Sep 03

Boogy Down on the Planet of the Monkey Fuckers

Boogy Down on the Planet of the Monkey Fuckers Charlie Masturbating in Bananas Adult Cartoon Video Boogy Down on the Planet of the Monkey Fuckers Hentai Movie

This video begins with the other original Charlie going into a cosmetic surgery office and returning as the new charlie.

This is a “Planet of the Apes” adult cartoon parody video starting with an auction of Charlie to a super rich ape. You can then select a banana with the butt side up or a toy or a banana with the top up. The first banana on the left will show the big monkey dick penetrating her pussy. He pulls out and rubs the tip of his long furry dick in her juicy lips ^_^ this is one of my favorite videos with charlie due to some juicy point of view shots not found in many other videos with Charlie.

The toy will show an advertisement of a pump growing dildo for gaping human pussy to fit large monkey dick. The first banana on the right will show Charlie denying her ape and him squeezing her boobs and her kicking him in the balls and flinging him off the screen.

You can only select one option per viewing of the video, so in order to see all possible videos you have to watch the video three times. Then there is a clip of her at his house with his other male human (Kirt Dickner). He likes the sound of humans fucking. Then there is another similar option screen with two bananas and a “E-Z NEUT” box.

The second banana on the left shows footage of her monkey fucking her pussy from behind while she leans over the back of the couch. Again, this video has a nice juice shot of him penetrating her. Then after her being in a ring with the other male humanoid, she strips and you can choose one of three options.

The “E-Z NUET” will show an advertisement with utensils for neutering males and and a free fat chick poster to help humans not procreate ^_^ the second banana on the right will show the dude farting… pretty weird and lame ^_^

The third and final banana on the left shows the dude pulling out his super long dick and pounding her doggy style. Then a giant ape comes and grabs Charlie then you see her standing naked and being super juiced on ^_^

The “NUT AWAY SPRAY” will show an advertisement commercial for reducing saggy human’s monkey nuts ^_^ the final banana on the right will not do anything ^_^ that’s more lame than the dude farting ^_^

Once the video is finished, you can easily return to the intro or any of the option screens. (“2” will take you to the first option screen with the toy as the middle picture option)

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Elli Sanders

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