Jul 22

Cheerleader Party

My Cheerleading Girl Friend Got Gang Banged By a Bunch of Jocks Sex StoryCheerleader Party

Hi! I’m James, and have I got a story for you, something I thought was pure fantasy…


It was the evening after the “big game”, we had won of course and were having a huge party in the
captain’s house. It was pretty boring because for some reason all the cheerleaders (i.e. most of
the best looking girls) had gone to a party of their own. At about midnight my friend Ray and I
decided we were sick of the party and were going to head home, we hadn’t had much to drink and
nothing was really happening. We set out towards home (we’re next door neighbours) and after a
while Ray suddenly remembered, “Hey, I know where the girls party is…”,

“How’d you know that?” I asked,

“My sisters a cheerleader remember!” Ray replied almost shouting with excitement, “Lets crash

“Or at least see whats going on…” I said.

We hurried on to the house where Ray thought the party was going on. Sure enough, as we drew
closer we heard shouts and loud music coming from the house. We leapt over the small fence and
rushed over to one of the side windows into the front room. Ray swore as we saw the curtains were
pulled tightly together, “Next window” he said. We padded quietly over to the next small window
along, and sure enough, the curtains were slightly open at the bottom. “Nnnngh, can’t see.” Ray
said as he squinted through the steamed up window he smiled as he said “Must be something going
on to generate that much heat…”. The shouts and loud thumping music continued as Ray squinted
through the window. “Holeeeeeeeee shit” Ray muttered as he finally got a glimpse of the front
room. “What?” I said as Ray squinted for a better view. “Have a look at this…” he said. I
moved over to where Ray had been and peered through the glass… “Oh my god…”.

Inside was a scene almost every teenager dreams about…scattered around the room were a few of
the cheerleaders in varying states of undress. In the middle of the floor four of them were
dancing in a circle, two down to their panties and the other two still in their short uniform
skirts. One of them, who I recognised as “Janey” Walters, an otherwise quiet girl whom I knew in
passing grinding her hips round in circle and rubbing her largish breasts. The sweat glistened on
her face as she threw her head back in laughter as one of the other girls whose face I couldn’t
see made a joke. Suddenly two of the ones dancing grabbed each other, one of them dropping a
half empty bottle of beer, they kissed each other deeply, one rubbing her sweaty thigh between
the others legs. The other grinded her hips against it…I gasped as I saw their tongues darting
backwards and forwards. “My god” I repeated, Ray pushed me out of the way and had another look.
“Thats Jane Walters isn’t it?” Ray asked, I nodded in reply. Ray stood up and rushed round the
corner of the house to see if he could find any more chinks to peer through.

We found a pair of curtains with one half open looking into what looked like a spare bedroom,
the sight we found here amazed us even more. Standing up against the wall was Rays sister, Fiona,
she was slightly younger than him but had a terrific body for her age. Her breasts were quite
small but very firm, her nipples were almost perfectly set on the top, jutting forward. Her
uniform top was hitched up over her breasts as she rubbed her nipples, we saw her panties and her
skirt lying on the floor around her sneakers. In between her slightly spread legs was the captain
of the cheerleading team, Felicity McDonald, a posh girl from the posh end of town, if there was
one thing you would never expect her to do it would be this…she was captain because she had the
most amazing body you could imagine. She was the most wanted girl in school, due to her enourmous
breasts. From here we could just see the sides of them poking round her slender body but we had
and amazing view of her perfectly sized, firm ass. She was completely naked and glistening with
sweat, we could see her working away on Fionas cunt with two fingers while rubbing herself with
her other hand. We watched, a sense of perversity invading our bodies, as the two beautiful girls
came to a shuddering orgasm…Fiona banged her head against the wall as she shouted out (now we
knew where the shouting came from) and Felicity pushed her hips back and forward onto her fingers
shuddering with delight. I felt my penis pulse and strain as I was transfixed by Felicities
swaying, glistening ass and the look on Fiona’s face. We ducked as Fiona slid down the wall,
her legs spreading around Felicity. We peeked over and saw them kissing deeply as Fiona rubbed
Felicities nipples with juice from her own cunt. We had a perfectly clear view of Fiona’s
glistening folds. I looked round at Ray, who was staring in awe at this side of his sister,
perversely turned on by watching her naked body.

