May 27

Question #1

Question: –
Oh you threw a party!? Man that sounded fun! Did you have a hangover the next day? Lol 😄
Answer: –
Yeah I throw rave parties all over the world.. Lately it’s been mostly in the Asian countries as I’ve not been in the USA for awhile nor have I been in Europe for a bit. I usually bounce around Honshu mostly, which is the primary island of Japan .. the middle part that is. I’ve been to Hokkaido a few times and I live in the Kyushu region in Kumamoto-shi, kind of a podunk city at times, but the mountains are wonderful.

And no I don’t drink at the parties, I stopped doing drugs and what not years ago, I just throw way too many of these things to be destroying myself every time I throw one you know? At times I’ll smoke some pot especially these babies they’re called Magars – I have them shipped to me, they usually cost around $50 for a big one.. I pay around $250 for each one that comes through successfully. I know the people who roll those things, but I don’t DARE get them involved in that shit. I use other people to send me those thing. Plus they wouldn’t anyways, because they’re smart!! It’s still federally illegal in the USA.

It’s still pretty illegal here in Japan, so I only usually smoke these at events because we check everyone at the door and deny local officials into the club. We pay some people off at times to leave people alone, but if my peeps get out of line we ask them to chill and if they don’t they find themselves outside our doors where the local officials are waiting …. I hate doing that, but I hate people causing stupid scenes when they get too fucked up.

Of course the liquor scene here is out of control. It’s actually not considered rude to be overly drunk in public.. It’s kind of the norm here at times. I don’t mind it, but it’s funny how pot is illegal yet this shit is totally cool…

Well, that’s life. I get by though 🙂


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