonde nurse with exposed tits and spread legs and exposed cunt appear on his bed, then the black haired nurse is shown licking the other nurse’s cunt while the dude is pant-less and fucks her from behind with his tiny wiener. Have you ever watched Rhythm Heaven Fever Porn?

Elli Sanders

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