Again we were forced to duck as the door to the room opened and two other girls staggered in.
They looked at Fiona and Felicity who nodded back at them. The two new girls staggered over to
the bed in the corner of the room and collapsed onto it. We could see they were very drunk.
Felicity stood up and hauled Fionas top off before sitting her on her knee as she sat on a
large armchair in the corner. They kissed deeply, Fiona turned and cupped Felicities huge tits,
rubbing the rock-hard nipples with her thumbs. We looked at the two new girls in the room. One we
recognised as the owner of the house, Kate White, the other as Julie Smith. Kate was known as one
of the more loose girls in the school, and had apparently been around with quite a few boys. She
had short black hair that came down just below her ears. She had this slicked back over her head
and had thick black eyeliner on. Julie was a small girl about the same age as Ray and I. We
hardly ever saw her but she always looked subdued and very quiet. She was intelligent and read a
lot and always did well in classes. Her long brown hair was loose and was sticking to her naked
back. Kate stripped slowly, teasing Julie with her movements. Julie shifted into the centre of
the single bed and spread her arms and legs to the four corners as she watched. Kate finished
undressing and bent over, kissing Julies right foot and gradually working her way up her leg.
Julies skin was so pale while Kate was well tanned, this made an amazing contrast. In the dull
light we could see Julie’s pussy spread open and glistening, deep red against the plae skin. We
could see Kate was totally shaved, another contrast to Julies small muff above her slit. Kate
stopped outside Julie’s pussy and licked around it in descending circles.

Julie moaned and squirmed. Kate’s head sprang up, it looked as though she had suddenly remembered something. She
ran round Julie and kissed her quickly before running out the room. Julie fingered herself while
she watched Felicity and Fiona kissing and fingering each other in the corner of the room. A
minute later Kate rushed back into the room holding something black in her hand. Ray nearly
gagged when he saw it as a thick black strap-on dildo. It was an amazing size, it was long and
very wide with thick veins down the side. Julie licked her lips and squirmed, grabbing hold of
the bed-stead. Kate strapped it on and started griding her hips in time with the dull thud of the
music coming from the other room. Felicity and Fiona looked round and saw the strap-on. They
looked at each other and moved over to either side of the bed. Fiona started to pinch and tweak
Julie’s small nipples atop her small breasts while Felicity kissed he deeply. Kate smiled and
began to move forward, her hips grinding as she moved towards Julie. She moved on top of Julie
and pushed the fat strap-on inside Julies glistening cunt. Julie arched her hips and groaned as
Kate pushed the full length inside her. “Wow!” I though as I watched the black expanse of rubber
dissapear inside that thin pale body. Kate began to grind in and out of Julie slowly and
languidly. Felicity continued to kiss and lick Julies face while Fiona wet her fingers from her
pussy and continued to tease Julie’s nipples. Julie began to buck and moan louder and louder as
her body was assaulted by these sexual stimuli. We never did get to see her orgasm.

