Aug 15

Sweet Pink

Sick Teen Rape Like Hentai Flash Video for Sick BastardsSweet Pink Hentai Movie

WOW… this is the guy I swear did the monsters cum inc cartoon flash video. I thought that was very tasteful and even his alien abduction hentai flash video was pretty cool. But this is just fucking sick and this shit really happens. You pretty fucked up if you get off to this. But since it’s fake and all I’ll let it be on here… For now, I might have a late night conscious flip out and take this shit off of here….

You might want to look into consenting sexual activities if you find this hot. If you happen to be this fat piece of shit, try working out and doing some yoga or something and get rid of that rage you have against the world. So sad actually… fuck! And fuck you for wanting to watch this shit.

Fuck you!

And fuck the guy who made this shit!

For all you fuckers, here is another really fucked up video where a dude blows his brains out after he and his five year old son have to watch their wife/mom be ravished by a sick fucker.

Elli Sanders

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