Just then we heard a quiet female voice very close behind us “Exciting isn’t it!”. We nearly fell
over as we turned to see “big” Kim, a plump girl from down our street. “What the hell!” we said,
“So i’ve caught some naughty little boys watching our party eh?” she said. We could see she was
wearing a long black coat and some stilleto heels as she towered over us. “Come on then boys…
lets go.”. She bent over and pulled us to our feet. “Now,” she said, peering at the lumps in our
trousers, “would you like me to see about getting you in?”. We both nearly gagged at the prospect
, I could feel my cock nearly bursting. “I guess thats a yes!” she said as she watched me spasm.
She held our hands and pulled us round to the front of the house. She stopped us outside the door
and dashed in. We heard cheers as the cheerleaders welcomed Kim. About 5 minutes later our
hard-ons had died down a little when suddenly the door opened and Kim in her big black coat
pulled us in. The smell of sweat, pussy and alcohol hit us as soon as we entered. About six of
the girls were now standing in the middle of the room dancing to the bassy dance beat of the
music, in one corner one of the girls was masturbating with a beer bottle neck while in another
cusion filled corned a small pile of girls were kissing and fondling. “Okay…some rules” Kim
said as Fiona walked into the room, winked at Ray while shaking her bare ass at him in a sexy way
, we heard Kim groan as she watched Fiona’s beautiful ass wobble. “No touching, this is a girls
party, we’re being very generous letting you in, but you found us out, and thus deserve it.” Kim
looked round at the other girls and licked her lips, almost panting in anticipation. “You can
jerk off anywhere you want, but ask first whoever you’re watching first. And also, never tell
anyone about this…”. We nodded dumbly, peering round at all the sweaty naked bodies.

Our hard-ons were back in full swing, pulsing away within our trousers. “Okay then…lets party!” Kim
shouted to a cheer from the other girls. We stood by the door to the front room as Kim walked
over to the center, turned round to face us and slowly began to unbutton her jacket. The girls
cheered and scrambled to get a better view. The coat fell to the floor and I almost came in pants
Kim stood in a pair of sheer black hold-up stockings attacked to a thin lacy suspender belt.
She wore a pair of crotchless lacy red panties and a bra with a hole cut specially for both her
nipples to poke out of. It was made all the more exciting by her plumpness, which showed in her
breasts and around her waist. She turned round and wobbled her ass, giving us a view of her
round buttocks and the seam up the back of the stockings. She did a little dance, her huge fat
tits wobbled in the bra, her ass bounced in time with her movements. I would have had my cock out
almost straight away but felt a little timid. Suddenly most of the other girls leapt with an
almost animal like movement onto Kim and pushed her to the ground, attacking her with their
fingers and their mouths, “OH YES BABIES! COME TO ME MY BABIES!”. Her bra and panties flew off,
torn away by scrabbling hands, her massive tits bounced free, collapsed into a huge pile, only to
be attacked at the nipple by hungry mouths. We saw Julies pale body descend to Kims wide wet cunt
and begin to attack it. We saw Kims pussy being pulled apart before Julie licked deep and nibbled
on Kim’s clit. While this was going on Ray saw his sister of in the corner of the room, looking
sensiously at him. Ray looked at me and smiled before walking slowly to where Fiona was.

I saw Fiona beckon for Ray to pull his flies down and bring out his cock. I saw him begin to jerk away
as Fiona moved her hands sensiously over her body and into her cunt. I looked back and saw about
five girls scrabbling all over Kim’s naked body. I could hear he louds grunts and shouts as they
bit and nibbled her flesh, Julie still attacked Kim’s wet pussy, a thin stream of juices running
down her ass crack. I couldn’t contain it any longer and moved over to a chair and began to jerk
off. Kim looked round and saw me, smiling before she went back to her noisy ravaging. After
about five minutes of grunting and squealing from Kim she came with a tremendous shudder and
scream. I couldn’t hold back any longer and spurted all over myself. I watched as Kim wobbled and
shuddered as she came. I looked round and saw Ray lying in a heap next to Fiona who cuddled him
gently, a small pool of cum lay on the floor. I began to fall asleep as the girls moved off a
quivering Kim and either fell asleep on top of her or moved off onto each other. I dreamt wet
dreams about the party and came again in my sleep.


I was woken in the morning by Ray who told me that Kate was wanting to get tidied up. We got up
and left, I pulled my coat across my cum stained jeans and jumper as we walked home.